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Monday, 30 May 2011

Mistress Morganna: My pet's Punishment

I had owned My pet for several months, I had trained him well and he knew what I expected of him and what he would receive in return from Me for his loyalty love and obedience. I was very proud of him and loved him dearly but he had sorely disappointed me this week by disobeying a direct order. I found out by chance, not from him and he had no idea that he was in trouble. He was not going to know what hit him.

A knock on My door alerts Me to his presence. I call out for him to enter My room. he has clothes on as he has come in from being outside. With one look from Me he begins to undress, he knows that clothing is not permitted in My presence. his collar is revealed as he undoes the top button of his shirt, I feel My anger rising is not as though he could possibly forget who he belongs to.

Once undressed he drops to his knees and boughs his head and says the customary "Mistress I am Yours". That sentence still has an effect on My pussy several months into My ownership of him. I walk to him and stroke the back of his head as you might stroke a dog. "Tell Me My pet, do you have anything that you would like to share with your Mistress?"
"Only my love and loyalty for You Mistress"
"Really slut...nothing that you wish to tell Me?" his spine visibly stiffened, I could tell that My tone had registered with him finally. I laugh to Myself inside, silly unsuspecting slut, when will he learn that he cannot hide things from Me!

"All fours slut"
"Yes Mistress", he positions himself on his hands and knees, his face facing the floor.
"Elbows slut"
"Yes Mistress", he lowers himself to rest on his elbows, forehead on the floor, ass in the air. It's such a beautiful sight I almost think twice about punishing him...almost but not quite. It was established early on that he is never to cum without My permission...
"I don't want to hear a peep out of you do you understand slut?"
"Yes Mistress"
I walk around to his rear and nudge the inside of his knees with My foot. he understands my command and spreads his knees a lot wider.

I take My thin plastic paddle from the wall...I like this one, it's light and I know it stings good. "Now whore, Mistress is beginning to lose patience with you...I'll ask you once more only. Is there anything that you wish to tell Me?"
"Please Mistress, there truly isn't"
"Very well, we are going to do this then", I lift his head up off the floor by his hair and stroke his face with the paddle so that he can see and feel the source of his impending punishment.
"You are nothing to Me do you understand whore?"
"Yes Mistress"
"You are useless, and a waste of My time. You are apparently incapable of following simple orders. I will attempt to rectify that tonight but I don't hold out much hope for someone as hopeless as you whore"
"Thank You Mistress"

I move back around to his rear and flick the paddle at his balls. His body flinches at the contact of the paddle but he doesn't make a sound. I repeat the action, several times, each time I use a word to voice my displeasure with him.
"Useless, whore, pathetic, disappointment, incompetent...", each time he flinches silently. I reach between his legs from behind and grab his cock.
"Well at least there's one part of you that isn't useless". I stroke his cock, it feels so hard in My hand.
I go and get My favourite butt plug from My cabinet; it is six inches long, black and has little bumps all over it. I also take my eight inch rubber dildo out.

I put the butt plug by his mouth and he sucks it without asking, dirty little slut, he'll literally take anything in his mouth. I take the butt plug out and put the dildo by his mouth.
"Suck it slut, suck it hard and don't stop until I tell you to", he holds the base of the dildo in his right hand and starts to suck feverishly.
"My filthy little whore does love to suck cock don't you?", I laugh and slap his ass. I lean over his ass and use both hands to spread his ass cheeks wider still. I spit above his ass hole and watch as my spit dribbles down over his hole. Taking the butt plug I press it deliberately into his ass. As the plug gets past the 3/4 way in he let's out a groan as his ass is resisting the width of the plug. I reach beneath his chest grab a nipple and pinch and twist it real hard.
"I said not a sound from you miserable excuse of a whore, can you not even get punished correctly?"
I shove at the plug in his ass and relish the sight of his body tensing and the satisfaction I feel as his hole closes over the widest part of the plug and shrinks to fit the narrower section at the base of the plug.

There's a knock at the door, it's my good friend Chase, I forgot that he was due over today. I invite him in, he looks at my slut who is still sucking enthusiastically on my dildo.
"Please don't bother to give him the time of day, he doesn't deserve anyone's attention. He is being punished". Then, an idea occurred to me.
"Actually whore, you will crawl to My friend here and ask him if he will please allow you to suck his cock. Tell him how dirty and worthless you are and how much you love cock. If he is charitable enough to allow someone as undeserving as you to suck his glorious cock you will do so only to prepare him to fuck your Mistress's pussy. You may stop sucking to answer me slut".
"Yes Mistress"
My filthy little cock whore crawls over to Chase and does a fine job of asking for his cock.
"Please Sir may I have the honour of sucking Your superior cock? I have disappointed my Mistress, I am useless and worthless to Her and want to make it up to Her. I love to suck big hard cocks and would be honoured if someone as great as You would use my mouth for pleasure", he said the whole thing on all fours staring at Chase's feet.

Chase looks at Me and smiles "you certainly have him well trained don't you?"
"I thought so, until this week"
"Very well, you may suck my cock you filth but do not touch me with your filthy hands do you understand?"
"Yes Sir, thank You Sir"
Chase unfastens his trousers and releases his semi-hard cock.
"You may kneel up to suck his cock whore" I tell him. He straightens and kneels up. Chase rubs the head of his cock on My whore's lips then probes into his mouth.

Watching my slut suck another guys cock and knowing that he is hating every minute of it is such a turn on to me. I knew that he was not remotely bicurious, so his display of obedience and desire to please Me has Me quietly impressed. Chase is bisexual I know, so I now intend to let him rape my sluts ass before he fucks me. I kick at the butt plug in his ass firmly. He manages to keep quiet.

Chase has grabbed my whore by the sides of his head now and is pumping into his mouth in a steady rhythm. I hear him quietly talking to my whore as he fucks his mouth.
"That's it you filthy little cock whore, you love my cock don't you? Can't get enough of it, dirty prick. You can beg me for my cum later whore, mmm fuck yes"

I get undressed and pick up the dildo that My whore had left on the floor. It is closer to the size of Chase's 9 inch cock than the plug. I remove the butt plug from My whores ass and spit on him there again. I run my two fingers through the spit and dip them quickly into his ass. his body stiffens as I begin to enter his ass with the dildo. I push and pull at the dildo, pushing it a little further into his ass each time. I squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple as I fuck his ass with the dildo. Chase is watching me the whole time and it really turns me on.

"Do you want a real cock in your ass My whore? Ask Chase to fuck your ass". Chase releases his head and takes his cock out of his mouth.
"Please Sir, would You please fuck my ass. I have been dying to feel a real cock in my ass".
"Very well whore, I will fuck your worthless ass". I take the dildo out.
"Whilst Chase is fucking your ass you will please me with your mouth whore. you will ensure that I cum before Chase does, do you understand?"
"Yes Mistress"

I walk over to the arm chair in the corner of my room, sit on the edge, lean back and spread my legs. My pet crawls over to me and waits.
"Wow! I had forgotten just how pretty your pussy was Morganna" Chase stared in awe. He was such a vision of masculinity, his toned tan body, chiselled jawline and that impressive cock. I couldn't wait to have him again.
"Okay whore, I don't see why My friend should put himself out for you so you will stand while you pleasure me for his ease of access. you may start", My whore gets to his feet then bends at the waist to start working My pussy with his mouth. Chase positions himself behind My pet and mercilessly shoves his cock into his ass. My whore cries out in pain into My pussy. I grab his hair roughly and pull his head up from My pussy.
"I said not a sound from you! you really are completely useless!" I spit in his face and give him a hard slap across his left cheek then shove his face back down to my crotch. Chase is moving slowly in and out of My whore's ass, the scene is making my pussy juices flow. I look down at My pet licking my clit and see tears rolling down his cheeks. Good, maybe he'll learn his lesson today.

In fairness to him My pet was incredibly skilled at giving oral pleasure, my clit is swollen in his mouth as he expertly sucks on it. I groan with pleasure and close my eyes, massaging my breasts as I enjoy the moment. Chase has picked up speed with his thrusts and is thrusting hard, I can feel My pet being shoved into Me as he gets his ass raped. I start to cum and dig My finger nails into My pets shoulders hard. I am vocal when I cum and cry out "oh god yes whore, that's right you make Mistress cum hard My filthy little slut mmmm".

Chase is ramming My pets ass harder and faster now as he witnesses My orgasm. One last thrust and he let's out a low groan as he shoots his load, pumping My pets ass full of cum.
"Very good My whore, now clean my friends cock so that he may fuck your Mistress"
"Yes Mistress". I smile to myself, his face is shining in the light, wet with my juices all over his mouth and surrounding area. he turns to take Chase's cock in his mouth again. I bend down and take hold of My pet's hard cock and begin to jerk him off. he attempts to pull away from My grasp so I slap his ass hard.
"Keep still slut and don't even think about cumming, there will be hell to pay if you do".

After cleaning Chase's cock to my satisfaction instruct My pet.
" Move over to my dresser and lay down on your back in front of it with your head nearest"
"Yes Mistress", he crawls over and does as instructed. I walk over to him and stand over him, legs spread with one foot either side of his head. I lean over and place my hands on my dresser.
"you will watch now as your Mistress gets her pussy fucked by a real man My pet". Chase moves behind me and taking hold of My hips he enters My pussy. His cock stretches and fills Me perfectly. He leans forward and bites and sucks at my neck and shoulders as he fucks me hard and slow.
"See his cock move in and out of Me, you wish that it was your cock in My pussy don't you whore?"
"God yes Mistress"
"How much do you want to fuck me whore"
"More than anything Mistress, more than words can describe"
"you don't deserve to fuck Me whore", I spit on his cock.
"I understand Mistress, I'm sorry"
"you most certainly are, sorry and pathetic"
"Yes Mistress"
Usually when I have fucked Chase in the past it has been like a live display of the Kama Sutra. It's a shame to miss out on that today but I intend to fuck over his head until we cum. I know that the sight will be driving him wild and it must be a real struggle for him not to relieve himself.

Chase massages My clit as he fucks Me and it's not too long before I am cumming on his cock.
"This is how to please your Mistress whore, don't take your eyes off My pussy watch it as I am cumming on this cock"
"Yes mistress"
Chase starts fucking me faster, he grabs one of My tits and squeezes and pinches it hard then grabs the other so that he is using both hands and pulling on them as he rams My pussy. He squeezes them cruelly as he freezes and cums. I cry out at the pain and he bites me hard at the back of my neck. I groan in ecstasy and cum again as the mixture of the pain he's inflicting and the pleasure of his fingers massaging My clit tip Me over again.

Chase pulls out of My pussy and gives My ass a slap. I ask him to take a seat while I get cleaned up. Some of his cum has left my pussy and dripped onto My pets face. I smile to Myself.
"Okay whore, You will clean your Mistress's pussy now"
"Yes Mistress, of course"
I drop to My knees and lower My pussy so that I'm sat on his face. This gives me the best access to tease his cock as he cleans Me. I stroke and tease his cock, spit on it and take him in my mouth. He is wriggling beneath Me, I know it is torturing him. When I feel that I've pushed him about as far as I can before he'll break I stop sucking his cock and get to My feet.

I go to my cupboard and pull out a pink and black ball gag, nipple clamps and hood. I tell My pet to walk over to the end of the bed and bend over facing the bed. I handcuff his hands to the foot of the bed, reaching under him I put the nipple clamps on. I then put the ball gag in place, fasten it and put the hood over his head.
"You are to remain in this position until I release you and the punishment is over, nod if you understand", My pet nods vigorously.
"Oh, I almost forgot", I retrieve the butt plug, spit on it and insert it into his ass, he flinches at first contact.
"There My pet you're all ready", I slap his ass and turn to Chase.
"Shall we shower and go to dinner?"
"Sounds good" he smiles.
I left My pet in that position while I went out and through the night as I slept.

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