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Friday, 17 June 2011

Wet Panties

Today has been a very wet day for me.  I was lucky enough to experience a couple of new things which had me very excited. 

Last night I gave my number to a guy.  I wasn’t expecting him to contact me anytime soon so was pleasantly surprised when he did this morning.  He asked if I was dressed appropriately for the day ahead.  I told him that I wasn’t dressed yet as I had a half day. He said to make sure that I wore panties to work today as he would be contacting me while I was at work.  When I explained that leaving the office to do things may prove difficult I was given a choice:

Stuff my panties in my pussy now or wait until I had a break at work to do it.  Once they were in I was to keep them in for the duration of the working day.  I chose to do it at work obviously because I’d never done this before and wasn’t sure how it was going to feel.

A little later on I’d gotten out of the shower and thought that it was pointless putting my panties on just for the drive to work, also I was keen to get on with it now that I knew what I'd be doing.  So I contacted him and explained my thoughts on the matter.  He said that I should put them in my pussy now and take them out when I get chance at work.  By then he said they should be wet and creamy, I should taste them before I put them back on and let him know.

Today my panties were sheer black with black and silver flowers embroidered on the front.  Actually stuffing my pussy with them was a tad awkward.  First I tried sort of poking them in bit by bit with my finger but I got nowhere fast with that, only half of them were in so I pulled them back out and folded them up so that they were more of a cylindrical shape.  This tactic worked a treat and they were soon snug in my pussy.  I left them so that you could see a glimpse of the black material just inside the hole of my pussy and took a photo in case I was asked to show him later.

As I continued to get ready for work I was very much aware of my panties.  The feel of them inside me and the fact that I had been told to do this was turning me on a lot.  The whole drive to work my mind was on what I had to do once I got there.    I was excited to see if they were going to be wet and if so how wet.  I drove extra carefully because I didn't want to get in an accident and try to explain why I was wearing my panties on the inside!  I felt kind of naughty as I greeted my colleague when I arrived, knowing that I had a secret.  I asked them to watch the office for me while I nipped to the toilet.

Once inside the toilet I slipped off my shoes and trousers and put my finger and thumb into the entrance of my pussy and pulled out my panties.  I could see my juices on them shining in the light.  I sucked a section of them to confirm what he’d predicted.  I put them on and the sensation was very strange, they were damp all over.  I quickly got dressed, washed my hands and went to start work.  I contacted him to tell him what I had done.  He said that it was a shame that I hadn’t taken a picture because he would have liked to have seen my panties in my pussy.  I told him that I’d taken one just in case he’d asked and forwarded it to him.  He told me that my pussy looked perfect to be abused by his fingers, my pussy reacted warmly  to this information.  He said that I would have another task soon but he wouldn’t tell me what it was because it would give me time to change my mind.  This made me nervous, I’d say that I was imagining the worst but the truth is I knew that I probably wouldn’t even think to imagine the things that he’d suggest I do…and it was that fact made me nervous.  This kind of nervous feeling is a good one though, just a fear of the unknown but an eagerness to know it.

A little while later I had a message that told me I had two choices:

A: Put a marker pen in my pussy and keep it in all day or B:  piss my panties and stuff them back in my pussy or piss my panties and continue to wear them.

Wow! I had been right earlier, I wouldn't have though of either of these things.  I told him that I chose the marker pen as I didn’t have time to mess about with stuffing my pussy again and I couldn’t wear my pissy panties as it would show through my trousers.  I took a picture of three different marker pens of different widths and lengths and asked him which I should use, I waited for his reply.  I wasn't sure about the pissing thing it's something that I have never thought about.  As I waited I began to feel a bit disappointed with myself, I felt that the marker pen was taking the easy road and I wasn’t going to get much of a sense of accomplishment from doing that.  I changed my mind and chose the middle option instead, I would piss my panties and put them back inside me.  I didn’t bother to tell him,  I just went to the toilet quickly before I could change my mind. 

I took my shoes and trousers off again and sat on the toilet.  It took a while before I could actually start pissing but I got there in the end.  I waited a moment afterwards to let any excess run off my panties before standing and taking them off.  I dried my pussy first then I folded them up as I had done earlier, squatted down and stuffed them back inside my wet pussy.  They went in easier this time, probably due to the fact that I was very wet now.  I washed my hands and hurried back to my desk proud of myself.  I told him that having time to think about it had the opposite effect and instead of me backing out of it I’d changed my mind and I was sat at my desk now with my pissy panties stuffed inside my pussy.

He replied by telling me that it was ok as I will still have to do the other one another time.  He wished that he could have seen me piss my panties, he would have had to lick me after.  I told him that I thought my panties just got a little wetter inside me.

I had been sat down all afternoon other than walking a few steps here and there.  I was aware of my panties rubbing the walls of my pussy a little.  However, it got really interesting after work when I had to do some grocery shopping at a supermarket.  As I began to rush and pick up the pace of my walking I became increasingly aware of the rubbing inside me.  I was finding it difficult not to grin while I was doing my shopping in fact.  What almost killed me was when there was a problem with the card machine at the checkout and I had to run outside to withdraw cash.  The friction inside my pussy caused by those two mad dashes almost had me cumming in my trousers at the checkout.  Sadly, the distance wasn't quite long enough! Haha!

When I arrived home I removed the panties which were nice and wet and forwarded a picture of them vacating my pussy to my taskmaster.

Many thanks go out to the source of my fun today ;) xxx

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