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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fun In The Sun

I had the day off work so decided to lay out in the garden for the day and sun myself.  I put my bikini on (it's a multi-coloured striped halter neck top with matching brief bottoms) and started applying my sun lotion. I rubbed the cool lotion over the smooth warm skin of my chest, then my was when I was doing my lower back that I realised that I wouldn't be able to do the whole of my back.  I shrugged it off and figured that I'd just lay on my back today.  I finished applying the lotion to the rest of my body and got my favourite sun lounger out.

My garden is large and surrounded by high fencing aside from a ten foot space between my house and next door where there's a 4ft wall.  This suited me fine because their son was at their house most weekends doing odd jobs for them, a lot of which involved sawing or chopping of some sort out in the garden.  This view I most enjoyed, particularly when he did it topless; I could watch that naked muscular back and firm denim clad ass for hours given the chance.

I placed my lotion, a cold drink and my book on the small table next to my chair and laid back, reclined the chair and closed my eyes exhaling loudly as I felt myself relax.  It was only 11.30am but the heat was intense.  I opened my eyes and looked down at my body, the skin on my arms and my stomach was glistening in the sun.  I touched my stomach, my skin was hot.  I would usually turn over at this point but didn't want to risk burning my back so I got up to go inside for five minutes.  As I walked toward the french doors next door's son James came out of their house.
"Hey Allie, how's it going?", he smiled at me and I almost melted!  He had a gorgeous smile, every time I saw it I couldn't help imagining his mouth on me.
"Hi James, just catching some sun on my day off.  Got much to do over there today?"
"Not today, just dropped in to say hi and grab some lunch a bit later with them.  You watch that you don't burn, I hope you've got plenty of lotion on"
"On the front of me, yes", I laughed.
"Well, if you need someone to do your back just give me a shout", he smiled and carried on walking up the garden.

I walked into the house smiling at the prospect of his hands on me, I glanced downwards for a moment and noticed that my nipples were very noticeable erect.  Damn that guy was hot, maybe I would take him up on his offer later if he was still around.  I put some washing in and ate a grapefruit while I cooled off then went back outside.  James was sat in a deck chair reading the paper when I passed, I didn't think he noticed me go by.  I sat back in the lounger and reapplied the sun lotion before reclining in the chair again, eyes closed. 

I must have dosed off for a little while, I could feel it go darker as though a cloud had moved across the sun.  I opened my eyes and saw James standing in front of me.
"Sorry, I called over but you didn't answer.  You're going to burn if you lay in this any longer without turning over so let me do your back for you", smiling, he held out his hand for me to pass him the bottle.
"Okay you're right, thanks" I stood up and passed him the lotion and lowered myself onto my stomach on the lounger, head resting on my arms.  I heard him open the bottle and squirt some lotion into his hands then rubbing them together.  He started at my shoulders massaging the cream in just firmly enough, my body reacted to his touch and I felt my pussy moisten.  His hands moved slowly over my skin, down my back and around to my sides, my pussy tingled as he rubbed my sides close to my breasts.  He got a little more lotion and did my lower back, smoothing the lotion in slow strokes toward my bikini bottoms.  He places his hand on my left hip and slips his hand slightly under my bikini bottoms and runs it across my back making a slow circular motion with his thumb. 
"Do you want me to get the backs of your legs for you too while I'm here?"
"Hmmm, if you don't mind?"
"Of course not", he got to his knees beside the lounger.

I felt his hands on my right ankle, he ran them up the back of my calf to my knee and back down to my ankle again.  My foot is lifted off the lounger, my leg bent at the knee as he touches every part of my lower leg with his hands remembering to include my foot.  It took a conscious effort not to groan as I lay there, I open one eye slightly to take a peek at him and the sight was wonderful!  He had his back to me so I could see the muscles in his back working through his tight t-shirt as he had his hands on me.  My pussy was properly wet now, I was glad he had his back to me because I was afraid that my lust for him would be written all over my face.  He repeated the same thing for the bottom of my left leg and the whole while I was thinking how good his hands would feel on my breasts or rubbing my ass. 

I heard him get some more lotion in his hands and then felt them on the back of my left knee.  He began rubbing his hands in long firm strokes up my thighs, just reaching the top and then his hand would leave my skin and return to the back of my knee.  With each stroke I held my breath, waiting for his hands to reach higher up my leg to my ass but they wouldn't.  He then placed his hands either side of my knee and slid them up the outside and inside of my thighs.  This time his hands reached the top of my thighs on each side, which of course meant that his finger tips were at my crotch on the inside of my leg.  An involuntary shiver ran through my body as his fingers spread out exploring more of my inner thigh.  He brought his hands back down my leg and as they started making their way back up I felt my legs part slightly.  I couldn't tell whether he had prompted me to part them or I had done it subconsciously.  This time he put his hand just slightly under my bikini bottom and ran his hand up from the inside of my thigh over the top of my leg.  I exhaled quietly and felt a little no, a lot frustrated!  He started on my other leg, giving the exact same treatment as the other initially.  As much as I was enjoying it I wanted more then, my pussy was aching to be touched. 

My eyes opened in surprise as I felt pressure on the insides of both thighs as he moved them further apart with his hands.  I held my breath in anticipation of his next move.  His hands slowly moved up my inner thighs, right up to my pussy where he moved them up over my ass and gave both cheeks a firm squeeze.  He paused for a beat, I assume to check that I was okay with the situation so I opened one eye and smiled at him.  He smiled back and smoothed and squeezed my ass again, pulling my bikini bottoms up at the back so that they slipped into the crack of my ass.  One hand moved back down between my thighs and rubbed my pussy through my bottoms.  I wriggled in the lounger as his touching of my pussy felt wonderful.  He rubbed my pussy like that for a while and I knew I would have been dripping wet by the time he pulled my bottoms to one side and slid a finger inside me followed by two others quickly after.  He moved his fingers in and out of my pussy as he kneaded my ass.  I opened my eyes to take a look at him again but was surprised to find him staring directly at my face.  I felt myself blush which was ridiculous given the circumstances.
"You pull some beautiful facial expressions when you're turned on Allie" he grins at me and winks.
I smile at him and close my eyes again relaxing into his touch more so, if that's even possible.

His mother called him from their back door to say that they were leaving for lunch and he called back for them to go ahead, he was busy and would see them when they got back. 
"Sorry about that, where was I?  At least now that they've gone to lunch we won't be interrupted or seen now huh?" he laughed.
His fingers left my pussy and I felt him pull my bottoms down over my ass, all the way off me.  He pulled my hips a little so that I was shuffled further down the lounger and then I felt a weight leaning on the lounger.  He had leaned his elbow between my legs as he put his mouth to my pussy.
"Oh yeah", I whispered. 
I couldn't help it, he had put his tongue straight to my clit flicking at it.  He moved and plunged his tongue inside my pussy, taking his time to probe and explore it.  This man had an expert mouth of that I was certain, I couldn't help but wonder about his cock...He moved his tongue back to my clit and alternated flicking it and sucking on it.  I gave a whimper as I started to cum, I gripped the sides of the lounger above my head, it was pretty intense.  He lifted his head from my pussy and slipped his fingers back inside me while I was cumming and thrust them in and out more forcefully this time, fucking me with them.
"Wow, that is such a hot fucking sight.  Didn't think I'd be knelt in your garden watching you cum on my hand today I have to admit.  So glad you are though, I need to get my cock inside you"
"I've been thinking about your cock for the last half an hour" I told him encouragingly.
"How sturdy is this lounger?"
I laughed, "I don't know but I guess we could find out"

James stood up and undid his belt and pulled down his pants.  I could see his erection through his boxers...that cock was not going to leave any space inside my pussy untouched I thought to myself.  He pulled down his boxers too then and stepped out of them, kicking off his flip flops as he did.  He moved over to me and placed his knees between my leg as he positioned himself above me.  I felt his cock nudging at the opening of my pussy and was surprised, given the size of it, how easily he entered. His arms rested beside mine above my head as he pushed his cock all the way deep inside me.  Our bodies were hot and sticky against each other and his breath was hot in my ear as he began to fuck me slowly.  His cock filled every part of my pussy, as he moved inside me I could feel it so clearly.  After a while I felt as though I might pass out from the heat, we were both dripping with sweat, particularly me as I was sandwiched between him and the lounger.  I suggested that we move our fun onto the lawn.  We both stood up and he reached his arms around my back and undid the two ties of my bikini top and let it drop to the floor.  He cupped both of my breasts in his hands and sucked them and bit my nipples.  I sighed shakily in bliss as he sucked at them.  He turned me around then and placed my hand on the pole of the clothes line. It was still hot but there was a slight breeze and so much cooler being stood up.  He rubbed his hand up and down my pussy, I could hear the sound of my wetness as he rubbed.   He entered my pussy with his cock again and began pumping hard and slow, he gently rubbed my breasts as he fucked me.  I took one of his hands in mine and squeezed harder and more roughly at my breast with it, he took the hint and I held onto the pole again to keep my footing.  I turned my head and kissed him passionately over my shoulder.  He broke the kiss and moved his hands to my hips, he began thrusting into my pussy faster, pulling me back by my hips as he thrust into me.  I could feel myself about to cum again.
"I'm gonna cum", I told him breathlessly.

He moves a hand up to the back of my neck and pushes my head down as he fucks me harder still.  I let out a cry of pleasure as I start to cum on his cock as he continued fucking me.  As I feel myself coming down from my orgasm I feel another building.  His pace hasn't faltered, I don't know how he can keep it up in this heat but he does and I feel another ripple of pleasure rolling over me, this one more intense than the last.  His arms come around the front of me and grip my shoulders as he gives one last hard thrust and I feel him twitch inside my pussy.  I can feel him cum being pumped into me, I drop my head, breathing heavily, exhausted. 

He pulls out of me and pulls me down onto the lawn and sits me beside him, we lay back just trying to catch our breath for a moment.  I offer to get him some water because I am extremely thirsty, he tells me he'd love some.
"Oh, you missed lunch with your parents too, you must be hungry I know I am...You want some nachos and dip?"  You can't beat after sex nachos ;)

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