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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Showing Off: Part Two ~ My Display

The unrelenting vibrations against my clit were sweet pleasure at first and as I had my first orgasm of many to come I groaned into my gag, my eyes closed, head resting against the back of the chair as my back arched away from it pressing my clit closer against the device - if that was possible. As that orgasm began to subside briefly another came rolling in. My wrists pulled against my restraints and I closed my eyes tight and pressed my chin into my chest as I whimpered and bit down on the ball in my mouth. There was no escape, no recovery time. The time between orgasms varied but I lost count of the number of times I came before He returned home.

My hands were freezing where they'd been suspended above my head for so long.  My clit felt both numb and extremely sensitive at the same time.  I had dribbled because of the gag and was sweating and shivering. My legs ached from being spread apart and held in place for so long. The seat beneath me was saturated with my juices. My relief at the sound of the front door opening was out shone by another approaching climax. Too exhausted to cope with any more I sobbed into my gag and wailed as I came again. My head dropped forward, I didn't notice that Master had entered the room until I heard clapping.

I lifted my head and blinked a couple of times to clear the tears from my eyes. There were two men stood either side of Master and one of them was the source of the clapping. Master approached me and held my head in His hands, wiping the tears from my face with His thumbs.
"You see gentlemen; I told you my beautiful fucktoy puts on a good show", He lowered His hands and removed the clamps from my nipples.
I let out a low groan at the sweet painful relief and then a squeal as He clamped His thumbs and forefingers over the sensitive tips and tugged hard.
"I think her nipples have been deprived of attention in comparison to her pussy. Please, help yourselves", He moved toward the sofa and left me at the mercy of the two strangers.
One either side of me they took a breast each. The guy on my left was short, plump and balding and looked to be nearing sixty. He looked at me with a meanness in His eyes as He got to His knees before cruelly twisting my nipple. My scream was in vain as the gag did its job. A jolt of pleasure shot straight from my right nipple to my pussy as the second stranger grazed it playfully with his teeth. I turned my head to look at him; He was far nicer to look at and appeared to be in his late forties. His eyes focused on mine as His teeth clamped tightly down and I let out another scream. I looked at him through tears, begging him to stop. All the while the vibrations of the device beneath me could be felt through my whole body.

I heard my Master's voice in my ear as the two men continue their torture on my breasts (the older one had started to slap my nipple hard whilst my other breast was having the life squeezed out of it), He'd come to stand behind the chair, His voice was low as He spoke.
"you are going to cum again for our guests at least once more. They are going to amuse themselves with your tits. When they are done and I am satisfied, you are going to welcome their loads and you'll hold your mouth open to them My dirty little fucktoy"
I moaned into my gag and clenched my fists as I started to cum again; His words gave me a new lease of energy (though not a huge amount). He pulled my hair down behind me so that my face was tilted up towards Him. I saw His face briefly before my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I was in agonising ecstasy.

As I came down I heard the old guy talking.
"Got yourself a good little slut here mate. I can't wait to see how she looks with my cum dripping off her face", I heard him grunting and noticed him pumping his hand on his cock enthusiastically. I was surprised to see that he had a rather handsome cock; I would focus my gaze on that rather than the rest of him when it was time for me to take his load, I decided. The guy on my right had really gone to town on my breast and as I looked down I could see the a bruise had already formed just left of my nipple and there were several red marks where he'd bitten me. He also had his cock out and was stroking it slowly as he sucked with force at my nipple.
"Mate, you're going to have to move your head, I'm about ready to go", old guy had released my breast and moved around to stand in front of me.
I felt Master release the strap on my gag and He removed it from my mouth. I opened and closed my mouth a few times extremely grateful to be able to move my stiff jaw again. The other man stood and moved around to the front of me too and his hand started to move a lot faster on his cock. As suspected the old guy was first to cum.
"Especially for you dirty girl", he grunted and I held out my tongue in time to catch the first hot splash.
"Fuck, I look good on you", he smirked after he'd finished and was tucking his cock back into his trousers.
"Look at me now and open your mouth wide", I turned my gaze to the other one.
Another, milder orgasm washed over me as I held his gaze. I let out a gentle moan, his cum hit my chin a fraction of a second later. I didn't feel any land on my chest but he said "your tit looks really pretty all coloured up and dressed with my cum".

Master thanked them and saw them out. He came straight back to me and switched off the device and I thought I'd be happy if I never got to cum again in my entire life time. He unfastened the restraints around my ankles then gently lowered my feet to the floor. Then He got some cushions and placed them on the floor; we were not finished yet. He released my wrists from their restraints and held me under the arms to help me onto the cushions. On my knees He lowered the rest of my body onto the cushions so that I was laying with my ass pointed in the air. I felt the head of His cock slide over my slippery wet ass and press against my ass hole.
"It's Daddy's turn", He pushed inside me in one hard movement and I squealed as my ass was taken. He gripped my hips hard as He fucked my ass hard and fast until He came inside me. He pulled His cock slowly from my sore ass and gently pulled my knees out from under me so that I was laying on my stomach. I felt a blanket being draped over me and my Master's fingers in my hair, stroking my head.
"Sleep My angel, You did well today", I smile sleepily and drift off.

Hands Free

So I decided to take a walk with my plug and love balls yesterday. I also opted for the 'tingle sensation' lubricant for my plug and inserted the toys just before I left for my walk. Almost immediately I became a little trembly and my breathing shallowed. This of course, was not a reaction to the sensation of the toys inside me, it was the anticipation and excitement for the coming walk. As I left the house I was aware of the subtle tingling in my ass from the lubricant and of the balls rattling inside me against the walls of my pussy - I squeezed them intermittently as I walked. It didn't take a lot of time at all for me to become very wet; having something occupying both holes never fails to get me going.

I wasn't especially aware of the scenery as I walked, my mind was consumed by the warm tingling and pleasant stretching in my ass; the smooth rubbing and the knocking inside my pussy as the love balls worked with each step I took. I walked for quite some time, it took a while to build up but I recognised the feeling building subtley and thought there may be a chance of an actual orgasm so I started walking faster. The faster I walked the quicker the balls rubbed at my g spot and my awareness of the plug increased. I felt flushed as my orgasm built and I had to stop as I came; my eyes closed I whimpered and did a little shiver as pleasure rippled through my body.

It took me longer than usual to get home as I walked slowly. I was still sensitive and my toys were still at work inside me.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Showing Off: Part One ~ My Preparation

Master had sent me out shopping for the day this Saturday.  He told me to treat myself and to get some pampering in too while I was out.  I assumed He wanted me out of the way so that He could concentrate on His work without my distracting Him.  I had a really enjoyable day and bought some great lingerie that I knew would meet Master's approval.  I stopped off and had an aromatherapy massage for an hour before returning to Him around 4pm. 

When I got back to the house He was in the kitchen making pasta (He's on an Italian food kick at the moment).  I sat at the kitchen table and told Him about my day upon His request.  When I'd finished speaking He was cleaning up after Himself and told me to take my new things up to the bedroom (He'd look at them later) and then meet Him in the conservatory.  This was a little out of character because I usually modelled any new purchases of this sort for Him straight away.  I placed my bags by the wardrobe, used the toilet then went straight to the conservatory.

The conservatory usually contained two two-seater water hyacinth sofas, an end table, coffee table and foot stool.  One sofa remained against the right hand wall and a large portion of the remaining space was taken up by some sort of bench.  I looked to Master for an explanation and He motioned with His hand for me to come to Him, so I went and stood beside Him.  I reacted warmly to His touch as soon as His fingers made contact with my chest to unbutton my summer dress.  He took His time with the buttons which ran to the waist of the dress and once He'd freed the last one He tenderly lifted my arms above my head and lifted the dress off over them.  After placing my dress over the arm of the sofa He unclasped my strapless bra from behind and removed it, placing it on the sofa also.  My nipples hardened in the cool air of the conservatory and Master rubbed them briefly with His thumbs before turning His attention to my underwear.  He placed His hands on my hips and hooked His thumbs either side of my black lace briefs ensuring that His hands didn't leave my skin as He slowly dragged them down to my ankles.  He was on His knees by this point and His hands closed around my ankles as He moved His head forward to place a kiss on my freshly shaven pussy.  Lifting my feet one at a time He freed me of my panties, stood and placed them with the rest of my clothing. 

He led me to the bench which had a square seat with a high back then two leg rests set out at an obtuse angle from the base of the seat - there were leather straps toward the ends of each leg rest.  He turned me around by the shoulders and motioned for me to sit.  From His pocket He produced my ball gag.  On seeing it I opened my mouth without prompt from Him.  Once the ball was placed in my mouth I closed it the small fraction I could to hold the gag in place as He fastened the strap at the back of my head.  Moving around to the back of the chair I jumped a little as His hands touched the sides of my waist.  Smoothing them up the side of my body I lifted my arms above my head again as He reached the sides of my breasts.  His fingers traced their way up to my wrists until He held them both in one hand.  I heard the familiar sound of chains then felt the smooth leather of my wrist cuffs close around each of my wrists in turn.  Once fastened snugly in place I felt a pull as He lifted the chain to hook it to the top of the back of the chair.  My body was, for the time being at least, comfortably stretched out. 

He left the room and returned with an object that looked not unlike a bike seat - if the back of the seat had been squashed right down.  He lifted me slightly off the seat with one arm and slotted the 'bike seat' into a hole that I'd not noticed in the chair.  When I was lowered back down my pussy was pressed tightly against the raised part of the object.  He took each of my legs one at a time by the ankles and placed them on the leg rests and strapped them in place.  As He pulled my second leg up to rest the widening of my legs spread my pussy causing the object beneath me to slip even more snugly against my clit.  Most of my body was cold but there was definitely a heat in my pussy by this point and if the room had been sweltering hot my nipples would have been no less hard.  From the sofa He retrieved a set of my nipple clamps; they were the ones linked by a slim stainless steel chain.  I groaned slightly as I felt each one bite down on my erect nipples. He was stood to the side of me and His hand reached down between my legs and I could feel His breath on my ear.  My heart was hammering in my chest, I held my breath and could feel a slickness at my pussy as I waited to feel His hand.
"Have fun angel", He flicked a switch and the object beneath me came to life.  I squealed into my gag as the vibrations hummed against my clit.  I heard a couple of beeps as He altered the setting - He chose a steady rhythm of two quick pulses followed by a third which was three times as long.  He told me He'd be back in a couple of hours, He wanted to be sure that I'd be warmed nicely before His return.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The 'Bored' Room

I was in a world of my own; I’d zoned out about half an hour ago whilst Julian, the Director prattled on about new ways to save costs. It was the same thing every month from him at these meetings; as soon as he stood up to speak I could feel my eyes glaze over.  Unintentionally, I let out an audible yawn which was quickly met by hushed laughter around the boardroom table.
“I’m sorry Felicity, am I boring you?”
“No Sir, I’m very sorry”, he glared at me for a second before continuing with his latest proposal.
I tried with great difficulty to appear interested and alert from that point on but my mind couldn’t help but wander.  I’d never really taken notice of him properly before today.  He was tall, around 6’4” I’d say with short dark hair and what looked to be brown eyes - it was difficult to tell from where I was sat without my glasses.  He always wore a suit to work, that much I had noticed.  Taking the time to actually look at him he was a nice looking man, it was a shame he was such a bore.  I wondered what he was like outside work and whether he was married or lived with someone – poor woman/man.  If he was anything like he was at work at home they either deserved a medal for putting up with him or they must be just as much of a bore.  I watched as he took his seat and was grateful that Susan from Marketing followed him; I liked her she was funny and had a bit of life in her tone when she spoke.  Every now and then I’d glance around the table and see him looking at me.  What struck me as odd, was that when I caught him staring he didn’t quickly look away like most would, but continued glaring.  He still looked annoyed with me and it was making me feel uneasy.

Twenty minutes later and we’d heard from Gary, the Operational Manager and the meeting was drawing to a close. Julian stood and started gathering his papers together.
"Well if there’s no other business that concludes our time here today, thank you all for attending.  Felicity, if you could stay behind a moment please."
Just what I needed, to be on the Director's radar for the wrong bloody reason! He waited for the last person to leave then closed the door behind them and turned to me.
“Do you think me boring?” He walked to me as he asked the question.
“No, I’m terribly sorry about today.  I had a late night last night is all Sir"
"You are a bad liar Felicity”, he edged closer to me and I stepped back and felt the edge of the boardroom table against the back of my thighs.
“I’m not lying, honestly", I tried my best to look sincere but it was difficult; when I lie I get a nervous smile.
"Do you think that I don’t notice the look of complete boredom on your face as soon as I start talking?  Do you not think it rude to display such obvious disinterest when somebody’s speaking?” He was stood so close to me I instinctively leaned back slightly to increase the distance between us. I could smell his cologne mixed with the smell of alcohol on his breath (it was no secret that Julian enjoyed an extended lunch down the pub every Friday afternoon).
"I didn't mean to be rude, really. I don't know what else to say", his legs were touching my slightly bent knees.
"I believe you will have the urge to say 'please', 'thank you' and 'I stand corrected', in the very near future. I'm far from the bore you perceive me to be Felicity", I was taken by surprise when he leaned into me and kissed me.
I froze, I didn't know how to react. I should have been outraged but he was a great kisser and I quickly began to get lost in the kiss. I felt his hands on my ass as he lifted me onto the boardroom table. My legs parted as his hand kneaded my breast through my blouse; I was far too receptive of him for my liking but my body was beating my mind by a mile and, already at this point, I was hoping he'd fuck me. He leaned me back as we kissed until I was lying down. My hands ran over his broad back and shoulders as kissed and nibbled my ear and neck. As his lips and tongue traced a path toward my chest his fingers had magically worked open the buttons of my blouse without my notice. I told him to wait a second and he looked disappointed before I unclasped my bra at the front. He smiled, his eyes full of desire, then kissed me hard as his hands closed over my breasts. As he squeezed his palms rubbed against my sensitive nipples, his finger tips biting into the firm flesh of my breasts. He pushed them together and took my left nipple into his mouth. I gasped at the sensation as he sucked and teased my nipple. My back arched and my hand moved to the back of his head, my fingers running through his thick dark hair as his teeth grazed playfully over the tip of my nipple. His hands moved to my sides and ran down over my thighs to lift my skirt up over my hips. He rubbed my pussy through the lace of my red French knickers and I purred with delight as his fingers massaged my clit. I lifted my hips off the table to enable him to pull my underwear down. He completely removed them and placed them in his pocket.

He rubbed my clit again with his fingers; the feel of the warm, bare flesh of his fingers in contact with my pussy was heavenly and made me yearn to feel his cock. He slipped two of his fingers inside me; I hadn't realised how long his fingers were but they reached deep inside me. His thumb rubbed over my slippery clit as his fingers glided in and out of me. I squeezed at his fingers with my pussy and pinched and pulled on my nipples as he fucked me with his fingers. I moved my hips, pressing my pussy closer to his hand, moving myself on it as the pleasure intensified. My hands left my breasts and my fingers pressed into the table as I started to cum. I let out quite a loud groan and he placed his hand over my mouth quickly to muffle the noise.
"Shhh! You'll give the game away", he laughed.
His hand left my pussy and he pulled my legs up so that my ankles were resting against his shoulders. I still had that wonderful fluttery feeling from my orgasm as he turned his head and kissed me on the inside of my right ankle. I moved down the table in an attempt to make contact with his cock - it worked. I just about felt the tip make contact with the top of my pussy.
"Please", I almost whispered the plea. I hadn't needed to be fucked this badly in a long time.
"Not bored now?" He laughed and leaned forward causing more of his cock to press against me.
"Oh God no, definitely not bored"
He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down over my wet pussy then teased my clit with it until I was groaning and gasping again.
"Please fuck me Sir", I was desperately aching to feel his cock inside me.
"Being called Sir is always so much better when it comes from the mouth of a woman with her legs spread, waiting on my cock", his eyes were filled with lust as he moved his cock to the entrance of my pussy, then slowly slid inside me.

He played with my breasts as he started to fuck me. He moved slowly, like he had all the time in the world. His cock felt amazing inside my pussy and I felt a thrill each time his balls tapped against me as I took his entire length. He took hold of my ankles and pushed them toward the table as he fucked me harder. Before long my knees were up around my ears and he was fucking me feverishly. I started groaning again - I couldn't help myself, my g spot was being stroked fabulously by his cock. He pulled my legs back towards him and then pulled my left leg towards the right. Before I'd realised what was happening he had me flipped over onto my stomach and seamlessly continued to fuck me - one hand over my mouth and the other pressing down on my shoulder. I was glad of his hand over my mouth as I came this time; it was far more intense than the first. I dug my fingers into his arm, I couldn't take it. I needed him to stop, and at the same time, never wanted him to stop. He pulled out of me suddenly.
"Quick, sit on the table", his voice sounded husky with arousal.
My arms felt weak as I sat myself up just in time for him to release his load over my chest. I loved watching him as he came; the expression on his face, his hand holding his gorgeous cock - the cock that had given me such great pleasure just moments before. Watching him cum made me want to fuck him all over again.
"Mmm, your nipples look even more beautiful covered in my cum", he grinned and I smiled back at him.
He put his cock away then reached for my bra. He refastened my bra over my breasts, still wet with his cum, and started to button my blouse. He kissed me again as he did the last button up.
"Well? Do words still fail you?"
"I stand - weak in the knees I might add - most definitely, corrected", I grinned at him as he pulled my skirt back down and smoothed it over my thighs.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Trouble at Work

Eleri started working as a waitress at The Brasserie two weeks ago. She was thoroughly enjoying it for the most part, with one exception. It was a family run business and the owner's son Phillipe was a lazy creep. He'd not done it to her yet but she'd witnessed him groping at the other waitresses as they passed him, seen him standing too closely behind them as he authorised transactions on the till, pressing himself into them. She tried to avoid him as much as possible when they were on the same shift together. That wasn't generally too difficult as he stood behind the bar drinking the profits for half of his shifts.

She noticed him take a handful of notes from the till and slip them into his pocket. He glanced in her direction and registered that she'd seen him take the money. She quickly looked away and made her way over to one of her tables. Later she was preparing a bill behind the bar for a customer when she felt a hand on her ass.
"Can I give you a hand Eleri?", he squeezed her ass as he said 'hand'.
She thought he was a completely obnoxious bastard and would have loved nothing more than to punch him in the face. She needed the job though, so instead she shifted away from his hand and told him that she was fine. Throughout the shift she would catch him staring at her from across the dining area. She went to the bar to fetch drinks for a table and he told her to come see him in the office when she had her break.

"Hi Phillipe, you wanted to see me?"
"Yes. Come in and close the door behind you", the office was small and felt cramped with two people inside. It was a small square space with space for a desk and a single filing cabinet, the wall space was completely taken up with shelf space.
She stood with her back to the door and waited for him to speak; he sat and blatantly eyed up her body, she folded her arms across her chest and looked at him impatiently.
"I'll get right to the point. If you say anything about my taking money from the till I will deny it and tell my father that I thought I saw you stealing from the till but didn't want to say anything until I was sure", the expression on his face had turned spiteful.
"But I would never do that!"
"And who do you think he'd believe, the new girl or his favourite son? I think we both know the answer to that question."
"Please, I won't mention it, you have my word. I really need this job right now", he looked at her thoughtfully for a moment.
" badly?"
"How badly do you need your job? What's it worth for you to keep it?"
She was beginning to get a bad feeling and didn't like the way he was looking at her.
"I don't understand. I need this job to pay the rent, I'm struggling to make ends meet."
"I'm sorry to hear that. So, it's safe to say that you'll be more than happy to suck my cock if it meant that you could keep your job then?"
She stared at him open mouthed, unsure that she'd heard him correctly. He started rubbing his crotch and she knew then that she'd heard him perfectly well.
"No way am I doing that!"
"Fine, I guess I'll have to tell my father that I saw you taking from the till today then", he grinned wickedly at her, still tubing his crotch.
"Please don't do that. I can't do what you're asking...please, I haven't done anything wrong", she was crying and pleading desperately with him but he acted like he hadn't noticed.
"Take it or leave it honey, that's my offer and I'm not going to change my mind. Walk out that door and don't bother to come into tomorrow", he stopped rubbing his crotch and gestured to it open palmed offering it to her.
"Okay", she mumbled eventually. She looked and felt defeated.

"I always knew you were smart. Best get to it then, we've been in here a while already, people will start to wonder where you got to if you're late back from your break."
Reluctantly she got to her knees in front of him; he unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out through the gap of the opened zip.
"Come on honey, don't be shy. I bet you're a great cock sucker. I can't wait to see those nice full lips of yours wrapped around my cock", he winked at her and signalled for her to move closer to him with his right hand. His left hand was stroking his already hard cock.
She shuffled forward until she was between his knees and looked at him, hoping that he'd come to his senses before it went too far.
"I'm waiting", he sounded like he was beginning to lose patience.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she lowered her head towards his lap. She swallowed back a sob as the tip of his cock entered her mouth but as it slid in further she couldn't control herself and the next sob was muffled by his cock.
"Come on get on with it. I'm not bothered by your crying, in fact it feels good when you moan on my cock like that"
She thought he was a sick bastard and was determined from that point on not to get upset. She didn't want him to get any extra kicks out of it. She started sucking his length, taking it deep into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue every now and then. She started putting a lot of effort into it - not because she enjoyed it but because she wanted him to finish quickly.
"Mmm fuck! You suck like a pro; I bet you're a dirty little bitch behind closed doors aren't you?"
He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock over her lips.
"Oh, those are the lips of a real slut. The first thing I noticed about you were your lips...then your tits of course, you've got some nice tits; show them to me."
"But that's not what we agreed!"
"Darling we didn't agree anything other than the fact that you want to keep your job. Now stop wasting time arguing and do as I tell you - show them to me, now."
She glared at him as she unbuttoned her blouse. He let go of her hair to lift her breasts out of the cups of her bra.
"They're even better than I'd imagined. Now ask me if you can suck my cock some more", he was smiling cruelly at her and she could tell that the power trip he'd been on had increased ten fold in the past couple of minutes - she was in real trouble.
"Please can I suck your cock again?" She mumbled. She felt completely humiliated, more so than she had done earlier.
"I didn't hear that very well slut. Try again but this time look at me when you're asking for my cock."
She took a deep breath and asked again.
"Please can I suck on your cock again?" She looked him directly in the eyes as she asked.
"Good slut, sure you can."
As she lowered her head towards his cock he grabbed her hair and stopped her.
"Aren't you going to say thank you first?"
"Thank you", she could not believe how much of a complete bastard he was being. As if making her suck him off in the first place wasn't bad enough!
He pushed her head down and as she closed her mouth over his cock he held her hair in his fist and used his other hand to grope her breast. Much to her disgust she felt her nipples reacting to his touch and as he twisted and pulled at them they wen't the only thing to react.

Her head was yanked back off him and he sat for a moment fiddling with her nipple taking a break to control himself - he wasn't ready to finish things yet.
"Get up and take off your underwear"
"What, why?" She asked sounding panicked.
"Because I'd rather not fuck you with them still on that's why."
"No, definitely not. You can stick your job, I don't need it THAT badly!"
She stood up and turned to leave the office appalled that she'd played along with things as far as she had. As she started to button her blouse he pushed her against the filing cabinet. His hand closed over her mouth and he used his body weight to press her against the cabinet so that she couldn't escape him.
"Fine, I'll fuck you while you're still wearing them", he used his free hand to hike up her skirt.
She struggled to wriggle from beneath him but it was no good he was too heavy and had her pinned so hard that she struggled to breathe comfortably.
"Not a sound", he warned before removing his hand from her mouth to pull her knickers aside. He kicked at her foot to spread her legs wider then she felt the tip of his cock probing for the entrance to her pussy. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and wished that someone would walk in before it was too late. She felt him push his way inside her and her heart sank.
"Mmm, nice and tight", he started moving inside her using slow, hard thrusts - each one knocking her against the cabinet, she could feel the handles biting into her flesh.
"Such a dirty little slut getting fucked at work. You love it don't you? Feel how easily my cock is sliding in and out of your wet pussy, I hadn't even touched it. Do you get that wet every time you suck cock?"
She tried to block him out as he whispered in her ear; she didn't understand how her body could betray her like that. She didn't want to react to him in this way but seemed to have no control over the way her own body reacted. His thrusts became faster and he stopped talking as he concentrated on bringing on his orgasm. He gave a final hard thrust and groaned in her ear as he came inside her. She could feel his cum being released inside her and despite herself felt a little satisfaction that she'd brought on his pleasure. She tried to shake the feeling immediately. He remained slumped against her for a while before pulling out. He put his cock away and told her to tidy herself up.
"What do you say my little slut?"
"...thank you?" She asked hesitantly.
"You are very welcome. Now back to work, your break was over five minutes ago."

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

His Last Thought

Heat radiating from my ass as I remain bent over the chair in the hotel room after having received the belt. My pussy throbs awaiting the inevitable and welcome invasion of His cock. I can feel my wetness on my inner thigh; He knows all the right things to say to drive me wild as He slaps and straps my ass. My arms and legs are trembling with effort of remaining in position - on tip toes, bent over the back of the chair, hands holding the front legs just below the seat.

He instructs me to turn around and kneel down and I assume that this is in preparation to suck His cock. I get on my knees, fold my arms behind my back and look at Him on His instruction. I absorb as much as I can of Him with my eyes and a hint of a smile plays on my face. I watch as He slowly strokes His cock a couple of feet away from me. I silently urged Him to come closer, to let me take over for Him with my hand or mouth - I wasn't fussy so long as I got to touch His cock. My pussy starts throbbing as He remains in place, His eyes focused intently on my body as He pleasures Himself.

He approaches me and I feel my heart race faster. His hand in my hair holding the back of my head as I look up at Him, His cock inches from my face. A smile of pleasure on His face, our eyes lock and my stomach swirls with arousal. His hand pumps on His cock a little faster. His eyes close a second before I feel His hot and sticky cum land on my cheek. A second shot hits my lips and chin and my tongue sweeps over my lips to clean them; I never tire of that taste.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Noisy Toy

I'd purchased a new toy, it was one of those vibrating eggs with the remote control and varying vibration speeds. Master had pre approved the toy and told me that the egg was mine, the remote control His. I'd had it almost two weeks and still hadn't taken it out of the packaging; this was really frustrating because I like to try out my new stuff as soon as I get it. I was beginning to think that Master had forgotten about my new toy - I should have known better. I was speaking to Him on the phone a few days ago (He was away on business) when He told me to take out my new toy.

I was very excited and quickly removed the toy from the packaging, gave it a wash and inserted the batteries into the remote control. I returned to the phone and told Master that the toy was ready.
"Are you naked?"
"No Master, I have my robe on it's cold today"
"Take it off, you'll soon warm up", I slipped out of my robe and stood next to the bed, my nipples stiffened in reaction to the cold air.
"It's off"
"Good. You may insert the toy now", with one foot up on the bed I slowly inserted the egg. I didn't need to use any lubricant, I was already wet.
I pushed it inside until it was nestled in the right spot then told Him that it was in place.
"Remind me again what the settings are pet"
"Well Master, there are three vibration speeds then there is a gradually building one and a pulsing one"
"Excellent. So set it to the slowest vibration first then; I shall try them all with you this morning but you are not permitted to cum angel, this is merely a trial session"
"Okay Master", I pressed the button for the setting He'd chosen.
The first thing that registered was how powerful the vibrations felt initially. My second thought was how surprisingly audible the thing was. The purpose of the toy was to be used whilst I was out and about - the only place I could use it discretely would be at a concert! I voiced my thoughts to Him.
"Hmm, that could be problematic. Next setting up please", I pressed the button on the remote control and moments later I could hear Him laughing.
"Why are you laughing", I smiled enjoying the sound.
"I think I can hear it vibrating"
"See, I told You; it's really quite loud! I wondered if it seemed louder to me because it was inside me but obviously not"
"I can only just hear it. I noticed the change in sound when you changed the setting. Ok, next one", I set it to the highest vibration and closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the sensation.
"I need to make a call so you get yourself in the shower. Switch the setting to that gradual one, I fear if I keep it on that fast one you may not last until I call you back and that would be a very bad start to the day", I said goodbye and went to shower.

Even in through the sound of the water from the shower I could hear it vibrating inside me. I tried experimenting by squeezing it to see if that reduced the sound; it didn't. Also, squeezing it just increased it's effectiveness so I quickly stopped doing that. By the time I'd showered and dried myself I was really enjoying my new toy but beginning to worry that if Master didn't call back soon I was going to be in a bit of difficulty. Thankfully the phone rang moments later.
"Next setting", I pressed the button for the pulsing setting.
"Oh, I can hear that one more clearly", I could hear the grin in His voice and it made me smile.
He gave me permission to dress because he didn't want me to be late for work (I work part-time and I'm studying to become a nurse part-time too). We chatted while I was getting ready and I described how I was feeling as the effects of the toy quickly commanded my attention; body and mind. Just as I was about to pour myself a coffee I gripped the kitchen work top and asked Him if we could please turn it off as I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Surprisingly He said that was fine and told me to remove the toy before I left for work. I made a joke about that one being saved for home use only and said goodbye.


Yesterday morning He had to leave the house very early for work so I didn't see Him when I woke up. I went to the bathroom and there was a sticky note stuck to the mirror that read

Angel, wear your new toy today - I'll be in touch X

I'd told him the night before that I had to go to the library that day to get some studying in and finish my assignment as the hand in date was in two days time. I figured He must have forgotten so I sent Him a quick text to remind Him that I was spending the day at the library. I received an immediate reply:

I know

I began to feel panicked - everyone was going to hear it if He used it while I was in the library. I got showered then put the toy in place - despite my worry I was wet. Once dressed I made sure I'd packed the remote control in my bag, poured a coffee into my travel mug and left the house.

He called just as I was turning the corner to the library.
"Did you see my note pet?"
"I did Master"
"Where are you now?"
"I'm just walking up to the library"
"Good stuff, I'll let you get settled then. Keep your phone in view, I'll be texting you at some point"
"Do I have permission to cum today Master?"
"Oh, I insist that you do", I registered just how embarrassed I was going to feel at some point today, took a deep breath and accepted the fact.

The study area in the library seated approximately 40 people. There were 5 rows of 8 partitioned desks. Much to my annoyance I was too late to get one of the desks on the far end rows which meant that wherever I chose to sit I would be surrounded by people, front and back once it got a bit busier. I reluctantly found myself a spot and got my books and notebook out ready to set to work. I couldn't concentrate knowing that at some point He was going to contact me and tell me to switch on the toy...or maybe He wouldn't and it was all just a mind game to get me worried; He likes it when I get myself all worked up about things. I knew that the chances on it being a bluff were slim to none though.

I'd placed my phone next to my notebook so that I'd notice quickly if I had a message. Sure enough twenty minutes later the red light was flashing. I picked up the phone and saw that one message from Master was waiting to be opened. My hands shaking I opened the message:

The fastest constant vibration setting - now.

I pressed the relevant button on the remote control which I had hidden discretely under one of my text books. It seemed to me that the sound immediately flooded the air in the study area. I felt heat rise in my cheeks - I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I casually glanced around; a couple of people in the immediate area had glanced over their shoulders briefly to try and establish what/where the noise was coming from but there were no eyes staring straight at me. I relaxed a little and allowed to the pleasurable sensation of the vibrations on my g spot to sink in. I tried to get a bit of reading done but after reading the same sentence 6 times and still having no idea of what I'd read I gave up and decided to search the web for some journals. The red light was flashing again:

Gradual setting...

I pressed the button. The change in sound registered with my surrounding company. Peoople were stirring around me, I could tell that they were wondering where the noise was coming from. I pretended to be confused by the noise too, frowning as though annoyed at the disruption to my concentration. Inside I was dying with embarrassment though my pussy betrayed any discomfort I felt at the situation. I could feel the obvious wetness between my legs increasing with every new burst of gradually intensifying vibrations. If only I could have squeezed the egg hard enough to make it stop. I pretended to give up trying to pin point the source of the strange noise and returned my gaze to the screen once again. My nipples had stiffened as I stared blankly at the computer, my mind focused on the wonderful vibrations. The red light catches my attention again:

I want the pulsing setting now. It is to remain on this setting until you cum, you may switch it off once you have. Let me know when you do.

On the press of the button the pulsing began and so did the new rhythm of sound. I was afraid to look around at that point, scared that my arousal would be blatant in my face. That setting was definitely the most effective of them all. I focused hard on the screen as deep inside me the relentless pulsing vibrations continued spurring on my inevitable orgasm. My hands grasped the sides of the seat of the chair and squeezed until my knuckles turned white as I fought to control my breathing and keep the expression on my face straight as the walls of my pussy spasmed again and again. My orgasm was strong and my underwear soaked. As soon as I felt it begin to subside I grabbed the remote control and pressed the off button. I sank back in my chair relieved that it was over and took a moment to enjoy the final gentle ripples of pleasure that were still fading off. I picked up my phone and text Master to tell Him that I'd had an orgasm. He replied 10 minutes later:

You need to concentrate on your work so that's the end of play time until we're home. Enjoy your day angel.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


It's been four weeks to the day since I saw you last...four weeks too long in my opinion. The bruises on my breasts and inner thighs have long since faded. My body aches all over with a desperation for your touch.

This morning as I laid in my bed I thought of you. As it's forbidden, I didn't touch myself; thoughts of you were enough to heighten my arousal. I thought about how different my morning would have been if I'd woken up next to you. How a sleepy smile would have spread across my face as I woke to your cock twitching against my ass. How your lips lightly kissing the side of my neck always sends a shiver down my spine causing my ass to wriggle a little against your stirring cock. I sighed to myself as I recalled how safe I always feel with your arm draped over me, my back pressed against your body, your hand cupping my breast. You always know that I'm awake before I've spoken a word and when you whisper 'Good morning baby', your lips so close to my ear that they brush against it as you speak, my heart skips a beat.

As I reminisce my pussy is stirring; obviously it's not forgotten the way your fingers caress it, inside and out. The way they sensuously tickle the soft, smooth skin of the crease between my thigh and my pussy. I can't wait to feel your hand between my legs again; your finger and thumb clamped over my clit torturing and teasing it. I miss the excitement that I feel when you shift behind me and move the head of your cock to the entrance of my pussy. As you pause and hold it there to tease me our little game ensues - I move my hips trying to slide myself onto your length; you move yours, keeping your cock just enough out of reach. It's always such a wonderful relief when you finally stop teasing and I feel you slowly enter me. I shiver again when your hot breath hits my ear as you exhale in satisfaction - your cock enveloped completely by my welcoming pussy. Slow and sensual, heated and charged we move together until we're both trembling as our climax builds.

I so desperately need a release. I want to feel your cock twitching inside my pussy, your fingers digging into the flesh of my thigh, your teeth biting down on my shoulder as an orgasm ripples through my body. I want to lie in your arms and drift off to sleep again, your cock still inside.

'Just six weeks' you said before you left; each day is an eternity to me. Each day my body feels starved of pleasure, of passion and sweet pain. As I begin the count down of the remaining 14 days I look forward to December 15th. I shall be in the hallway in position waiting for you.