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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stress Relief

Master was under a lot of pressure and I figured He needed some way to unwind. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get His hands on my ass as I saw it. Whilst we were talking on the phone one morning I presented Him with an offer: I would book into a hotel for one night and wait there for Him. If He chose to join me I'd be at His service to offer Him some relief in any way He chose. He told me that He'd keep it in mind. Later that day I booked the hotel and emailed the details to Him.

A few days later I found myself in a strange hotel room wondering if I was finally going to see Him. I fussed around for a while and made sure everything was perfect, a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket 'just in case'. I'd told Him I'd be there from 5pm onwards; at 5pm I sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

I looked at the clock for what felt like the millionth time; it was 7pm and still no sign of Him, I'd not heard from Him all day either. I tried not to get upset and told myself to wait until 8.00pm before I gave up and left - there was no point in my spending the night there alone, that would be even more depressing. I focused my mind on the possibilities of the night were He to show up - the time flew by as my mind worked overtime. By 8.00pm I was extremely aroused and even more desperate, if that was possible, for Him to show up. I didn't want to make anymore of a fool of myself though so I got up and started gathering my things together, taking my time in hope that I'd be interrupted by a knock on the door. I had no such luck though. I left the champagne there, grabbed my bag and left feeling deflated.

On the way down in the lift I looked at my reflection in the mirrored walls. I looked good in my little black dress, it was such I shame I'd not gotten chance to show it off. The ping sounded as the lift came to a stop on the ground floor. The doors opened and I dropped my bag.
"Going somewhere angel?"
I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face.
"I didn't think you were coming Master", He entered the lift and asked which floor we were on, His face deadpan.
"Your impatience is disappointing. It seems my plan for this evening will be perfectly appropriate to your behaviour", I told Him that I was sorry.
He leaned forward and kissed the top of my head and told me I should be.

Taking the card for the door from me He led the way to the room, my heart was hammering in my chest as I followed Him down the hallway. Once inside He spotted the champagne immediately and told me to pour a glass while He used the bathroom. I watched with lustful eyes as He removed His suit jacket and placed it on the back of the chair. I poured our drinks and perched myself on the end of the bed. When He came out of the bathroom He looked confused.
"Why are you sat down? Stand up and put your glass down. Take off your dress and stand with your hands above your head."
I stood immediately placing my glass on the side and pulling my dress off over my head. I stood with my hands held high above my head and waited for His next instruction. He picked up his glass of champagne and sat on the end of the bed. His eyes exploring the whole of my body inch by inch it seemed. He sat and supped as He stared until He'd finished the glass. My arms ached and my fingers had turned cold.

He stood and traced the lip of his empty glass under my breast and down my stomach to the waist of my knickers. I held my breath as the cold glass traced a path over my skin. He turned away and poured Himself a refill, taking His place at the end of the bed again. I ached for Him as I silently watched Him drink, my whole body was calling for His touch.
"Take off your bra", I lowered my arms slowly and reached behind me to unclasp my bra.
I pulled both straps slowly over my shoulders before slipping it off completely to reveal my pert breasts. I relaxed my arms and clasped my hands behind my back.
"Turn", I turned around so that I had my back to Him.
"Ankles", I parted my legs slightly and bent at the waist to place my hands around my ankles.
I could see Him through the gap in my legs; He had placed His empty glass down and was casually rolling His shirt sleeves up whilst staring at my ass.

His palm landed on my ass with a light smack.
"Count them angel"
"One Sir", a second smack on the same cheek, no harder than the last.
"Two Sir", the throbbing in my pussy was at the forefront of my mind as my Master spanked my ass with His hand.
I'd counted 12 before He pulled my knickers down over my ass. Another 12 of the same and my ass was feeling warmer and tingly. When His palm smoothed over my cheeks every now and then between spanks it was like a small electric current rippling through my body. His hand rubbed my wet pussy and I let out a moan, an involuntary shiver ran through me. He kept rubbing, I could hear his fingers sliding over me and felt a little ashamed of how obviously aroused I was. My moans became more frequent as I felt my climax build, He stopped rubbing, removed His hand completely.

He smacked my ass again, harder that time. He paused, I waited...and waited. I turned my head to try and see His face - He looked impatient.
"We seem to be forgetting something?"
I was confused for a moment before I clicked on.
"One Sir?"
"Well give the girl a gold star! You've earned yourself 12 more", I could smacked myself!
"Yes Sir", the word Sir had barely left my lips before His palm crashed down on my ass.
I stumbled forward and He told me to hold onto the dresser, He wasn't close to done yet. I reached out for the dresser - it was just about in reach but I had to stretch. I counted with difficulty as He spanked me hard, fought with myself not to move. His caresses between spanks, though delightful, did not distract enough from the heat I felt in my ass. At some point I managed to lose count so He said we had to start from the beginning. I was exhausted and crying by the time He stopped. I could hear Him breathing quite heavily from the exertion.
"Go to the bed and lay on your stomach", I stood up straight and rolled my shoulders to loosen my muscles as I made my way to the bed.
I laid on the bed and He came and laid beside me. His hand gently stroked my ass as He gently kissed my mouth. At some point I fell asleep in His arms; I woke at 12.30am and He was gone.

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