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Friday, 1 July 2011

My Lesson: Part Two

Fortunately I didn't have to wait too long before our next encounter.  I was at home on Saturday morning when I heard a knock at the door.  I was surprised when I answered to see him standing before me.  I stood to one side in order to let him pass and closed the door behind him.  Excitement began to stir in my pussy, the moment I opened the door and laid eyes on him.   Without turning back to look at me initially he paused in the hallway and instructed me to kneel and lower my eyes.  I was told that I would not look at Master in the eyes without his permission.  I did as I was told immediately, he approached me and I felt him fit something smooth and cold around my neck.
"Crawl to the bedroom", he commanded.  He had fitted me with a fine leather collar and lead...I didn't stop to process this I began crawling towards my bedroom straight away with Master beside me, lead in hand.

Once in the bedroom he sat in the chair and told me to come and stand next to him.  Eyes lowered I rose to my feet and walked over to him, butterflies in my stomach as the excitement and anticipation built.  He took my hand and pulled me across his knee and it was the nicest feeling in the world to be laying across Master's lap.  I felt vulnerable, exposed and at his mercy.  He caressed my ass through my dress gently and I heard myself whimper quietly, his touch was heavenly and I longed to feel the heating of my flesh as his strong hand strikes my ass.  I jumped a little in his lap in surprise as his hand made first contact with a playful slap followed by a few others, followed by two hard slaps to each cheek.  He pushed my dress up and ran his hand along my panties slowly for a moment, my pussy was extremely wet by this point and my nipples ached with arousal.  He administered more slaps to both cheeks I could feel my flesh heating up.
"Please stand and remove your panties and resume your position over my knee" he instructed.  I stood and slowly removed my panties, careful to keep my eyes lowered not wanting to land myself in trouble.  I laid myself across his lap again and he lifted my dress.  I felt my legs being pushed apart slightly and the tip of his finger brushing the lips of my pussy.  I involuntarily take a sharp intake of breath and exhale shakily, I know now that he has touched my pussy Master is completely aware of how aroused I am.

My head is pushed down further and I let out a cry and bite my lip to try and stop as Master slaps my ass hard six times in succession to alternate cheeks.
"Now please stand and go and stand facing the wall and hold your dress up so I may admire my handiwork"
I wriggled out of his lap and walked over to the wall, I could feel the warmth of my cheeks and imagined that they must be glowing.  I take hold of the hem of my dress either side and lift it up to my chest to ensure that Master sees everything that he desires.  I can feel my whole pussy throbbing with desire as I stand there exposing my ass to him.  I can hear movement behind me.
"You may return to me now please".  As I turn around I see that he has moved the chair to the centre of the room.
"Please remove your clothing and fold them neatly".  I pulled my dress up over my head, folded it and placed it on the bed.  Next I reached around and unclasped my bra at the back and slipped it off, I noticed the aching in my breasts and how stiff my nipples were.  Tucking my thumbs into the waist band of my panties I pulled them down slowly and stepped out of them.  I placed my underwear on top of my dress on the bed and stood waiting, eyes lowered.
"Stand behind the chair and spread your legs so your ankles are next to the chair leg".  I positioned myself behind the chair as instructed. 
Master knelt and tied my ankles to the chair legs. He placed a pillow over the top of the chair back and instructed me to bend over the back and hold the chair seat.  He then tied my wrists to the underside of the seat.  He was stood behind me, I heard movement but I couldn't see what he was doing.  My whole body felt weak with desire as I waited bent over and bound to the chair, my wet pussy and ass on display.
"You will now experience the pleasure of my leather belt". I listened as he slowly pulled the belt out of his trousers, folding it in half he cracked the leather belt  together several times, I could almost feel the smack of the leather on the flesh of my ass. I could feel the wetness of my pussy spread slowly down my inner thigh.  He picked up my panties and rolled them into a small ball and pushed them into my mouth.  The waiting is sweet agony until I feel his belt crack across both cheeks, the pain quickly replaced by satisfying heat.





Five...I wasn't sure that I could take many more.


His hand gently caressed my burning ass, then explored between my legs, pushing two fingers deeply into me.  I practically purred with delight as my pussy finally had the contact that it had been yearning.  He removed his fingers from my pussy and undid the bindings, instructed me to return to the wall and face it with my hands on my head.  I walked over to the wall, my ass felt tender as I did so and there was an intense heat burning in my cheeks.

As I stood with my hands on my head facing the wall I heard the door gently close behind Master….

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