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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anal 101

Laura had volunteered herself for 'Life Art' services, or so she'd thought.  She needed the extra cash and the advertisement said that it paid £50.00 an hour.  She'd called the number on the ad and had a great conversation with a Dr Levingstine.  He informed her that the reason it paid so well was that the life model was expected to be completely naked.  Laura wasn't sure that she was comfortable with the idea of being naked and on display to a room full of strangers so she'd apologised to him and said that she'd have to think about it and get back to him.  After mulling it over for a while she decided that it was too good an opportunity for easy money to miss out just because she was a little shy. 

It wasn't until she was stood in front of the class of around 30 students one evening later that week that she was informed that the pose she was to take was of an erotic nature.  Too embarassed to object in front of all those people she allowed herself to be disrobed, blindfolded and positioned over a saw horse.  In this position her ankles and wrists were bound by rope.  She was mortified and very glad of the blindfold - at least that way she couldn't see the 30 sets of eyes that she could feel boring into her.  Before she knew what was happening she was fitted with a gag...

"Good evening class.  I'm pleased to see such a great turn out.  As you know, this evening we will be covering an introduction to anal.  The beautiful Laura here, has agreed to be my demonstration model for the evening and later on one of you will be lucky enough to have a short practical session with her."
On hearing this information Laura shrieked in horror, the gag muffling the sound.
"As you can hear, she is very keen", he laughed and the class laughed along with him, oblivious to the fact that Laura had most definitely not agreed to this.

Dr Levingstine pressed a button on the remote control in his hand and a projector screen came to life behind him.  Displayed on the large screen was a close up of Laura's behind.  On a table beside Laura was a box of rubber gloves, a bottle of lube and two plugs - a small pink one and a larger, red one.  He took a glove from the box and then handed the box to a student in the front row. 
"Take one and pass the box along, you will need them later", he informed her.
Laura panicked further as she wondered what it was that he was passing around the class.  As he watched the box being passed along the front row he began the lecture.  He put on his glove and gave a generous squirt of the lube and rubbed it along the length of the index finger of his gloved hand. The students watched the screen in silence, waiting for the interesting part of their lecture to begin.

Laura gave a start of surprise as she felt his bare hand resting on her lower back.
"The key to introducing anal is to go slowly, gently and use lots of lubrication"
She squealed as the cold wetness of the lube made contact with her tight hole.  He rubbed slowly and tenderly at the area ignoring her sounds of protest. 

"Once you're satisfied that both your fingers and the hole are nicely lubricated, you may enter.  One finger is recommended to begin with", he pressed at the entrance firmly and slowly slid his finger inside, relishing the feel of her virgin ass squeezing tightly. 
She hadn't told him that she was a virgin there - she hadn't needed to, it was clearly evident to him now as he was knuckle deep in her.

"Put your gloves on and form an orderly queue at my lectern, I want each of you to feel just how tight this glorious muscle is to begin with". 
Laura heard the sound of seats flipping up as the students rose from their places and shuffled towards the front of the lecture hall.  She could hear the buzz of excitement in the crowd as they all waited to invade her ass with their fingers.

Some were annoyingly slow and took their time and Laura wished that they would just get it over with and move on already.  Some had to be told by Dr Levingstine not to be so rough as they plunged their finger in without so much as a second thought for her.  Others were a little cheeky and probed around whilst they were inside.  One student actually brushed her clit with another finger whilst they spent time playing with her ass - Dr Levingstine eventually had to tell them that their turn was over.  He took another turn after the last student had finished, whilst he waited for them to settle again.  This time he inserted two fingers and rotated them inside, scissoring them a little too.  Laura groaned into her gag.  Though the sensation of something inside her had been uncomfortable for her at first, someway through the queue of students she'd started to become more relaxed and had actually (though ashamed to admit it to herself) began to enjoy herself. 

Once they'd all discarded their gloves and returned to their seats Dr Levingstine moved on to the next section.  The image of Laura's now well probed asshole was replaced on the screen by pictures of various toys in numerous shapes, colours and sizes.  Laura listened intently as she heard the Doctor explain what each one was and how it was best used.  As he described them she found herself wondering if any of them would be used in demonstration during the lecture - she was not adverse to the idea.  In fact, Laura could feel her clit throbbing as she listened and hoped that she would get to experience the pleasure that some of these things would give.

"For today's lecture I have kept things simple and brought along two plugs - I'm sure you've all noticed them on the table already", he gestured to them with his hand.
"I chose two in this conicle shape simply because they allow a graduated stretch as oppose to some of the various shapes of other plugs.  I'll start with this small 4 inch one and see how she fairs with that."
The cold tip of the plug was pressed against her hole and she felt herself opening to accommodate it.  He held the plug still for a moment and she relished the feel of it inside her.  Who'd have known that she'd enjoy having things inserted into her ass? She thought to herself.
"You'll notice that just after the widest part of the cone the plugs narrows again before the wide base.  Watch as her little hole tightens again immediately around this narrower part", he gestured with one hand to the screen which was once again focused on Laura's ass, as he used his other hand to push the plug further.
Laura could feel it happening just as he'd described.  She registered that not only did her ass ache right now but her pussy did too.  She was extremely turned on.
"I'm just going to leave that in place for a couple of minutes", he turned his attention from Laura and clicked back to his slides. 

After a short segment on anal douching, which had not sounded in the slightest bit appealing to Laura, Dr Levingstine turned his attention to her once again.  He slowly pulled at the plug and she sucked air in through the gag as the widest part of the plug left her ass.
"There, you'll see from the glistening on her inner thighs that she certainly enjoyed that one.  I am certain that the next one will knock her slutty little socks off! Excuse me", he chuckled to himself and the class laughed at his gibe.

He slowly eased in the larger plug and at first she was pleasantly surprised and more than a little relieved - it was no worse that the first one.  Moments later she winced and tried to pull away from the object as it began to stretch her to the point of her being uncomfortable but her attempts were futile and it continued to probe onwards slowly stretching her wider.
"Whilst we let her become accustomed to that one we'll watch some clips that I've compiled to give you a better understanding," she felt the plug nudge inside her as he flicked a switch on it's base then the vibrations began - a constant speedy humming eminated from her ass and vibrated throughout her entire body, or so it seemed.
The room was filled with the sounds of moans and groans of pleasure, squeals of pain and the sounds of balls rythmically slapping against flesh.  Laura could hear girls begging "please not in my ass", whilst other begged "please give it to me now".  She particularly enjoyed the sound of one deep voiced guy asking "you like it in your ass don't you?  You're my little anal slut aren't you girl?", the girl's reply was a continuous whimper/groan of what Laura could only decipher as pleasurable agreement with him.  The audio accompaniment to the vibrating wedge in her ass was enough to tip Laura over the edge and before she knew it she having a rather powerful orgasm.  She bit down on the gag as her muscles convulsed and her juices dripped further down her leg, her eyes rolling into the back of her head behind the blindfold.

"Ok, I think it's fair to say that she is more than ready for the real thing now.  Who'd like to help demonstrate?" 
Laura was completely dumbfounded - it was one thing to be probed and played with in front of an audience but to actually be fucked here in front of everyone?!  That took it to a whole new level for her that she wasn't sure she was happy with.  Of course she knew that it made no difference anyway, she had no say in the matter.  The sound of movement indicated to Laura that there were a number of keen volunteers holding their hands up.

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part Two

It was almost 1pm and time to reinsert my plug for the third time that day. My panties were well past damp at this point and I was eager to continue with my task. As I walked to the bathroom I could feel the slippery wetness between my legs. My mind had wandered to thoughts of my Master before I'd even closed the door behind me. I distractedly dropped my bag on the floor beside me, hiked up my skirt and rubbed lightly at the crotch of my panties, teasing myself for a moment. I shivered as my finger nail lightly brushed over my swollen clit through the damp fabric of my panties. You'd think that after having four orgasms already that morning I would have had enough but the more I have, the more I want. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side eagerly and plunged two fingers inside myself. I found my clit with my thumb and massaged it determinedly; I was so horny I needed to cum five minutes ago. As I felt my climax build I placed my left hand over my mouth; I didn't trust myself to keep the noise down when I came - last time had been a close enough call. My hand stilled and the back of my head pressed firmly against the wall. The sound of pure ecstasy was muffled by the palm of my left hand as the walls of my pussy contracted around the fingers of my right. I let my hand drop from my mouth and breathed heavily as the last of my orgasm pulsed through my pussy causing it to twitch every few seconds. My palm was pressed firmly against my clit, my hand cupping my pussy.

I reluctantly removed my hand from my pussy and washed my hands. I took my plug from my bag as I already had done twice that morning. This time I put my right foot up on the toilet, lubricated the plug with my juices and found my anus with it's tip. I heard the door to the bathroom open - I'd forgotten to lock it behind me! I've never moved so fast; I dropped my foot to the floor and spun around, holding my plug in my hand behind my back. My skirt was still hiked up but that was the least of my worries. You'd think Mr Harris would have apologised and closed the door as soon as he realised I was in the bathroom but instead, he took a step further into the room and closed the door behind him before slowly sliding the lock across.
"Sorry Mr Harris, I'll just be a minute and then the bathroom will be free", I assured him.
"What do you have behind your back Maddison?" His expression was questioning and serious.
"Nothing", I shrugged and tried to appear casual.
"Show me your hands", he held his palms out to take my hands in his and I shook my head to tell him no.
"Come on Maddison, I have better things to be doing with my time than checking on lazy employees. Show me, now."
I almost died of embarrassment as I brought both hands in front of me - my right hand holding my plug.
"I see...assume the position that you were in when I entered", I stood frozen to the spot, unsure what was going on exactly.
"Again Maddison I seem to have to remind you that I am a very busy man. I am waiting..."
Hesitantly I turned my back on him and put my right foot up on the toilet and leaned forward slightly. He took my plug from my hand and ran the tip up the inside of my thigh before teasing my pussy with it. I thought I was going to cum again, my fingers gripped desperately at the wall as my breath became ragged. He stopped and I heard him whisper "my my" to himself. The tip of the plug was being pressed extremely slowly into my ass. Impatiently I pushed my ass back toward him and he reacted by grabbing my throat firmly with his free hand.
"You will wait", was all he said and continued with the slow intrusion.
As my ass closed around the base of the plug I heard him groan. He leaned into me, his mouth close to my ear.
"Such a pretty little ass Maddie", his smooth hand ran over my thigh.
"Thank you", I whispered, not quite sure what else to say.

I remained still as he put my panties right and took my ankle in his hand moving it and signalling for me to drop my foot back down to the floor. He smoothed my skirt back down over my hips and turned my to face him. He grabbed my ass with his hand, pulling me to him, his hand pushing against my plug. As he held me against him I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hip.
"Come to my office at 4.30pm, you are not to visit the bathroom before that time", he spoke quietly but there was no mistaking that he was serious.
I nodded my understanding and allowed my self to be ushered speechlessly out of the bathroom. It seemed I'd gotten myself caught between a rock and a hard place...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part One

I woke that morning to an email detailing my task for the day:


Take your plug to work with you today. You are to wear it for an hour on, an hour off throughout the day. Each time you insert/remove the plug you are to bring yourself to orgasm. I expect a full report at the end of the day.


I sprang out of bed to get ready for work, excited for my day to start.

I arrived at the office at 8.45am and decided to wait until 9am to start the task as it would be easier to keep track if I knew I had to perform on the hour. I work at a small office and there's only one unisex bathroom. I would have to be quick and effective with my task to ensure that I wasn't disturbed. The time came for me to start so I made my way to the bathroom and hung my handbag on the hook on the back of the door. I rested my back against the wall, hiked up my black pencil skirt and slipped my hand down the front of my panties. I closed my eyes and sighed as my fingers made contact with my clit. My pussy was already wet from the morning's anticipation of the day ahead. I'd foregone my usual morning masturbation so I came quick and easily. My hands trembled with the after effects of my orgasm as I washed them in the sink afterwards.

I retrieved my plug from the ziplock bag inside my handbag. Pulling my panties to the side I ran the plug through my wetness, dipping it inside my pussy a couple of times. Once I was sure it was lubricated enough I pulled my panties down around my thighs and bent forward, legs slightly parted. I found my anus with the tip of the plug with a precision that comes only through practice. I pressed firmly and enjoyed the sensation as the plug slid in, inch by inch, slowly spreading me open. As my tight hole gripped keenly around the base of the plug I straightened up and pulled up my panties. Walking to the sink I could feel the plug deep inside me and a fresh stirring of arousal seeped through my pussy. I washed my hands again and straightened up my skirt, brushing my hand over the area covering the plug - this was a nervous habit I had when I wore a plug. I knew that there was no way it could possibly be visible but it was a comfort to run my hand over the area anyway. As I left the bathroom and made my way back to the office I passed Mr Harris (my boss) in the corridor. I grinned to myself after I said hello to him - if only he knew what his Administrator really got up to during the day! I sat at my desk and wriggled in my seat a bit, teasing my ass with the plug. I tried hard to concentrate on my work as I waited for the next 55 minutes to pass.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Now Cum!

She was awoken by the sound of the telephone ringing.  She looked at the display on her digital alarm clock; it was 2.40am.  She felt a moment of panic, something must be wrong for someone to be calling her in the early hours of the morning.  She grabbed her phone from the bedside table.
"Hello?" The prospect of something being wrong had sprung her fully awake.
There was silence on the other end of the phone.
"Hello?  Hello?" When there was no answer she sighed resignedly and hung up the phone.
Moments later the phone rang again.  She looked at the display to identify the caller but the number was witheld.  She answered the call but this time remained silent.  She held her breath and listened, she could hear the sound of someone breathing before she was startled by the sound of a raspy voice.
"Hello Adriana", she didn't recognise the voice.
"Hi, sorry...who is this?"
"Never mind about that for now.  I've been watching you and you intrigue me, very much so.  I wish to play with you, and I always get what I wish for..."
"Whatever weirdo!" A bit unsettled by the call she hung up and tried to go back to sleep.

She'd not long drifted back to sleep when the phone rang again.  In a groggy haze she picked it up without thinking.
"Firstly, do not hang up...", damn, it was the creepy caller again.
"Let me make this very clear to you sweetheart - you hang up and I come over there.  Do you understand?"
"Ok", he had her attention and she was scared.
"Let me hear you say that you understand"
"Yes, I understand", her words were quiet and mumbled. 
She looked around for her other phone, maybe she could text someone to come around and get her.
"Now, you annoyed me when you hung up on me.  I had to wait until I'd calmed down before I called you back but I am still angry.  Tell me what you're wearing."
"Umm, vest and shorts"
"Take off the vest", she paused for a moment.
It ocurred to Adriana that he wouldn't know if she'd taken it off or not so she waited a moment then told him it was off.
"Don't ever lie to me!  Now try that again", confused as to how he knew that she'd lied she hesitantly removed her vest.
"Better, now run downstairs and get yourself a wooden spoon.  Take the phone with you, no messing around I want you straight back upstairs once you have the spoon."
"Ok", she rushed downstairs and retrieved a spoon and made her way upstairs immediately, too nervous to defy him again.

She told him when she was back in her bedroom.
"Good now listen to me very carefully.  You are going to do exactly as I tell you.  If you don't, I will come over there...and trust me, you don't want that tonight.  Put your phone on speaker, you're not going to be able to hold it in your hand for a while."
"Ok", she whimpered and pressed the button to activate the speaker phone.
"On your hands and knees in the centre of the bed", she positioned herself as instructed.
"Have you done it?"
"Yes I have", she'd placed the phone on the bed in front of her.
"Well tell me when you've done as I've told you girl.  Now take the spoon in your right hand"
"I have it"
"Good girl.  Now I want you to smack the right cheek of your ass with the spoon.  Let me hear it..."
She tapped herself with the spoon and told him that she'd done it.
He laughed, "Girl, you'd better try better than that!  I barely heard a sound.  Again."
She smacked herself harder with the spoon and gasped as she felt the sting in her ass cheek.
"Much better.  Now give me ten of those and I want you to count them out for me"
"Ok...", she reached behind and smacked herself.
"Good girl, just like that", she found herself feeling pleased that he was satisfied that she was doing it right - this confused her.
Smack! "Two"
Smack! "Three"
Smack! "Four", she paused for a fraction of a second before counting after each one.
Smack! "Five"
"You're doing well, keep it up.  You're pleasing me right now", he encouraged her.  She felt herself blush, a small smile playing on her lips.
Smack! "Six"
Smack! "Seven"
Smack! "Ouch!...Eight"
Smack! "Nine"
Smack! "Ten", she put her hand back down on the bed
"How do you feel?"
"I feel embarrassed", she hung her head and waited for him to talk.
"Good.  Now, take the spoon in your left hand and do the same for your left cheek."
Without hesitation she took the spoon and began to administer the same treatment to her left side.

Once she'd finished on her left side she placed the spoon down again and registered the pleasant sensation of a very slight heat in her ass.
"Stay on your hands and knees.  I want you to take your right nipple between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand and squeeze and twist it for me."
She took it lightly between her thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed and twisted.
"Ok, I'm doing it."
"Well you can't be doing it properly.  I want you to squeeze hard, real hard for me and twist it good!"
She did as he said.
"Ow! No please, it hurts!"
"That's ok baby, that just means that you're doing it right.  Keep going."
She squeezed and twisted and made sounds of protest as she inflicted pain on herself for him.
"Right hand, left nipple - now.  Do it."
She was relieved to switch sides but reluctant to inflict the same treatment on her left nipple.  Despite her reluctance she squeezed and twisted until she cried out in pain.  He remained silent for a while other than to tell her to squeeze harder the moment she stopped whimpering.

"Now lie on your back for me.  Place your index finger between the lips of your pussy.  Tell me, are you wet?"
She was surprised when she ran her fingers between her lips that she was very wet.
"Yes I am"
"And why do you think that is?"
"I don't know"
"Oh come now.  I'm sure you do - think hard.  What could it be that's gotten you all worked up?"
She was too embarrassed to tell him that it had been the act of being on all fours and striking herself with a spoon. 
"I really couldn't tell you why.  I guess it could have been when you made me pinch my nipples?"
"Adriana, we both know that's not the reason, though it probably added to your state.  Tell me now - I told you earlier that you need to do exactly as I say.  Don't defy me."
"I can't", she whimpered.  Her face bright red with embarrassment.
"Ok, let me help you out.  Do you think it may have had something to do with you being on all fours with that pretty little ass in the air for me?  Maybe you liked when you took that spoon and smacked that ass for me?  Or, how about when I told you that you were a good girl and that you were pleasing me - I think you must have liked that part?"
"Yes", she whispered.
"Yes to which part?" He laughed and she could tell that he was genuinely enjoying himself.
"Yes to all of it"
"Well that's good."

He'd gone quiet for a while but she resisted the urge to check if he was still on the line and waited in silence.
"We're going to have a bit more fun now"
"Do you have any toys?"
"Yes I do."
"What do you have?"  She listed her small collection of toys to him.
"Good, get your dildo now"
"Ok", she went to her drawer and retrieved her dildo. 
"Now, lay on your back and spread your legs real wide for me"
"Ok, I've done that"
"Good.  I want you to dip two fingers in your wetness then play with your clit.  I want you to fan your fingers over it real fast for me ok?"
"Yes, ok", she dipped two fingers into her pussy then began to tease her clit as he'd instructed.
"Are you playing with that clit for me Adriana?"
"Yes I am", she told him, a little put off by his interruption of her concentration.
"You're a little whore aren't you girl?"
"No, I'm not!" She stopped, angry at the insult.
"You'd better still be playing girl", she quickly returned her fingers to her pussy.
"Yes I am"
"There's a good whore, good slut. I bet you fuck anyone that asks don't you?"
"No, no I don't.  I'm not those things."
"You are now baby.  You're on your back, on your bed playing with your clit for me.  Do you think that makes you an angel?" He laughed, "No, you are definitely my good little slut right now."
She thought about what he was saying for a moment.  She hadn't realised it whilst he was taking to her but her fingers were working faster and she was beginning to get really turned on.
"Say it!"
She hesitated to speak, her fingers never slowing.
"Say it!"
"I, I'm your good slut", her face reddened for the umpteenth time that night.
"Yes you are.  You love it too don't you?"
"Yes, yes I love it", she could feel an orgasm approaching.
"Stop!", her fingers froze on her clit.
"Take your dildo and fuck yourself with it.  I want you to use long hard thrusts do you understand?"
"Yes, I understand", she took the dildo in her left hand and pressed the tip at the entrance of her pussy. 
She sighed as she pushed it in slowly and felt it stretching her walls.  She began to slowly fuck herself with the dildo using long hard strokes as he'd told her.
"Ok, I am going to count down from ten - while I'm doing this I want you to fuck yourself hard and as fast as you can", she told him ok and on hearing him start the countdown she began fucking herself frantically.
He counted slowly.  She could feel the ridge of the dildo teasing her gspot as she pumped it in and out relentlessly.
"You do not cum unless I say so. with your clit with the other hand but don't stop fucking yourself"
She whimpered but didn't stop.  He continued his countdown, in between he was interrupted with the odd "please, oh god no, stop, I can't and I need to cum" from her.  She was throwing her head back, biting her lip, her eyes shut tight in desperation.
Just as he'd counted two she couldn't take it any longer.
"Please, please can I cum now?!"
"No you can't!  How dare you even ask.  I'll tell you when, do you understand?!"
"Yes, I'm sorry"
"Good, now I'm going to count down from ten again- when I tell you you will cum"
"Ok", she struggled to hold off for a while longer but then was confident that she'd chased it away for the time being.

"10...", it dawned on her that getting back into a place where she was about to cum within his countdown was going to be more than a little difficult.
"5...she can't do it.  The useless girl is going to fail!" the sound of his mocking laughter put her off her stride.
"4...Time's ticking away girl - are you going to fail?  Are you going to make me have to come over there?"
"Please stop it!! You're putting me off", she begged him.
"2...I don't hear you getting close.  I can hear you fucking with that dildo frantically but I don't hear anything else?"
"Please no, not yet.  I'm not ready!" She pleaded with him.
 "Do it now!"

Breathless from the exertion she let out a cry and then apologised for failing to follow his order.
"I can't!  I couldn't do it, I'm sorry", she sounded defeated and exhausted.
"Not good enough!  That's very, very disappointing.  There is no other option, I am going to have to come to you and see to you myself", with that, the line went dead.  What can only be described as a fearful thrill rushed through her as she was left to wonder if and when the stranger would turn up at her door.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Mornings

I smile as I feel your warm breath on my face before you kiss me gently. I can feel your cock resting on top of my pussy and I wake further. I open my eyes when you stop kissing me and admire the sight of you holding your body over mine. I lift my head off the pillow and kiss you, running my hand up over your shoulder to the back of your head. I moan softly as your tongue brushes against mine. I move my hips brushing my pussy against your cock. I reach for your cock with my hand and you take my hand in yours and pin it down beside my head. Inside I smile as I kiss you deeper and reach down with my other hand. You grasp my wrist before I can reach your cock, and pin that one beside my head too. The smooth skin of my mound brushes up and down the length of your cock as I try to position myself on you. When you kiss my neck I tell you that I need you, now. You shush me and plant a trail of light kisses down to my nipple. I gasp as you lick and suck, it's rare that you're so tender with me and I'm waiting to feel your teeth graze me there. I can feel the warm moisture pooling between the lips of my pussy, I crave your cock. I lift my hips up off the bed and press myself against you as you kiss me again with an intensity that mirrors my desire.

You take my hand and place it on my pussy and I start to play with my clit. You tell me to play faster then tell me I'm not to cum as you push the head of your cock inside me. You push deeper inside, agonisingly slowly and I embrace your cock in my wetness. You watch my face as you withdraw your cock, then kiss me as you re-enter. My fingers still working over my swollen clit as your groin presses against them, the head of your cock resting against my cervix. You tease me with your cock like this for quite some time. I begin to whimper, my climax threatening to arrive.
"Don't you dare", you tell me.
"Can I stop playing please?"
You smile and tell me no, then start to thrust inside me hard, knocking my hand each time. I ask you again to please let me stop and you place your hand over my mouth and tell me to shush. You tell me that I can stop when you're good and ready. My desperate pleas are muffled by your hand as you start to fuck me hard.

I feel relief as I recognise the expression on your face and know that you are close.
"Play hard", you order through gritted teeth.
I shake my head to tell you no but follow your order anyway.
"Now", you manage to say before holding your cock deep inside me. I let myself go, my pussy convulses around your cock as it swells, filling me up with your hot cum. When you lower your body onto mine I sigh, contented. I listen to the sound of our breathing as my pussy intermittently twitches on your gradually softening cock.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Clean House Makes a Happy Home

I looked at the clock in the kitchen, I had ten minutes until He arrived home from work.  Dinner was in the oven and would be ready at 7.30pm, the time He insisted we ate every night.  I gave the house a quick look over – it was spotless and I was exhausted.  I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the couch in my uniform; black heels, fishnets, and a traditional French maid's outfit made less so with the chest section missing so as to display my beasts - He says that they are too beautiful to be covered up behind closed doors.  I was confident that He would be pleased with my efforts today. 
I heard His knock at the front door - He never let Himself in, He liked for me to have to answer the door to Him dressed in my uniform.  He had a specific knock so that I knew it was Him and didn't answer the door to anyone else by mistake when dressed that way.  I rushed to the door, checked my hair in the mirror in the hallway and opened the door with a big smile on my face; I was always so happy to have Him back home.
"Good evening Sir"
"Good evening miss", He handed me His coat to put away as He walked by me straight into the sitting room.
When I made my way back to the sitting room He was running His finger along the mantlepiece checking for dust.  I was relaxed enough until I noticed His eyes move to the glass of wine on the side table a flash of disapproval flashed in them.  
"I see you finished your chores early today?  Early enough to drink in the afternoon?"  He picked up my glass and waited for me to answer.
"No Sir, I just sat down five minutes before you arrived home.
"I see...take a seat.  Here, enjoy your wine",  He handed the glass to me and waited.
I sat and hesitantly took a sip, "thank You Sir".
He left the room and I sat motionless, listening to the sound of Him moving around the house.  He was inspecting my work.
I could hear Him rustling about in the kitchen, cupboard doors opening and slamming closed.  I began to feel uneasy the longer he was in there.  I heard the water running, He called to me a few moments after it stopped.  As I entered the kitchen I registered the giant wooden spoon hanging on the kitchen wall behind Him, the spoon that I had come to respect and fear.  It was exactly a metre long, made of mahogany and had the words "A clean house makes a happy home..." burned into the length of the handle. 
I gasped as I noticed the kitchen floor - it was covered in coffee granules and cereal.  The running water I'd heard earlier was the mop bucket being filled, it was in the centre of the floor filled with hot soapy water, a cloth floated in the bubbles.
"You think that this is acceptable?  You think you have time to sit and drink wine when My kitchen is in this mess?"
His cool demeanour was making me panic.
"No Sir, of course not!  I'm sorry", I quickly dropped to my knees and took the rag out of the hot water.  I wringed it out and started clearing the mess.  I winced as the pieces of cereal and coffee dug painfully into my knees as I wiped at the floor and gathered the debris in the rag. 
I could hear Him tutting and huffing impatiently behind me.
"Faster girl.  My dear, you are a lazy one today aren't you?  Perhaps a little motivation will move you along..."
The spoon hit me square on my ass, I yelped and desperately tried to clear the mess more quickly. 
"Faster girl come on!  Put some effort into it you lazy mare!"
I scrambled to work faster, the faster I worked the faster...and harder it seemed, the thwacks came.  As I scrambled around on the floor the coffee granules were leaving a trail of colour in the wet, already cleaned parts of the floor.  I was fighting a losing battle. He was relentless with the spoon and He was barking orders at me but I wasn't processing the words. My vision had blurred through my tears and I tried to focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible. My arms were trembling as I wrung out the cloth in the bucket ready to wipe over the trail of coffee marks that looked like a road map drawn all over the tiled floor.
"Get up", He pulled me up by my hair and dragged me over to the kitchen table.
His hand still gripping my hair He bent me over the table and used His other hand to pull down my panties. Seconds later He pushed Himself inside me, forcing a sharp moan to expel from my lips. He started pounding me hard, His hand grabbed my shoulder for leverage, His fingers dug into my bone, bruising me. The edge of the table pressed cruelly into my thighs with every forward thrust. He yanked my hair hard and let out a deep groan as He came inside me. His hands left me and I felt Him wipe His cock on my ass before He put it away.
"You are a good little maid", He ruffled His fingers in my hair and pulled my shoulders for me to straighten up. He lowered to one knee and gently brushed at the remnants of coffee and cereal that had stuck to my knees.
"Go get yourself cleaned up babygirl."

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stress Relief

Master was under a lot of pressure and I figured He needed some way to unwind. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get His hands on my ass as I saw it. Whilst we were talking on the phone one morning I presented Him with an offer: I would book into a hotel for one night and wait there for Him. If He chose to join me I'd be at His service to offer Him some relief in any way He chose. He told me that He'd keep it in mind. Later that day I booked the hotel and emailed the details to Him.

A few days later I found myself in a strange hotel room wondering if I was finally going to see Him. I fussed around for a while and made sure everything was perfect, a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket 'just in case'. I'd told Him I'd be there from 5pm onwards; at 5pm I sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

I looked at the clock for what felt like the millionth time; it was 7pm and still no sign of Him, I'd not heard from Him all day either. I tried not to get upset and told myself to wait until 8.00pm before I gave up and left - there was no point in my spending the night there alone, that would be even more depressing. I focused my mind on the possibilities of the night were He to show up - the time flew by as my mind worked overtime. By 8.00pm I was extremely aroused and even more desperate, if that was possible, for Him to show up. I didn't want to make anymore of a fool of myself though so I got up and started gathering my things together, taking my time in hope that I'd be interrupted by a knock on the door. I had no such luck though. I left the champagne there, grabbed my bag and left feeling deflated.

On the way down in the lift I looked at my reflection in the mirrored walls. I looked good in my little black dress, it was such I shame I'd not gotten chance to show it off. The ping sounded as the lift came to a stop on the ground floor. The doors opened and I dropped my bag.
"Going somewhere angel?"
I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face.
"I didn't think you were coming Master", He entered the lift and asked which floor we were on, His face deadpan.
"Your impatience is disappointing. It seems my plan for this evening will be perfectly appropriate to your behaviour", I told Him that I was sorry.
He leaned forward and kissed the top of my head and told me I should be.

Taking the card for the door from me He led the way to the room, my heart was hammering in my chest as I followed Him down the hallway. Once inside He spotted the champagne immediately and told me to pour a glass while He used the bathroom. I watched with lustful eyes as He removed His suit jacket and placed it on the back of the chair. I poured our drinks and perched myself on the end of the bed. When He came out of the bathroom He looked confused.
"Why are you sat down? Stand up and put your glass down. Take off your dress and stand with your hands above your head."
I stood immediately placing my glass on the side and pulling my dress off over my head. I stood with my hands held high above my head and waited for His next instruction. He picked up his glass of champagne and sat on the end of the bed. His eyes exploring the whole of my body inch by inch it seemed. He sat and supped as He stared until He'd finished the glass. My arms ached and my fingers had turned cold.

He stood and traced the lip of his empty glass under my breast and down my stomach to the waist of my knickers. I held my breath as the cold glass traced a path over my skin. He turned away and poured Himself a refill, taking His place at the end of the bed again. I ached for Him as I silently watched Him drink, my whole body was calling for His touch.
"Take off your bra", I lowered my arms slowly and reached behind me to unclasp my bra.
I pulled both straps slowly over my shoulders before slipping it off completely to reveal my pert breasts. I relaxed my arms and clasped my hands behind my back.
"Turn", I turned around so that I had my back to Him.
"Ankles", I parted my legs slightly and bent at the waist to place my hands around my ankles.
I could see Him through the gap in my legs; He had placed His empty glass down and was casually rolling His shirt sleeves up whilst staring at my ass.

His palm landed on my ass with a light smack.
"Count them angel"
"One Sir", a second smack on the same cheek, no harder than the last.
"Two Sir", the throbbing in my pussy was at the forefront of my mind as my Master spanked my ass with His hand.
I'd counted 12 before He pulled my knickers down over my ass. Another 12 of the same and my ass was feeling warmer and tingly. When His palm smoothed over my cheeks every now and then between spanks it was like a small electric current rippling through my body. His hand rubbed my wet pussy and I let out a moan, an involuntary shiver ran through me. He kept rubbing, I could hear his fingers sliding over me and felt a little ashamed of how obviously aroused I was. My moans became more frequent as I felt my climax build, He stopped rubbing, removed His hand completely.

He smacked my ass again, harder that time. He paused, I waited...and waited. I turned my head to try and see His face - He looked impatient.
"We seem to be forgetting something?"
I was confused for a moment before I clicked on.
"One Sir?"
"Well give the girl a gold star! You've earned yourself 12 more", I could smacked myself!
"Yes Sir", the word Sir had barely left my lips before His palm crashed down on my ass.
I stumbled forward and He told me to hold onto the dresser, He wasn't close to done yet. I reached out for the dresser - it was just about in reach but I had to stretch. I counted with difficulty as He spanked me hard, fought with myself not to move. His caresses between spanks, though delightful, did not distract enough from the heat I felt in my ass. At some point I managed to lose count so He said we had to start from the beginning. I was exhausted and crying by the time He stopped. I could hear Him breathing quite heavily from the exertion.
"Go to the bed and lay on your stomach", I stood up straight and rolled my shoulders to loosen my muscles as I made my way to the bed.
I laid on the bed and He came and laid beside me. His hand gently stroked my ass as He gently kissed my mouth. At some point I fell asleep in His arms; I woke at 12.30am and He was gone.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

One, Divided by Two, Equals...

David watched Sarah as she placed some paperwork on his desk. He admired her slim body, his eyes lingering on the hint of cleavage she had showing. Her blouse and suit jacket hid the shape of her DD breasts but David could remember every detail; the firm flesh, the smooth alabaster surround to those beautiful dark pink nipples - just thinking about them made his cock stir. She smiled at him as she turned to leave his office and he watched her ass as she left. He shook his head in an attempt to return his focus back to his work. He was expecting a client shortly and had to prepare for the meeting.

As Sarah glanced out the window she noticed a silver Mercedes pull into the firm's car park. She recognised the car; it belonged to Mark Phillips, David's old friend and client. She liked it when Mark came to the office, David was always in a good mood afterwards. There was something about the man that she liked but she couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly. She quickly checked her reflection in the hand mirror that she kept in her desk drawer and adjusted her blouse, ensuring that 'the girls' looked good.

"Hi Sarah. How are you?"
"I'm very good thanks Mark. I'll just see if David's ready", she felt her cheeks flushing as she pressed the button to ring through to his office.
"David, Mark Phillips is here...okay, I'll send him in", she looked up at Mark and smiled brightly, "you can go ahead to his office".
"Thanks for your help, a pleasure as always Miss", he winked at her and headed for his accountant's personal office.
Mark made his way to David's office, a small smile playing on his lips. He did love to see that girl blush as she spoke to him.

The two men had a quick catch up as they'd not seen each other for a couple of weeks. They went over the business that they needed to and then reverted back to guy banter. They were discussing the virtues of some of the female staff at the firm when David had an idea. David called Sarah and asked her to bring a note pad with her.
"I just need you to do some note taking for a few minutes", Sarah arrived a couple of minutes later.
"There aren't enough chairs unfortunately, here just come sit on my knee", David tapped his knee for her to sit.
"Very funny David", she laughed and shook her head at Mark.
"It's ok, Mark's one of my oldest friends...he knows everything about me", he gave Sarah a meaningful look which seemed to appease her because she perched herself on the end of his knee, pen and writing pad in hand.

David placed his hands on Sarah's knees and, as he and Mark discussed business and Sarah made copious notes, his hands slowly made their way up her legs. His hands midway up her thighs he pulled at them gently, indicating that she should part her legs. The flow of his sentences didn't falter as her thighs fought against his hands. She stopped writing and looked at David, her eyes asking him what the hell he was playing at. He gave her one firm nod and continued his discussion with Mark, his hands pulling at her thighs again. She parted them reluctantly and focused her full attention on taking down the notes. She knew full well that as soon as Mark's eyes looked up from the file he had resting in his lap he would have a perfect view of her parted legs, stocking tops and underwear too. David's hands travelled to the tops of Sarah's inner thighs, his fingers stroked the soft skin at he creases where her underwear met the very top of her inner leg. She became aware that Mark had noticed this when he stopped mid-sentence. She glanced up from her note pad and saw him staring at her lap, her damp underwear on display.

She'd removed her suit jacket before going to David's office. His hands moved from between her legs and glided slowly up the front of her body, up between arms and to the top button fastened at her chest. Whilst explaining to Mark that the projections for the coming quarter were a worry he unfastened the first button. She stopped breathing, waiting to see how the man sat opposite would react. She let out her breath and relaxed very slightly when he continued to watch, no evidence of any offence being taken etched on his face. She was almost certain she saw lustful eyes behind those designer frames.

Mark couldn't believe his eyes, he watched with great interest as his friend unwrapped the gorgeous package just across the desk from him. She was blushing again - he loved that. He also loved the view of her white knickers between her long tanned thighs. He shifted uncomfortably as his cock strained against his trousers. David had unbuttoned her blouse all the way down to the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down over her shoulders. Her breasts looked amazing cradled in the white lace balconette bra. Her tanned skin a delicious contrast to the bright white he thought.

David took the note pad from Sarah and tossed it on the floor. He took her left hand and placed it on his crotch. Her hand remained frozen there whilst he unhooked her bra at the back and pulled the straps down to join her blouse at her elbows. Her tanned nipples stiffened further on contact with the cooler air in the office. He cradled one breast, massaging it as his other hand returned to between her legs. She turned her head and rested it in the crook of David's neck hiding her face from Mark - she felt more than a little self conscious. David rubbed the crotch of her underwear, the dampness there a tell tale sign that she was into the display. Her hand moving over his crotch was another sure sign that she was willing to continue. She parted her legs further and pressed her pussy closer against David's hand. The movement of her hand over his cock told him that she was ready to take things a step further.

Time was getting on a bit and David had another appointment in half an Hour. He told Sarah to stand and he got out of his chair. He bent her over his desk so that she was staring straight at Mark's chest, her head inches away from him. He pulled her knickers down to her mid-thigh and explored her pussy with his fingers. She gasped as his fingers ran over her clit.
"You seem to be enjoying yourself more than usual today Sarah judging by how wet you are. Does that have anything to do with Mark being here?" He laughed and slapped her ass playfully. Sarah recognised the sound of a zipper moments before the tip of David's cock nudged between the lips of her pussy. As he pushed himself inside her she glanced at Mark's lap then looked up at his face.
"That looks uncomfortable, can I help you with it?"
Mark grinned like the cat that got the cream and stood to unfasten his belt. He moved toward Sarah and she pulled his boxers down to reveal his cock. She took it in one hand and brought it straight to her mouth.
David had a hold of Sarah's hips and was thrusting in and out of her in long hard movements.

Sarah couldn't believe she was at work in the middle of the day, bent over a desk getting fucked by two men. As she felt Mark's hands grip her hair at the back of her head she sank her mouth further onto his length, taking him deep. She moaned on his cock as David played with her clit and fucked her steadfastly. The small room was filled with sex, the heat, the sounds; breathing getting quicker, Sarah's sounds of pleasure muffled by the hard cock invading the back of her throat as Mark took control and forced himself further inside her. David's thrusts picked up speed, Sarah was being knocked from both ends and she absolutely loved it. She gripped the edge of the desk tightly as she began to cum, David's fingers still worked her clit relentlessly. Then, as though planned, both men almost simultaneously paused. David pulled his cock out of her pussy quickly, she felt his hot cum land on her ass cheek as Mark's cock twitched and swelled in her mouth before filling her throat with his own.

Later at her desk Sarah scanned David's calendar looking for his next appointment with Mark and hoped for a repeat performance.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Put In My Place

I had to be home by 6.30pm after work everyday but that day I wasn't in the mood to do as I was told. He'd been particularly cold with me that morning and I was sulking so I decided to spend a little longer at my spot in the park. I stopped at that bench every evening on the way home and sat for 20 minutes watching the birds in the water on the lake. It was a great spot for thinking and relaxing my mind after a busy day at the office.

I glanced at my watch, the time display showed 6.35pm. "Humph, that'll show him!" I thought to myself. Already I could feel a nervousness building inside me. I knew that I would be in trouble for being late but I scowled and reassured myself in my mind that I was in the right. My eyes were aimed at the lake but my mind wasn't processing what I was seeing. I was too busy working myself up about the fact that he didn't even afford me so much as a glance in my direction when I spoke to him this morning.

Someone sat beside me on the bench disrupting my thoughts and bringing me back to the present. It had gotten quite dark by this point and I registered that I'd began to get cold. The person beside me cleared their throat and I became colder still. I recognised that sound and was afraid to turn my head - I knew exactly who I'd be looking at. The fact that he'd sat there in silence gave me a great idea of how angry he was with me.

I turned to face him knowing that putting it off would only make it worse. He smiled at me and I felt a flutter of panic in my chest.
"Hi, I was just about to leave. Sorry, I'm so late tonight Sir", I regretted my decision to be late the instant I heard him clearing his throat. I stood, ready to make my way back to the house with him.
"Sit", his voice remained calm which unnerved me all the more.
I sat back down, my hands in my lap, I nervously fiddled with my fingers.
"Look at me", I turned to look at him.
I blushed as he held my gaze, not allowing me to look away. Though I was worried about him being angry I could feel my pussy stirring - I couldn't help but get aroused while his eyes were on me, regardless of the situation.
"Come, sit on my knee", he shuffled forward on the bench and patted his left knee.
I hesitated momentarily before taking my place on his knee, my hands resting in my lap again as I settled myself there.

His left arm wrapped around my waist, his hand resting on my thigh he ran his hand up my leg, dragging my skirt with it. I grabbed the hem of my skirt to pull it back down and he slapped me sharply on the side of my thigh; I winced and let go of my skirt. Though it was around 7pm there were still people walking through the park - mainly dog walkers at that point. I really didn't want to be flashing my knickers to any passerby! His hand continued travelling up my thigh until he reached the crease where the leg bends from the hip. He moved his hand back down to my knee and pulled it firmly away from our bodies, spreading me fairly wide.
"Don't move", he instructed.
My face felt on fire as I panicked - I couldn't move, he was angry enough with me as it was; but what if somebody came by now, I would die of embarrassment. His hand moved swiftly back to the top of my thigh.
"You've been a very bad girl today know what happens to bad girls don't you?"
"Yes Sir", I mumbled.
He pinched my thigh hard causing me to suck air in through my teeth.
"Yes Sir, they get punished", I answered him more clearly.
"Yes they do", he put his right hand down the v neck of my jumper causing it to stretch down and reveal my bra. He started massaging my breast and I struggled not to move. Inside I was squirming for two very different reasons; I knew that the material of my knickers would by now be very damp and his thumb brushing my nipple through the thin fabric of my bra was only going to increase my wetness. I was also struggling with myself - it was so hard to not tell him to stop, or to try and wriggle free from his grasp. Truth be told there was nothing physically holding me there, in place in his lap but I'd disappointed him once today, I wouldn't do it again.

The hand that was on my leg had worked it's way down to the front of my knickers and he was rubbing my pussy through the fabric. My heart started beating rapidly, my breath catching in my throat as I fought to remain silent. I could hear voices - there were people approaching. I looked at him, surely he could hear them too - why wasn't he stopping?! He pinched my nipple through my bra and I gasped. He increased the pressure against my clit as he rubbed my pussy. The voices were getting louder, the people getting closer, I couldn't remain silent any longer.
"Please, please Sir stop. I've learnt my lesson, I'm sorry", I moved to close my legs and earned myself another slap on the thigh - firmer this time. I corrected my position, his hand moved back to my pussy. Just as the voices gave a clue that the people were about to round the corner and see us he dipped his head and closed his mouth over my nipple.

The man saw me first and stopped mid-sentence when his mind processed what it was he was seeing. A split second later his female companion spotted us, her disapproval displayed clearly by her expression within fractions of a second. If the ground could have opened up and swallowed me right then and there I would have been eternally grateful.
"That is fucking disgusting! Have they no shame? Come on!" I shivered involuntarily as he pleasure rippled through my pussy as the lady dragged the man away by the elbow. I took little comfort in the fact that it wasn't broad day light. His teeth nipped at my nipple before his head raised. He removed his hand from my breast and felt my cheeks.
"Perfect", he smiled at the feel of my flushed face.
"I trust that will be the last time you're late Emma?"
"Yes Sir", a tear rolled down my cheek - I was mortified.
The only thing my mind could focus on was the fact that I was sure I knew that lady from somewhere...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

And So It Begins...

She stands naked, her body trembling. She waits for him to say something, do something, speak to her. He stands before her, a metre away, his eyes drinking her in. She feels her cheeks flush as his eyes slowly scan her body, drinking in every detail, his expression neutral. She can hear her breath, shallow...her heart beat pounding in her ears. Her pussy quivers with desire - just one touch from him, a smile, a reassurance that he likes what he sees. She needs something, anything from him...but she knows that she will have to wait.

Her cheeks flush, warmer and warmer as he slowly begins to walk around her assessing her. God, she needs to feel him so badly. He circles her like an eagle circles their prey, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike. She feels so vulnerable, so...on display, here in this moment. She wants to cover her face with her hands, hide the fact that she is desperate for him. His eyes meet hers and they have changed, she can see a hunger in them now. He moves closer, she can feel his hot breath on her forehead as he towers over her. He pauses, allows the chemistry to pass between them like electric. Every nerve ending in her body reacting to his presence. It takes everything she has not to plead with him to touch her.

His hand moves like lightning to her breast and grips it with force. She lets out a sharp breath as the pain sears through the tender flesh of her breast, his thumb and forefinger dragging to her nipple, squeezing it cruelly, pulling it away from her body.
"Mine", a simple word escapes his lips and has the power to make her melt on the spot. He was going to take what was his and she was going to give herself to him...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Little Treat

Breath catching, lips brushing, teeth nipping, tongue legs spread, my fingers in your hair, my most sensitive area at the mercy of your mouth. Back arching, skin tingling, body trembling, pussy contracting, you insert your tongue and feel me cum.

I whisper "Thank you"

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


As I listened to his deep voice, thick with a Southern drawl, I could feel the wetness in my pussy build with each sentence. As he told me what he'd do to me, how he'd own my pussy if he were with me, I whimpered inside. He asked if I was touching my pussy as he spoke to me. When I asked him if I should, he told me if I asked him nicely maybe he'd let pussy melted further still as I asked him if I could please touch myself. As my hand reached down the front of my panties and my fingers slipped between the slick lips of my wet pussy I sighed - my clit was swollen and desperate for attention. I massaged it as I listened to the sexy voice in my ear telling me that he'd have me on my knees, fucking my mouth for his own pleasure. I wanted to tell him that I'd love to feel his cock deep in my throat, his hand gripping my hair, holding my head tightly in place...words failed me though and the colour rose in my cheeks as I blushed, my fingers still playing with my throbbing clit.

I rubbed my pussy as I imagined him fucking me hard, knocking my plug into my ass with each thrust into my pussy. I closed my eyes as he began preparing me for my orgasm. He started to count down from five and I had a moment of panic, worried that I'd not be ready in time. I worked my fingers faster trying to ensure that I'd not miss the timing but as he drew out the last part of the count down I panicked that I'd cum too soon. I was relieved when I held out and had my orgasm on time...smiling as I heard the words 'good girl'. Comforted by the thought of being held, his hand running through my hair afterwards...

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Slut Inside Me Teased Out

I arrived home late one night/early hours of the morning, after a night on the town with the girls.  As I entered my apartment building I could see a group of guys waiting by the lift  There were four of them; all smartly dressed in suits, they looked to be in their mid twenties. As I joined them to wait for the lift I recognised one of them as the new guy who'd moved in down the hall from me around a month ago. They were all good looking guys and you could tell by the way they held themselves that they knew as much. One of them, the shorter of the four, smiled at me and winked. I smiled back politely, he was quite the looker indeed.

As the ping sounded to announce the arrival of the lift, my neighbour held his hand out gesturing toward the opened doors.
"Ladies first", he smiled at me.
"Thanks...Jake is it?"
"Jay actually but you were close enough", they crowded into the lift after me.
I was stood with my back against the rear wall and all eyes were on me. One of them was leering at my legs and I suddenly became conscious of the size of my dress. I was wearing a figure hugging black strapless mini dress, a practically non-existent thong and srappy high heels. I was wishing I'd worn a coat at that point but it was July and the nights were mild. The leerer spoke first.
"Come on then Jay, who's this lovely lady? You going to introduce us?"
"This is one of my new neighbours - Clara. Clara, this is Sean, James and Evans", he put his arm around me and hugged me into him affectionately.
I could smell whiskey on his breath and it turned my stomach - I can't abide the smell or taste of that spirit. I attempted to subtly move from his grasp but his hand tightened on my shoulder.

We lived on the 15th floor and the lift was not the fastest. They were all looking at each other conspiratorially and I was beginning to feel uneasy.
"Your dress is a bit short Clara love, don't you think?" James (the leerer), moved closer to my right side; his breath also reaked of whiskey.
"You got any underwear on under there?" His hand reached under my dress and grabbed at my crotch.
I tried to move out of his reach but Jay held me firmly in place.
"Please, don't!" I was wriggling, trying to get free but Jay put his arm around my waist and pinned me to him.
"Come on love, you hardly purvey the shy and innocent type in that rag!" James was moving his hand over my pussy, rubbing it through the worthless material of my thong.
"Let's get a look at her tits mate", Sean encouraged James.
"Help yourself, I'm busy here. Reckon I'll have her wet before we get to our stop", he licked my earlobe and I recoiled my head away from him as best I could.
Sean reached out with both hands and in one swift movement pulled my dress down to reveal my breasts.
I could feel Jay's cock, hard and pressing against my hip as he held me.
"Mmm, you have exquisite breasts Clara", his hand released my shoulder and groped my breast.
Sean reached out and smoothed his palm over the other before kneading it.
I was trapped with nowhere to run - hell, nowhere to move never mind run. James had pulled my dress up around my hips and was feeling my ass as he rubbed my pussy. I looked desperately to the only man in the lift who wasn't manhandling me (Evans), hoping that he might come to my rescue. I was let down; he was rubbing his cock through his trousers and practically drooling as he watched his friends take free rein on my body.

The lift came to a stop and James quickly put my dress right. He told me I had a lovely pussy and slapped the side of my ass. Jay kissed the top of my head and let me go.
"Night Clara, nice to meet you", Evans winked at me before stepping out of my way.
I ran to my apartment and dropped my keys as I fumbled to get in. I picked them up and used both hands to steady the key at the lock. Once inside I slammed the door and leaned back against it. I felt strange and realised that I was experiencing disappointment. I slipped my hands between my legs and let my finger slide between the lips of my pussy; I was wet. I looked at myself in the mind whirring. I turned toward my apartment door, hesitated then grabbed my keys. Closing my apartment door behind me I walked down the hallway and stopped outside 3C - Jay's door. Took a deep breath and hiked up my dress an inch, I knew a hint of my pussy would be on display. I could hear them inside laughing rowdily. I knocked the door, a few seconds later Jay answered.
"Room for one more?"
"Well, well", he grinned, pulled the door open fully and stepped aside allowing me entry to the lion's den.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Idle Hands

I was bored one Saturday afternoon so I did some chatting on Twitter and scanning of Tumblr. By the time I'd seen several great black and white erotic pictures I was feeling more than a little frisky. I had the house to myself (my husband plays golf every Saturday) so said 'to hell with it' and wriggled my trousers down off my hips to my knees. I was laying on the sofa; I parted my legs slightly and slid my hand down the front of my underwear. The lap top beside me on the coffee table I clicked on a story on my favourite erotic fiction website and began to read. My cool fingers slid between the lips of my hot pussy; fuck, I was so wet even at that point.

I felt my pussy all over to begin with but as the story became more interesting I isolated my attention to my clit. My fingers danced lightly over it in a circular motion, slipping and teasing that very sensitive area. My hand moved quicker inside my underwear as I became increasingly aroused. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw my neighbour outside the window looking shocked yet intrigued. Mortified, my eyes met his and he continued to walk past my house. "Fuck! Fuck! Shit!" How the hell did I manage to forget the blinds were open?! My first thought was that within 24 hours the whole village would know what Jack had caught me at...including my husband! I'd never felt so screwed in all my life.

I worried all week about it; every time I saw a neighbour I wondered if they knew. I felt like everyone was gossiping about me behind my back. It couldn't have spread too widely though because my husband was perfectly fine with me. I decided the following Saturday morning that I'd tell him what happened on Sunday because I couldn't take all the anxiety I was feeling. Half an hour after my husband left for golf there was a knock at the door; When I opened it I saw Jack. I'm not sure how it is possible but within a five second moment the colour both drained from my face then came back with a vengeance as I blushed like crazy.
"Hi Jenna, may I come in please?"
"Sure Jack", I stepped aside to let him through into the house.
I led the way to the living room and he took a seat on the sofa; I sat at the opposite end and turned to him.
"I feel a bit awkward coming around like this Jenna but I wanted to let you know that I'd not told anyone about what I um, saw last week. Nor do I intend to tell anyone", he smiled kindly at me.
"Oh thank you so much Jack! I can't tell you how relieved I am!" I held my hand to my chest and let out a relieved sigh.

"I really can't thank you enough", I stood ready to see him out but he walked over to the window.
" could thank me", he pulled the cord for the blinds and they snapped shut, "quite easily Jenna. Please sit back down..."
I looked at him with a puzzle expression.
"Sit. Now", I sat hesitantly on the sofa.
"It's really quite simple. You see, I won't tell anyone what I saw just so long as you give me a full show - here, now...this instant."
I could tell he was deadly serious and though I wasn't happy about it I'd rather flash one pervert than have the whole village thinking I was some kind of sex hungry whore. The people around here seem such prudes I imagined that's exactly what they'd label me.
"Fine!" I huffed and went to put my hand up my skirt.
"Wait. I'll decide how this is going to go", he walked over to me and lifted my top up over my breasts and left it there bunched under my arms.
"You said a show! You didn't say anything about touching me!"
"Don't get your knickers in a twist. I've no intention of touching you, though you'll probably wish I did later. I'm just arranging my view", he pulled my bra down so that my firm breasts popped out.
He pushed me back gently so that I was slouched against the back of the sofa. I lifted my ass off the seat so that he could pull off my underwear. It was at this point that I registered how much I was enjoying myself unexpectedly. Once my knickers were discarded to one side he took my left ankle and lifted my foot up and out to the left until it rested on the edge of the sofa; he did the same to my other foot. I was slouched on the settee, my legs spread wide for him, my breasts on display - I should have felt embarrassed by this but I was completely turned on.

I didn't wait for him to tell me to start, my hand went straight to my pussy and I inserted two fingers immediately and began to fuck myself for him. He encouraged me as I performed for him telling me how hot it was, what he'd love to do to me. He was sat on the coffee table in front of my spread legs and he got his cock out. My mouth actually watered a little as he started stroking his cock. I was mesmerised by his hand moving on the nicest cock I'd ever seen; I needed it.
"You like my cock don't you? I can see it in your eyes?"
"It's a great looking cock", I pushed a third finger inside my pussy and fucked myself a little harder.
"I know. You're never going to have it though", he smirked. I felt myself blushing again.
"Fuck your pussy harder for me, I want you to match my rhythm as I pump my cock"
I did as he said and matched him stroke for stroke, each time he sped up so did I. I was having a great time I could feel myself getting close to climax when he slowed his strokes right down.
"Hands on your head, now!"
I put my hands on my head and his hand moved quickly on his cock again. He paused and then grunted as a jet of hot cum shot out of his cock and splashed across my open pussy. He stood, another shot of cum leaving his cock as he did, landing on my breast this time. He leaned forward and grabbed my head, his final shot landing square on my left cheek. I opened my mouth to take him and he ignored it, choosing to rub the wet head on my right cheek instead.

As he let go of my head I fell back against the seat again. He put his cock away and told me I'd sealed the deal well and my secret was safe - then he left. I just sat there a while, his cum turning cold against my skin as I let what had happened sink in...then my hand returned to my pussy and I massaged his cum into my clit until I brought on my own orgasm.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Master's Housemaid: Part One

Black stockings; check!
Suspenders; check!
Cupless bra; check!
Disgracefully high heels; check!

Now to put on the new accessories He'd provided...
"Paige?" I heard Him call to me from the study.
"Yes Master?"
"Are you completely dressed yet?"
"Not yet, I'm just about to put on my new things. Sorry Master, I won't be a minute", I opened my bedside drawer to retrieve the gift box containing the items.
"Bring them to me pet. I'll finish dressing you.". I felt butterflies in my stomach as I walked with the box to the study.
The thought of His touch never failed to excite me.

He turned in His chair as I entered the room and took the box from me. He placed the box on the desk beside Him and told me to kneel at His feet. As I knelt before Him I could feel my nipples pointed eagerly at Him, my pussy getting wet; I love kneeling for my Master wherever the place but here, in the study, reminded me of two nights ago when He allowed me to suck His cock as He worked. A jangling noise brings my mind back to the present and I see a mesh of delicate silver chains in His hand. From the mesh of chain He pulled out two clamps (attached to the chain). He placed the first clamp on my nipple and I winced; it was a fair bit tighter than the other sets of clamps that He usually had me wear. He brushed His hand lightly over my other aching nipple before closing the clamp over it. The heat began almost instantly as the pain throbbed through my sensitive nipples.

"Mmm, beautiful. Okay, present yourself over the desk", I rose to my feet and turned to the desk. It was a large desk and the one end was always kept free; it was kind of my spot. I leaned over the desk, my weight resting on my chest, my head turned to the side. I crossed my arms behind my back, the pain in my nipples was tremendous in that position. I spread my legs wide as my poor nipples pressed against the hard surface of His desk. I let out a shriek as He attached the third clamp to my clit. His hand landed with a smack on my ass cheek.
"You know the rules about making noise", Smack! Smack!
"Sorry Master!"
I felt a tug on my clit; the chain had an anal plug at the end and He must have let got of it, the weight of the plug was causing the clamp to pull. I bit my lip hard to distract myself from the pain. His hand had been rubbing my ass but had moved to my pussy and His fingers explored my wetness. I forgot about the pain in my breasts and my clit as He slid His long fingers deep inside me. My teeth released my lip as I let out a sigh, a shiver ran through me as He stroked that special spot. As He fucked me slowly with His fingers He pulled on my suspenders, stretching them and releasing them so that they snapped again my flesh. The first time I jumped a little in surprise and got my ass spanked again. I learned well enough to keep still for the others that followed.

By the time I felt the pain in my clit change, signifying that He'd picked the plug up, my ass and thighs were pretty warm. His fingers left my pussy and rubbed, or slid rather, over my asshole; my pussy juices providing the lubrication required for my plug. I felt the plug entering my pussy, then being turned in a screwing motion as it was pulled out and pushed back in. When He'd decided it was lubricated sufficiently I felt the tip nudging at my tight asshole. He eased it in slowly but there was still some discomfort as I accepted the widest part.
"Well, that certainly suits you pet", I heard a click of a camera and smiled. I like to look at the photos Master takes so that I can see how He sees me.

He landed a playful slap on my ass.
"Right then pet, time for you to get to work", I straightened up off the desk and wondered how I was going to survive the next few hours...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Caught in the Shower

Master had been teasing me all day at the office; I'd been allowed to suck His cock beneath His desk whilst He was on a conference call to some clients. He'd spanked me over His desk this afternoon when I'd brought Him His afternoon coffee five minutes late. The whole day my pussy remained untouched. As we travelled home in the car my body was buzzing with sexual tension; I hoped that His hand would slide between my thighs and just give my pussy a little attention - but nothing. Once we were home He said that He had some things to finish for work and then He'd get started with dinner. Disappointed, I said I was going to take a shower.

I washed my hair then put some shower gel onto the shower scrunchie and washed my body. As I slipped the scrunchie between my legs to wash my pussy I couldn't help but enjoy the feel of it brushing over my sensitive area. My clit began throbbing immediately; I looked up at the shower head and dropped the scrunchie. Taking the shower head down I twisted the head to change the water jet to a more concentrated spray. As I lowered the head down between my legs I used my other hand to part the lips of my pussy. My eyes close as the warm jet of water makes contact with my clit and I finally feel relaxed properly for the first time that day. I'm in the middle of reliving today's events with Master at work; I can feel my clit swollen with arousal, enjoying the pressure of the water. I feel uneasy, there's someone else in the room. I opened my eyes and see Him leaning against the door frame, watching me.

"Oh Sir! You startled me", I smiled at Him.
He walked to the shower, opened the door and grabbed my pussy in His hand.
"Who does this belong to?"
"You Sir", I gasped.
"Good. What do we do before we play with other people's things?"
"Ask permission?"
"Correct", removing His hand He made a motion for me to turn around.
He took the shower head from me and placed it back in it's cradle. Leaning forward I placed my palms at head height on the tiled wall of the shower. My legs slightly parted I pushed my ass out toward my Master and waited as the water ran down over my shoulders, back and ass. Although I'd known what was coming the first one took me by surprise. I always forgot how much it stings to be spanked when you're wet. My fingers dug into the tile each time His hand made contact with my flesh. He left about five beats between each strike and as I waited for the next I could feel my pussy, still hot and wet, becoming more aroused by the minute. I counted twelve strikes, my ass was stinging like hell when He'd finished and I was biting back my tears.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I'm sorry Sir, I was desperate!" I tried hard not to sob as I spoke.
"For what? For your pussy to be touched like this?" His fingers parted my lips and rubbed my clit as His thumb delved inside me.
"Oh, yes Sir", I purred.
He pulled me closer to Him and started kissing my shoulder. He nibbled the nape of my neck sending shivers up my spine; my nipples stiffened further as His hand cupped one of my breasts and I threw my head back and moaned softly. As my moans became more frequent and I began to grind my pussy against His hand He removed it and held me away from Him at arms length.
"You cum when I tell you angel, never forget that. You need to learn to be patient", He unbuckled His belt and I whimpered. I was relieved when He didn't take the belt out but continued to unzip His trousers. I watched as my Master completely undressed and stepped into the stream of the shower. His hand pressed lightly on my shoulder and I dropped to my knees ready to take Him in my mouth.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Text Tease

She'd decided the night before that she was going to have some fun with him today and so she began the game by sending the first picture text to his phone ten minutes after he left for work.

Rhian: See these breasts?  When you get home tonight I'm going to hold your cock snugly between them as I lick the tip.

David: Mmm, I love those breasts  It's going to be a long day!

She thought that leaving it an hour between the texts would be a perfect gap; not quite enough time for him to get completely distracted from the thought of the last before he received the next.

Rhian:  Look...I have your favourite panties on today.  By the time you get home they will be very wet indeed - my pussy is already moist...I've been thinking about what I'm going to do...

David:  Wow.  How do you expect me to concentrate on my work when you're sending me stuff like that?!  behave yourself!  P.S.  Can't wait to pull them down with my teeth ;)

She grinned to herself as she read his reply - the evening was going to be SO much fun.  Giggling to herself as she thought about the rest of her little plan she busied herself with some chores until the time came for the next message.

Rhian: Oh? What about these? Are you going to pull these down with your teeth too? ;)

Stockings were his soft spot so she'd sent a picture of the tops of her black stockings, her legs spread shoulder width apart.

David:'re killing me here!

Rhian: Just really enjoying one of my five a day...made me think of your...

Attached picture of her lips wrapped around a banana

David: My cock is twitching for those lips, that mouth - fuck!

She waited until ten minutes before he was due to leave the office before sending him a picture of her legs spread revealing the damp gusset of her panties, her hand beneath the fabric playing with her desperate pussy.

Rhian: Aww look, my pussy was sad and lonely so I had to start without you :( Hurry home!

David: Your pussy is mine girl!

She giggled as she read his reply and waited eagerly for him to get home.

She made sure that she was in the kitchen doing the dishes when he arrived. She could heard him come in but he said nothing as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching her. She turned to look at him.
"Hi honey, how was your day?" She smiled as though their little text interaction had never happened.
His hard cock was clearly visible, straining against his trousers.
"Get your fine ass over here", he grinned.
"Oh give me five, I just want to finish up here and I'll be right with you", she turned and carried on washing up.
He was behind her in a flash, his hands lifted the front of her skirt and he slipped his hand in the side of her panties pulling her back against his hard on as he delved his fingers into her soaking pussy.
"Oh, you fucking tease", he bit her neck and she gasped.
"Not five minutes, not one! You've had me waiting for this all fucking day", he shoved his fingers roughly, deeper inside her and she yelped in delight.
"You're going to suck my cock now", he backed away from her, his hand trailing her wetness across her hip as he removed it from her panties.
Grinning, she got on her knees in front of him and purposely took her time undoing his belt and trousers. He batted her hands out of the way and pulled his trousers and boxers down quickly.
"Enough teasing! Mouth on cock now!" He looked fit to burst.
"Okay Babe, keep your hair on", she winked and took his cock in her hand.
She slowly licked his shaft, cradling his balls with her hand. She took more time than usual teasing him with her tongue, circling and flicking the head of his cock.
"That's enough!" He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed his cock deep into her mouth, sighing as he felt the warmth of her wet mouth envelope his cock.
She loved sucking him off; she loved watching the expression of pure lust and enjoyment from down there on her knees. She loved when he watched her and the feel of his grip tightening on her hair when she did something special or when he was close to cumming. It became a battle for control as she tried to maintain her casual pace and he pushed her head down and pulled it back in a pace that was more befitting to his desperation.

She tapped his thigh to let him know that she wanted to say something.
"What's up?", he asked breathlessly.
"We have to stop now, I've got to get ready to go out", he burst out laughing.
They played this game quite often.
"I don't think so young lady!"
He lifted her off her knees by her hair so that she was standing and before she knew it he'd spun her around to face the sink, pushed her so that she was leaning over it and yanked her panties down. They both groaned out loud as he pushed his cock inside her. She held on to the window sill which was positioned behind the taps of the sink as he fucked her slowly and with force. Each thrust inward causing her to moan. His fingers dug into her shoulder as he gripped it, enabling him to get in as deep as possible. His other hand was seeing to her clit and she'd started breathlessly repeating "Oh god" as her orgasm built. He smiled, recognising the tell tale signs and his pace picked up. A short while of this and she cried out as she came. He really went for it then, fucking her hard and fast, focused on achieving his own orgasm. He let out a big sigh as he held her tightly on his cock, pumping her with load after load of his cum.
"You know you shouldn't ever tease me"

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Video Task

Sir told me to write up my most recent task to accompany the practical part. This was a breeze after the first part of the task and I was happy to share:

After receiving my task this morning I was extremely nervous as I'd never done anything and recorded it before. I busied myself initially by selecting the underwear that I'd wear, and after much trying on and procrastination I decided on my ivory satin and lace favourites; a balconette bra and matching thong, and sheer hold ups in ivory too. I made the bed with clean white linen and then covered it with a plum faux suede throw. I positioned the camera where I thought best and did a couple of practice recordings to ensure that I'd be in the frame correctly throughout the task - I didn't want to have to do this several times if I could help it, I had other everyday life things that I had to get done today. Once satisfied that I knew where on the bed I had to be for the best views I took out my clamps and my dildo and placed them at the head of the bed (as the camera was positioned to the right of the bed they were just out of view until I retrieved them). I wondered whether you'd told me not to shave anywhere before the task to see if I'd been sticking to your 'every day should be a smooth day' rule; as I have been following the rule there was no need for me to tidy up before the task anyway - I was pleased about this. I put on some tinted moisturiser and lip gloss, tied my hair back in a pony tail and dressed in the chosen underwear. Taking a deep breath, I decided I was ready.

I pressed record on the camera and walked around to the opposite side of the bed, careful not to show any sign of hesitation. Putting my hands on the bed and looking to the camera I crawled onto the bed towards the camera in what I hoped was a seductive manner. Once my hands reached the other side of the bed I positioned myself upright on my knees. I placed my hands over my breasts and started rubbing them slowly through my bra as I watched the light blinking on the camera. I pushed them together and lifted them, I felt my nipples stiffening and moved my hands and teased my nipples through the thin fabric with the tips of my fingers. I felt my pussy tingle as my nerves began to subside and I reached behind my back to uk clasp my bra. Slipping my bra off and throwing it to the floor for the time being (don't worry, I picked it up when I finished recording), I pinched my nipples for you and pulled them towards the camera. I pushed my breasts up with my hands and closed my mouth over each nipple in turn, giving each one a little flick with my tongue and a graze of my teeth; they were ready for the clamps and I was ready to be fucked.

I leaned across and retrieved the clamps; taking my nipple between my thumb and forefinger I pull it out toward the camera before attaching the clamp. Both securely in place I run my right hand down my body, down between my legs and rub my pussy through my panties. I can feel the moistness of my pussy through them in a few short moments. My fingers gliding over the smooth material felt great and I could feel my clit swelling between my lips, eager for attention. I took the dildo and twisted the end of it switching on the vibrating function. I slipped it between my legs, teasing my pussy through my panties, resting it at my clit a little longer than any other part of my pussy. I began to moan gently as I enjoyed it more each minute; I needed something inside me very soon.

Placing the dildo to the side of me I turn around so that my ass is facing the camera. I look over my shoulder as I jut my ass out a little before sliding my thong down over my firm round cheeks. When my panties reach my knees, I pull my knees forward one at a time to slip out of them whilst continuing to give a great view of my ass (I knew you'd appreciate that part). Turning back to face the camera I slip a finger between my wet pussy lips and bring it up to my mouth. I licked my finger from bottom to tip once before putting it completely in my mouth, groaning as I sucked it clean of my pussy juice; i'm sure my excitement and enjoyment showed on my face. I sat down and grabbed the dildo again; I thought it would be a nice touch to suck off my dildo for a little bit, maybe give you an idea of what I'd like to be doing to your cock at that very I did. I gradually spread my legs further apart as I gave my dildo a great blow job, when they were spread nice and wide I lay back on the bed, traced the tip of the dildo down my body and paused for a moment as I let the vibrating tip rest on one of my clamped nipples. I squealed with delight at the sensation and put my free hand to my pussy and began playing with my clit.

I slid the dildo over my pussy and pushed it deep inside me; I was plenty wet enough to not have to ease it in. I gasped with relief and joy as it stretched and filled me deep inside, then held it there as I played with my clit and looked down my body at the lens of the camera. As I felt my insides stirring I began to fuck myself steadily with the dildo in nice long strokes. Every now and then I'd forget myself for a second and close my eyes but would quickly remember to keep them open. I loved every touch of my fingers, every stroke and vibration of the dildo as I moved it in and out. I was arching my back, moving my hips, sighing and groaning as I gave myself a good time. I could feel that I wasn't going to last much longer - nor did I want to, I was eager to cum.

I changed position and turned so that the camera was to my right. My arms beneath me, the side of my face pressed to the bed and my ass in the air, I fucked myself faster with the dildo as my other hand massaged my clit almost frantically; I was desperate for the orgasm I could feel building. Groaning and gasping I keep my gaze fixed on the camera to ensure that I'll be looking into your eyes as I cum. My hand stops moving on my clit and grasps at the throw beneath me and I let out a loud groan as I cum - somehow I still manage to keep the dildo moving throughout. I hold it inside me at the end of my orgasm and feel my pussy squeezing at it. I lay for a few seconds catching my breath before removing the dildo and changing position so that I'm sat on the side of the bed and in front of the camera.
"For you Sir", I tell the camera and blow a kiss before switching it off.

The worst part is not being allowed to review the recording before I send it to you. I hate the thought that I've made myself look silly in front of you, or that I may look unattractive for you. I hope that I have gotten it right first time around.

always Yours XO

Monday, 2 January 2012

Playing in the Cold

We were out walking in the local National Park. He loves the outdoors and I'm a fan of anything that means I get to spend time with him away from a computer - he's a bit of a workaholic. It was freezing, the wind bitterly cold so we decided to take the path that would be more sheltered from the wind.

After an hour or so we were in a rocky area just off the main path. I teased him and made a comment about the spot being a great one to have an outdoors quickie. He said it was far too cold to get his cock out and I called him a spoil sport. He slid his hand down inside the opening in my jacket, beneath the low neckline of my top. He grabbed my breast, his fingers finding their way inside my bra so smoothly I had to question whether I'd put one on that day. My breath caught in my throat before I shrieked at him.
"Your hand is bloody freezing! Get off!"
I attempted to move away but he turned me and held me to him, my back pressed against his front. My nipple had stiffened the instant his cold hand made contact. As he held me in place he took the stiff nub in his fingers and played with it, rolling, rubbing, squeezing and flicking. As I became accustomed to the cold I closed my eyes and rested my head back on his chest enjoying myself. My nipple acting like a switch to my pussy; with each flick of my nipple my clit throbbed subtly between my legs.

I felt a draft on my stomach and noticed too late that he'd opened the bottom button on my jacket. Another shriek as his hand slid down inside the front of my trousers; I wasn't wearing underwear. His hand cupped my bare pussy, his cool skin was a great contrast to my heat there. His middle finger probed between my lips and glided inside me.
"That feels so great", I smiled and turned my head to the side, nuzzling it into his chest. He added a second finger and moved his hand against my pussy in such a way that he rubbed my clit with his palm as his fingers slid in and out, exploring my sweet hot hole. I clenched at his cool fingers with my pussy, loving the sensation as they rubbed at me inside.

He used the hand that was on my breast to unbutton my jacket completely then lifted my breasts out of the cups of my bra; he tucked the neck of my top beneath them too. His hand moved to the breast he'd given no attention to yet. He pushed it up high with his palm and pinched my incredibly erect nipple, pulling it out away from my body.
"Can you imagine what people would think if they saw you like this now, in this moment? Tits on show to the world, the hand of a man old enough to be your father cupping your pussy, his fingers fucking you..." He whispered.
"Mmmm", I didn't care, all I cared about was how good it was.
"Head resting against me, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. Your enjoyment would be clear to anyone. Shall I tell you what I think they'd be thinking?"
"Uh huh", I bit my bottom lip and pressed my pussy against his hand and pushed my ass against him. I could feel his cock, very hard at this point, pressing into me.
"I think they'd assume you were a very naughty girl. A naughty girl so desperate to have her pussy touched that she can't even wait until she gets home - and they'd be right wouldn't they?"
"Mmmm", I couldn't talk, I was too focused on his palm rubbing my clit. I was moving my hips too, fucking his hand.
"Say it", he pulled my nipple hard.
"I'm a naughty girl", I told him quietly.
He tutted at me, "Now you know that's not anywhere near as loud as I expect to hear those words", his hand worked my pussy faster in an attempt to bring me closer to my climax; I could hear how wet I was.
"I'm a naughty girl!" I yelled loudly.
"Yes you are. Who's naughty girl are you?" I grabbed the sleeve of his coat and gripped it tightly in my fingers.
"Yours, I'm your naughty girl", I groaned and pulled on his sleeve as I came hard on his hand.
"That's right baby, you're all mine", he slipped his fingers out of my pussy and massaged my clit lightly as the last of my orgasm flittered through me.

The Masquerade

I'd been invited to a masquerade ball at some posh hotel (which shall remain unnamed) in London.  I wasn't sure who had sent the invitation - there were no RSVP details either.  I asked a few people in some of my social circles if they'd received an invitation but none of them had.  I'd always wanted to go to one of these affairs and being one never to shy away from social events decided I would attend regardlesss of the fact that nobody I knew seemed to be attending.  I would know at least one person at the party...surely.  So I booked a room at the hotel a couple of weeks before - apparently I was lucky to get one as they were very busy that weekend with an event - the ball, I assumed.


I checked in at the hotel two hours before the start of the ball so that I could take my time getting ready. I assessed myself in the mirror before leaving my room. My mask was encrusted with black and silver sequins and jewels and had three dark purple feathers in the centre.  It was the kind that tied with a ribbon so I didn't have to hold it up to my face all night and would have both hands free for dancing, and whatever else.  I wore a long black satin evening gown that had a slit up the lefthand side (mid thigh), and matching long gloves.  My heels (black satin peep toes) added several inches to my height.  I felt glamorous and beautiful and was excited for the evening ahead. 

The hall was already quite busy I noticed when I entered. There was a lady at the door who handed me a glass of champagne and asked for my name.
"Rebecca Emery", I scanned the room taking in all the beautifully dressed people.
I was to sit at table seven she advised and pointed in the direction of the table. I made my way over, smiling like the cat that got the cream. I couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening than being surrounded by men dressed in black suits and bowties. A few more people arrived and introduced themselves as they took their seats at my table. A tall man approached me and placed his hand on my shoulder.
"Hi, I'm Michael. Would you like to dance?"
I liked him instantly so told him I'd love to dance with him and allowed him to take my hand and lead the way to the dance floor.

As he placed his hand on the small of my back I got goosebumps. I looked at my hand held in his and smiled at how small it looked. My whole body zinged with desire as he led me slowly around the dance floor. I couldn't take my eyes off his; they were strangely familiar somehow and I wondered if I knew him. His mask was plain white and covered his face from the tip of his nose up. I listened intently to his voice as he spoke to me but it didn't sound familiar; he had a strange accent. When the song finished he raised my hand and kissed the inside of my wrist.
"Thank you for the dance my Angel", he walked off the dance floor in the direction of the bar.
A shiver ran up my spine and I remained stuck to the spot, mouth half open in surprise.  It had to be a coincidence that he'd just called me that; there's only one person who ever calls me Angel and they couldn't possibly have sent the invitation.  I glanced back to the spot I'd seen him at last but he'd gone.  I made polite small talk with the people sat at my table but couldn't give the conversation my undivided attention.  As the conversation flowed seamlessly without me I scanned the room for the tall dark gentleman that had me captivated with so few words.

I went to the toilet a little while later and as I made my way back to the hall I saw him walking down the corridor in my direction. I got butterflies and tried to appear as though I'd not noticed him yet. He'd untied his bowtie and it hung loosely around his neck; his top two buttons were open. He looked so hot, even if he wasn't who I suspected him to be I certainly wouldn't have said no to him. Once we were nearer each other I smiled at him, making it clear that I remembered my dance partner. I couldn't read his expression.
"Come this way", he took hold of my arm and pulled me through a door marked 'fire exit'. We were in a stairwell; he shoved me against the wall and kissed me hard. When he eventually came up for air I had to find out.
"Hello, My angel", He grinned and told me to pull down the top of my dress so that He could see a little more of me.
As I exposed myself to my Master my legs trembled and my pussy moistened the fabric of my panties.
"Beautiful. Now, pinch those pretty pink nipples for Me", I blushed as I pinched and teased my nipples for Him. I wished that He wasn't wearing a mask so that I could see how He was reacting more clearly.
"Okay, stop now", another lust filled kiss followed. The material of His shirt brushed against my stiff nipples as we kissed, sending more signals to my already excitable pussy. He pulled away from me and put His hand inside His jacket.
"I want to enjoy the rest of the evening with you before I take you upstairs. You'll wear these as a promise of what's to come", He pulled from His jacket inside pocket a stainless steel butt plug and a small item that I couldn't identify.
I nodded my understanding and He told me to hold my ankles and spread my feet shoulder width apart. He lifted my dress, exposing my tiny black thong. He pulled my thong down over my ass, leaving it around my knees.
"Rub your pussy and spread some of that moisture to your beautiful ass for Me", I went to remove my glove.
"No, the gloves stay on"
I let my fingers glide back and forth over my pussy several times before moving them further North to my ass. I must have gotten it nice and slippery because He told me to hold my ankle again. He walked around to the front of me and told me to keep my hands where they were but look up at Him. When I looked up He was holding the butt plug out by my face.
"Get it nice and wet", I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over the steel bathing it with as much of my saliva as possible.
He pulled it from my mouth, placed His free hand on the small of my back and pressed the plug against my tight little hole. I delighted at the feel of my ass opening up for Him, welcoming this intrusion, closing again tightly around the slim stem of the plug holding it safe inside. He pulled and pushed at it slowly four times and I groaned.
"Ah yes, My angel likes her ass fucked don't you?", His fingers were on my pussy holding the lips open wide so that He could see every detail.
"Yes Master", I whispered, too aroused to speak.
I shrieked and stood upright as I felt pain on my clit.
"I didn't tell you to stand. Hands on ankles - now"
"Sorry Master", I grabbed my ankles, digging my fingers into my skin in an attempt to distract myself from the pain that my clit was enduring.
"I have clamped your clit. Through the pain I want you to think about the pleasure you'll experience when I remove the clamp and reward you with my mouth. Imagine the heat of my mouth closed over your pussy, my tongue gently caressing your sore and swollen clit", that thought had a ripple of pleasure coursing through my pussy.
"You may stand and straighten your dress up. We're going to go and have a dance and enjoy a few glasses of fine champagne."

It was an effort to keep a normal expression on my face and walk normally as we left the stairwell; the pain in my clit was intense. His hand on my back guiding me back to the hall, He reminded me to think of His firm lips on my pussy.
"I have a question"
"What's up?"
"How did you know it was me with my mask on?"
"I wasn't certain when I asked you; there were two other women I'd spotted that I would have asked to dance later, but as soon as you smiled I knew".