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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Silver Service

It was her first job as a silver service waitress & it was for a dinner for some fat cat businessman in his big house in the hills...Her agency said the pay was great & uniform provided but the client was adamant that his instructions be followed to the letter, sounds easy. 
When she put the maids outfit on before she left for the house that night she was perturbed about the length, just two inches below her ass. Note to self - do not bend over whilst working tonight! Arriving at the house she met two waiters and the butler; her colleagues for the evening.  The butler advises her "Master is very particular about the way things are done, do as you're instructed and it will go splendidly". 
It was time for the starters to go out; there were three platter dishes to be taken out, each one had to be held with both hands. I was told that I would take mine in last. On return of the two waiters I headed for the dining room down the hall with my hands full.  I walked in & saw ten suited men sat around an enormous rectangular dining table.
"Place the platter dead centre in the table miss"..Shit!! How was I going to do this? The table was really wide and I was going to have to bend and reach right out to get it in place. I edge in between two of the guests and tried to reach across to place the platter without flashing my ass, unsuccessfully. My eyes widened and I shot upright as I felt a hand between my legs.
"Get back down miss". I don't understand, what's happening? I look to the Master at the far end of the table. "I'm just getting my money's worth, play along & you'll leave here a very happy girl" He nods at the man that has his hand on my crotch who gets up and stands behind me.  He takes off my little apron, grabs the front of my shirt from behind and tears it open sending buttons flying everywhere.  I can sense ten pairs of hungry eyes on me, I'm mortified!  My hands shoot up to cover my breasts but are taken & held by the man the other side of me. My bra is snapped open The guy behind me takes both of my breasts in his hands lifting them & squeezes the hell out of them. I yelp in pain, then letting go, he grabs the back of my neck & pushes my head down until my face is flat on the table.  I can feel his hardness on my ass.  He hikes my skirt up over my thighs and roughly yanks my panties down my ass exposing my ass and pussy.  Master says across the table "spread your legs".  I sob to myself and spread them.  I feel a nudging at my pussy. He's got his cock out already & is trying to enter me.
"Stop!" Oh thank god, the Master has come to his senses!
"Nobody takes her ass do you hear me? That's all mine. Take your time gentlemen, you'll all get a turn...we have all night..."

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