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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fun In The Sun

I had the day off work so decided to lay out in the garden for the day and sun myself.  I put my bikini on (it's a multi-coloured striped halter neck top with matching brief bottoms) and started applying my sun lotion. I rubbed the cool lotion over the smooth warm skin of my chest, then my was when I was doing my lower back that I realised that I wouldn't be able to do the whole of my back.  I shrugged it off and figured that I'd just lay on my back today.  I finished applying the lotion to the rest of my body and got my favourite sun lounger out.

My garden is large and surrounded by high fencing aside from a ten foot space between my house and next door where there's a 4ft wall.  This suited me fine because their son was at their house most weekends doing odd jobs for them, a lot of which involved sawing or chopping of some sort out in the garden.  This view I most enjoyed, particularly when he did it topless; I could watch that naked muscular back and firm denim clad ass for hours given the chance.

I placed my lotion, a cold drink and my book on the small table next to my chair and laid back, reclined the chair and closed my eyes exhaling loudly as I felt myself relax.  It was only 11.30am but the heat was intense.  I opened my eyes and looked down at my body, the skin on my arms and my stomach was glistening in the sun.  I touched my stomach, my skin was hot.  I would usually turn over at this point but didn't want to risk burning my back so I got up to go inside for five minutes.  As I walked toward the french doors next door's son James came out of their house.
"Hey Allie, how's it going?", he smiled at me and I almost melted!  He had a gorgeous smile, every time I saw it I couldn't help imagining his mouth on me.
"Hi James, just catching some sun on my day off.  Got much to do over there today?"
"Not today, just dropped in to say hi and grab some lunch a bit later with them.  You watch that you don't burn, I hope you've got plenty of lotion on"
"On the front of me, yes", I laughed.
"Well, if you need someone to do your back just give me a shout", he smiled and carried on walking up the garden.

I walked into the house smiling at the prospect of his hands on me, I glanced downwards for a moment and noticed that my nipples were very noticeable erect.  Damn that guy was hot, maybe I would take him up on his offer later if he was still around.  I put some washing in and ate a grapefruit while I cooled off then went back outside.  James was sat in a deck chair reading the paper when I passed, I didn't think he noticed me go by.  I sat back in the lounger and reapplied the sun lotion before reclining in the chair again, eyes closed. 

I must have dosed off for a little while, I could feel it go darker as though a cloud had moved across the sun.  I opened my eyes and saw James standing in front of me.
"Sorry, I called over but you didn't answer.  You're going to burn if you lay in this any longer without turning over so let me do your back for you", smiling, he held out his hand for me to pass him the bottle.
"Okay you're right, thanks" I stood up and passed him the lotion and lowered myself onto my stomach on the lounger, head resting on my arms.  I heard him open the bottle and squirt some lotion into his hands then rubbing them together.  He started at my shoulders massaging the cream in just firmly enough, my body reacted to his touch and I felt my pussy moisten.  His hands moved slowly over my skin, down my back and around to my sides, my pussy tingled as he rubbed my sides close to my breasts.  He got a little more lotion and did my lower back, smoothing the lotion in slow strokes toward my bikini bottoms.  He places his hand on my left hip and slips his hand slightly under my bikini bottoms and runs it across my back making a slow circular motion with his thumb. 
"Do you want me to get the backs of your legs for you too while I'm here?"
"Hmmm, if you don't mind?"
"Of course not", he got to his knees beside the lounger.

I felt his hands on my right ankle, he ran them up the back of my calf to my knee and back down to my ankle again.  My foot is lifted off the lounger, my leg bent at the knee as he touches every part of my lower leg with his hands remembering to include my foot.  It took a conscious effort not to groan as I lay there, I open one eye slightly to take a peek at him and the sight was wonderful!  He had his back to me so I could see the muscles in his back working through his tight t-shirt as he had his hands on me.  My pussy was properly wet now, I was glad he had his back to me because I was afraid that my lust for him would be written all over my face.  He repeated the same thing for the bottom of my left leg and the whole while I was thinking how good his hands would feel on my breasts or rubbing my ass. 

I heard him get some more lotion in his hands and then felt them on the back of my left knee.  He began rubbing his hands in long firm strokes up my thighs, just reaching the top and then his hand would leave my skin and return to the back of my knee.  With each stroke I held my breath, waiting for his hands to reach higher up my leg to my ass but they wouldn't.  He then placed his hands either side of my knee and slid them up the outside and inside of my thighs.  This time his hands reached the top of my thighs on each side, which of course meant that his finger tips were at my crotch on the inside of my leg.  An involuntary shiver ran through my body as his fingers spread out exploring more of my inner thigh.  He brought his hands back down my leg and as they started making their way back up I felt my legs part slightly.  I couldn't tell whether he had prompted me to part them or I had done it subconsciously.  This time he put his hand just slightly under my bikini bottom and ran his hand up from the inside of my thigh over the top of my leg.  I exhaled quietly and felt a little no, a lot frustrated!  He started on my other leg, giving the exact same treatment as the other initially.  As much as I was enjoying it I wanted more then, my pussy was aching to be touched. 

My eyes opened in surprise as I felt pressure on the insides of both thighs as he moved them further apart with his hands.  I held my breath in anticipation of his next move.  His hands slowly moved up my inner thighs, right up to my pussy where he moved them up over my ass and gave both cheeks a firm squeeze.  He paused for a beat, I assume to check that I was okay with the situation so I opened one eye and smiled at him.  He smiled back and smoothed and squeezed my ass again, pulling my bikini bottoms up at the back so that they slipped into the crack of my ass.  One hand moved back down between my thighs and rubbed my pussy through my bottoms.  I wriggled in the lounger as his touching of my pussy felt wonderful.  He rubbed my pussy like that for a while and I knew I would have been dripping wet by the time he pulled my bottoms to one side and slid a finger inside me followed by two others quickly after.  He moved his fingers in and out of my pussy as he kneaded my ass.  I opened my eyes to take a look at him again but was surprised to find him staring directly at my face.  I felt myself blush which was ridiculous given the circumstances.
"You pull some beautiful facial expressions when you're turned on Allie" he grins at me and winks.
I smile at him and close my eyes again relaxing into his touch more so, if that's even possible.

His mother called him from their back door to say that they were leaving for lunch and he called back for them to go ahead, he was busy and would see them when they got back. 
"Sorry about that, where was I?  At least now that they've gone to lunch we won't be interrupted or seen now huh?" he laughed.
His fingers left my pussy and I felt him pull my bottoms down over my ass, all the way off me.  He pulled my hips a little so that I was shuffled further down the lounger and then I felt a weight leaning on the lounger.  He had leaned his elbow between my legs as he put his mouth to my pussy.
"Oh yeah", I whispered. 
I couldn't help it, he had put his tongue straight to my clit flicking at it.  He moved and plunged his tongue inside my pussy, taking his time to probe and explore it.  This man had an expert mouth of that I was certain, I couldn't help but wonder about his cock...He moved his tongue back to my clit and alternated flicking it and sucking on it.  I gave a whimper as I started to cum, I gripped the sides of the lounger above my head, it was pretty intense.  He lifted his head from my pussy and slipped his fingers back inside me while I was cumming and thrust them in and out more forcefully this time, fucking me with them.
"Wow, that is such a hot fucking sight.  Didn't think I'd be knelt in your garden watching you cum on my hand today I have to admit.  So glad you are though, I need to get my cock inside you"
"I've been thinking about your cock for the last half an hour" I told him encouragingly.
"How sturdy is this lounger?"
I laughed, "I don't know but I guess we could find out"

James stood up and undid his belt and pulled down his pants.  I could see his erection through his boxers...that cock was not going to leave any space inside my pussy untouched I thought to myself.  He pulled down his boxers too then and stepped out of them, kicking off his flip flops as he did.  He moved over to me and placed his knees between my leg as he positioned himself above me.  I felt his cock nudging at the opening of my pussy and was surprised, given the size of it, how easily he entered. His arms rested beside mine above my head as he pushed his cock all the way deep inside me.  Our bodies were hot and sticky against each other and his breath was hot in my ear as he began to fuck me slowly.  His cock filled every part of my pussy, as he moved inside me I could feel it so clearly.  After a while I felt as though I might pass out from the heat, we were both dripping with sweat, particularly me as I was sandwiched between him and the lounger.  I suggested that we move our fun onto the lawn.  We both stood up and he reached his arms around my back and undid the two ties of my bikini top and let it drop to the floor.  He cupped both of my breasts in his hands and sucked them and bit my nipples.  I sighed shakily in bliss as he sucked at them.  He turned me around then and placed my hand on the pole of the clothes line. It was still hot but there was a slight breeze and so much cooler being stood up.  He rubbed his hand up and down my pussy, I could hear the sound of my wetness as he rubbed.   He entered my pussy with his cock again and began pumping hard and slow, he gently rubbed my breasts as he fucked me.  I took one of his hands in mine and squeezed harder and more roughly at my breast with it, he took the hint and I held onto the pole again to keep my footing.  I turned my head and kissed him passionately over my shoulder.  He broke the kiss and moved his hands to my hips, he began thrusting into my pussy faster, pulling me back by my hips as he thrust into me.  I could feel myself about to cum again.
"I'm gonna cum", I told him breathlessly.

He moves a hand up to the back of my neck and pushes my head down as he fucks me harder still.  I let out a cry of pleasure as I start to cum on his cock as he continued fucking me.  As I feel myself coming down from my orgasm I feel another building.  His pace hasn't faltered, I don't know how he can keep it up in this heat but he does and I feel another ripple of pleasure rolling over me, this one more intense than the last.  His arms come around the front of me and grip my shoulders as he gives one last hard thrust and I feel him twitch inside my pussy.  I can feel him cum being pumped into me, I drop my head, breathing heavily, exhausted. 

He pulls out of me and pulls me down onto the lawn and sits me beside him, we lay back just trying to catch our breath for a moment.  I offer to get him some water because I am extremely thirsty, he tells me he'd love some.
"Oh, you missed lunch with your parents too, you must be hungry I know I am...You want some nachos and dip?"  You can't beat after sex nachos ;)

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I am sat naked on a chair, my legs are parted and my hands are bound behind the chair.  I cannot see, my eyes are covered, I have no recollection of how I got here, my head hurts.

I sense a presence in the room, they are close by.  I am afraid to talk at first but then I hear movement and decide to take my chances.
"Who's there?  Where am I?"

"Shhh, no questions, be silent", his mouth is close to my ear when he speaks.  I have a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.  I feel his finger on my face, slowly tracing the line of my jaw, around to my mouth.  My bottom lip is pulled down and I feel his mouth on it, sucking it, his teeth gently grazing.  I am too shocked and confused to react.
"Mmmm" he moans, his mouth still millimeters from mine.

He places his hand on my head and pulls it firmly but gently to the right hand side exposing the left side of my neck.  I feel his tongue tracing the skin on my shoulder, my nipples stiffen in reaction to this.  I feel his teeth bite my neck hard, I cry out at the pain.
"Shhh, silence remember?" he whispers into my ear.
He trails his fingers down my neck, over my collar bone down to my breast.  He circles my stiff nipple with his finger tip twice then cups my breast with his hand and squeezes it hard.  I feel his hot mouth close over the nipple of my other breast and he sucks it hard.  I can hear only the sounds of his breathing and his mouth sucking my nipple and I hear my own breathing which is becoming more shaky by the minute.

His mouth still on my breast both of his hands run down my back to my ass and he shifts me forward in the chair so that my ass is on the edge of the seat.  His hands move slowly from my ass, down the outside of my thighs.  His mouth leaves my breast as he rubs my thighs with his hands.  He moves his hands to my inner thighs and parts my legs further.  I'm made aware of my wetness when he blows on my pussy.  I take a sharp intake of breath as he plunges a finger into my pussy.  He starts moving it in and out of me slowly, it feels so good.  His finger leaves my pussy and I feel him trace it along my lips then he inserts it into my mouth.
"Taste yourself, know that it is what I will be tasting in a moment", I sucked his finger and enjoyed the taste of myself.

His hand returns to my pussy but he uses more fingers this time, I guess at three.  I feel his breath on my pussy before his mouth closes over my clit.  I press myself to his mouth as he sucks, my clit seems so much more sensitive than usual, I assume it's down to my senses being heightened by the blindfold.  I feel his fingers moving in and out of me as he stimulates my clit.  The chair is wet with my juices and I am so turned on, I think to myself that it doesn't get much better than this.  Then I feel his thumb press at, then dip into my ass.  He edges it in further each time his fingers push deep into my pussy.  He starts thrusting with his hand harder and faster.  I feel his other hand on my breast again, he pinches my nipple hard and pulls on it.  I have to try very hard not to make a sound but it is so hard.  He releases my nipple and rubs my breast gently as he sucks really hard on my clit for a moment then he pinches and pulls my nipple again.  The switching from gentle to rough and the constant thrusting of his fingers in my pussy and ass make me start to cum on his mouth.  My body writhes and I can't help groaning out loud, it is amazing. 

His mouth leaves my pussy and I sense him stand up.  He is standing over me now, I can hear him breathing and hear the rhythm as he strokes his cock.  There's silence then a low groan...I feel warmth on my chest and stomach. 

I hear what sounds like a camera, twice.  Smell something strange...

"Good night"

I wake up in bed with a headache, it's morning.  Such a vivid dream I smile to myself then freeze as I reach for my water on the bedside table and see a Polaroid of myself...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Wet Panties

Today has been a very wet day for me.  I was lucky enough to experience a couple of new things which had me very excited. 

Last night I gave my number to a guy.  I wasn’t expecting him to contact me anytime soon so was pleasantly surprised when he did this morning.  He asked if I was dressed appropriately for the day ahead.  I told him that I wasn’t dressed yet as I had a half day. He said to make sure that I wore panties to work today as he would be contacting me while I was at work.  When I explained that leaving the office to do things may prove difficult I was given a choice:

Stuff my panties in my pussy now or wait until I had a break at work to do it.  Once they were in I was to keep them in for the duration of the working day.  I chose to do it at work obviously because I’d never done this before and wasn’t sure how it was going to feel.

A little later on I’d gotten out of the shower and thought that it was pointless putting my panties on just for the drive to work, also I was keen to get on with it now that I knew what I'd be doing.  So I contacted him and explained my thoughts on the matter.  He said that I should put them in my pussy now and take them out when I get chance at work.  By then he said they should be wet and creamy, I should taste them before I put them back on and let him know.

Today my panties were sheer black with black and silver flowers embroidered on the front.  Actually stuffing my pussy with them was a tad awkward.  First I tried sort of poking them in bit by bit with my finger but I got nowhere fast with that, only half of them were in so I pulled them back out and folded them up so that they were more of a cylindrical shape.  This tactic worked a treat and they were soon snug in my pussy.  I left them so that you could see a glimpse of the black material just inside the hole of my pussy and took a photo in case I was asked to show him later.

As I continued to get ready for work I was very much aware of my panties.  The feel of them inside me and the fact that I had been told to do this was turning me on a lot.  The whole drive to work my mind was on what I had to do once I got there.    I was excited to see if they were going to be wet and if so how wet.  I drove extra carefully because I didn't want to get in an accident and try to explain why I was wearing my panties on the inside!  I felt kind of naughty as I greeted my colleague when I arrived, knowing that I had a secret.  I asked them to watch the office for me while I nipped to the toilet.

Once inside the toilet I slipped off my shoes and trousers and put my finger and thumb into the entrance of my pussy and pulled out my panties.  I could see my juices on them shining in the light.  I sucked a section of them to confirm what he’d predicted.  I put them on and the sensation was very strange, they were damp all over.  I quickly got dressed, washed my hands and went to start work.  I contacted him to tell him what I had done.  He said that it was a shame that I hadn’t taken a picture because he would have liked to have seen my panties in my pussy.  I told him that I’d taken one just in case he’d asked and forwarded it to him.  He told me that my pussy looked perfect to be abused by his fingers, my pussy reacted warmly  to this information.  He said that I would have another task soon but he wouldn’t tell me what it was because it would give me time to change my mind.  This made me nervous, I’d say that I was imagining the worst but the truth is I knew that I probably wouldn’t even think to imagine the things that he’d suggest I do…and it was that fact made me nervous.  This kind of nervous feeling is a good one though, just a fear of the unknown but an eagerness to know it.

A little while later I had a message that told me I had two choices:

A: Put a marker pen in my pussy and keep it in all day or B:  piss my panties and stuff them back in my pussy or piss my panties and continue to wear them.

Wow! I had been right earlier, I wouldn't have though of either of these things.  I told him that I chose the marker pen as I didn’t have time to mess about with stuffing my pussy again and I couldn’t wear my pissy panties as it would show through my trousers.  I took a picture of three different marker pens of different widths and lengths and asked him which I should use, I waited for his reply.  I wasn't sure about the pissing thing it's something that I have never thought about.  As I waited I began to feel a bit disappointed with myself, I felt that the marker pen was taking the easy road and I wasn’t going to get much of a sense of accomplishment from doing that.  I changed my mind and chose the middle option instead, I would piss my panties and put them back inside me.  I didn’t bother to tell him,  I just went to the toilet quickly before I could change my mind. 

I took my shoes and trousers off again and sat on the toilet.  It took a while before I could actually start pissing but I got there in the end.  I waited a moment afterwards to let any excess run off my panties before standing and taking them off.  I dried my pussy first then I folded them up as I had done earlier, squatted down and stuffed them back inside my wet pussy.  They went in easier this time, probably due to the fact that I was very wet now.  I washed my hands and hurried back to my desk proud of myself.  I told him that having time to think about it had the opposite effect and instead of me backing out of it I’d changed my mind and I was sat at my desk now with my pissy panties stuffed inside my pussy.

He replied by telling me that it was ok as I will still have to do the other one another time.  He wished that he could have seen me piss my panties, he would have had to lick me after.  I told him that I thought my panties just got a little wetter inside me.

I had been sat down all afternoon other than walking a few steps here and there.  I was aware of my panties rubbing the walls of my pussy a little.  However, it got really interesting after work when I had to do some grocery shopping at a supermarket.  As I began to rush and pick up the pace of my walking I became increasingly aware of the rubbing inside me.  I was finding it difficult not to grin while I was doing my shopping in fact.  What almost killed me was when there was a problem with the card machine at the checkout and I had to run outside to withdraw cash.  The friction inside my pussy caused by those two mad dashes almost had me cumming in my trousers at the checkout.  Sadly, the distance wasn't quite long enough! Haha!

When I arrived home I removed the panties which were nice and wet and forwarded a picture of them vacating my pussy to my taskmaster.

Many thanks go out to the source of my fun today ;) xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

At The Club

The club was crowded and noisy.  He had told me to meet him in the far corner of the club at 12.00am.  I was 10 minutes early, hoping that I would arrive before he did.  I was wearing a dress as instructed.  It was a black, strapless and hugged my figure from my chest to my hips so I wore no bra, my panties were barely worth wearing but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?  My legs were bare and I was wearing a pair of coral, strappy high-heeled sandals.

I was really nervous, I’d never done anything like this before.  My hands were shaking, palms sweating and my mouth was dry.  I walked to the back of the club and went to the bar first and ordered a drink, I figured I had time and it might help to settle my nerves a little.  I watched as the barman poured a shot of vodka into the tall glass.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and breath on my ear as someone spoke to me.
“I thought I told you to go to the far corner of the club?  I did not tell you to stop for a drink on the way did I?”
My stomach did a flip and my pussy melted as realisation hit me.  I shook my head slowly.
“Okay, so make your way over to where you should be and wait for me there”
I nodded my head and made to move away from the bar, he grabbed my forearm firmly.  I turned to look at him and he leaned into my ear again.
“Nice choice of dress Rebecca”, I smiled at the compliment.
He let go of my arm and placed his hand on my ass and ushered me forward.  As I walked to the corner I didn’t turn back to see if he was following me, I assumed based on his instruction that he wasn’t.

I reached the spot that I was meant to wait at.  There were a few empty sofas lining the back wall.  The area over looked the dance floor below, there were stools and a place for you to rest your drinks while you watched the dancers.  Despite the club being so crowded I was the only person in this particular section which I assume was the reason he’d chosen it.  I stood at the edge, leaned on the railing and watched the dance floor while I waited, trying unsuccessfully to keep my mind distracted. 

My drink is placed in front of me, I turn and thank him and he tells me I’m welcome.  I take a sip of the drink and notice how unsteady my hands still are.  My heart is beating so fast and I can’t wipe the ridiculous grin off my face.  The grin is the product of two feelings; arousal and shyness, I can feel the heat rising in my face.  I feel his hand on my ass as he leans in to talk to me again.
“Rebecca are you wearing panties as instructed?”
I nod yes.
“Good, take them off now” he commands.
My breath catches, and I hesitate.
“Now Rebecca”
I reach my hands up the sides of my dress and pull my panties down, praying that no one sees me but excited at the prospect of getting caught also. I step out of them and he takes them from my hand and puts them in his pocket.

He is stood behind me, a mere couple of inches from my body.  I see him taking a drink out of the corner of my eye.  All of my senses are heightened as I stand waiting for whatever is next but he does nothing for five minutes or so, just stands and people watches.  The waiting is driving me crazy.  I take a few sips of my drink, my nipples are so hard and aching and as I shift on my feet I can feel how wet my pussy is becoming.  I'm about to turn to face him when he starts to smooth his hand over my ass, rubbing it and squeezing it through my dress.  His touch is heavenly and I can’t help but moan with pleasure.  He pays equal attention to both of my ass cheeks before reaching under the skirt of my dress and placing his hand on my inner thigh.
“You are going to cum for me now, understand?
I simply nod again as I'm speechless with nerves and arousal.  I know that nobody will be paying any attention to us stood up here alone. 

He parts the lips of my pussy with his fingers and slides them up to my clit and begins to play with it with his fingers while his thumb dips inside my pussy.  My knees feel weak and I hold on to the rail in front of me, my breathing ragged.  My body is tingling all over and I know that it’s not going to take him long to make me cum.  He holds his hand still on my pussy for a moment.
“ Turn your head and look over your left shoulder”
I do as I am told and see that most of the sofas are now occupied.  I am suddenly very conscious of the fact that his hand is up my dress on my pussy.  He begins moving his fingers again and pushes his thumb deeper inside me.  I know that I should be bothered that people may be able to see what he’s doing but it feels so great that I don’t care who sees right about then.  He moves his hand and puts his fingers in my pussy, spreading me wide, I feel his thumb rub my ass before pressing at it and entering.  He starts moving them in and out of me, slowly fucking me with his hand.  At this point I am relieved that we’re in a noisy club because I am openly moaning and groaning.  My knuckles are turning white on the railing as I feel an intensity building inside me.  He increases the pace, I close my eyes as I feel myself close to orgasm.
“Open your eyes please” he instructs.  I open them, with difficulty.

I start to cum, by body trembling, my pussy bucking on his strong hand.  He places his other arm around my waist to hold me still as he continues with what can only be described as the sweet torture.  I’m both ashamed to have such little self control in public and so incredibly turned on by it at the same time.  When the climax is over and I begin to come down he slips his hand away from my pussy and leaves it, wet, resting on my inner thigh.  We stand like that for a while, I savour the after glow of my orgasm and the throbbing of my pussy. 

He removes his hand from my thigh and moves to the side of me.  I notice that he has my panties out of his trousers and he is wiping his hand dry in them.  He hands them back to me and tells me to put them back on.  I do as he says immediately, he doesn’t move to shield me from the eyes of the people sat behind me.
“It’s time for us to leave now”, he places his hand on the small of my back and leads me past the sofas.  My cheeks redden as I note the knowing glances aimed at us.

Monday, 13 June 2011

You Have 1 New Message

I see the red light blinking on my Blackberry on my desk, my stomach flips and my pulse quickens.  It could be any number of people...but it could be him. I look at the screen, "You have 1 new message" is displayed.  I press enter and am greeted with:

"Hey sexy girl x"

A huge grin spreads across my face and my pussy reacts instantly in anticipation of the conversation to follow.  I reply "Hi, how are you today?".  I try to go back to my work but glance out of the corner of my eye every few seconds to see if the red light is flashing.  A little while later, I see the red light blinking.  I start grinning before I have even pressed the button to display the message.

"Are you feeling naughty today?"

I can feel my pussy begin to moisten already.  I tell him that I am indeed feeling naughty.  I place my Blackberry under my computer so that I can see the red light blinking when it does.  I know that he has my attention now, it's useless me trying to focus on my work.

"What are you wearing?"

Damn! I am hardly dressed in the sexiest of clothing today.  It crosses my mind for a second to lie about what I am wearing but I've never been a good liar so decide to go with the truth.  I tell him that I am wearing grey trousers and a long teal top.

"Panties, bra - type, colour?"

Now this I was happy to answer and told him that I was wearing black short shorts type panties and a black and white leopard print bra that has a pink bow in the middle.  I have to make it clear to you at this point that with every message received my pussy becomes increasingly wetter.  Every time I see that red light blinking my stomach flips and my pulse momentarily quickens.

"If I was your boss, I would order you to my office right now!"

Oh boy! Reading that line I can feel the hairs on my arms stand on end and my nipples harden.  I've always had numerous different fantasies about being taken by my boss.  I told him that I wished that he was my boss.

"We'd do one of my special one to one's!"

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat now.  "Oh? Do tell..." I replied.

"Once in my office I would tell you to get removing your top"

I just wanted to know what was coming next so simply replied "Ok" to this message.  I'm pretty sure that my colleague sat at the next desk must suspect me of being up to something now, as I can't wipe the grin from my face and my cheeks feel bright red.

"Then to take down your trousers and then come around and sit on my knee, legs wide apart"

So, this message is the point of no return.  I have tunnel vision now and need to know what he is going to do to me next.  My clit has started to throb and I know that my panties are wet.  I shift in my chair uncomfortably and tell him that his last message got a response.

"My hand would venture between your legs, from your knees up to where bare thigh met panties"

I am imagining his hand tracing a line up my thigh and my breathing shallows a little.  I am extremely aroused at this point.  I correct him "my wet panties..."

"I note the wet patch and slowly trace my finger along the moist fabric"

I tell him that I won't be sat at my desk for much longer the way he's talking.  I'd gotten myself off in the toilets in work, a few times before and it looked like I was going to be doing it again shortly.

"I hear you moan, your nipples stiffen in your bra, your mouth opens, I can smell your lust"

I'm pretty sure everybody can smell my lust for this guy right now, I think to myself. I am fidgeting in my chair.  I can feel how wet my pussy has become.  I tell him that my breath has become ragged and that his slow touching is driving me crazy.

"I peel away your panties and slide a finger along your folds"

What I wouldn't give for that finger of his to be in my panties right now.  I reply that I guess that means he can feel how wet I am for him now and how good it feels to have his finger on my bare pussy.  I am getting restless at my desk, I am going to have to leave soon...

"I draw my finger to my mouth to taste your juices mmm, next I remove your bra and start to twist your erect nipples"

My nipples are aching and so hard, my clit is so swollen it is uncomfortable for me to sit at my desk at this point.  I tell him that I don't know what to say now, that I just want him to keep going.

"I flip you over so you're face down, across my knee, I slip off your black panties and rub your bum, my hand cups your cheek and squeezes.  I feel you squirm, then I raise my arm and crash, you feel the force as the spanking commences, your bottom colours quickly from white, to pink, to warm then a hot red.  You cry out, my finger thrust inside your pussy to push you over the edge"

It is at this point that I buckle and tell him that I have to go to the bathroom.  I go to the toilet and open my trousers, stick my hand in my panties and rub at my pussy.  My fingers slide easily over my soaking wet pussy as I rub my sensitive, swollen clit.  It does not take me long to cum as I was on the verge of cumming without being touched when I was sat at my desk I think!  I return to my desk and tell him how great his messages were and that I doubted I'd be dry again for the whole afternoon.

I get on with my work for a while and am on my way to carry out an inspection when I feel my phone vibrate in my hand.

"Still in wet panties or have you taken them off?"

My pussy stirs instantly and I feel a grin spreading across my face again.  I tell him that I still have them on and ask him if I should remove them.

"Yes, and send me a pic of them on your face"

Well that took me by surprise a little.  I wasn't sure how to respond for a fraction of a second but then of course I knew that I was going to do it for him.  I told him to wait for a few moments and made my way back to the bathroom.  When I got in there I messaged him and asked how he meant for me to put them on my face.  I laughed to myself as I had visions of me with a pair of panties over my head.

"So that they're half in your mouth"

I tried a few different positions of the panties and in the end decided to go with them covering my face with the moist crotch in my mouth.  I sent him the picture and joked that I may need more specific directions next time.  I sit back at my desk and continue to get on with some work.  The red light is blinking again...

"Take off your top and bra and place them between your tits"

I'm so turned on again.  The problem now of course is that I have no panties on this time around.  I feel relieved that I have a long top on.  I ask him what I should do once I have done as he asked.

"Take the pic, rubbing them into your tits"

I tell him that I have to do something for work but will do it as soon as possible.

"Ok Miss"

Even that simple reply somehow manages to turn me on.  I think that maybe I have a problem and laugh at myself.  Work really is an inconvenience I feel.  I have to concentrate on the task at hand but it is difficult.  When complete, I go to the bathroom again, my Blackberry hidden in the waist band of my trousers.  I take two pictures and send them to him.

"Those tits look divine!"

I grin and thank him for saying so.

"You're welcome, now slip your hand down your panties you kinky slut"

I tell him ok and do as he says.  My pussy is no less wet than it was the last time I had my hands on it for him.  I realise that time is getting on so I tell him that I have to stay out of the toilet now and finish my work.

"But can you.....?"

Damn! He is always tempting me.  I grin for two reasons this time...firstly because of his trying to lead me astray again and secondly because I know that this time I have no choice but to resist him.  I tell him that he doesn't have enough time to work with to crush my resistance this time.

"It can wait then..."

I bite my bottom lip as I grin, pleased that he'll be visiting me again some time.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

After School Detention

You'd think that being in 6th Form you'd be past getting detention but unfortunately Mrs Davies was old school and didn't discriminate when it came to discipline.  I'd forgotten to bring in my coursework in one day and she'd issued me with an after school detention for the following day.  The detention she informed me, would be taken by Mr Slate.  I'd never had him for a detention before but I used to be in his Physics class.  He was a pushover so I should get away with listening to my Ipod for the whole hour or chat to whoever else was in there.

I arrived five minutes late, Mr Slate was sat at the desk and Mrs Davies was perched on the edge talking to him.  I hoped that she would leave soon because I wasn't gonna get away with having my Ipod on while she was in the room.  At least I wasn't the only one that was late, I was the first here. 
"Evening Miss James, nice of you to finally join us" Mr Slate said.
"Sorry Sir, I had to use the bathroom after class", I headed towards the back of the room.
"Come have a seat at the front of class please, it's just you tonight".  Great!  It was gonna be a long hour.

I decided to get out my course work and crack on with it, at least the time should pass quicker that way.  Mrs Davies stayed and I could hear them talking but couldn't make out what they were saying because they kept their voices low.  Mrs Davies made her way over to my desk and Mr Slate walked around to the front of his desk and leaned against it, looking in our direction. 
"Stand up Miss James" she instructed.
I stood up, wondering what the point to this was.
"Regular detention doesn't appear to have much of an effect on students these days so I have started adding a little something extra to enhance the discipline.  Lean over your desk now Miss James".  I wasn't quite as forthcoming in listening to this instruction.
"Just do it Miss James, your reluctance to comply will only make things harder on you".  She wasn't smiling so I guessed that this wasn't some kind of joke.  I looked to Mr Slate, he just sat against his desk, arms folded across his chest, staring at me...

I leaned across my desk, hands resting on the front of it.  Mrs Davies told me to rest on my elbows instead and I did as told.  She rested one hand between my shoulder blades and lifted my skirt with the other.
"What are you doing?!" I tried to get up but she just applied a lot of pressure on my back so that I was pinned to the desk.  Damn she was strong for such a petite woman!
"Miss James, please compose yourself.  We'll just get this part of your punishment over with and at the end of the hour you will be free to go".
"Please let me go, don't do this!" I wasn't sure what I was asking her not to do I just knew that I didn't want to be bent over a desk with my ass and thong on display.  This could not be leading to anything good.
"Don't be a silly little girl, now look straight ahead", she slapped me on the ass, hard.

I've never felt so humiliated in my life.  I looked ahead and saw Mr Slade watching, he caught my eye and looked down towards his lap.  I followed his line of vision and saw that Mr Slate had a huge hard on.  I looked back up to his face and he was smiling at me.  I felt Mrs Davies's hand between my legs, she was rubbing my pussy through my thong. I could feel my face burning with shame as my pussy reacted to her touch.  I looked away from Mr Slate and felt her hand strike my ass again.
"Eyes ahead Miss James!"
I looked up at Mr Slate as Mrs Davies continued to rub my pussy.  He was rubbing his cock through his trousers now, I could feel my nipples stiffening at the sight.
"Okay, I think you're ready.  Mr Slate please could you fetch me a ruler?"

Mr Slate walked over to the white board and grabbed the metre ruler that was leaning against the all and walked toward us.  He handed the wooden ruler to Mrs Davies, he had stopped in front of my desk, his crotch was about 10 inches from my face.  Mrs Davies grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so that I was looking up at his face.  She told me that I was not to break eye contact with him because it was bad manners and asked me if I understood.
"Yes Miss" I replied. 

She caressed both of my ass cheeks with her hands before pulling the back of my thong up towards my back.   I saw the ruler raise in the air out of the corner of my eye then heard a load "Slap!" as it came down and landed on my ass.  I winced at the shock, god that stung like crazy.  Mr Slate closed his eyes for a moment and whispered the word yes.  I hear him undo his belt, I look down at his crotch and feel my hair yanked at again.
"What did I tell you Miss James?!  You will have to endure an extra punishment for your bad manners".  She walked over to the desk and picked up a small silver bulldog clip.  I had no idea what was in store for me!
She walked around behind me and pulled my thong down over my ass exposing my pussy.  She probed at it until she had my clit between her thumb and forefinger, then I felt pain like I'd never experienced before in my life.  She had clamped my clit in that clip.  I didn't break eye contact with Mr Slate but I was crying now and begged and pleaded with her to take it off and promised that I wouldn't be bad again.
"It's too late for that now Miss James, just accept your punishment like a good girl"
I looked to Mr Slate and begged him to please make her stop.  He just whispered what sounded like "Oh fuck" and continued watching me.  I had a suspicion by the slight movement of his body that he was wanking himself off as he watched me.

Mrs Davies begins striking me with the ruler.  Each strike is almost a relief, a welcome distraction from the pain I feel from the clamp.  Mr Slate seems to be getting more worked up with each strike.  I feel his hand on my jaw, he squeezes in slightly.
"Open your mouth Miss James", I'm not taking any risk at getting any further punishment so I open my mouth wide immediately.
"Oh, you sexy bitch!  Keep it open", he edges a little closer to me and I can sense that his cock is in very close proximity to my face now.

Mrs Davies stops striking my ass, which is burning nicely now.  My clit is still in pain but I seem to be able to cope with it a little better.  Mrs Davies runs a hand over my ass and I feel her fingers on my pussy.  She slides two fingers inside me and begins to move them in and out, fucking me slowly.  I gasp, it feels so good.  She smoothes her other hand all over my ass, pinching at it now and then.  Mr Davies puts his finger in my mouth and tells me to suck it.  I suck it for a moment and he pulls it out and tells me to open my mouth again.  He moves in and rubs the head of his cock on my lips, circling the shape of my mouth.  He has my hair in his hand holding my head back in position.

I feel the clip being touched and pain far worse than when it was put on as it is being released.  I cry out.  I feel relief and pleasure as Mrs Davies closes her mouth over my clit and sucks it.  I can't take the mix of sensations and start cumming on her mouth.  I have never had an orgasm quite like it, she had to hold me in place on the desk as I writhed on her mouth.  Mr Slate shouts "Fuck!" a second before I feel his cum hit my face.  He rubs the head of his cock over my face and calls me a bad girl.

Mrs Davies runs her tongue from my clit to my hole and laps at my pussy for a moment before standing.  She pulls my thong back on and pulls my skirt back down. 
"You may stand now Miss James, that's the end of today's punishment.  I trust that you have learned a valuable lesson?"
"Yes Miss", she handed me a tissue for my face and I wipe myself as clean as I can manage with one tissue.  Mr Slate had already put his cock away and was walking toward the classroom door.  He holds the door open for me.
"No doubt we'll be seeing you in detention again Miss James", he winks and give my ass a slap as I exit the room.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Taken By @Badhedonist

I'd been chatting with @Badhedonist for quite some time online and we'd often discussed meeting up for real. Eventually we decided on a date; a Thursday afternoon.  I booked a hotel situated around an equal distance between us.   We were both very excited about the meet. He'd done this before but I hadn't and was pretty nervous about it but felt I was finally ready.

I got there an hour before the time we'd arranged so that I could prepare myself.  I took a shower to freshen up after the journey, dried my hair and reapplied my make up.  I got dressed in a deep purple and black satin Basque that fastened at the front, matching thong and black sheer stockings.  I had a pair of purple satin heels that matched perfectly and slipped those on too.  There was 15 minutes to spare I was ready!  Or was I?  I wasn't feeling so ready as I paced the room nervously.  With each passing minute more doubt was filling my mind. What was I thinking?  I shouldn't be doing this it's crazy.  By the time I heard a knock at the room door I was in a mind to get the hell out of there.

I took a deep breath, checking my appearance in the mirror and opened the door.  He says hi and his cheeky grin makes my pussy stir.  I invite him in and head back into the room.  I have my back to him when I tell him that I won't be a moment I just have to get something from the bathroom.  When I came back into the room he is stood just inside of the door, but there is a woman with him.  I'm a little confused so I look to him and ask what's going on.

"This is Sarah.  You mentioned that you would be up for experimenting with a woman so I thought I'd surprise you babes", he obviously didn't see that there was a problem.  Now, it's true, I had said that to him in conversation but saying something and actually arranging to do it are two different things.  I was nervous enough about meeting him but the prospect of my first time with a woman and first threesome for that matter was too much.  I had to put a stop to it.

"Look, I'm sorry but I didn't agree to this and I am not up for it.  I think you'd better leave please.  Sorry to have messed you about", I did feel bad that they'd driven a couple of hours to get there but that's hardly a reason to go ahead with things.  @Badhedonist made no move to leave.
"Aww, come on you'll enjoy yourself.  Besides, we've all driven a fair way to get here.  I've been waiting to have both of you so that's what's going to happen, right Sarah?" he turns to her.
"Yeah, I'm not driving here for nothing either" she agreed.
"Well you two go ahead and use the room then and I'll leave, that way you haven't had a wasted journey", I grab my bag to pack the few things in it.

Sarah stayed by the room door as @Badhedonist moved toward me.  He grabbed my wrist and took my bag out of my hand.
"Sarah, lock the door babes and bring my bag over here", the bitch did exactly what he told her to.  I tried explaining that I most definitely didn't want to do it anymore, and even pleaded with him to let me go but he didn't loosen his grip on my wrist.  I struck out at him with my other hand but he caught my wrist before I could make contact.  I couldn't think of anything else to do so I started to scream.  He shifted and held both of my wrists behind my back with one hand, pulling me into him he covered my mouth with his other hand.  I was facing him and I could feel his erection pressing against my hip.  Oh god, he was actually going to go through with this!
"Sarah, in my bag there are some cable ties, pass me two please", he turned back to me "I've had someone back out on me before so I came prepared this time".  He instructed Sarah to tie my wrists and of course she did so.  

I feel a hand on my tit, rubbing then squeezing it through my Basque, I try to move away but he has me in too tight a hold.  The hand belongs to Sarah.
"You were right, she does have nice tits", another hand feeling my ass, then moves between my legs.  I start to shout to her to stop but it's no use as my protests are muffled by @badhedonist's hand.  She pulls my thong to the side and I feel her fingers probing my pussy.  It feels strange being touched by another woman, I can feel her nails on my pussy.  It's not unpleasant.  She finds my hole and puts a finger inside me.  
"She's a little wet already" she told him.  She took her finger out of my pussy and sucked it, all the while still kneading my tit with her other hand.
"How does she taste babes?"  Sarah leans in and starts tonguing @Badhedonist inches from my face.  
"Ok, I need to get myself a proper taste of that pussy and there's only one way that I can think of other than gagging you to keep you quiet while I do".  He pushed me onto the bed on my back and tells Sarah to sit on my face.
"Face her feet when you do though so that I can watch you as I eat her cunt".  I started to scream again and he covered my mouth with his hand again, roughly this time pressing my head into the bed.  He told Sarah to hurry up and strip off, and he started undoing my Basque with his other hand.  I struggle momentarily to try and move away from him but it's no use he has my head locked in place.

Sarah was naked then and climbed on to the bed.  She had an awesome body which I could tell before she took her clothes off.  She was your stereotypical leggy, blue eyed blonde.  She positioned herself over my head but didn't lower herself immediately.  He leaned forward and sucked each of her nipples.
"Sasha, Sarah is going to sit on your face now.  I want you to make sure that you eat her cunt good and act like the slut that you claimed to be.  I'm going to remove my hand now, don't think about screaming babes coz I'll just give you something to scream about later".  
Sarah lowered herself onto my face enough so that I had all the access needed to eat her pussy without getting smothered.  My nose was in her ass, I didn't know where to begin as I'd never done it before.  I feel a smack on the side of my thigh.
"Get eating Sasha" he growls.  I took a deep breath and licked her pussy from her hole up to her clit.  At that point I was still trying to think of some way to get myself out of this situation.  I pause and get another slap on the thigh.  I started playing with her clit with my tongue, I heard him telling Sarah how sexy her tits were and heard her groaning as he sucked them.   

I licked her hole for a while and got my tongue in there, I had to admit it at the time, she tasted really good.  I felt his hands on my tits, then his mouth as his hands ran down my body to my panties.  He pulled my panties off despite my attempts to keep my legs together he forced them apart and then I felt pleasure as his mouth closed over my clit and he began to suck it.  I decide to match his technique and start sucking Sarah's clit.  He had my legs wide open and I was groaning into Sarah's pussy as I worked it with my mouth.  She was groaning and moving slightly on my face.  He lifted my legs back towards me and started licking my ass so I followed his lead and moved my tongue up to Sarah's asshole.  He pushed his fingers inside my pussy and began to fuck me roughly with them, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he licked my ass.  It was getting too much for me, I was going to cry out.  I found Sarah's clit and began sucking on it again.  She pressed her pussy to my mouth and my cries of pleasure as I began to cum were muffled by her pussy.
"Not so reluctant now are ya babe" He laughed.  "I knew you just needed a bit of coaxing"
Sarah started writhing on my face and I struggled to breathe as she began to cum moments after I was finishing.  

He said that it was his turn then so Sarah climbed off the bed and they both pulled me up so that I was standing.  
"On your knees", we both knelt in front of him.  He had gotten undressed all ready.  Now, I had seen his cock in pics that had been posted online but have to say it was even better in the flesh, inches away from my face.  He grabbed both of us by the and pulled our faces towards his cock.
"Come on sluts, don't be shy", he slapped our faces with his cock and we both started licking his length, our tongues clashing as we did.  After a while I moved to his balls while Sarah took his cock in her mouth.  His hands were still on our heads and he was giving us words of encouragement.  I felt a hand on my ass and was confused for a moment until I remembered that Sarah's hand weren't tied.  Her hand moved down between my legs until her fingers found my pussy, she rubbed my pussy, soaking her hand in my juices then rubbed my asshole.  She stopped sucking his cock and wet two of her fingers and found his ass with her other hand.  He pulled my head back and put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth hard as I felt Sarah's finger slide into my lubricated ass.  My eyes were starting to stream and I couldn't breathe as he relentlessly fucked my throat.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his load over our faces.  

He told us to lay on the bed.  Sarah lay next to me and began feeling my tits, my nipples were so hard they ached.  We started tonguing each other, cum still on our faces.  I would have loved to have grabbed a handful of her tit.  @Badhedonist knelt at the end of the bed and had a hand at each of our pussies fingering us expertly as we played with each other, pumping his fingers in and out of us.  I felt his thumb enter my ass and assumed that Sarah must have been getting the same treatment.  He was making my whole body move with the thrusts of his hand.  Before I knew it I was cumming again, this time was stronger than before and I was bucking on his hand.  

He got up and laid in between us his cock looked as hard as ever.  He grabbed me by the neck and tongued me then turned to Sarah and did the same.  
"Come on then babes hop on my fat cock and let me show you a good time" he winked at me.  I managed to maneuver myself over him and he held his cock steady for me to slide onto it.  His fat cock felt so good inside me.  He gripped my hips as I started moving on him, he told me to lean forward more and sat up a bit so that he could suck my tits.  What I hadn't realised was that Sarah had gone into his bag while we were busy and donned a strap on that he had brought with him.  The first I knew of it was when I felt her behind me grabbing my ass.  @Badhedonist grabbed my shoulders to stop me falling completely on top of him as Sarah pushed me forward.  I felt pressure on my asshole as she nudged at it and then eased it in bit by bit with each careful thrust.  The thrusts became less careful the further she got it in though and before long she was pumping away at my ass while @Badhedonist fucked my pussy.  I felt so incredibly full, I'd never had both holes fucked at once before.  We fucked like that for a while then he said that he wanted to get in on the ass action too. 

Sarah stayed in my ass while I slipped myself off @Badhedonist.  He climbed off the bed and moved around to the back of Sarah.  She pulled me back a bit so that I was standing on the floor leaning over the bed, my face on the bed as I couldn't balance with my hands restrained.  Badhedonist gave our asses a few sharp slaps before he eased his cock into Sarah's ass and began fucking her.  Sarah was playing with my clit as she fucked my ass and Badhedonist talking filth to us both as he pounded away.   I could only assume that there must be something inside the strap on stimulating Sarah's pussy as she started to cum noisily behind me.  

"That's right slut cum for me" he told her moments before he paused and pulled his cock out of her ass and shot his cum over her ass cheeks.  Sarah pulled out of my ass and had her back to me as I turned around to face them.  Badhedonist had scissors in his hands and cut the cable ties from my wrists.  I rubbed at them, they were really red and sore.  I noticed the cum on Sarah's ass and offered to clean it for her, she laughed and told me sure I could.  Badhedonist watched as I licked Sarah's ass clean of every last drop of his cum.  As I stood Sarah kissed me.

"Alright girls how about a little clean up over here" he laughed and pointed to his cock.  We obligingly got to our knees and began to lick his cock clean of my pussy juice and Sarah's ass.

We had been at it for hours and it was time they were leaving.  They got dressed and I gave Sarah a kiss and thanked her, then Badhedonist kissed me and said...
"I think there's room for one more next time aye babes?" and winked as he walked out the door.

Oh Boy!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thank You Daddy

I crawl into bed with You and wrap my arm around You as I kiss Your face gently all over, then Your lips. I run my hand all over Your back and shoulders as I kiss You, savouring the feel of Your body.

I slip my hand into Your pyjamas and feel Your sexy bum as I kiss and lick Your throat and collar bone; give Your bum a squeeze.

Kissing Your chest I close my mouth over Your nipple and suck and nibble it as my hand moves around to the front of Your pyjamas and I stroke Your cock.

As I make my way down Your body, kissing Your stomach I pull Your pyjama bottoms down over Your cock letting him free.

I smile as I reach it with my face and give it a kiss on the head. I take Your cock in one hand and hold Your balls in the other. As I look up at You I begin playing with Your balls and stroking Your cock. As I stroke with my hand I lick the head with different strokes and flicks of my tongue, never taking my eyes off You.

You have your hands on my head, messing my hair as I play with You. I giggle, tell You I love You then close my mouth over Your cock and take it in my mouth as far as I can and start sucking. Every now and then I pull Your cock out of my mouth to look at it, spitting on it occasionally. I'm not able to physically get anywhere near Your whole length in my mouth or throat without Your help..."DADDY, please help me please You".

You smile at me at me and push my head down firmly, forcing Your cock down my throat. If I didn't have a mouthful I'd be smiling. You move my head, controlling the movement as You fuck my face. Love when DADDY uses me like this. I'm unable to breathe and I'm dribbling all over Your cock but I'm loving every second of it. Moving faster, my face slamming into Your body now, You hold my face tight against You as Your cock swells in my mouth and I feel warmth seeping down my throat.

You pull my head up and Your cock slips out of my mouth causing some of Your cum to land on my cheek. I smile at You, crawl back up and lay my head next to Yours and look deeply into Your eyes and say..."Thank You DADDY".

Sunday, 5 June 2011

After Dinner Service

My other half works away a lot and is only home every third week of each month so I get neglected on the shagging front. I'd heard rumours about the sexual exploits of the head chef at work and was keen to get a piece of the action. He was a great looking guy, complete flirt and charmer and would be a great fuck I bet.  I'd been flirting heavily with him for weeks and he'd flirted back but I had no indication that he was actually interested in doing anything and so was taken by surprise tonight

We'd finished dinner service and I was in the walk in refrigerator doing the dates.  It was a tight squeeze because we'd had a delivery that morning, there were boxes everywhere.  He came in with something to be put away and had to squeeze past me to get to the back.  As he passed he brushed against my ass and I cheekily pushed my ass back onto him.  He did and said nothing, just went to the back and placed the container on the top shelf.  I grinned to myself as he approached me , knowing that he was going to have to brush past me again.  This time however, as he got behind me he didn't brush past.  He pressed himself into me as he grabbed my hair by the pony tail.
"Sasha you really are gagging for it!"
I gasped, "God! Yes, I am"
He yanks down my trousers and panties roughly, pinning me against the boxes with one arm he rubs his hand up and down my wet pussy and rubs my juices over my ass hole. 
"Fuck you're wet!"
"Please fuck me"
"Oh I intend to", he takes his cock out, I feel him nudge it between my legs before he shoves it into my pussy.   I cry out as he enters me.  His cock is wide and stretches my pussy to the point of pain, it feels so good.  He doesn't waste anytime as he starts to fuck my pussy hard and rough.  He yanks on my ponytail, bites my neck hard, I'm being shoved against the boxes that I'm pinned against with each ramming of his fat cock. 
"Oh fuck yes, fuck me hard", my voice sounds pathetic, like I am begging him but I don't care.
"I'm going to fuck your pussy raw, then I am gonna have your ass you dirty bitch" he whispers in my ear as he stabs me with his cock particularly hard.  His hand moves inside my jacket, across my body and grabs my tit inside my bra.  He pinches my nipple cruelly as he whispers in my ear that I am a dirty slut.  He touches my clit for a brief moment, wetting his fingers with my juices.  He pushes his fingers into my mouth I tells me to suck them.  As I suck he starts fucking me harder and faster, I feel like he's probably ruined my pussy by now, it's on fire but feels amazing at the same time. 

I am about to cum when, without a word he pulls out of me.  I am about to beg him to put his cock back when he turns me to face the door and pushes me so that I am bent over.  He plunges two fingers into my ass roughly and I yelp a little at the abruptness. 
"You have such a tight little ass hole Sasha, it's going to be a pleasure to take this one babes", he removes his fingers...I feel the head of his cock slide up and down my pussy as he wets it, then, pressing on my anus.  He eases in just past the tip and I bite my lip trying not to scream.  If I thought he stretched my pussy, it was nothing in comparison to what his cock was doing to my ass.  I hear him chuckle to himself, he grabs my shoulder with one hand and places his other hand over my mouth.  He gives one hard push shoving his cock in deep, I scream into his hand.  The pain is indescribable but I am pretty sure right there that he has destroyed my ass for good.  He keeps his hand over my mouth as he roughly fucks my ass.  I have tears streaming down my cheeks, I am sobbing into his hand but he is relentless. 
"Your ass is so hot, you didn't honestly think I wasn't going to fuck it if I ever got my hands on you did you babes?  You've been teasing me for weeks.  Such a horny slut!"
As he continues to plough into me the pain eases, my ass is most probably numbed.  I am not sobbing any longer, his hand leaves my mouth and he grips my hips hard as he goes for the home stretch.  I hear him let out a gasp of breath as he fills my ass with his cum.  He stays in my ass for a few moments then pulls out.
Ok babes, seems I could teach you a thing or two, get dressed and I'll come to yours when we've finished up here and show you a few things.
Fuck! Was I in trouble now!