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Monday, 12 March 2012

New Day - New Task: Part Two

It was almost 1pm and time to reinsert my plug for the third time that day. My panties were well past damp at this point and I was eager to continue with my task. As I walked to the bathroom I could feel the slippery wetness between my legs. My mind had wandered to thoughts of my Master before I'd even closed the door behind me. I distractedly dropped my bag on the floor beside me, hiked up my skirt and rubbed lightly at the crotch of my panties, teasing myself for a moment. I shivered as my finger nail lightly brushed over my swollen clit through the damp fabric of my panties. You'd think that after having four orgasms already that morning I would have had enough but the more I have, the more I want. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side eagerly and plunged two fingers inside myself. I found my clit with my thumb and massaged it determinedly; I was so horny I needed to cum five minutes ago. As I felt my climax build I placed my left hand over my mouth; I didn't trust myself to keep the noise down when I came - last time had been a close enough call. My hand stilled and the back of my head pressed firmly against the wall. The sound of pure ecstasy was muffled by the palm of my left hand as the walls of my pussy contracted around the fingers of my right. I let my hand drop from my mouth and breathed heavily as the last of my orgasm pulsed through my pussy causing it to twitch every few seconds. My palm was pressed firmly against my clit, my hand cupping my pussy.

I reluctantly removed my hand from my pussy and washed my hands. I took my plug from my bag as I already had done twice that morning. This time I put my right foot up on the toilet, lubricated the plug with my juices and found my anus with it's tip. I heard the door to the bathroom open - I'd forgotten to lock it behind me! I've never moved so fast; I dropped my foot to the floor and spun around, holding my plug in my hand behind my back. My skirt was still hiked up but that was the least of my worries. You'd think Mr Harris would have apologised and closed the door as soon as he realised I was in the bathroom but instead, he took a step further into the room and closed the door behind him before slowly sliding the lock across.
"Sorry Mr Harris, I'll just be a minute and then the bathroom will be free", I assured him.
"What do you have behind your back Maddison?" His expression was questioning and serious.
"Nothing", I shrugged and tried to appear casual.
"Show me your hands", he held his palms out to take my hands in his and I shook my head to tell him no.
"Come on Maddison, I have better things to be doing with my time than checking on lazy employees. Show me, now."
I almost died of embarrassment as I brought both hands in front of me - my right hand holding my plug.
"I see...assume the position that you were in when I entered", I stood frozen to the spot, unsure what was going on exactly.
"Again Maddison I seem to have to remind you that I am a very busy man. I am waiting..."
Hesitantly I turned my back on him and put my right foot up on the toilet and leaned forward slightly. He took my plug from my hand and ran the tip up the inside of my thigh before teasing my pussy with it. I thought I was going to cum again, my fingers gripped desperately at the wall as my breath became ragged. He stopped and I heard him whisper "my my" to himself. The tip of the plug was being pressed extremely slowly into my ass. Impatiently I pushed my ass back toward him and he reacted by grabbing my throat firmly with his free hand.
"You will wait", was all he said and continued with the slow intrusion.
As my ass closed around the base of the plug I heard him groan. He leaned into me, his mouth close to my ear.
"Such a pretty little ass Maddie", his smooth hand ran over my thigh.
"Thank you", I whispered, not quite sure what else to say.

I remained still as he put my panties right and took my ankle in his hand moving it and signalling for me to drop my foot back down to the floor. He smoothed my skirt back down over my hips and turned my to face him. He grabbed my ass with his hand, pulling me to him, his hand pushing against my plug. As he held me against him I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hip.
"Come to my office at 4.30pm, you are not to visit the bathroom before that time", he spoke quietly but there was no mistaking that he was serious.
I nodded my understanding and allowed my self to be ushered speechlessly out of the bathroom. It seemed I'd gotten myself caught between a rock and a hard place...

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