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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Her College Room Mate

His girlfriend's college room mate was so hot he'd been fantasising about taking her for months now. Now was his chance, his girlfriend left him her key so that he could collect some of his stuff from the room while she was away. It was 2am as he silently turned the key, he paused a moment waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dark, he could hear her gently breathing. He started to undress quietly. It was a warm night and she was led on her back above the covers. He stood at the foot of the bed and leaned forward.  He carefully rested on his elbows between her spread legs, his cock aching at the excitement of being so close to her pussy.  He cautiously pushed his face closer and ran his tongue up the slit of her pussy. God she tasted better than he had imagined!  He slowly massaged her clit with his tongue careful not to move the rest of his body and disturb her...her legs were slowly parting further...he smiled to himself and ran his tongue back down to her hole. Good she was getting nice and wet. He tongued her clit some more flicking at it faster now, she groans with pleasure. Her body stiffens as she realises something isn't right, he pauses then she screams.  Like lightning his hand is up on her mouth and his weight pressing against her struggling body. "Shush baby, you're enjoying this, trust me", one hand still on her mouth he uses the other to guide his cock into her. God she's so tight it takes a couple of thrusts before he's in fully.  She's screaming under his hand but he ignores her, biting her neck and shoulders as he begins to fuck her. He is in awe at how good her pussy feels, he starts squeezing her left tit roughly as he pumps faster. She has stopped screaming now "Yes, you like it don't you bitch? You wouldn't be this wet if you didn't". He stops moving and she wriggles on his cock impatiently "Ask me to fuck you, tell me you like it".  She whispers the word please. "Not good enough, I want to hear the words"..."Please fuck me, I want you to...", she whispers.  With that he starts slamming into her mercilessly, gripping her shoulders, he is close to cumming, he pulls out almost all the way and rams back into her pussy, he does this three times. On the third his body stiffens, he pulls his head back and groans in ecstasy as he releases his load into her. He collapses on top of her panting and tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear and whispers "This is our little secret, do you understand?" She nods silently.

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