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Monday, 16 May 2011

Sasha's Spanking

I work as a PA to the head sales representative in a Midlands distribution company.  I was in trouble today because I had forgotten to confirm an important appointment for my boss and he’d traveled for 3hrs round trip for nothing; he was furious.  He’d called me and told me to be in his office at the end of the day…and I was running late!

I ran through the front doors all in a fluster and scuttled down the hall towards his office.  The door was closed…that was a bad sign.  He only ever closed the door for meetings or if he was in a vile mood.  I knew for certain he didn’t have a meeting this evening.

My stomach did a flip, he was a stern man with an air of power about him and I found him intimidating at the best of times.  Most people had left for the day now but there was one or two stragglers at the far end of the office.  I approached his office door and knocked gently. 
Oh boy!  I pushed the door open and entered the room meekly. 
“You wanted to see me Sir?”
He was stood in the opposite corner of the room; shirt sleeves rolled up, arms folded across his chest tapping his foot impatiently, face like thunder.
“Oh good, you managed to make time to fit ME in to YOUR busy schedule then Sasha?”
“I’m really sorry Sir I…”
He interrupts in a low, calm voice “Enough. I’m tired of your excuses to be frank.  You made a complete fool of me today with your absent mindedness.”
I said nothing.  He was staring me in the eyes and I found it difficult to hold his gaze but at the same time I dare not look away.  I was aware of heat rising in my cheeks as I being to blush with shame.
“Come stand in front of the desk please.”
I move to the front of the desk, there’s no chair this side.  He moves beside me and takes my hands and places them at the centre of the desk in front of me.
“Sir? What?”
“Just stay like that please”

He walks around to his side of the desk where, in the corner there is a tall plant pot with decorative tall dry plants and bamboo canes.  He slowly draws one of the bamboo canes out of the pot and looks at it, admiring the length.  He begins to walk slowly back around to the other side of the desk running his hand leisurely up and down the cane.  I am both confused and anxious now, what was going on? 
“It occurred to me that in order for you to avoid making the same mistake again that you should maybe be taught a little lesson Sasha”
I should just dart for the door now and get the hell out of there but I am fixed to the spot, my legs won’t work.  I somehow find him both intimidating and mesmerising at once.
He is stood behind me, I feel my skirt lift at the back and then the smoothness of the cane between my legs stroking my sex through my panties; I shiver involuntarily. 

The cane is removed and he continues his circle around the desk this time tapping the cane against his hand, not taking his eyes off me the whole time.  There’s something about the way he’s looking at me while tapping the cane that fills me with desire.  I want him to touch me with the cane again.  He stops behind me…
“Lift your skirt at the back please and then pull down your panties to your mid thigh”
I should tell him to go to hell, why wasn’t I telling him that?  Instead I obediently do as I’m told and blush further still as I realise how wet I am.  I place my hands back on the desk without instruction from him.  He doesn’t make to move but continues to stand behind me tapping the cane in his hand for what feels like a lifetime.  My senses are heightened as I stand there waiting for any form of contact from him; I know it’s coming I just don’t know when.

I feel the cool smoothness of the cane slide along the warm wetness between my legs.  I gasp with pleasure.  He slides the length of the cane between my legs once and removes it.  I feel the cane tracing a line, slowly, lightly up my leg from the back of my right knee up to my ass, tracing across my ass and back down my left leg.  I have goose bumps all over.  I am aching for him now, my pleasure is heightening with each passing minute, each teasing touch of the cane.

I stand before him, my breathing heavier with my arousal; I am on the verge of begging him to touch me again when I feel a sharp sting across my ass as he strikes me with the cane.  Again on the other cheek sharp pain, he strikes me repeatedly on alternate cheeks leaving a slight pause between each strike.  The pleasure builds with each sweet kiss of the cane; the sharp sting subsides and is replaced with a sweet relief and the warming of my reddening flesh.  I feel that I am on the verge of orgasm and a few more strokes will tip me over the edge.

“There now, that is a sublime sight Sasha, you’re glowing”, he slaps me on the ass almost playfully. 
“You may go now”.  I can’t believe my ears, I am on the verge of what feels like is going to be the best orgasm I’ve had in forever and he’s called time on the whole thing.  I begin to blush again, embarrassed by my desire for him.  I pull up my panties and smooth down my skirt.
“See you Monday Sasha, have a good weekend”
“Yes Sir” I reply.  As I close the door behind me my brain is working overtime to find the next opportunity for me to land myself in trouble…

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