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Monday, 4 July 2011

10 Edges

This story has been inspired by a myriad of experiences I've had over the past couple of months coupled with the weather and my activities this weekend :)

I was making my first coffee of the morning when my message alert chimed on my phone:

Master: Today you will edge yourself at least 10 times, two of which must be in a public place.  But you must not Orgasm until dawn on Sunday.

me: To be clear, You are referring to dawn as in 5am on Sunday?

Master: Correct and I require full details of each edge.  Less than one an hour should be easy for you, I am sure will achieve your task.

me: 1st Edge:
Hi, I have just completed my 1st of the day. This is going to be an agonisingly slow day for me it turns out! I was already wet just from talking to you which is ridiculous. I sat down with a coffee in the living room and laid back on the sofa and slipped my hands down the front of my pyjama bottoms. My pussy was slippery wet and my clit sensitive to touch. I stroked my pussy up and down for a moment and inserted one finger before withdrawing it and starting to massage my clit. I did this for 10 mins before I felt my climax start to build at which point I begrudgingly stopped

Master: Mmm a good start, my cock twitched with the thought of it

Me: Edges 2 & 3:
I found these difficult because almost every morning without fail I have an orgasm in the shower, not being allowed to have that release today was very hard.

I washed everywhere first as usual and put the conditioner in my hair to let it set while I played. I take the shower head in my right hand and put my right foot up on the side of the bath using the index and middle finger of my left hand to spread my pussy lips. I have already set the jet of the shower to full, it's powerful but not enough to be uncomfortable. I aim the jet at my clit, close my eyes and I usually think of a sexy scenario in my head - today I thought of the spanking one that you sent me. I didn't get far through it before I had to quickly move the shower head away. I almost forgot myself, it was a close shave with failure. I felt inside my pussy and my inner lips were swollen. I daren't touch my clit at that point as it would have been too risky. I hung the shower head back up and rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.

I then grabbed my razor and just tidied up where I needed to. I was going to switch the shower off but thought I would have one more play because I'm feeling super horny this morning. I assumed the same position as before but this time I kept my eyes open and tried to think of nothing and just focus on the sensation of the water jetting on my pussy, I was less likely to forget myself this way. I felt the pleasure build quickly again and moved the aim of the spray to the bottom of my pussy for a while letting it jet at my hole which also felt good but not enough to make me cum. A very short while later I got out of the shower.

Master: ‪You are doing well, up to now you are pleasing Master. I hope it continues

me: 4th Edge:
I am almost home now and the walk has taken me almost twice as long as usual to complete.

It took me ages to decide on a spot and I nearly didn't do it. I've not done this sort of thing before except for in my car or public toilets. Attached is the view point from where I sat on a mound of grass that was sunken off the main path. I had my back to the path undid my trousers, hesitated for a moment turning to see how visible I would be (as you can see from my top, I didn't blend in with the surrounding trees). When I felt ready I put my hand down the front of my knickers and found my clit. I started massaging it but was still feeling uneasy and couldn't relax. I turned off my music so that I could be more aware of any passersby that might approach. I took a few deep breaths to relax myself and started thinking about one of my favourite fantasies to masturbate to. It took me quite a while but the longer nobody passed by the more I relaxed and eventually I felt the pleasure building. When I stopped and walked back out onto the path I wasn't bothered that I couldn't cum this time as I was too proud of myself for completing what I'd set out to do.

I will be fitting in the 2nd public one very soon as I have people coming over to my house for a BBQ for the rest of the day at four and am going to have to fit in the rest of my edges in the bedroom/bathroom while they're sat out my garden.

Master: Oh excellent, pics as well. A shame you were not spotted

me: I would have died if I'd been caught!

me: 5th Edge:
Phew! I was cutting it fine for the 2nd public one but fitted it in while I was at Tesco grabbing last minute BBQ supplies. Stood in toilets one foot propped on toilet seat leaning against the wall I put my hand down the front of my trousers and started playing quickly. I'd had another shower after my walk and been distracted so my pussy wasn't wet at this point. I put my two fingers in my mouth and put them back on my clit. I was a little put off my stride because it's a Saturday and there were lots of people coming in to use the toilets. I tried my best to ignore the chatter and think dirty thoughts...I imagined myself laying across your lap as you felt my ass and pulled my panties up high so that they tightened against my pussy. Imagined how your hand would feel on my bare ass as you started to spank me and a few other things came to mind which combined did the trick nicely.

My other 5 are going to have to be squeezed in at home throughout the evening :)

Master: Keep up the good work my angel.

Master: I would have preferred to see a picture of your wet pussy.

me: I can arrange that for you at dawn :)

me: 6th Edge:
Hi, I managed to break away for a short while to do this one. I said that I needed to change my bottoms into something more comfortable and lay back on my bed, bottom half naked and played with my pussy. It was so much easier to get to the edging point this time as I was already turned on from your reply to my last time. My pussy is very wet now and although it is easier to find an opportunity to edge for you it is so much harder for me to stop once I reach that point...

Master: I trust you will not fail Master!!!
The test will be when you finally go to bed

me: 7th Edge:
Master, this is not easy at all now my breasts and pussy are tingling with arousal as I try to focus on my guests. A quick play in the bathroom was all I could take this time. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet. I will not leave the 10th until bedtime because I fear that I will not be able to control myself. The final three will be very difficult

Master: ‪You must save the tenth for when you go to bed. Then it will be a real test!

me: 8th Edge:
People are starting to comment about me disappearing now so I'm glad there's only one left before bed time. I'd like to thank you for this. I paid a visit to the bathroom yet again and enjoyed touching my wet pussy for the short time required. I gave my nipples some much needed attention this time too and slipped my left hand into my bra and gave them a pinch, it was divine!

Master: Think you need my teeth on those hard nipples!

me: 9th Edge:
Okay, final one complete before bedtime and I have to say that I am more than relieved that I have a couple of hours to wait for the last one. I laid on my bed for this one, was a little on edge because I have no lock on the bedroom door. Thankfully the guests use the downstairs toilet mainly. I pulled my trousers down to my ankles and spread my legs wide lifting my ankles towards my body. Put. 3 fingers in my pussy because I long for it to be filled now. I moved them in and out a few times and rubbed my clit with my palm. It felt too good. Again, I could not play for long I felt my climax approach and had to stop. My mind has been consumed with thoughts of Master all day.

Master: I hope that thoughts of Master has not diverted you from your friends

me: Final Edge:
I laid in bed naked and ran my hands across my whole body imagining my hands were your hands. Paying particular attention to my breasts squeezing them and rubbing them, my nipples longing for your mouth. I left my pussy for last knowing that it wasn't safe to touch it for long using one finger imagining it was your tongue...I was not long before I are sweet torture to me Master...I long for Dawn...good night x

Master: Have fun at Dawn!!

me: Dawn:
Good morning

I have just had a great orgasm. I lay naked in bed under the covers and put my hand to my pussy. My pussy was still wet. I played lazily at first while I came around from my sleep. I came around quite quickly as I became more aroused. Using my fingers inside me and my palm moving slowly on my clit I worked myself to an orgasm. I played without vigour because I wanted the moment to last. It was worth the wait, thank you :)

Master: Beautiful, you have performed well my loyal sub.
You will be rewarded with Master's tongue and teeth on your clit

me: Thank You Master

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