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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anal 101

Laura had volunteered herself for 'Life Art' services, or so she'd thought.  She needed the extra cash and the advertisement said that it paid £50.00 an hour.  She'd called the number on the ad and had a great conversation with a Dr Levingstine.  He informed her that the reason it paid so well was that the life model was expected to be completely naked.  Laura wasn't sure that she was comfortable with the idea of being naked and on display to a room full of strangers so she'd apologised to him and said that she'd have to think about it and get back to him.  After mulling it over for a while she decided that it was too good an opportunity for easy money to miss out just because she was a little shy. 

It wasn't until she was stood in front of the class of around 30 students one evening later that week that she was informed that the pose she was to take was of an erotic nature.  Too embarassed to object in front of all those people she allowed herself to be disrobed, blindfolded and positioned over a saw horse.  In this position her ankles and wrists were bound by rope.  She was mortified and very glad of the blindfold - at least that way she couldn't see the 30 sets of eyes that she could feel boring into her.  Before she knew what was happening she was fitted with a gag...

"Good evening class.  I'm pleased to see such a great turn out.  As you know, this evening we will be covering an introduction to anal.  The beautiful Laura here, has agreed to be my demonstration model for the evening and later on one of you will be lucky enough to have a short practical session with her."
On hearing this information Laura shrieked in horror, the gag muffling the sound.
"As you can hear, she is very keen", he laughed and the class laughed along with him, oblivious to the fact that Laura had most definitely not agreed to this.

Dr Levingstine pressed a button on the remote control in his hand and a projector screen came to life behind him.  Displayed on the large screen was a close up of Laura's behind.  On a table beside Laura was a box of rubber gloves, a bottle of lube and two plugs - a small pink one and a larger, red one.  He took a glove from the box and then handed the box to a student in the front row. 
"Take one and pass the box along, you will need them later", he informed her.
Laura panicked further as she wondered what it was that he was passing around the class.  As he watched the box being passed along the front row he began the lecture.  He put on his glove and gave a generous squirt of the lube and rubbed it along the length of the index finger of his gloved hand. The students watched the screen in silence, waiting for the interesting part of their lecture to begin.

Laura gave a start of surprise as she felt his bare hand resting on her lower back.
"The key to introducing anal is to go slowly, gently and use lots of lubrication"
She squealed as the cold wetness of the lube made contact with her tight hole.  He rubbed slowly and tenderly at the area ignoring her sounds of protest. 

"Once you're satisfied that both your fingers and the hole are nicely lubricated, you may enter.  One finger is recommended to begin with", he pressed at the entrance firmly and slowly slid his finger inside, relishing the feel of her virgin ass squeezing tightly. 
She hadn't told him that she was a virgin there - she hadn't needed to, it was clearly evident to him now as he was knuckle deep in her.

"Put your gloves on and form an orderly queue at my lectern, I want each of you to feel just how tight this glorious muscle is to begin with". 
Laura heard the sound of seats flipping up as the students rose from their places and shuffled towards the front of the lecture hall.  She could hear the buzz of excitement in the crowd as they all waited to invade her ass with their fingers.

Some were annoyingly slow and took their time and Laura wished that they would just get it over with and move on already.  Some had to be told by Dr Levingstine not to be so rough as they plunged their finger in without so much as a second thought for her.  Others were a little cheeky and probed around whilst they were inside.  One student actually brushed her clit with another finger whilst they spent time playing with her ass - Dr Levingstine eventually had to tell them that their turn was over.  He took another turn after the last student had finished, whilst he waited for them to settle again.  This time he inserted two fingers and rotated them inside, scissoring them a little too.  Laura groaned into her gag.  Though the sensation of something inside her had been uncomfortable for her at first, someway through the queue of students she'd started to become more relaxed and had actually (though ashamed to admit it to herself) began to enjoy herself. 

Once they'd all discarded their gloves and returned to their seats Dr Levingstine moved on to the next section.  The image of Laura's now well probed asshole was replaced on the screen by pictures of various toys in numerous shapes, colours and sizes.  Laura listened intently as she heard the Doctor explain what each one was and how it was best used.  As he described them she found herself wondering if any of them would be used in demonstration during the lecture - she was not adverse to the idea.  In fact, Laura could feel her clit throbbing as she listened and hoped that she would get to experience the pleasure that some of these things would give.

"For today's lecture I have kept things simple and brought along two plugs - I'm sure you've all noticed them on the table already", he gestured to them with his hand.
"I chose two in this conicle shape simply because they allow a graduated stretch as oppose to some of the various shapes of other plugs.  I'll start with this small 4 inch one and see how she fairs with that."
The cold tip of the plug was pressed against her hole and she felt herself opening to accommodate it.  He held the plug still for a moment and she relished the feel of it inside her.  Who'd have known that she'd enjoy having things inserted into her ass? She thought to herself.
"You'll notice that just after the widest part of the cone the plugs narrows again before the wide base.  Watch as her little hole tightens again immediately around this narrower part", he gestured with one hand to the screen which was once again focused on Laura's ass, as he used his other hand to push the plug further.
Laura could feel it happening just as he'd described.  She registered that not only did her ass ache right now but her pussy did too.  She was extremely turned on.
"I'm just going to leave that in place for a couple of minutes", he turned his attention from Laura and clicked back to his slides. 

After a short segment on anal douching, which had not sounded in the slightest bit appealing to Laura, Dr Levingstine turned his attention to her once again.  He slowly pulled at the plug and she sucked air in through the gag as the widest part of the plug left her ass.
"There, you'll see from the glistening on her inner thighs that she certainly enjoyed that one.  I am certain that the next one will knock her slutty little socks off! Excuse me", he chuckled to himself and the class laughed at his gibe.

He slowly eased in the larger plug and at first she was pleasantly surprised and more than a little relieved - it was no worse that the first one.  Moments later she winced and tried to pull away from the object as it began to stretch her to the point of her being uncomfortable but her attempts were futile and it continued to probe onwards slowly stretching her wider.
"Whilst we let her become accustomed to that one we'll watch some clips that I've compiled to give you a better understanding," she felt the plug nudge inside her as he flicked a switch on it's base then the vibrations began - a constant speedy humming eminated from her ass and vibrated throughout her entire body, or so it seemed.
The room was filled with the sounds of moans and groans of pleasure, squeals of pain and the sounds of balls rythmically slapping against flesh.  Laura could hear girls begging "please not in my ass", whilst other begged "please give it to me now".  She particularly enjoyed the sound of one deep voiced guy asking "you like it in your ass don't you?  You're my little anal slut aren't you girl?", the girl's reply was a continuous whimper/groan of what Laura could only decipher as pleasurable agreement with him.  The audio accompaniment to the vibrating wedge in her ass was enough to tip Laura over the edge and before she knew it she having a rather powerful orgasm.  She bit down on the gag as her muscles convulsed and her juices dripped further down her leg, her eyes rolling into the back of her head behind the blindfold.

"Ok, I think it's fair to say that she is more than ready for the real thing now.  Who'd like to help demonstrate?" 
Laura was completely dumbfounded - it was one thing to be probed and played with in front of an audience but to actually be fucked here in front of everyone?!  That took it to a whole new level for her that she wasn't sure she was happy with.  Of course she knew that it made no difference anyway, she had no say in the matter.  The sound of movement indicated to Laura that there were a number of keen volunteers holding their hands up.