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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Business Trip: Part One ~ Before The Flight

I had been looking forward to this trip for the last two weeks.  Mr Marcs told me that he'd need me while he was away because he was going to be extremely busy and wouldn't have the time to organise everything himself while he was out in Florida.  Seven whole days alone with him, who knows what we'll get up to!  Since our little liaison in the stationary cupboard last week we had continued to flirt outrageously and I was hoping that we'd have some repeat performances while we were away.  We are staying over at a hotel in Heathrow tonight because our flight is at 4.45am tomorrow morning. 

I'm just about to get in the bath when there's a knock at my room door.  I put on my robe and answer the door, it's Mr Marcs.  He enters and closes the door behind him, backs me against the wall and slips his hand inside my robe to cup my breast as he kisses me gently on the mouth.  As he breaks the kiss he unties my robe and slips it off my shoulders.  Dropping to his knees he lifts my right leg at the knee and holds it out to the side against the wall as he lowers his head and plants a light kiss at the top of my pussy.  I gasp as his tongue slips between my lips and flickers over my clit.  He laps at my pussy and sucks my clit teasing it intermittently with his tongue.  Before long I am quietly groaning, my pussy is incredibly wet and I can feel an orgasm building.  I am sent over the edge as he clamps my clit between his teeth and quickly flicks his tongue back and forth over it.  I cry out as I begin to cum and try to push his head away as he continues working my clit this way relentlessly throughout my orgasm.  As that orgasm subsides another builds and I am cumming again just as strongly.  This time he pulls his mouth away from my pussy and roughly shoves two fingers inside me and firmly strokes my g-spot as his thumb moves over my clit. 
"Oh! Please stop, I can't take it anymore", I dig my fingers against the wall, my one leg supporting my weight feels weak. 
"Sure you can my girl", he laughs.
"Mmm, I can't! Please!", I try to move away from his hand but he has his fingers deep inside me and a firm hold on me. 
He just works my pussy harder the more I move my hips.  As I feel another wave of pleasure course through my body and my pussy squeeze at his fingers I truly believe I am going to collapse if he keeps going. 

Despite being extremely relieved as I feel his fingers leave my pussy there is a small part of me that is disappointed.  Allowing me to lower my leg, he gets to his feet and scoops me up in his arms.  Walking to the bed he lays me gently down.  I am still breathing heavily, recovering from the three intense orgasms.  Looking at me for a moment a grin spreads across his face.
"Get some rest you are going to need it"
He walks across the room and opens the door to leave,he turns his head as he leaves.
"See you at 3.30.  You are mine this week Sabrina"

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