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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Average Joe

I had been ordered by my Daddy to get an average Joe into some kink.  It was going to be difficult but an order was an order.  I had hidden the cuffs, blindfold and whip under the pillows earlier that day.  We were undressed & making out on the bed, I took my opportunity when he was laying on his back & I was straddling him. As he groped & sucked on my tits I lifted his arms above his head and cuffed his wrists together on the bars of my head rest.
"What are u doing? Undo the cuffs!" he shouted. 
"Sorry Joe, this is for my Daddy. He ordered me to get my kink on with you & that's what I am going to do for his pleasure".
"What the fuck?!"
"Shush Joe, trust me you are gonna love it!" I take the blindfold out & cover his eyes. 
"Seriously Sash, I'm not messing around fucking let me go"
I giggle. Daddy is gonna love this! I get up off the bed and put my spike heels back on. Take the whip out & flick it at his chest.
"Ah! What the fuck?! Are u fucking crazy?!"
"No honey, I'm just enjoying myself for once" I flick it again & again several more times His chest is getting pretty red but interestingly his cock is standing to attention, it was as hard as I'd ever seen it.
"Ok Joe, ur going to make me come now, I'm going to sit on ur face". I get on the bed and back myself up to his face.
"Now lick my pussy bitch", I trace my finger nails up & down his inner thighs as I know drives him crazy but I dig harder today. He is moaning into my pussy I press back onto his face harder knowing I'm making it difficult for him to breath. God this feels amazingly liberating! I tickle his balls & lightly run my finger tips up & down his shaft teasing...pull myself away from his face & ask him if he's enjoying.  He's quiet...
"Answer me bitch & you will address me as Mistress!"
"Sash, what the fuck? Seriously you're going too far!"
"Ok, I'll get the whip..."
"No not again please"
"Not again what?"
"Not again Mistress"
"Good bitch now lick my ass hole".  I back my ass onto his face before he can argue.  He doesn't do anything so I flick the head of his dick hard with my finger.
"I said lick my ass bitch!"
I feel the tip of his tongue on my ass & push myself closer to his face.
"Good bitch, you'll be rewarded now", I take his cock in my mouth, as I suck it he starts rimming my ass with more enthusiasm. He's moaning into my ass & his hot breath feels good. I feel his cock twitching in my mouth, I pull it out just in time as his load shoots all over my face. I put my hand to my face & put my cum covered finger in my mouth. Yummy! I get off his face & rub my cheek on his then lick his cheek. I kiss him on the mouth, I can taste myself on him.
"Clean my face with your tongue bitch"
"No fucking way!" I get up & grab the whip & start flicking it quickly at his chest at first slowly edging lower down his body he understood the implication..."Ok!"
"Beg me for it now bitch & remember I am your mistress!"
"Please let me lick your face mistress!" He lapped at my face, when it's clean I kiss him again & nip his lips with my teeth. I take off the blindfold, he looks confused, I unlock the cuffs.
"Well how do u feel?"
Average Joe looks torn..."Is it fucked up that I actually enjoyed that shit?"
"That was just the beginning my pet..."

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