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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Wedding

I was head bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, or at least I would be providing I made it to my friend's house.  I couldn’t get the Friday off work so I had to drive up in the evening straight from the office.  There were two other bridesmaids in the wedding and we were all staying at the bride’s house the night before for a girl’s night.  They’d only moved to their new house a couple of months ago and I’d not been there yet because work had been hectic, I’d had no free time.  Not an ideal situation, I’m not the best when it comes to directions and find myself driving through country lanes in the dark wondering whether or not I am going the right way.  The lanes seemed to go on forever, there wasn’t anywhere to pull over it seemed so I slowed right down and got my phone out.  I dialled my friend’s number to double check that I had driven the right way.  I became aware of another car behind me so picked up speed a little as I continued to talk on the phone.  I had to brake quite often as there were a lot of bends in these lanes.  The car behind me flashed their head lights and then I could see blue flashing lights…”Oh crap!”

I practically threw my phone back into my handbag without saying good bye to my friend and started to panic.  I hadn’t seen anywhere to pull over for at least 10 minutes, surely there had to be a spot soon? I didn’t want the police to think that I was failing to stop for them.  Thankfully there was a small lay by/drive way within a few minutes so I pulled in and the police car pulled in behind me.  I sat in my car and waited…

I watched in my wing mirror as one police officer got out from the driver’s side, the interior light was on and I noticed another officer sat in the passenger seat.  As the officer nears my window I press the button to open it.
“Evening Miss, are you aware that you have a brake light out?”
I breathed a sigh of relief because I thought I’d been seen using my phone. “No I wasn’t aware of that, sorry Sir I’ll be sure to get it fixed first thing tomorrow”.
He eyed me with suspicion and I gave myself a mental kick for showing my relief so openly.  “Is there something else that you’re feeling guilty about Miss?”
“No Sir not at all, I was just relieved not to be in trouble for anything else”
“Step out of the car please Miss”
“But I’ve really not done anything wrong...okay I was talking on my phone when you were behind me that’s it.  I thought that had been why you’d pulled me over”
“You’re aware that it’s an offence to talk on the phone whilst driving?”
“I am but I couldn’t pull over anywhere and wasn’t sure that I was going the right way to my friend’s house”
“Just step out of the car a moment please”
I hesitated for a moment then unfastened my seatbelt and got out of the car.
“Just move around to the back of the vehicle please Miss” he held his arm out to prompt me to walk ahead of him.

I’d worn a skirt and blouse to work that day because the weather had been hot, the air had an edge to it now and I felt the chill instantly.  The lights from the police car were bright in contrast to the darkness that my eyes had adjusted to and I had to hold my hand up to my eyes.
“Miss, place your hands on the car in front of you”, I almost began to object but his look told me not to bother and I figured the quicker I cooperate the quicker I can get back on the road.
He placed his hands on my shoulders “I’m just going to check that you don’t have any drugs or illegal weapons on your person”.
I couldn’t help but laugh and turn my head “You’re kidding me right?  Do I look like the type of person to be hiding a gun in my bra?!?!”
“Back chat will not help your situation Miss, now turn your head to the front”, I sighed, rolled my eyes and looked ahead.  For someone so hot he sure was annoying!
He began tracing his hands from my shoulders down over the tops of my arms slowly and firmly…this would have seemed normal had I have had a long sleeved blouse on but as it happened my blouse was sleeveless.  I could feel his hot breath on my ear as his hands reached my wrists.  His hands slip to the underside of my wrists, his touch tender for a moment before he began to slide them back up the underneath of my arms.  As he reached my shoulders again he ran his hands down my sides, over the curve of my waist and as his hands reached my hips he pulled my blouse up out of the waistband of my skirt.  My body stiffened and I held my breath, up until this point I’d been pretty sure that his actions were inappropriate – now I was certain of it.  He pulled my hips back so that my ass was sticking out and reached around the front of me and lightly brushed the sides of my breasts.  I felt myself begin to relax as his hands moved over the whole of my breasts, kneading them slowly before tracing a line down my stomach and grabbing my pussy through my skirt then rubbing it firmly.  The contact made me gasp.

“Oh, you are enjoying this Miss?  Well, I’m almost done with my search then there’s just the penalty for back chat to be dealt and you can be on your way”.

I’m confused, I wasn’t aware that you could be fined for talking back to a police officer.  He continued rubbing my pussy through my skirt for a while and I could feel the moisture in my panties building.  He stopped and lifted the back of my skirt revealing my ass to the cold night air, then I felt him pull my panties down to my knees.  I heard a car door open and look over my shoulder to see the silhouette of the second officer heading towards us.
"I figured you could use a hand over here.  Maybe you could issue a penalty and I could keep her from running her mouth?” I wasn’t sure I liked where this was headed…
The officer who had been performing my search replied “Actually, you can issue the penalty and I’ll be sure to keep her quiet".  The second officer pulled out one of those new compact extendable batons that they have these days.  He extends it to its full length and taps it on his hand several times.  Before I know what’s happening I feel it sliding between the lips of my pussy, just once.
“Okay I’m ready” he says holding the baton up to the light and admiring the wetness left from the contact with my pussy.

“Turn to face me please Miss” the original officer requests from beside me.  I turn to my right and watch as he unfastens his trousers, I realise that there’s not a lot I can do about this situation other than go with it; I’m in the middle of nowhere in the dark hidden from the main country lane by the trees and I still don’t think any other vehicles had passed by.  Besides, from the moment he pulled his underwear down past his cock I became a very willing participant – it was beautiful!  He didn't waste anytime getting it in my mouth, pulling my loose hair back from my face and holding it in his fist he guided his cock into my mouth.  I began sucking on it with such enthusiasm that he laughed “that’s it little Miss, good girl”.

Suddenly I let out a muffled yelp and flinched as I felt a strong sting on my ass.  I’d forgotten briefly about the officer with the baton! He struck me again with it before flicking it at my ass several times in quick succession.  I must have paused; distracted by the whooping my ass was taking because I felt the hand at the back of my head pushing.
"Come now Miss concentrate on the task at hand”
I started sucking again, my ass felt like it was on fire and he wasn’t showing any sign of stopping, although he’d slow down now and then leaving a couple of seconds break between strikes.  I didn’t think I could bear it any longer when I felt the gentle caress of his hands on my sore ass, even his gentle touch hurt my tender ass.  I felt him tap the inside of my thigh and parted my legs for him, just a little.  I moaned on the cock in my mouth as I felt another enter my pussy and begin to fuck me.  I took a moment to register how hot this scene must look, I was a lucky girl!  The officer in my mouth held my head still as his cock swelled and he started to pump his cum into my mouth.  I enjoyed the sensation as I felt it slide down my throat.  He withdrew from my mouth and fastened his trousers, stood hands on hips and watched his partner fuck me from behind.  He fucked me hard and every time he rammed into me with his cock he slammed against my sore ass cheeks.  His thrusting became more rapid after a few short minutes; he pulled his cock out of my pussy and came over my ass then pulled my skirt back down to cover it.  He put his cock away and his partner told me to stand up straight.

“I’ll let you off on the brake light this time just be sure to get it fixed tomorrow.  Drive safely Miss”
I pulled up my panties and headed around to the driver’s side of my car as they headed back to theirs.  As I sat I felt the cool wet from the cum on my skin.  I reached for my phone; I had 15 missed calls from my friend.  What a great start to the weekend I thought as I waited for my friend to pick up.

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