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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Good Morning

I wake to feel my legs being parted.  I am laying on my stomach, it's my usual position for sleep.  I feel my pillow dip as the weight of His hands compress it either side of my head. 
"Good morning" He whispers. 
I can feel his lips brush my ear His mouth is so close and I smile sleepily.  He grazes his teeth on my earlobe and I move involuntarily as a shiver of pleasure runs up my spine.
"That's not good, we've not even started and you've moved once already.  You're going to have to do better than that girl"
"I'm sorry Sir" I reply in a barely audible whisper.
"Mmm, you will be if you move again", He grazes his teeth on my ear again and I stay completely still.

I feel His cock push at the opening of my pussy and can tell by the way it slides against me that my pussy is more than ready to take Him.  It is a rare occasion that I wake up without a wet pussy when I've slept beside Him; of course a few whispered words or slight touches remedy that in no time.  He slides His cock into my pussy very slowly, it seems to take forever for every inch.  It is a real struggle for me not to lift my hips and move my pussy further onto His cock.  He stops moving when He's about halfway in I'd say.
"How much do you want it My girl?" his hot breath against my ear is just another contributor to the wetness of my pussy.
"I want it real badly Sir", I hear the desperation in my own voice, it's always there when I am speaking to Him.  I have a constant need for Him.
"Do you think you deserve it?" He moves a fraction of a centimetre, teasing me.
"Yes Sir"
"Oh, you do?  Tell me why"
"Well Sir, I have been a good girl these past few days.  I have played with my pussy four times a day as You instructed but I have not cum once.  I have not worn my panties and I've worn the tight skirts that You bought me everyday to work."
"True, you've done as you were told but that is to be expected from My girl.  I need more than that", He withdraws His cock slightly and I whimper in disappointment and panic.
"Please Sir, I will do anything!"
"Of course you will girl" he laughs quietly in my ear.  "Very well, you were going to have it anyway as I am taking my pleasure this morning.  You won't cum, you can wait for your pleasure.  You will be granted it when you are able to give me a valid reason for your deserving of it."
"Thank You Sir"

He sinks His cock all the way into my pussy and I exhale a breath of relief and pleasure as His cock fills me.  He moves slowly in and out of my pussy and whispers that He likes to take His time and enjoy His favourite things.  That only arouses me further and prolongs the agonising experience, unable to move and unable to cum I just want Him to cum.  He fucks me like this for a long time then finally I feel his movements begin to pick up pace.  His breathing begins to come heavier against my ear and He starts to kiss and nibble my neck.  I groan as His mouth moves over my neck and struggle to keep still, I wonder if He'd notice a slight movement at this point - not that I'd risk it.  As his thrusts speed up they become more forceful and my body is being shoved up and against the mattress with each one.  He pauses for a moment and lifts my hips until I am on my knees, ass in the air and face against the mattress.  Gripping my hips tightly He starts to fuck me fast and hard.  As He gives a final hard thrust He makes a deep groaning sound and I feel His cock swell and twitch inside my pussy as He cums.  His full weight is on me then as He lowers Himself over my body again and lays on top of me, His cock still inside.
"That's My girl", He whispers in my ear as He strokes the side of my face.  I doze of content that He is happy.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mistress Morganna: Doing His Bidding

He stipulated three things before we made the agreement:
  • She must be handled with care - in other words I was not to be rough with her as I am with My own.
  • A good spanking must be delivered.
  • She must use her mouth to pleasure Me.
I found the key to the front door under the mat as He’d said I would.  As I entered I called out to announce my arrival.  There was a staircase directly ahead and three doors set off to the right of the hallway.  He’d said that she would be waiting for me in the living room which was apparently behind the second door.  I felt a rush of excitement wash over me, I had seen pictures of His pet and she was beautiful there was no denying it.  I was honoured when He’d asked me to do His bidding for Him in His absence.

As I opened the door I set eyes on her; she was knelt in the middle of the room, her head lowered with her hands in her lap.  I approached her and ran my fingers over the top of her head, trailing them down through her hair.  I used both hands to pull her hair back from her face.
“Raise your head pet, let me look at you”
She’s very attractive, her lips are full and her brown eyes are simply striking.  I had the sudden urge to kiss those lips but I didn’t act on it at that moment.

“Do you wish to please Me pet?”
“Yes Mistress”
"Great! That's a good start.  Get undressed down to your underwear please.  Place your clothes on that chair over there", I point at the chair.  "You may stand to undress". 
Not pausing for a moment she rose to her feet and pulled her top over her head before wriggling out of her skirt.  I looked to her feet and was surprised to see her barefooted.  She was a fair bit taller than me, I had to look up at her face.  I told her to return to her knees once she'd put the clothes on the chair and she obediently resumed her previous position.  I stood silently staring at her for a few moments while I gathered my thoughts and decided what I wanted to do.

He'd informed me that this would be the first time she had been intimate with a woman in any way so what we had in the situation was a classic example of the blind leading the blind.  I decided that I would deal her spanking first.
"I want you to go to the nearest end of the coffee table, get yourself as close to the table as you can and then lay across it with your hands above your head."
She made her way to the table on her knees and sprawled herself elegantly across the table.  The coffee table was low so her pert little ass was pointing up in the air.  She was wearing sheer white panties and matching bra, her dark hair fell across her back and shoulders, she looked sublime.  I took my phone out and snapped a picture of her there in that position, He would appreciate a snap shot or two from our time together.  I took a seat on the sofa facing the coffee table and ran my hand down her body, starting at her head and slowly traced my hand down the curve of her neck, over her shoulders and traced the line of her spine.  As my hand reached her lower back I noticed that she had two dimples there, one on each side.  I ran my index finger over each one, her skin was smooth and soft.  My hand traveled to her ass and took my time gently caressing each cheek over her panties.  
"You have a really cute ass, it's no wonder to me why your Sir is so fond of it"
"Thank You Mistress"
I slid my hand up under the material of her panties and felt her bare ass allowing my finger tips to brush lightly between her cheeks.  I pulled her panties down so that they were almost at her knees, after rubbing her ass once more I give it a light, playful slap; one for each cheek.  I was having to lean forward and realised that it would only be so long before this would become uncomfortable.
"This isn't going to work for me like this.  Straighten up  for a moment" I instructed.
As she straightened I unclasped her bra at the back and slipped it off her then reached around to her front and took her breasts in my hands.  I had only felt my own before now, hers were a little larger than mine.  I felt incredibly aroused as my fingers brushed over her hard nipples. 

I shifted down the sofa and told her that I wanted her to lay across my lap.  It was strange to have someone different across my lap; I was used to my pet's muscular torso.  I began the spanking, I started off slowly with light playful slaps.  She seemed relaxed as I spanked her but wasn't making After a few of minutes I placed my hand midway down her inner thigh and slowly moved it upwards towards her pussy.  She parted her legs slightly without any further prompt from me.
"Good girl", I praised her.
As my fingers made first contact with her pussy she let out a gasp.  I slipped my index and middle finger between her lips and was amazed at how wet she was.
"I'll be sure to tell Sir just how much you appear to have enjoyed a change of hands", I smiled.
I inserted my fingers into her pussy and caressed the inside, she squirmed in my lap.  My fingers remained in her pussy, playing with her and exploring.  I very much enjoyed everything about the situation; how she felt in my lap, the smoothness of her skin and particularly enjoyed playing with her pretty wet pussy.  I used my left hand to continue with her spanking going a little faster this time and slapping her cheeks with a little more force but not especially hard.  As time passed I relished in the changing colour of her skin, the pink growing darker into a nice shade of red eventually.  At one point she was squirming around so much that I had to tell her to keep still or else she was going to fall from my lap.  I kept continuously playing with her pussy whilst spanking her in sets of around 10 minutes a time until she began to cum noisily.  Having my fingers inside her as she came was great as I could feel her pleasure squeezing at them, gripping them.  I played with her hair for a while as she settled down, smoothing it back from her face.  I was already hoping that He would need me to fill in for Him again sometime in the near future.  Or perhaps He would like me to join them one day, now that would be fun indeed!

"Your Sir has specified that you must use your mouth to please me.  How do you intend to fulfill His wish?  Show me."
She wriggled off my lap and pushed the table further away from us.  She knelt in front of my legs and hesitated before she moved her hands up under my dress and took hold of the sides of my panties.  I lifted my ass off the seat to enable her to pull them down.  She lifted each of my feet in turn to slide my panties completely off.   Gently pushing my knees apart her hands ran over the tops of my thighs.  I leaned back into the sofa and watched her.  At that point, although I would never have let it be known, she was in control.  As her hands reached the tops of my legs she moved them in towards my pussy and used her elbows to nudge my knees further apart.  She leaned her head in, pausing close enough to my pussy that I could feel her breath on it.  I could feel the anticipation building inside me in that very short moment that seemed a lot longer.  She gingerly runs her between my pussy lips once and pauses.  I smiled as I thought it was as though she was taking a moment to decide whether or not she liked it.  She must have decided that she did like it because her tongue returned to my pussy.  She explored every part of it with her tongue uncertainly at first but with more confidence and purpose as, I assume she became more comfortable with what she was doing.  I was enjoying every stroke of her tongue but then it got better.  She moved one of her hands to my pussy and inserted some fingers; I wasn't sure how many but her long slender fingers felt great inside me.  Then she started to suck my clit and tease it with her teeth.  The combination of the three drove me wild in a few short minutes and before I knew it I was cumming, arms out to the side pressing on the seats of the sofa as my back arched and moaned quite loudly.  She didn't let up the whole time and it was one of the longest lasting orgasms I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

When she stopped and took her mouth away from my pussy I told her to take a moment to rest with me.  She chose to sit at my feet with her head resting on my inner thigh.  I closed my eyes and sighed contentedly as I began running my fingers through her hair and caressing the side of her face.

More Message Mischief

I see the message light on my BlackBerry flashing out of the corner of my eye and smile…

Him: Hey, how are you?

I’m so excited to hear from him!  I can feel the excitement in the right places immediately

Me: I’m great thanks.  How’s you?

Him: I’m good.  What are your plans for today?

Me: I don’t have a lot planned.  I need to pop to the office for a couple of hours later this afternoon but that’s it.

Him: What are you wearing?

I grin to myself because I know where the conversation is leading and I’m very happy about it.  I lay back on the sofa and begin typing my reply.

Me: I’m still in my pyjamas at the moment.

Him: Describe

Me: Black and white striped shorts with a pink waist tie and a black vest with pink trim around the neck and straps.

Him: Nice.  I’d like to have my hand inside those shorts right now.

Oh wow!  I would so lover to have his hand inside my shorts now too.  I am so aroused already at this point; I love that he can cause this me to react this way.

Me: Mmm, that would be good.

Him: Are you alone?

Me: Yes…why?

Him: I want you to touch your pussy for me.  Over your shorts for now, rub it and imagine that it’s me.

Like I wouldn’t have been touching it soon anyway and imagining that it was him is kind of a given!

Me: Okay…

I rubbed at my pussy through my shorts as instructed.  I was really enjoying it and was having a great fantasy when my message alert sounded bringing me back to reality.

Him: How’s it going?

Me: It feels so good.  I can feel my shorts getting damp as the material is being pressed against my wet pussy.

Him: What are you imagining?

Him: Be descriptive

Me: I am imagining that you are rubbing my pussy through my shorts as I am sat in front of you on your desk with my legs spread.  You have your other hand on your cock and I am watching your hand move up and down the length of it.  I love the sight of your hard cock and especially love watching you stroke it…

Him: Take your shorts off

I had my shorts off in a flash, placed them flat on the sofa and sat on them.

Me: Done

Him:  I want you to lay back and open your legs.  Put one finger in your juices and then taste yourself.  Tell me how you taste.

He asks me to do this occasionally which is more than fine by me as I like it.

Me: I taste sweet as I most often do.

Him:  I would love to be there to taste you right now.

Oh wow!  The thought of his mouth on my pussy sends a new ripple of pleasure through my body and I tremble slightly.

Me:  I would so love that!

Him:  Put your fingers in your pussy and use your palm to rub your clit.  Let me know once you have cum…

I put three fingers inside myself and started rubbing my clit with my palm allowing myself to drift back into my fantasy.  Him, me, his office – always a favourite of mine.  I didn’t even get to the part where he fucked me from behind over his desk before I started to cum.  I lay with my eyes closed, legs still open and my hand resting on my pussy and waited for a short while after I came before telling him.

Me: I came

Him: Was it a good one?

Me: It was very good actually.  I must have needed it

Him:  That will be your last until I say otherwise.  Have a good day, I will be in touch soon…X

What?!  I almost hated it when he did stuff like this.  Now I would have to wait for an unknown amount of time not knowing what he had in mind for me.  I would hate it if I didn’t find it such a turn on to be under his control

Me: Oh, okay.  Bye X

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Laying on the bed in my towel after having just got out of the bath I am feeling horny.  He is not around and I have no pressing plans.  I open the towel and look down at my body; my skin is pink from the hot bath.  I admire the curves of my breasts and smile because my nipples are stiff yet again; they seem to be that way most of the time these days.  My gaze travels down my body past my navel to my smooth, bare mound.  I brush the skin there with my fingers, part my legs and smooth the skin of my outer pussy lips too.  I love the feel of my pussy when it is freshly shaved.  My other hand runs up over my hip and up my left hand side to my breast.  I brush my hand lightly over my nipple then play with it, rolling it between my thumb and index finger before giving it a pinch.  I leave my pussy for a moment to take both breasts in my hands and squeeze and lift them towards my chin.  I trail my finger nails lightly and slowly from my right knee, down my inner thigh to my pussy.  I place my hand over my pussy and slip my middle finger between the lips; I trace my finger up through the wetness and over my clit.  Raising this hand to my mouth I close my lips over my middle finger and suck as I withdraw it from my mouth; Mmmm, I love the taste of myself.

Returning my hand to my pussy I begin to think of my last conversation with Him and feel myself start to get extremely aroused.  I put three fingers between my pussy lips and stroke slowly imagining that He is the one doing the stroking.  I let out a sigh, close my eyes and start massaging my clit in a circular motion.  I am a little distracted today and my mind wanders for a moment; I realise that I have not worn my plug for a while and decide to get it out.  I reach into my bedside drawer and take out my plug and lube.  I coat the plug in lube generously and place the tip on my ass hole.  It slides in without too much trouble and I smile contentedly as the widest part of the plug is nestled away in my ass.  I return to massaging my clit but it doesn't feel right having something in my ass and not my pussy.  I push three fingers into my pussy and explore inside with them; I love how soft and smooth it feels.  My fingers aren't enough though, I want to feel full; I want something stretching my walls and touching my cervix.  I reach into my drawer again and pull out a large rubber dildo, no need for lubrication this time as my pussy is wonderfully wet.  I groan, enjoying the feeling as inch by inch the dildo fills my pussy. 

I rub my clit with my fingers again, applying a little more pressure and speed now as I am eager to orgasm soon.  It doesn't take much for me to reach orgasm when I am thinking of Him and how the things that I would like to do for Him to please Him.  I pinch my nipples a little harder and pull them too, they are very sensitive and my touch sends jolts of pleasure straight to my pussy.  I change from massaging my clit in circular movements to rubbing it up and down quite quickly.  I can feel my pleasure pooling and slowly move my hips as I get excited anticipating my release.  My fingers are moving faster now and I am quietly voicing my enjoyment with small moans.  As I reach my climax my shoulders lift from the bed as the pleasure takes hold of me and I let out a louder moan.  I really struggle not to take my fingers off my clit as it is so sensitive and the pleasure is almost too much for me to handle.  My pussy is squeezing the dildo as I cum and it feels great to have something wide inside me.  As I lay here now I enjoy the remaining ripples of pleasure that wash over me every few seconds. Both toys remain inside me as satisfied, I drift to sleep.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Business Lunch

I had to have a lunchtime meeting with the Project Manager and the Architect for a new build that our company was having done.  I met them at a local hotel because our in-house catering wasn't up to much.  This was the first time I'd met either of them, I had spoken to both over the telephone and via email but never face to face.  I was quite excited about meeting Ciaran (the Project Manager) because we'd been a bit flirtatious recently with each other.

When I arrived at the hotel restaurant they were both seated at our table already; we had a corner table which was slightly set away from the main body of tables and gave us more privacy for our meeting.  As I approached the table the first thing that registered was that the guy facing me was not the most attractive of men; I silently hoped that he was Daniel the Architect.  Both men stood to greet me as I arrived.  The man facing me as I'd approached introduced himself as Daniel and shook my hand, I breathed a small sigh of relief.  I turned my full attention to Ciaran and my smile spread wider; he was about a foot taller than me with broad shoulders, his eyes had a twinkle about them and his smile made me weak at the knees.  He looked every bit the confident charmer that he came across as in his emails.  He took my hand and leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek, I busied myself with settling at the table as I tried to hide the colour that I felt rising in my cheeks.  I have always blushed at the slightest of things, it was embarrassing!

I took the seat on the inside against the wall between the two of them, Ciaran was sat with his back to the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the harbour.  The three of us made small talk and I ordered a drink when the waiter came to the table, they already had drinks.   As they had opted for wine I ordered myself a small glass of Merlot.  As I browsed the menu I wasn't taking any of it in because I could feel Ciaran's eyes on me.   Every now and then I would glance over the top of my menu and catch his eyes, he was smiling at me, those twinkling eyes had me all in a fluster and I couldn't stop grinning.  I was thankful that Daniel was engrossed in the task of selecting his meal.  The waiter came a short while later and they both placed their orders; I quickly decided on the bruschetta and Caesar salad.

We started discussing the project but I found it difficult to focus on the conversation, I wished that he would stop looking at me that way.  As Daniel enthusiastically described the lighting I felt a hand on my knee, I looked at Ciaran out of the corner of my eye.  He was looking at Daniel and appeared to be giving him his complete attention but I knew differently.  I had no idea what Daniel was talking about as the hand gently rubbed my knee making slow circular movements over my skin.  I pretended to focus on the plans in front of me afraid to make eye contact with Daniel in case my face gave away what was happening below the table.  Ciaran's hand was slowly making it's way up my thigh and as I stole a glance in his direction his amused expression told me that he knew exactly the reaction his actions were having on me.  I could feel the moisture in my pussy increasing with every passing minute, every fraction of a centimetre that his hand crept up my thigh.  He put pressure on the inside of my thigh prompting me to open my legs.  I could see the waiter approaching with our appetisers and felt panic rising inside.  As he presented our food to us I prayed that he couldn't see what was going on beneath the tablecloth.  It seemed that he didn't notice; once he'd left Ciaran removed his hand and we began to eat.  I didn't enjoy my food, I couldn't even taste it, I was consumed with thoughts of him and whether or not that was the end of his attentions.

As we waited for our plates to be cleared Daniel excused himself to go to the bathroom.  Ciaran wasted no time once he'd left the table.
"Take your panties off, now!"
I looked at him for a moment not sure whether I had imagined it.
"What are you waiting for, you don't have much time do it now", he spoke quite matter of factly.
He was so calm and collected I wondered if he was finding the whole scenario anywhere near as much of a turn on as I was.  I was pretty sure he had done this before on more than one occasion.  I struggled to slip them off under my skirt without drawing attention to what I was doing but managed somehow.
"Put them in your bag", I did as I was told.
His hand was back on my knee but only for a moment, he slid it deliberately up the inside of my thigh, his eyes locked on mine as he did so.  I wanted to look around the room and check that no one was approaching our table but I couldn't break his gaze.  He broke eye contact to acknowledge Daniel's return to the table.  I jumped a little startled that he had managed to return without my notice.  Had he seen Ciaran's hand on my leg under the table?  He didn't show any signs that he had.  Daniel continued discussing the plans and the two of them began discussing the pros and cons of using one material over another for something or other, I was completely lost at this point, I couldn't process the conversation as Ciaran's hand reached my pussy and stroked my lips.  I felt that my body must have been trembling visibly but Ciaran gave no sign that anything out of the ordinary was occurring.  He slipped a finger between my pussy lips and teased my clit and I had to focus completely on staying silent.  It as at that point he decided to ask my opinion on something, I couldn't believe that he was doing this to me.  I cleared my throat and asked him to repeat the question trying to buy myself some time to try and compose myself but he continued to tease my clit giving me no such break.
"Oh look here comes the waiter to clear our plates", I thought that this would make him remove his hand; I thought wrong. 
He waited until the waiter had left before withdrawing his hand.  He took out his BlackBerry and excused himself for a moment telling us that he had to make a call.  I was grateful for the chance to come back down to earth and properly on work for a moment.  Daniel asked me to select a colour for the interior of one of the office spaces and as I was deliberating between two the message alert sounded on my BlackBerry.  I read the message: Ten minutes after we have finished the main course excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. C x
I replied with a simple "Okay".  I don't remember what Daniel said after that.  Ciaran returned to the table and it was back to business.  He didn't touch me again through the course of the lunch, he didn't need to; my whole body was his by this point.  My stiff nipples I was pretty sure were visible through my silk blouse and my wet pussy was throbbing.  I hardly touched my meal, I had no appetite.  I had ordered a second glass of wine to settle my nerves, I was thankful that I'd not driven to work today and the hotel had been in walking distance from the office.

Daniel finished his meal a short while after I had given up on trying to eat mine.  Ciaran appeared to be eating his slowly deliberately.  I was a bag of nerves by the time he'd finished and made a point of stating the time.  The ten minutes after this point seemed to go by in a flash.  He caught my eye and looked at the clock signalling that the ten minutes were up, like I hadn't noticed every minute speed by.  I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

I waited in there for a couple of minutes not knowing what was coming next.  I took my BlackBerry from my bag and awaited a message from him.  I jumped a little, startled as the door to the bathroom opened; it was him.  He smiled as he walked up to me and pinned me against the wall, kissing me passionately.  At that moment I melted, it was the hottest kiss I had ever had.  Without breaking the kiss he walked us into a cubicle and slid the lock across on the door.  He lifted my blouse out of my skirt and up over my breasts, taking them out of my bra he kissed and sucked them as I leaned against the cubicle door, eyes closed in a state of sheer bliss.  As his mouth moved over my breasts he lifted my skirt up around my waist and parted my pussy lips probing my pussy with his fingers.  He lifted my right leg by the knee out to the side and his head made it's way down to my pussy.  I sighed as his tongue made contact with my clit and he began licking and sucking.  It took no time at all before I was cumming on his mouth.  I was groaning and panting when I heard the main door opening and someone enter.  I held my breath and waited, I assumed that he would stay still and wait too but he rose to his feet and began kissing me again.  I couldn't care about the other person in the room as he kissed me I was putty in his hands.
"Undo my belt and trousers, get my cock out I have to have you now", he whispered breathlessly in my ear.  I did as he said immediately.  As soon as I'd pulled down his boxers he grabbed my ass and lifted me up, I heard a toilet flush as he sank his cock deep inside me.  As the taps turned on he began moving inside me, he fucked me slowly and hard.  As the hand dryer came on I took the opportunity to let out a moan, his cock filled me to the hilt and felt great; beyond anyone I'd ever had inside me before.  As the door closed and the person left the room he began to fuck me faster with more urgency.  He kissed my neck as he fucked me, his one hand wrapped around my back on my waist and the other on my shoulder.  I tightened the grip my legs had around his waist and gripped his shoulders as I felt another orgasm wash over me.  My pussy constricting his cock as I came pushed him over the edge and he groaned and whispered the word fuck in my ear as he pressed his weight against me and I felt him fill my pussy.  I reveled in the sensation of his cock twitching inside me.  He stayed inside me for a few moments while we both caught our breath.  I straightened myself up in the mirror and it was agreed that I would leave first and he'd follow shortly after.

As I returned to the table Daniel smiled at me and asked if everything was okay.  I told him it was fine and got to looking at my paperwork.  I asked him his opinion on something and noticed that he was smiling at someone.  It was Ciaran returning to the table.
"Everything alright mate?", Daniel asked him as he returned to his seat.
"Yeah everything's great just had to make a phone call"
We stayed for coffees as we continued to discuss the project.  I may as well not have been at the meeting for all the information that I managed to retain.  After we'd agreed on our next meeting date we said our goodbyes, they left in a cab and I walked back to the office.

I took my BlackBerry out to make a phone call and noticed a message:

That was fun naughty girl, next time we meet forget your panties. C x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Your Eyes

I hear your heart beating, my head rises and falls with your chest as you breathe.  My eyes are closed as I lay on you, breathless and bruised, enjoying the moment as you stroke my hair gently...

I hadn't expected you to call around today and I'd no idea what was in store for me that's for sure.  I shudder slightly as I remember the look on your face when I opened the door to you.  I knew in a fraction of a second that you were furious yet your exterior was calm...your eyes said everything that needed to be said. 

I lowered my eyes immediately and felt sheer panic rise inside me as you stepped over the threshold and closed the door slowly behind you.  I wanted to back away from you but forced myself to stay.  A tear runs down my cheek as I remember you taking a fist full of my hair and dragging me into the kitchen.  You still hadn't said a word to me at this point which was what had really had me worried.  I didn't know why you were angry at me, I frantically tried to think of anything and everything I had done since I last spoke to you yesterday morning but I came up with nothing; it's difficult to think when you're being pulled by your hair.  

As you pushed me to my knees and unfastened your belt I thought I was going to get a beating with it.  I was so relieved when you placed it on the table and undid your trousers.  I lick my top lip and have a fresh reminder that it is swollen.   I really struggled to breathe as you fucked my face mercilessly, both hands gripping my hair tight.  My eyes have never run so much as they did then...on saying that, you have never fucked my throat as unrelentingly before.

As I shift slightly on top of you my hip presses against you and I wince.  I've not looked yet but I am sure there will be some colourful bruising.  I drift back to my thoughts...after you had finished using my mouth I was grateful that you gave me a few seconds to catch my breath before pulling me up by the hair and pulling my dress off over my head.  It hurt when you tore my panties from my body.  

The breath was knocked out of me as you pushed me against the wall.  As you lifted my arms above my head I had an idea of the pain that my breasts were about to endure.  I'm impressed that I only cried out once as you bit the firm flesh of my breasts and used your teeth harshly on my nipples.

When you turned me around the coolness of the wall was bliss to my bruised breasts.  As you ran your hand over my pussy and onto my ass hole I closed my eyes and tried to eradicate the fear that I felt and relax instead; being tense was only going to make it worse.  As your cock pressed it's way into my ass I tried to breathe through the pain.  As you started to thrust into my ass, my body completely pinned to the wall, you pull my head back by my hair and bite my neck.  I can't wait to take a look at my neck in the mirror, I'm sure there will be a pretty reminder there. 

When you pulled your cock out of my ass the fresh pain lingered but I couldn't dwell on that, you gave me no time.  When you turned me back around and placed your hand under my chin to lift it I raised my eyes to look at you and my heart filled with joy.  You were looking at me with love now, the anger completely gone.  I swallow as I feel a lump in my throat, I cannot cry now no matter how happy I am I must wait until you leave.

I will never forget you lifting me, my legs wrapped around your waist and your cock sliding into my pussy.  You never took your eyes off mine the whole time you fucked me against the wall.  You said nothing, spoke not one word, your eyes said everything that needed to be said.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Wedding

I was head bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, or at least I would be providing I made it to my friend's house.  I couldn’t get the Friday off work so I had to drive up in the evening straight from the office.  There were two other bridesmaids in the wedding and we were all staying at the bride’s house the night before for a girl’s night.  They’d only moved to their new house a couple of months ago and I’d not been there yet because work had been hectic, I’d had no free time.  Not an ideal situation, I’m not the best when it comes to directions and find myself driving through country lanes in the dark wondering whether or not I am going the right way.  The lanes seemed to go on forever, there wasn’t anywhere to pull over it seemed so I slowed right down and got my phone out.  I dialled my friend’s number to double check that I had driven the right way.  I became aware of another car behind me so picked up speed a little as I continued to talk on the phone.  I had to brake quite often as there were a lot of bends in these lanes.  The car behind me flashed their head lights and then I could see blue flashing lights…”Oh crap!”

I practically threw my phone back into my handbag without saying good bye to my friend and started to panic.  I hadn’t seen anywhere to pull over for at least 10 minutes, surely there had to be a spot soon? I didn’t want the police to think that I was failing to stop for them.  Thankfully there was a small lay by/drive way within a few minutes so I pulled in and the police car pulled in behind me.  I sat in my car and waited…

I watched in my wing mirror as one police officer got out from the driver’s side, the interior light was on and I noticed another officer sat in the passenger seat.  As the officer nears my window I press the button to open it.
“Evening Miss, are you aware that you have a brake light out?”
I breathed a sigh of relief because I thought I’d been seen using my phone. “No I wasn’t aware of that, sorry Sir I’ll be sure to get it fixed first thing tomorrow”.
He eyed me with suspicion and I gave myself a mental kick for showing my relief so openly.  “Is there something else that you’re feeling guilty about Miss?”
“No Sir not at all, I was just relieved not to be in trouble for anything else”
“Step out of the car please Miss”
“But I’ve really not done anything wrong...okay I was talking on my phone when you were behind me that’s it.  I thought that had been why you’d pulled me over”
“You’re aware that it’s an offence to talk on the phone whilst driving?”
“I am but I couldn’t pull over anywhere and wasn’t sure that I was going the right way to my friend’s house”
“Just step out of the car a moment please”
I hesitated for a moment then unfastened my seatbelt and got out of the car.
“Just move around to the back of the vehicle please Miss” he held his arm out to prompt me to walk ahead of him.

I’d worn a skirt and blouse to work that day because the weather had been hot, the air had an edge to it now and I felt the chill instantly.  The lights from the police car were bright in contrast to the darkness that my eyes had adjusted to and I had to hold my hand up to my eyes.
“Miss, place your hands on the car in front of you”, I almost began to object but his look told me not to bother and I figured the quicker I cooperate the quicker I can get back on the road.
He placed his hands on my shoulders “I’m just going to check that you don’t have any drugs or illegal weapons on your person”.
I couldn’t help but laugh and turn my head “You’re kidding me right?  Do I look like the type of person to be hiding a gun in my bra?!?!”
“Back chat will not help your situation Miss, now turn your head to the front”, I sighed, rolled my eyes and looked ahead.  For someone so hot he sure was annoying!
He began tracing his hands from my shoulders down over the tops of my arms slowly and firmly…this would have seemed normal had I have had a long sleeved blouse on but as it happened my blouse was sleeveless.  I could feel his hot breath on my ear as his hands reached my wrists.  His hands slip to the underside of my wrists, his touch tender for a moment before he began to slide them back up the underneath of my arms.  As he reached my shoulders again he ran his hands down my sides, over the curve of my waist and as his hands reached my hips he pulled my blouse up out of the waistband of my skirt.  My body stiffened and I held my breath, up until this point I’d been pretty sure that his actions were inappropriate – now I was certain of it.  He pulled my hips back so that my ass was sticking out and reached around the front of me and lightly brushed the sides of my breasts.  I felt myself begin to relax as his hands moved over the whole of my breasts, kneading them slowly before tracing a line down my stomach and grabbing my pussy through my skirt then rubbing it firmly.  The contact made me gasp.

“Oh, you are enjoying this Miss?  Well, I’m almost done with my search then there’s just the penalty for back chat to be dealt and you can be on your way”.

I’m confused, I wasn’t aware that you could be fined for talking back to a police officer.  He continued rubbing my pussy through my skirt for a while and I could feel the moisture in my panties building.  He stopped and lifted the back of my skirt revealing my ass to the cold night air, then I felt him pull my panties down to my knees.  I heard a car door open and look over my shoulder to see the silhouette of the second officer heading towards us.
"I figured you could use a hand over here.  Maybe you could issue a penalty and I could keep her from running her mouth?” I wasn’t sure I liked where this was headed…
The officer who had been performing my search replied “Actually, you can issue the penalty and I’ll be sure to keep her quiet".  The second officer pulled out one of those new compact extendable batons that they have these days.  He extends it to its full length and taps it on his hand several times.  Before I know what’s happening I feel it sliding between the lips of my pussy, just once.
“Okay I’m ready” he says holding the baton up to the light and admiring the wetness left from the contact with my pussy.

“Turn to face me please Miss” the original officer requests from beside me.  I turn to my right and watch as he unfastens his trousers, I realise that there’s not a lot I can do about this situation other than go with it; I’m in the middle of nowhere in the dark hidden from the main country lane by the trees and I still don’t think any other vehicles had passed by.  Besides, from the moment he pulled his underwear down past his cock I became a very willing participant – it was beautiful!  He didn't waste anytime getting it in my mouth, pulling my loose hair back from my face and holding it in his fist he guided his cock into my mouth.  I began sucking on it with such enthusiasm that he laughed “that’s it little Miss, good girl”.

Suddenly I let out a muffled yelp and flinched as I felt a strong sting on my ass.  I’d forgotten briefly about the officer with the baton! He struck me again with it before flicking it at my ass several times in quick succession.  I must have paused; distracted by the whooping my ass was taking because I felt the hand at the back of my head pushing.
"Come now Miss concentrate on the task at hand”
I started sucking again, my ass felt like it was on fire and he wasn’t showing any sign of stopping, although he’d slow down now and then leaving a couple of seconds break between strikes.  I didn’t think I could bear it any longer when I felt the gentle caress of his hands on my sore ass, even his gentle touch hurt my tender ass.  I felt him tap the inside of my thigh and parted my legs for him, just a little.  I moaned on the cock in my mouth as I felt another enter my pussy and begin to fuck me.  I took a moment to register how hot this scene must look, I was a lucky girl!  The officer in my mouth held my head still as his cock swelled and he started to pump his cum into my mouth.  I enjoyed the sensation as I felt it slide down my throat.  He withdrew from my mouth and fastened his trousers, stood hands on hips and watched his partner fuck me from behind.  He fucked me hard and every time he rammed into me with his cock he slammed against my sore ass cheeks.  His thrusting became more rapid after a few short minutes; he pulled his cock out of my pussy and came over my ass then pulled my skirt back down to cover it.  He put his cock away and his partner told me to stand up straight.

“I’ll let you off on the brake light this time just be sure to get it fixed tomorrow.  Drive safely Miss”
I pulled up my panties and headed around to the driver’s side of my car as they headed back to theirs.  As I sat I felt the cool wet from the cum on my skin.  I reached for my phone; I had 15 missed calls from my friend.  What a great start to the weekend I thought as I waited for my friend to pick up.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Stood in the middle of the bedroom naked, eyes lowered as he ties my wrists together behind my back with rope.  He moves in front of me and runs the back of his hand down the left side of my face, tracing it down my neck to my chest.  He brushes his finger tips lightly over my breasts, my nipples are already standing to attention for him.  He  starts pinching them one at a time.  He pinches them hard and grips until the pain is sharp and I am on the verge of crying out, but he knows just when to stop.  He puts his hand in his pocket, when he withdraws it I see elastic bands in his fingers.  I close my eyes for a moment and smile to myself wondering how long he would use them on me this time.  He places one of the bands over my erect nipple and then pinches it between the thumb and fore finger of his other hand as he tightens the band, releases my nipple to loop the band over and repeats until my nipple is snugly wrapped.  He does the same thing on my right breast and when he has finished he rubs the tip of my nipples with his thumbs briefly and I relish the feel of his touch. 
“Part your legs please”, it was the first time he’d spoken to me since he’d called me the night before and told me how he expected to find me waiting for him when he arrived. 
I parted my legs immediately.
“Now bend at the waist until I tell you to stop”, I bent forward and he told me to stop as the line of my back was about parallel to the floor.
He moved behind me and I gasped as I felt his fingers enter my wet pussy and twist inside me.  He slides them out of me and runs them upwards, spreading my wetness to my ass.   He begins rubbing and teasing my ass with his fingers, taking his time, toying with me.  I am aware of a delightful tingling in my nipples as the elastic bands restrict the blood flow to them, this is just the beginning though I know and relish in the thought that the gentle tingling will evolve into much more.  I feel his fingers in my ass exploring and caressing inside me, my clit is throbbing with arousal.

I feel disappointed as he leaves me to cross the bedroom but my disappointment is short lived as he returns to me and rubs something cold, wet and hard in my pussy. 
“I got this especially for you this week, it’s glass.  I am sure you are going to love it”, he explains as he begins to press at my ass with the object that I quickly discover is a plug.  He places one hand on my lower back while he works the plug into me with the other.   I feel it stretching my ass as he edges it in, it’s bigger than the ones he’s used previously but it feels so good.  I know it’s in all the way as I feel my anus close tighter over the narrowest part of the plug, it feels heavy inside me.  He places both hands on my cheeks and squeezes them.
“Beautiful”, he murmurs.

As his hands break contact with my skin he tells me to kneel for him.  I hear the familiar sound of him undressing behind me and feel my excitement build further still.  As his feet enter my line of sight I can feel my pussy ache.  My nipples have started heating up now, the tingling that I’d felt earlier has been replaced as I’d known it would be, with a pleasant pain.  When he is stood directly before me I open my mouth for him, it has become second nature.  I feel his cock on my lips and welcome it into my mouth.  He runs his hand through my hair and I suck him while I wait to see if he wants me to do as I please today or if he intends to use my mouth to his own end.  His hand runs around to the front of my jaw and then brushes my cheek.  He didn’t grip my hair so I know that I am free to pleasure him as I wish.  I suck him firmly at a steady pace for a while before moving my mouth off his cock and playing with his balls with my tongue, taking them in my mouth and massaging them with my lips.  I move my head to the side and take the base of his cock in my mouth I press my tongue firmly against it and slide my mouth up and down the shaft.  I flick at it playfully for a moment with my tongue, concentrating on the head before sinking my mouth deep on his cock.  I feel my eyes begin to water as his tip taunts my gag reflex but I persist because I want as much of him inside me as I can possibly manage.  My nose almost touches his groin each time my mouth slides down his cock.  He places his hands on the sides of my head and pulls his cock completely out of my mouth. 

“Stand please”, he doesn’t move as I rise to my feet carefully in front of him.  His hands move to my breasts and I take a sharp breath as his hands move over my very sensitive nipples.  He begins to remove the band from the left nipple and I bite my lip as he does so; the pain is strongest when they are being removed.  As he begins to remove the one on the right his left hand delves between my legs and he holds it still there. 
“You are not to cum do you understand?”
“Yes Master”
His hand begins to move on my pussy as the elastic band is completely removed from my right nipple.  He quickly brushes each nipple with his hand and it is taking a lot of effort to keep my composure.  He dips his head down and takes my right nipple in his mouth and its torture as I use all of my control and effort not to cum.  He sucks and bites, all the while his hand is still working my pussy rubbing my clit testing me, willing me to dare to cum without his permission.  His mouth moves to my other breast and I whimper as the sweet agony continues.  I begin to plead with him, quietly whispering the word please.
“It pleases me to hear you beg but you shall have your release when I decide, not a moment before”, he removes his hand from my pussy and starts getting dressed.  I want to raise my eyes and question him but know better. 
When he is completely dressed he unties my wrists and tells me that I am to leave the plug in until he tells me to remove it.  I am to get dressed and go out, maybe go shopping or take a long walk.  He will be in touch with me shortly.

“Consider this a lesson in patience my pet”

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Imagine you had someone who introduced you to something new every week…

Someone who made you feel like you would burst from the anticipation of not knowing what they will want you to do next…

Someone that you feel you could never say no to…

Someone who excited you and scared you at the same time…

Someone who enters your thoughts momentarily but has you throbbing and wet…

Someone that helps push your boundaries and makes you feel empowered…

Someone that could make you melt by uttering two simple words…

Someone who can make your whole body react simply by sending you a message before you’ve even read what it says…

Someone who fills you with joy simply by letting you know that you’ve pleased them…

Someone who can consume your thoughts for hours on end…

Sasha x

Monday, 4 July 2011

10 Edges

This story has been inspired by a myriad of experiences I've had over the past couple of months coupled with the weather and my activities this weekend :)

I was making my first coffee of the morning when my message alert chimed on my phone:

Master: Today you will edge yourself at least 10 times, two of which must be in a public place.  But you must not Orgasm until dawn on Sunday.

me: To be clear, You are referring to dawn as in 5am on Sunday?

Master: Correct and I require full details of each edge.  Less than one an hour should be easy for you, I am sure will achieve your task.

me: 1st Edge:
Hi, I have just completed my 1st of the day. This is going to be an agonisingly slow day for me it turns out! I was already wet just from talking to you which is ridiculous. I sat down with a coffee in the living room and laid back on the sofa and slipped my hands down the front of my pyjama bottoms. My pussy was slippery wet and my clit sensitive to touch. I stroked my pussy up and down for a moment and inserted one finger before withdrawing it and starting to massage my clit. I did this for 10 mins before I felt my climax start to build at which point I begrudgingly stopped

Master: Mmm a good start, my cock twitched with the thought of it

Me: Edges 2 & 3:
I found these difficult because almost every morning without fail I have an orgasm in the shower, not being allowed to have that release today was very hard.

I washed everywhere first as usual and put the conditioner in my hair to let it set while I played. I take the shower head in my right hand and put my right foot up on the side of the bath using the index and middle finger of my left hand to spread my pussy lips. I have already set the jet of the shower to full, it's powerful but not enough to be uncomfortable. I aim the jet at my clit, close my eyes and I usually think of a sexy scenario in my head - today I thought of the spanking one that you sent me. I didn't get far through it before I had to quickly move the shower head away. I almost forgot myself, it was a close shave with failure. I felt inside my pussy and my inner lips were swollen. I daren't touch my clit at that point as it would have been too risky. I hung the shower head back up and rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.

I then grabbed my razor and just tidied up where I needed to. I was going to switch the shower off but thought I would have one more play because I'm feeling super horny this morning. I assumed the same position as before but this time I kept my eyes open and tried to think of nothing and just focus on the sensation of the water jetting on my pussy, I was less likely to forget myself this way. I felt the pleasure build quickly again and moved the aim of the spray to the bottom of my pussy for a while letting it jet at my hole which also felt good but not enough to make me cum. A very short while later I got out of the shower.

Master: ‪You are doing well, up to now you are pleasing Master. I hope it continues

me: 4th Edge:
I am almost home now and the walk has taken me almost twice as long as usual to complete.

It took me ages to decide on a spot and I nearly didn't do it. I've not done this sort of thing before except for in my car or public toilets. Attached is the view point from where I sat on a mound of grass that was sunken off the main path. I had my back to the path undid my trousers, hesitated for a moment turning to see how visible I would be (as you can see from my top, I didn't blend in with the surrounding trees). When I felt ready I put my hand down the front of my knickers and found my clit. I started massaging it but was still feeling uneasy and couldn't relax. I turned off my music so that I could be more aware of any passersby that might approach. I took a few deep breaths to relax myself and started thinking about one of my favourite fantasies to masturbate to. It took me quite a while but the longer nobody passed by the more I relaxed and eventually I felt the pleasure building. When I stopped and walked back out onto the path I wasn't bothered that I couldn't cum this time as I was too proud of myself for completing what I'd set out to do.

I will be fitting in the 2nd public one very soon as I have people coming over to my house for a BBQ for the rest of the day at four and am going to have to fit in the rest of my edges in the bedroom/bathroom while they're sat out my garden.

Master: Oh excellent, pics as well. A shame you were not spotted

me: I would have died if I'd been caught!

me: 5th Edge:
Phew! I was cutting it fine for the 2nd public one but fitted it in while I was at Tesco grabbing last minute BBQ supplies. Stood in toilets one foot propped on toilet seat leaning against the wall I put my hand down the front of my trousers and started playing quickly. I'd had another shower after my walk and been distracted so my pussy wasn't wet at this point. I put my two fingers in my mouth and put them back on my clit. I was a little put off my stride because it's a Saturday and there were lots of people coming in to use the toilets. I tried my best to ignore the chatter and think dirty thoughts...I imagined myself laying across your lap as you felt my ass and pulled my panties up high so that they tightened against my pussy. Imagined how your hand would feel on my bare ass as you started to spank me and a few other things came to mind which combined did the trick nicely.

My other 5 are going to have to be squeezed in at home throughout the evening :)

Master: Keep up the good work my angel.

Master: I would have preferred to see a picture of your wet pussy.

me: I can arrange that for you at dawn :)

me: 6th Edge:
Hi, I managed to break away for a short while to do this one. I said that I needed to change my bottoms into something more comfortable and lay back on my bed, bottom half naked and played with my pussy. It was so much easier to get to the edging point this time as I was already turned on from your reply to my last time. My pussy is very wet now and although it is easier to find an opportunity to edge for you it is so much harder for me to stop once I reach that point...

Master: I trust you will not fail Master!!!
The test will be when you finally go to bed

me: 7th Edge:
Master, this is not easy at all now my breasts and pussy are tingling with arousal as I try to focus on my guests. A quick play in the bathroom was all I could take this time. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet. I will not leave the 10th until bedtime because I fear that I will not be able to control myself. The final three will be very difficult

Master: ‪You must save the tenth for when you go to bed. Then it will be a real test!

me: 8th Edge:
People are starting to comment about me disappearing now so I'm glad there's only one left before bed time. I'd like to thank you for this. I paid a visit to the bathroom yet again and enjoyed touching my wet pussy for the short time required. I gave my nipples some much needed attention this time too and slipped my left hand into my bra and gave them a pinch, it was divine!

Master: Think you need my teeth on those hard nipples!

me: 9th Edge:
Okay, final one complete before bedtime and I have to say that I am more than relieved that I have a couple of hours to wait for the last one. I laid on my bed for this one, was a little on edge because I have no lock on the bedroom door. Thankfully the guests use the downstairs toilet mainly. I pulled my trousers down to my ankles and spread my legs wide lifting my ankles towards my body. Put. 3 fingers in my pussy because I long for it to be filled now. I moved them in and out a few times and rubbed my clit with my palm. It felt too good. Again, I could not play for long I felt my climax approach and had to stop. My mind has been consumed with thoughts of Master all day.

Master: I hope that thoughts of Master has not diverted you from your friends

me: Final Edge:
I laid in bed naked and ran my hands across my whole body imagining my hands were your hands. Paying particular attention to my breasts squeezing them and rubbing them, my nipples longing for your mouth. I left my pussy for last knowing that it wasn't safe to touch it for long using one finger imagining it was your tongue...I was not long before I are sweet torture to me Master...I long for Dawn...good night x

Master: Have fun at Dawn!!

me: Dawn:
Good morning

I have just had a great orgasm. I lay naked in bed under the covers and put my hand to my pussy. My pussy was still wet. I played lazily at first while I came around from my sleep. I came around quite quickly as I became more aroused. Using my fingers inside me and my palm moving slowly on my clit I worked myself to an orgasm. I played without vigour because I wanted the moment to last. It was worth the wait, thank you :)

Master: Beautiful, you have performed well my loyal sub.
You will be rewarded with Master's tongue and teeth on your clit

me: Thank You Master

Friday, 1 July 2011

My Lesson: Part Two

Fortunately I didn't have to wait too long before our next encounter.  I was at home on Saturday morning when I heard a knock at the door.  I was surprised when I answered to see him standing before me.  I stood to one side in order to let him pass and closed the door behind him.  Excitement began to stir in my pussy, the moment I opened the door and laid eyes on him.   Without turning back to look at me initially he paused in the hallway and instructed me to kneel and lower my eyes.  I was told that I would not look at Master in the eyes without his permission.  I did as I was told immediately, he approached me and I felt him fit something smooth and cold around my neck.
"Crawl to the bedroom", he commanded.  He had fitted me with a fine leather collar and lead...I didn't stop to process this I began crawling towards my bedroom straight away with Master beside me, lead in hand.

Once in the bedroom he sat in the chair and told me to come and stand next to him.  Eyes lowered I rose to my feet and walked over to him, butterflies in my stomach as the excitement and anticipation built.  He took my hand and pulled me across his knee and it was the nicest feeling in the world to be laying across Master's lap.  I felt vulnerable, exposed and at his mercy.  He caressed my ass through my dress gently and I heard myself whimper quietly, his touch was heavenly and I longed to feel the heating of my flesh as his strong hand strikes my ass.  I jumped a little in his lap in surprise as his hand made first contact with a playful slap followed by a few others, followed by two hard slaps to each cheek.  He pushed my dress up and ran his hand along my panties slowly for a moment, my pussy was extremely wet by this point and my nipples ached with arousal.  He administered more slaps to both cheeks I could feel my flesh heating up.
"Please stand and remove your panties and resume your position over my knee" he instructed.  I stood and slowly removed my panties, careful to keep my eyes lowered not wanting to land myself in trouble.  I laid myself across his lap again and he lifted my dress.  I felt my legs being pushed apart slightly and the tip of his finger brushing the lips of my pussy.  I involuntarily take a sharp intake of breath and exhale shakily, I know now that he has touched my pussy Master is completely aware of how aroused I am.

My head is pushed down further and I let out a cry and bite my lip to try and stop as Master slaps my ass hard six times in succession to alternate cheeks.
"Now please stand and go and stand facing the wall and hold your dress up so I may admire my handiwork"
I wriggled out of his lap and walked over to the wall, I could feel the warmth of my cheeks and imagined that they must be glowing.  I take hold of the hem of my dress either side and lift it up to my chest to ensure that Master sees everything that he desires.  I can feel my whole pussy throbbing with desire as I stand there exposing my ass to him.  I can hear movement behind me.
"You may return to me now please".  As I turn around I see that he has moved the chair to the centre of the room.
"Please remove your clothing and fold them neatly".  I pulled my dress up over my head, folded it and placed it on the bed.  Next I reached around and unclasped my bra at the back and slipped it off, I noticed the aching in my breasts and how stiff my nipples were.  Tucking my thumbs into the waist band of my panties I pulled them down slowly and stepped out of them.  I placed my underwear on top of my dress on the bed and stood waiting, eyes lowered.
"Stand behind the chair and spread your legs so your ankles are next to the chair leg".  I positioned myself behind the chair as instructed. 
Master knelt and tied my ankles to the chair legs. He placed a pillow over the top of the chair back and instructed me to bend over the back and hold the chair seat.  He then tied my wrists to the underside of the seat.  He was stood behind me, I heard movement but I couldn't see what he was doing.  My whole body felt weak with desire as I waited bent over and bound to the chair, my wet pussy and ass on display.
"You will now experience the pleasure of my leather belt". I listened as he slowly pulled the belt out of his trousers, folding it in half he cracked the leather belt  together several times, I could almost feel the smack of the leather on the flesh of my ass. I could feel the wetness of my pussy spread slowly down my inner thigh.  He picked up my panties and rolled them into a small ball and pushed them into my mouth.  The waiting is sweet agony until I feel his belt crack across both cheeks, the pain quickly replaced by satisfying heat.





Five...I wasn't sure that I could take many more.


His hand gently caressed my burning ass, then explored between my legs, pushing two fingers deeply into me.  I practically purred with delight as my pussy finally had the contact that it had been yearning.  He removed his fingers from my pussy and undid the bindings, instructed me to return to the wall and face it with my hands on my head.  I walked over to the wall, my ass felt tender as I did so and there was an intense heat burning in my cheeks.

As I stood with my hands on my head facing the wall I heard the door gently close behind Master….

My Lesson: Part One

He knew that I was curious about the whole spanking thing and during a conversation one day told me to drop my panties and wiggle my cute ass.  I pulled my panties down slowly for him and gave my ass a little wiggle and asked him "Like this?".
He told me to make myself comfortable over his knee so I did and told him that I was nervous yet excited.  I could feel myself becoming aroused already.
"Well, just open those legs so that I can tell if you are moist yet", he instructed.
I parted my legs a little and told him that I thought he would find that I was moist.
"Stand up", he tells me, so I stand.
"Pull up your panties", I look at him quizzically and do as I'm told.
"Okay first lesson of domination, I am in control!  You will have to wait longer for your pleasure"
Pouting I tell him, "Okay Sir sorry, lesson learned".
"No pouting it does not suit you"
"So I've been told, sorry, no more pouting"
It's at that point he says good night and leaves.  I am left frustrated and disappointed yet also excited in anticipation of our next encounter...