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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Beach

He said he'd always wanted to fuck on a beach and I'd agreed that it would be fun but I never thought that we'd actually find a beach deserted in the middle of summer. We'd found this small area that was hidden from the main beach by some large rocks. There was one other couple already laying in the sun, we placed our towels down a little way from theirs to give us all our own space. After a couple of hours of sunbathing Callum suggested going for a dip to cool off. I asked him to tie my bikini top for me before I sat up as I'd undone it to avoid tan lines whilst sunning my back. Checking that my red string bikini was covering all the right places I stood and had a stretch then giggled as Callum slung me over his shoulders and carried me down to the water.

He carried me in until the water was deep enough for him to drop me in it. It was cold and when I emerged from under the water and wiped my eyes I laughed and began splashing him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I tried to dunk his head under and lots of playful fighting ensued. When we stopped for a moment Callum glanced at the beach and noticed that the other couple had packed up and left.
"Well look at that Sadie, we've got the place all to ourselves", he grinned at me and raised his eyebrows suggestively.
"So we do! Now we can play strip poker?" I was teasing him of course, I knew exactly what he was suggesting.
I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms and legs around him. I love the feel of his wet skin on mine as we kiss, it's soon evident that Callum is enjoying himself too as I feel his cock, hard and pressing against my pussy through our swimwear.

Pulling out of the kiss he looked at me with a mischievous look in his eyes.
"Fancy having some fun?"
"Yeah okay, what do you have in mind baby?"
I felt pulling on the string of my bikini top and when he'd untied both strings he told me to lean into him and put my hands together behind my back. I felt my excitement increase as Callum tied my hands together with my bikini top. Leaning me away from his body he began kissing my chest, supporting me with one arm and using his free hand to grope my breasts. I bit my lower lip and smiled as I watched his mouth close around my nipple, fully appreciating the sexiness of the situation. Completely turned on I rubbed my pussy against his stiff cock and sighed as I enjoy the stimulation it provided to my clit.

Without looking up from my breasts he pulled his swim shorts down with his free hand and untied one side of my bottoms. As his cock nudged at the opening of my pussy his mouth left my breast to kiss my throat. I really wanted to wrap my arms around his neck as we started fucking. He used his free hand to play with my clit as his mouth explored my upper body, kissing and nibbling my ears, neck and breasts. As I began to tremble and he knew that I was about to cum he leaned me back so that he could watch me as I did. I loved the look of sheer bliss on his face as my pussy rhythmically squeezed his cock as I came. Toward the end of my orgasm he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, there was a sense of urgency to the kiss that sent a shiver down my spine. When he finally broke the kiss it took me a second to come back down to earth...he had that same mischievous look in his eye again!

His cock still hard inside me took his swim shorts of with one hand and started making his way to the beach.
"What are you doing Cal? We can't get out of the water like this! We'll end up getting arrested!"
"Mmm, I'd love to see my sexy lady in handcuffs", he winked and kissed me on the cheek and I giggled as we left the water.
As we got to our towels he tossed his shorts onto the beach bag and kissed me hard again. I could feel throbbing in my pussy and my nipples stiffening as his tongue explored my mouth. I know I'm biased but he truly is a fantastic kisser.

I groaned in protest as he lifted me off his cock and set me on my feet. He untied the second string of my bottoms and took them off me wringing the water out of them he told me that there was something he'd always wanted to try. We have a great relationship, particularly when it comes to sex and we are both always open to trying things so I told him that we could do whatever it was that he had in mind. With that, he told me to kneel on the towel and I did without hesitation. He pushed my head gently down until my face was on the towel, I got a thrill from being in this position out in the open knowing that any minute someone could walk around the rocks and catch us. I felt his fingers on my pussy, stroking the wetness between my lips, teasing my clit every now and then. My eyes widened as his fingers left my pussy to spread my wetness further and I realised that he was planning to take me in the ass. He'd taken me there several times before of course but never when we've been anywhere in public. As the first finger entered and probed inside me I let out a sigh of pleasure. He spent quite a bit of time playing with me, using two fingers for my ass and rubbing my clit at the same time. I'd had my second orgasm of the day before he'd finished preparing my ass to take him.

His hands left me as I was cumming and then I felt a tug at my hair. My head was pulled off the towel and my bikini bottoms shoved in my mouth, I could taste the salt water on them and it was a struggle not to gag. The change took me by surprise at first but only momentarily I love when Cal gets rough. My hair still held tightly in his grip he squeezed my ass cheek hard, his fingers biting into my skin as his cock pressed against my tight hole. The bikini bottoms in my mouth muffled my moans as his cock painfully stretched me. Once he had edged it all the way in slowly he paused for a while to allow me to adjust to it's size. He began moving in and out of me, cautiously at first but getting rougher in time. With every thrust inward he would yank my hair back and I would groan into my bikini. Using my hair he pulled me all the way into an upright kneeling position and took one of my breasts in each hand squeezed them cruelly, pinning me tight against his body as he thrust his cock roughly into my ass. My arms hurt as they were pinned between our bodies, I tried to press the against him to push his body away from mine slightly but he just pinned me tighter to him and squeezed harder at my breasts. I was relieved when he finally released his grip on me and firmly pushed my shoulders down. His hand pressing his weight between my shoulder blades he pumped at my ass hard and fast. The pleasure it was giving made me want to squirm against him but I couldn't because his other hand had my right hip gripped tightly in place.

It felt surreal as I listened to his groans as he pumped away at me and I watched the sun glistening on the sea. His hand left my back and tightly gripped a handful of my hair.
"Oh fuck yes!", he called out as he finally came, releasing his load into my ass. He held himself inside me as he untied my hands and removed my bottoms from my mouth. Pulling out he laid beside me and pulled me to him, stroking my hair back from my face he told me loved me as we waited to watch the sun setting.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Business Trip: Part Three ~ Out of Hours

As I finish brushing my teeth in the bathroom I realise my room phone is ringing.  I run across the room to answer the call.
"Sabrina, could you come up to my room please?  I have some things that I want to run through with you before the morning."
"Sure Sir, I'll be up in 15 minutes I just need to dry my hair, I've just got out of the shower."
"Ok, don't be any longer as I'm on a tight schedule tonight."
"I won't be.  See you in a bit.", I sigh as I hang up the phone.
So much for my having the night off.  It would have been nice for him to mention at some point during the day that he had changed his mind about giving me a free evening.  I know last night I didn't work but I still spent my time with him (and what a fantastic time it was!).
I quickly blow dried my hair and tied it back loosely then threw on a jersey dress that hugged my body in all the right places.  I debated whether to wear panties or not and decided to go without; maybe I could distract the boss with a subtle flash of my bare pussy and steer the evening away from work.  A swipe of mascara and a smear of lip gloss and I was ready to go.

I waited a few moments after knocking the door before he answered.
"Evening Sabrina, come on in", smiling he steps aside to allow me to enter.
"Evening Sir", I make my way over to the table that he's using as a desk and pull out a chair.
"Don't sit down", I jump startled because I didn't realise that he was stood so close behind me.
Feeling his hands rest on my hips he directs me to the edge of the table and lifts my dress off over my head.
"Mmm, nice Sabrina no panties?"
"I thought I'd not bother tonight Sir.  I confess that I'd hoped to distract you from your work."
"My, you are a scheming minx aren't you?  As it happens I am a bit of a schemer myself and I have a surprise in store for you my girl.  Bend over."
I do as he tells me and bend over the table.  His hands roam lightly over my shoulders and down over my back.  He slowly caresses my ass and moves his hands lower over the smooth skin of my inner thighs.
"Part those sexy legs for me"
I part my legs hip width apart.
"A little wider please"
I spread my legs further apart and feel his hand on my right hand.  Pinning my hand behind my back he leans over me and whispers in my ear.
"Do you like to please your boss Sabrina?"
"Yes, of course Sir", I reply in barely a whisper, extremely aroused by the situation.
"Well you have the opportunity to make me very pleased tonight.  Would you do that for me?", I feel his hot breath on my ear.
"Yes Sir, what do you want me to do?"
"You'll see find out soon enough.  I'm hard just thinking about it", he presses his cock against my ass and I press back. 
He moves around and sits in the chair to the right of me, checks his watch then unfastens his belt.  As he unzips his fly he looks at me.
"We still have some time yet so I think I'll let you suck my cock while we wait.  Come kneel in front of me."

He has freed his cock by the time I am on my knees.  He runs his thumb along my jaw then presses it against my chin prompting me to open my mouth for him.  Feeling the soft skin of my lower lip with his thumb he strokes his cock with his other hand as I watch.  As his thumb falls away from my mouth I can't resist the urge to lick my lips. 
"Okay, I see you are eager tonight.", he nods towards his cock to signal that I should begin.
I take half the length of his cock in my mouth to begin with, holding the base with my hand and begin to pleasure him with my mouth.  I close my eyes and really get into it, enjoying the sounds of pleasure he's making, knowing that I am doing a good job. There is a knock at the door and I pause and look up at Mr Marcs waiting for him to tell me if I should stop or continue sucking his cock. 

"Ah, they are a little early.  Never mind, we can pick up again later.  Quickly return to your position over the table please Sabrina", he stands and refastens his trousers as I get to draping myself over the table again.
"I believe your legs were parted wider before...that's right.  Good girl, now I want you to remain in that position unless you are told to move."
I can hear him answering the door and inviting somebody in.
"Wonderful, you can just place the trays on the table over there next to Sabrina."
"A...are you sure Sir?  I can leave them on the other table here if you'd prefer?", the poor thing sounded quite uncomfortable.  I know my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment as my ass stuck in the air on show to them both.
"No no, I insist that you place them next to her.  Then I have a proposition for you..."

Wednesday, 21 September 2011



Whispers in my ear as hands massage my neck and shoulders…”Just relax and clear your mind”
Kisses at the back of my neck as fingers work the buttons of my dress…
Nipples stiffen as my dress is lowered and lips plant kisses along my shoulder
Bra straps lowered exposing my breasts, hands gently exploring my flesh
Whispers in my ears as fingers tease nipples “Mmm, you’re beautiful…stand up”

Standing, dress falls to the floor, hands trace lightly down my back
Breathing shallows, finger nails tickle the flesh of my thighs as my panties are lowered
Eyes close as hands caress my lower back, lips journey slowly South from my ribs, to my navel, further still…
Backed onto my desk, shoulders pushed gently back, legs slowly parted…

Breath stops as lips touch the crease between my thigh and my pussy…
Exhale nervously as her tongue slides over my clit…
Times passes in a blur…ecstasy ensues

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Business Trip: Part Two ~ The Flight

This morning he seems a little off with me.  I put it down to the fact that we had to wake up at 3.15am and he is probably just tired, a sleep on the plane should sort that out.

"Sabrina!  Come on, they are calling our flight to board."
"Sorry Mr Marcs, I was in a world of my own then."
"Well wake up girl, we have a busy day ahead of us when we get there.  I suggest you get some sleep on the plane."
I roll my eyes when his back is turned.  Wow, he really is a grump when he's deprived of sleep!  It's lucky that we have a nine hour flight ahead of us, he should be a bit more cheery by the end of it as long as he sleeps.  We wait in silence as we queue to board the plane.

I look at my ticket, seat 119C, great I have an aisle seat.  There's nothing worse than having to sit next to some annoying stranger on a long distance flight.  I find our seats and step aside to let Mr Marcs get into his seat.  The potentially annoying stranger is already occupying the window seat; he is a very attractive 40-something guy dressed in an expensive looking suit.  Mr Marcs looks at me impatiently.
"Well what are you waiting for girl, take your seat.  We're holding up the other passengers."
"But...", I sigh and think twice about arguing and take my place in the middle seat. 
I smile to myself realising that I am going to be sandwiched between two handsome older men for the next nine hours - could be worse! 

It's four hours into the flight and I am watching some mindless romantic comedy and freezing my ass off.  I forgot that the air conditioning always seems to be set to Arctic on planes and didn't bring anything to cover my arms.  I am rubbing my arms to try and warm up a bit when Mr 40-something calls to the air hostess.
"Excuse me Miss"
"Yes Sir?"
"Could you bring a blanket over please"
"Of course"
I attempt to gain her attention but she's already on her way.  Damn, I could really do with a blanket too.  I'll have to ask her when she returns. 

I try to catch her eye as she approaches but her gaze is focused on my neighbour.
"Here's your blanket Sir", she holds the blanket out to him with an over the top smile plastered on her face.  Ok, it's more a friendly smile but her ignorance towards me is beginning to grate on my last nerve.
"Thanks but it's not for me, it's for the lovely lady next to me", he turns to me and takes the blanket from her.
"I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help but but overhear your teeth chattering", he laughs.  "Okay, that may be an exagerration but you seem cold at best."
"Thanks, that's really kind of you...", I pause for him to introduce himself.
"Simon" I take his extended hand and shake, mentally noting that he has a nice firm hand shake and great hands. 
"Sabrina, and the person sleeping next to me is my boss Mr Marcs"
"Nice to meet you Sabrina.  So you are going to Florida on business?  You will manage to make time for pleasure too I hope?"
"Yes on business.  I'm not sure how much leisure time I'll have if any at all but I enjoy my work so it's not too bad." Pulling the blanket up around my neck I smile at him.
During our chat I find out that Simon is also on business but he intends to let loose while he's out there as he'll have the evenings free.  He is staying just a few miles down the road from our hotel.  He's single, 41 and never been married.  This is the fifth time he's visited Florida, he loves it there.

I wake Mr Marcs when breakfast is served and all three of us eat in silence.  He is in much better spirits after his nap and once our trays are cleared he strikes up conversation with me.  When he excuses himself to go to the toilet Simon takes the opportunity to speak to me again.
"Have you warmed up now that you've had that blanket on for a while?"
"Yes, I'm much warmer thanks.  I'm not planning on taking the blanket off anytime soon though, the air is so cold"
Mr Marcs returns but Simon continues talking to me and I don't want to be rude so I simply turn and smile at my boss and turn my attention back to Simon.  We are in the middle of discussing our shared love of the comedian Jack Dee when I feel something on my knee.  I pause midsentence look down at my knee which is covered by the blanket and quickly resume talking to Simon when I realise that it's Mr Marcs's hand. 

His hand inches up my thigh a little further every few minutes and I begin to find it really difficult to focus on Simon.  His hand is under my dress resting on my bare thigh, his finger pokes at the opposite thigh and I adjust my position and open my legs a fraction further.  I hold my breath and pretend to be engrossed in what Simon is saying as I feel his finger tips slip under the material of my panties and part my pussy lips.  I daren't turn and look at him.  Clearing my throat I relax a little as he makes no further movements.  Although obviously aware of the fingers on my pussy I manage to process what Simon is saying again finally and get back into the conversation.  I am caught off guard when Mr Marcs cruelly pinches my clit some five minutes later.  I cry out and jump in reaction to the pain he inflicted.  Simon looks concerned.
"Sabrina, is everything okay?", I turn my head to answer Mr Marcs who has a worried expression on his face.  Very amusing, I think to myself sarcastically.
"Fine thanks Sir, just a trapped nerve.  I must have moved awkwardly or something." 
"Oh that's okay then...try not to make anymore sudden movements, I imagine that will only make things worse"
"Yes Sir, that's good advice I'll be sure to follow", I had the feeling I'd just been informed that there was more to come.
"It's a nightmare if you get a trapped nerve that keeps playing up.  I had one for about three months once", Simon tells Mr Marcs.
"Oh tell me about it.  I had the same problem", his face shows no trace of the fact that beneath my blanket his finger and thumb are slowly and firmly rolling and squeezing my clit. 
I must have been focusing too intently on what was going on in my panties because I missed my cue in the conversation.
"Sorry Simon, what was that?"
"David here was saying that we should all meet for a meal sometime in the week"
"Oh, well as I am on company time if Mr Marcs says I can attend then of course I would love to"
"Of course you will attend Sabrina.  You don't think I'd neglect to take you out to eat do you?", as he said the word 'neglect' he squeezed so hard that it slipped out from between his finger and thumb.
I've no idea how I managed to supress a reaction but I did. 
"Honestly, sometimes I don't know where the girl's head is at", he laughs to Simon.

His fingers move off my clit and further down my pussy.  He asks me to tell Simon about the restaurant in Florida that Phil from accounts recommended.  As I tell Simon that it is an Italian I feel my boss's fingers pushing inside me.  Every time I try to steer the conversation back to Mr Marcs so that the two of them could talk and I could just smile and nod he would pull me right back into it.  He was fucking me with quite unsubtle movements.  I glance down and notice that you could clearly see his arm moving under the blanket.  I look at Simon and catch him looking up from the blanket.  I blush as he smiles a knowing smile. 
"So David, how long have you had the pleasure of having this lovely lady be your personal assistant?"
So now all three of us are aware that we all know that my boss's fingers are currently working my pussy under the blanket.  It seems that this makes little difference to Mr Marcs who doesn't falter as he answers Simon.
"Sabrina's been with the company for several months now but has really progressed with her role the last week or so", he winks at me for Simon's benefit and presses his palm against my sensitive clit. 
I smile and nod, supressing the moan that almost escapes my lips as he moves his palm on my clit and strokes me inside.

Simon shifts in his seat, he looks uncomfortable.  It is clear the reason for his fidgeting is most likely the same thing that is causing the front of his trousers to strain.  I meet his eyes and he shrugs as if to say "well can you blame me?".  The conversation dies as both men seem intent on watching me.  Feeling self conscious I close my eyes to shut out their staring.  His fingers leave my pussy moments later and his hand rests on my thigh.  My eyes spring open wide as I feel fingers entering my panties from Simons direction.
"Cum for him girl", Mr Marcs whispers in my ear.
I nod in response to him as my gaze is held by Simon.  He fingers me differently than my boss did and the change in technique only seems to liven up my pussy.  Circling his fingers inside me and tapping my clit with his thumb he has me in a right state in barely any time at all.  Having my boss whispering in my ear that I am a good girl while he watches a practical stranger fingering my pussy proves to be an extreme turn on unsurprisingly.  Simon slows his movements for a few minutes as the air hostess goes by then picks up speed as the coast becomes clear.  Mr Marcs continues with his whispers.
"You love it don't you dirty girl", I nod in reply to my boss.
"Tell Simon that you love it"
"I love this", I whisper very quietly to Simon.
Simon laughs a little, "It hadn't escaped my notice".
He keeps working my pussy with his fingers, his face shows his clear intent on making me cum.  As Mr Marcs whispers dirty sweet nothings in my ear I feel myself cumming and turn my head in Simon's direction to conceal my face from any passers by, it would take one slight glance at me otherwise to know that I was mid orgasm.

Simon waited a little while after my orgasm had subsided before asking to pass by so that he could go to the toilet.  He said he had to take care of something that wasn't going to go away by itself.
"Well that worked out even better than I'd intended thanks to your new friend Simon.  I don't like to be ignored Sabrina, I told you you were mine this week and I meant it.  Do not make me have to take such measures to attract your attention again is that clear?"

The Business Trip: Part One ~ Before The Flight

I had been looking forward to this trip for the last two weeks.  Mr Marcs told me that he'd need me while he was away because he was going to be extremely busy and wouldn't have the time to organise everything himself while he was out in Florida.  Seven whole days alone with him, who knows what we'll get up to!  Since our little liaison in the stationary cupboard last week we had continued to flirt outrageously and I was hoping that we'd have some repeat performances while we were away.  We are staying over at a hotel in Heathrow tonight because our flight is at 4.45am tomorrow morning. 

I'm just about to get in the bath when there's a knock at my room door.  I put on my robe and answer the door, it's Mr Marcs.  He enters and closes the door behind him, backs me against the wall and slips his hand inside my robe to cup my breast as he kisses me gently on the mouth.  As he breaks the kiss he unties my robe and slips it off my shoulders.  Dropping to his knees he lifts my right leg at the knee and holds it out to the side against the wall as he lowers his head and plants a light kiss at the top of my pussy.  I gasp as his tongue slips between my lips and flickers over my clit.  He laps at my pussy and sucks my clit teasing it intermittently with his tongue.  Before long I am quietly groaning, my pussy is incredibly wet and I can feel an orgasm building.  I am sent over the edge as he clamps my clit between his teeth and quickly flicks his tongue back and forth over it.  I cry out as I begin to cum and try to push his head away as he continues working my clit this way relentlessly throughout my orgasm.  As that orgasm subsides another builds and I am cumming again just as strongly.  This time he pulls his mouth away from my pussy and roughly shoves two fingers inside me and firmly strokes my g-spot as his thumb moves over my clit. 
"Oh! Please stop, I can't take it anymore", I dig my fingers against the wall, my one leg supporting my weight feels weak. 
"Sure you can my girl", he laughs.
"Mmm, I can't! Please!", I try to move away from his hand but he has his fingers deep inside me and a firm hold on me. 
He just works my pussy harder the more I move my hips.  As I feel another wave of pleasure course through my body and my pussy squeeze at his fingers I truly believe I am going to collapse if he keeps going. 

Despite being extremely relieved as I feel his fingers leave my pussy there is a small part of me that is disappointed.  Allowing me to lower my leg, he gets to his feet and scoops me up in his arms.  Walking to the bed he lays me gently down.  I am still breathing heavily, recovering from the three intense orgasms.  Looking at me for a moment a grin spreads across his face.
"Get some rest you are going to need it"
He walks across the room and opens the door to leave,he turns his head as he leaves.
"See you at 3.30.  You are mine this week Sabrina"

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Flirting With The Boss

So, today I went a lot further than the usual flirting and flashing with my boss Mr Marcs.  We've been flirting ever since I joined the company as his secretary six months ago and I saw today coming a mile off.  I know it's one of the oldest clich├ęs around but hey, that doesn't make it any less fun!

The morning started in the same way as every other morning.  I was in early at 8.00am and Mr Marcs arrived at 9.00am, walked past my desk which faces his from across the room, and greeted me without a glance in my direction (I should point out that the Directors have their own private offices which they share with their secretaries).  Once he'd logged into his computer and dealt with the messages I'd left on his desk I received the first email of the day.  I never know what time his emails will start so between the time of his arrival at the office and the receipt of his first email I check my inbox approximately every 30 seconds!  It would be a massive understatement to say that they are the highlight of my day and you will understand why soon enough:    

Mr Marcs: Good morning Sabrina, you are looking particularly delicious today.

Sabrina: Thank you Sir, I'm glad that you approve.

Mr Marcs:  How was your evening?

Sabrina:  Fairly boring, I just got some housework done and watched a little television.  How was yours?

Mr Marcs:  Oh, that does sound boring indeed.  Mine wasn't too bad...I had some interesting thoughts to keep me entertained later in the evening.

Sabrina: Oh?  What thoughts Sir?

Mr Marcs:  I wonder if my Sabrina is wearing panties today.  Spread your legs my girl let me see.

Mr Marcs:  Nice.  Are they new?  I don't recall seeing them before. 

Sabrina: Yes, I picked them out for you at the weekend. 

Mr Marcs:  Mmm, good.  Show me the bra...

Mr Marcs:  Very nice indeed.  Only refasten one of the buttons on your blouse I want to glimpse the curves of your breasts while I work.  

Sabrina:  How's this Sir?

Mr Marcs:  Perfect.  

30 minutes later...

Mr Marcs:   Sabrina, your breasts have me somewhat distracted.  I can't help but imagine my mouth on them and my hands massaging them.

Sabrina:  I have imagined that many times myself Sir.

Mr Marcs:  Have you now?  What else have you imagined?

Sabrina:  I am almost embarrassed to say Sir.

Mr Marcs:  I insist...

Sabrina:  Well, I have imagined your mouth and your hands elsewhere too.

Mr Marcs:  What would I be doing with my hands?

Sabrina:  Umm, sometimes you are brushing your fingers over the outside of my pussy or squeezing my ass.  Most often I imagine your fingers inside me...

Mr Marcs:  Okay.  What about my mouth, you say that you have imagined that elsewhere.  What do you imagine me doing then?

Sabrina:  I have imagined you kissing my inner thighs, then kissing along the lips of my pussy before slipping your tongue between them.  Then you would tease my clit with your tongue before sucking it then teasing it some more.

Mr Marcs:  Hmm, you have thought about this a lot it seems.  Tell me girl, is your pussy getting wet?

Sabrina:  It is Sir.

Mr Marcs:  Good.  Part your legs wide under your desk, slip your hand inside your panties and I want you to use your index finger to play with your clit slowly for!  I have a couple of calls to make but I'll have my eye on you.

15 minutes later...

Mr Marcs:  You are doing well.  I bet your pussy is wonderfully wet by now?

Sabrina:  Yes, I am really wet now Sir, very worked up!

Mr Marcs:  Just how I like you to be Sabrina.  My cock is getting restless with this talk of your wet pussy...

Sabrina:  Maybe it needs some attention Sir?

Mr Marcs:  You'd like to give my cock some attention wouldn't you?

Sabrina:  I really would.  I would pay it very special attention...  

Mr Marcs:  You can take your hand from your pussy now.  Let me see you suck the finger that you just had on your pussy.

Mr Marcs:  Mmm, so sexy!  Good girl.  I have that meeting with the CFO now.  

2 hours later...

Mr Marcs:  I couldn't get your pussy out of my mind during the entire meeting, I may just as well have not been there.  

Sabrina:  Sorry Sir.  I had difficulty focusing too.

Mr Marcs:  And what was it that had you distracted my girl?  Be specific and detailed in your answer.

Sabrina:  I couldn't help but think about your cock getting restless.  I wondered what it looks like and what it would feel like...

Mr Marcs:  Are you less distracted now?

Sabrina:    No, I am more distracted than ever now seeing you sat across from me.

Mr Marcs:  We can't have that.  We must do something to get you refocused on your work...Go to the stationary cupboard immediately.

I hurried to the stationary cupboard hoping that I didn't look as suspect as I felt.  Once inside the small room I played with my hands nervously.  I couldn't believe that I had played with my pussy in front of him and then at that moment was waiting for him so that we could do what exactly?  As the door handle moved a few minutes later my stomach flipped.

As soon as he closed the door behind him he crossed the small space between us and, grabbing my ass with both hands, pulled me tight against him.  I could feel his cock pressing into hip as we kissed passionately.  He lifted my skirt with his hands and pulled my panties down over my ass.  Leading me backwards until the backs of my legs made contact with the low storage cupboards he'd lifted one hand from my ass and had it inside my bra groping my breast.  He lifted me so that I was sat on the cupboard and pulled my panties off completely, then shifted me forward so that my ass was on the edge of the cupboard and I was leaning back, my shoulders against the wall.  He lifted my breasts out of the cups in my bra and as he kissed and sucked my breasts all over he unfastened his trousers and lowered his underwear.  He stood up straight for a moment and looked at me and grinned.  I took in the sight of his stiff cock and held my hand out to touch it, it felt so smooth, the head was a little wet when I ran my finger over it.

Placing his hands on my knees he parted my legs and put two fingers between my lips and explored my pussy for a moment.  He commented that I had obviously been waiting for this as long as he had and with that he moved in closer and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy.  Leaning in and taking one of my nipples between his teeth he rubbed it with the tip of his tongue as he plunged his cock inside me.  One arm wrapped around my waist he kissed and nibbled my ears and neck and used his other hand to play with my clit.  I pursed my lips together tightly as I came, conscious of the fact that people walked past this cupboard frequently and I would be heard if I made a noise.  Mr Marcs whispered in my ear as I was cumming "Good girl, you look so hot as you cum for me".  He gave a few slow hard thrusts, his mouth still by my ear.  I heard him hold his breath for a moment before letting out a quiet low moan.  Pinned in place by his strong arm, which was still wrapped around my waist, I felt his cock twitching inside me as he came.
We didn't hang around afterwards and quickly got ourselves presentable again.  He left first and I followed after him a few minutes later loaded with supplies.  When I sat back at my desk I had an email waiting for me.

Mr Marcs:  Your unruly behaviour is becoming quite a concern Sabrina, I may need to schedule an after hours spanking to bring you back in line...

Sabrina:  As you wish Sir.