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Monday, 12 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part Two

It was almost 1pm and time to reinsert my plug for the third time that day. My panties were well past damp at this point and I was eager to continue with my task. As I walked to the bathroom I could feel the slippery wetness between my legs. My mind had wandered to thoughts of my Master before I'd even closed the door behind me. I distractedly dropped my bag on the floor beside me, hiked up my skirt and rubbed lightly at the crotch of my panties, teasing myself for a moment. I shivered as my finger nail lightly brushed over my swollen clit through the damp fabric of my panties. You'd think that after having four orgasms already that morning I would have had enough but the more I have, the more I want. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side eagerly and plunged two fingers inside myself. I found my clit with my thumb and massaged it determinedly; I was so horny I needed to cum five minutes ago. As I felt my climax build I placed my left hand over my mouth; I didn't trust myself to keep the noise down when I came - last time had been a close enough call. My hand stilled and the back of my head pressed firmly against the wall. The sound of pure ecstasy was muffled by the palm of my left hand as the walls of my pussy contracted around the fingers of my right. I let my hand drop from my mouth and breathed heavily as the last of my orgasm pulsed through my pussy causing it to twitch every few seconds. My palm was pressed firmly against my clit, my hand cupping my pussy.

I reluctantly removed my hand from my pussy and washed my hands. I took my plug from my bag as I already had done twice that morning. This time I put my right foot up on the toilet, lubricated the plug with my juices and found my anus with it's tip. I heard the door to the bathroom open - I'd forgotten to lock it behind me! I've never moved so fast; I dropped my foot to the floor and spun around, holding my plug in my hand behind my back. My skirt was still hiked up but that was the least of my worries. You'd think Mr Harris would have apologised and closed the door as soon as he realised I was in the bathroom but instead, he took a step further into the room and closed the door behind him before slowly sliding the lock across.
"Sorry Mr Harris, I'll just be a minute and then the bathroom will be free", I assured him.
"What do you have behind your back Maddison?" His expression was questioning and serious.
"Nothing", I shrugged and tried to appear casual.
"Show me your hands", he held his palms out to take my hands in his and I shook my head to tell him no.
"Come on Maddison, I have better things to be doing with my time than checking on lazy employees. Show me, now."
I almost died of embarrassment as I brought both hands in front of me - my right hand holding my plug.
"I see...assume the position that you were in when I entered", I stood frozen to the spot, unsure what was going on exactly.
"Again Maddison I seem to have to remind you that I am a very busy man. I am waiting..."
Hesitantly I turned my back on him and put my right foot up on the toilet and leaned forward slightly. He took my plug from my hand and ran the tip up the inside of my thigh before teasing my pussy with it. I thought I was going to cum again, my fingers gripped desperately at the wall as my breath became ragged. He stopped and I heard him whisper "my my" to himself. The tip of the plug was being pressed extremely slowly into my ass. Impatiently I pushed my ass back toward him and he reacted by grabbing my throat firmly with his free hand.
"You will wait", was all he said and continued with the slow intrusion.
As my ass closed around the base of the plug I heard him groan. He leaned into me, his mouth close to my ear.
"Such a pretty little ass Maddie", his smooth hand ran over my thigh.
"Thank you", I whispered, not quite sure what else to say.

I remained still as he put my panties right and took my ankle in his hand moving it and signalling for me to drop my foot back down to the floor. He smoothed my skirt back down over my hips and turned my to face him. He grabbed my ass with his hand, pulling me to him, his hand pushing against my plug. As he held me against him I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hip.
"Come to my office at 4.30pm, you are not to visit the bathroom before that time", he spoke quietly but there was no mistaking that he was serious.
I nodded my understanding and allowed my self to be ushered speechlessly out of the bathroom. It seemed I'd gotten myself caught between a rock and a hard place...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part One

I woke that morning to an email detailing my task for the day:


Take your plug to work with you today. You are to wear it for an hour on, an hour off throughout the day. Each time you insert/remove the plug you are to bring yourself to orgasm. I expect a full report at the end of the day.


I sprang out of bed to get ready for work, excited for my day to start.

I arrived at the office at 8.45am and decided to wait until 9am to start the task as it would be easier to keep track if I knew I had to perform on the hour. I work at a small office and there's only one unisex bathroom. I would have to be quick and effective with my task to ensure that I wasn't disturbed. The time came for me to start so I made my way to the bathroom and hung my handbag on the hook on the back of the door. I rested my back against the wall, hiked up my black pencil skirt and slipped my hand down the front of my panties. I closed my eyes and sighed as my fingers made contact with my clit. My pussy was already wet from the morning's anticipation of the day ahead. I'd foregone my usual morning masturbation so I came quick and easily. My hands trembled with the after effects of my orgasm as I washed them in the sink afterwards.

I retrieved my plug from the ziplock bag inside my handbag. Pulling my panties to the side I ran the plug through my wetness, dipping it inside my pussy a couple of times. Once I was sure it was lubricated enough I pulled my panties down around my thighs and bent forward, legs slightly parted. I found my anus with the tip of the plug with a precision that comes only through practice. I pressed firmly and enjoyed the sensation as the plug slid in, inch by inch, slowly spreading me open. As my tight hole gripped keenly around the base of the plug I straightened up and pulled up my panties. Walking to the sink I could feel the plug deep inside me and a fresh stirring of arousal seeped through my pussy. I washed my hands again and straightened up my skirt, brushing my hand over the area covering the plug - this was a nervous habit I had when I wore a plug. I knew that there was no way it could possibly be visible but it was a comfort to run my hand over the area anyway. As I left the bathroom and made my way back to the office I passed Mr Harris (my boss) in the corridor. I grinned to myself after I said hello to him - if only he knew what his Administrator really got up to during the day! I sat at my desk and wriggled in my seat a bit, teasing my ass with the plug. I tried hard to concentrate on my work as I waited for the next 55 minutes to pass.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Now Cum!

She was awoken by the sound of the telephone ringing.  She looked at the display on her digital alarm clock; it was 2.40am.  She felt a moment of panic, something must be wrong for someone to be calling her in the early hours of the morning.  She grabbed her phone from the bedside table.
"Hello?" The prospect of something being wrong had sprung her fully awake.
There was silence on the other end of the phone.
"Hello?  Hello?" When there was no answer she sighed resignedly and hung up the phone.
Moments later the phone rang again.  She looked at the display to identify the caller but the number was witheld.  She answered the call but this time remained silent.  She held her breath and listened, she could hear the sound of someone breathing before she was startled by the sound of a raspy voice.
"Hello Adriana", she didn't recognise the voice.
"Hi, sorry...who is this?"
"Never mind about that for now.  I've been watching you and you intrigue me, very much so.  I wish to play with you, and I always get what I wish for..."
"Whatever weirdo!" A bit unsettled by the call she hung up and tried to go back to sleep.

She'd not long drifted back to sleep when the phone rang again.  In a groggy haze she picked it up without thinking.
"Firstly, do not hang up...", damn, it was the creepy caller again.
"Let me make this very clear to you sweetheart - you hang up and I come over there.  Do you understand?"
"Ok", he had her attention and she was scared.
"Let me hear you say that you understand"
"Yes, I understand", her words were quiet and mumbled. 
She looked around for her other phone, maybe she could text someone to come around and get her.
"Now, you annoyed me when you hung up on me.  I had to wait until I'd calmed down before I called you back but I am still angry.  Tell me what you're wearing."
"Umm, vest and shorts"
"Take off the vest", she paused for a moment.
It ocurred to Adriana that he wouldn't know if she'd taken it off or not so she waited a moment then told him it was off.
"Don't ever lie to me!  Now try that again", confused as to how he knew that she'd lied she hesitantly removed her vest.
"Better, now run downstairs and get yourself a wooden spoon.  Take the phone with you, no messing around I want you straight back upstairs once you have the spoon."
"Ok", she rushed downstairs and retrieved a spoon and made her way upstairs immediately, too nervous to defy him again.

She told him when she was back in her bedroom.
"Good now listen to me very carefully.  You are going to do exactly as I tell you.  If you don't, I will come over there...and trust me, you don't want that tonight.  Put your phone on speaker, you're not going to be able to hold it in your hand for a while."
"Ok", she whimpered and pressed the button to activate the speaker phone.
"On your hands and knees in the centre of the bed", she positioned herself as instructed.
"Have you done it?"
"Yes I have", she'd placed the phone on the bed in front of her.
"Well tell me when you've done as I've told you girl.  Now take the spoon in your right hand"
"I have it"
"Good girl.  Now I want you to smack the right cheek of your ass with the spoon.  Let me hear it..."
She tapped herself with the spoon and told him that she'd done it.
He laughed, "Girl, you'd better try better than that!  I barely heard a sound.  Again."
She smacked herself harder with the spoon and gasped as she felt the sting in her ass cheek.
"Much better.  Now give me ten of those and I want you to count them out for me"
"Ok...", she reached behind and smacked herself.
"Good girl, just like that", she found herself feeling pleased that he was satisfied that she was doing it right - this confused her.
Smack! "Two"
Smack! "Three"
Smack! "Four", she paused for a fraction of a second before counting after each one.
Smack! "Five"
"You're doing well, keep it up.  You're pleasing me right now", he encouraged her.  She felt herself blush, a small smile playing on her lips.
Smack! "Six"
Smack! "Seven"
Smack! "Ouch!...Eight"
Smack! "Nine"
Smack! "Ten", she put her hand back down on the bed
"How do you feel?"
"I feel embarrassed", she hung her head and waited for him to talk.
"Good.  Now, take the spoon in your left hand and do the same for your left cheek."
Without hesitation she took the spoon and began to administer the same treatment to her left side.

Once she'd finished on her left side she placed the spoon down again and registered the pleasant sensation of a very slight heat in her ass.
"Stay on your hands and knees.  I want you to take your right nipple between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand and squeeze and twist it for me."
She took it lightly between her thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed and twisted.
"Ok, I'm doing it."
"Well you can't be doing it properly.  I want you to squeeze hard, real hard for me and twist it good!"
She did as he said.
"Ow! No please, it hurts!"
"That's ok baby, that just means that you're doing it right.  Keep going."
She squeezed and twisted and made sounds of protest as she inflicted pain on herself for him.
"Right hand, left nipple - now.  Do it."
She was relieved to switch sides but reluctant to inflict the same treatment on her left nipple.  Despite her reluctance she squeezed and twisted until she cried out in pain.  He remained silent for a while other than to tell her to squeeze harder the moment she stopped whimpering.

"Now lie on your back for me.  Place your index finger between the lips of your pussy.  Tell me, are you wet?"
She was surprised when she ran her fingers between her lips that she was very wet.
"Yes I am"
"And why do you think that is?"
"I don't know"
"Oh come now.  I'm sure you do - think hard.  What could it be that's gotten you all worked up?"
She was too embarrassed to tell him that it had been the act of being on all fours and striking herself with a spoon. 
"I really couldn't tell you why.  I guess it could have been when you made me pinch my nipples?"
"Adriana, we both know that's not the reason, though it probably added to your state.  Tell me now - I told you earlier that you need to do exactly as I say.  Don't defy me."
"I can't", she whimpered.  Her face bright red with embarrassment.
"Ok, let me help you out.  Do you think it may have had something to do with you being on all fours with that pretty little ass in the air for me?  Maybe you liked when you took that spoon and smacked that ass for me?  Or, how about when I told you that you were a good girl and that you were pleasing me - I think you must have liked that part?"
"Yes", she whispered.
"Yes to which part?" He laughed and she could tell that he was genuinely enjoying himself.
"Yes to all of it"
"Well that's good."

He'd gone quiet for a while but she resisted the urge to check if he was still on the line and waited in silence.
"We're going to have a bit more fun now"
"Do you have any toys?"
"Yes I do."
"What do you have?"  She listed her small collection of toys to him.
"Good, get your dildo now"
"Ok", she went to her drawer and retrieved her dildo. 
"Now, lay on your back and spread your legs real wide for me"
"Ok, I've done that"
"Good.  I want you to dip two fingers in your wetness then play with your clit.  I want you to fan your fingers over it real fast for me ok?"
"Yes, ok", she dipped two fingers into her pussy then began to tease her clit as he'd instructed.
"Are you playing with that clit for me Adriana?"
"Yes I am", she told him, a little put off by his interruption of her concentration.
"You're a little whore aren't you girl?"
"No, I'm not!" She stopped, angry at the insult.
"You'd better still be playing girl", she quickly returned her fingers to her pussy.
"Yes I am"
"There's a good whore, good slut. I bet you fuck anyone that asks don't you?"
"No, no I don't.  I'm not those things."
"You are now baby.  You're on your back, on your bed playing with your clit for me.  Do you think that makes you an angel?" He laughed, "No, you are definitely my good little slut right now."
She thought about what he was saying for a moment.  She hadn't realised it whilst he was taking to her but her fingers were working faster and she was beginning to get really turned on.
"Say it!"
She hesitated to speak, her fingers never slowing.
"Say it!"
"I, I'm your good slut", her face reddened for the umpteenth time that night.
"Yes you are.  You love it too don't you?"
"Yes, yes I love it", she could feel an orgasm approaching.
"Stop!", her fingers froze on her clit.
"Take your dildo and fuck yourself with it.  I want you to use long hard thrusts do you understand?"
"Yes, I understand", she took the dildo in her left hand and pressed the tip at the entrance of her pussy. 
She sighed as she pushed it in slowly and felt it stretching her walls.  She began to slowly fuck herself with the dildo using long hard strokes as he'd told her.
"Ok, I am going to count down from ten - while I'm doing this I want you to fuck yourself hard and as fast as you can", she told him ok and on hearing him start the countdown she began fucking herself frantically.
He counted slowly.  She could feel the ridge of the dildo teasing her gspot as she pumped it in and out relentlessly.
"You do not cum unless I say so. with your clit with the other hand but don't stop fucking yourself"
She whimpered but didn't stop.  He continued his countdown, in between he was interrupted with the odd "please, oh god no, stop, I can't and I need to cum" from her.  She was throwing her head back, biting her lip, her eyes shut tight in desperation.
Just as he'd counted two she couldn't take it any longer.
"Please, please can I cum now?!"
"No you can't!  How dare you even ask.  I'll tell you when, do you understand?!"
"Yes, I'm sorry"
"Good, now I'm going to count down from ten again- when I tell you you will cum"
"Ok", she struggled to hold off for a while longer but then was confident that she'd chased it away for the time being.

"10...", it dawned on her that getting back into a place where she was about to cum within his countdown was going to be more than a little difficult.
"5...she can't do it.  The useless girl is going to fail!" the sound of his mocking laughter put her off her stride.
"4...Time's ticking away girl - are you going to fail?  Are you going to make me have to come over there?"
"Please stop it!! You're putting me off", she begged him.
"2...I don't hear you getting close.  I can hear you fucking with that dildo frantically but I don't hear anything else?"
"Please no, not yet.  I'm not ready!" She pleaded with him.
 "Do it now!"

Breathless from the exertion she let out a cry and then apologised for failing to follow his order.
"I can't!  I couldn't do it, I'm sorry", she sounded defeated and exhausted.
"Not good enough!  That's very, very disappointing.  There is no other option, I am going to have to come to you and see to you myself", with that, the line went dead.  What can only be described as a fearful thrill rushed through her as she was left to wonder if and when the stranger would turn up at her door.