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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Brat

I'd been getting away with a lot recently in the way of cheeking Him. My Master was busy with work and didn't have the time to discipline me like He usually would. That morning He'd told me to start sorting out what stuff we were going to take away with us on the weekend. I tutted and rolled my eyes, I wasn't in the mood for packing. He kissed me on the forehead and left for work. It didn't even register with me that I'd done anything wrong because I'd become used to getting away with it. I had until around 7.30 that night before He got home, I could throw some stuff together a couple of hours before then.

It was quarter to one when I heard His key in the door. I was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich.
"Hi. What brings You home at this time?", I called to Him.
He didn't answer me so I turned to look at Him. He was stood in the kitchen doorway watching me. I couldn't read the expression on His face at first.
"Come here"
"Why's that?" I smiled at Him a little confused.
"Are you questioning your Master brat?"
Uh oh. This wasn't good.
"No, of course not. Sorry." I walked hesitantly over to Him.
As I reached Him He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to Him so that my back was against Him, my head pulled back so that I was looking up at His face.
"Sorry what? You are forgetting yourself far too often these days My girl. It seems you obviously aren't getting the attention that you need to ensure that you act like the good girl I expect you to be...", His hand gripped tighter in my hair as He said the word 'expect'.
"I've had to take a long lunch break and come home to address the matter before it gets out of hand. Do you think I enjoy seeing you roll your eyes at Me? Hearing your tuts? Do you think that I hadn't noticed that my good girl was turning into such a brat?!"

He started walking towards the conservatory, my hair still gripped tightly in His hand.
"It's time you had a little reminder of what is expected of you"
He pulled out one of the dining chairs with His free hand, sat down and pulled me across His lap by my hair. He let go of my hair, and holding me on His lap with one hand He lifted my skirt and roughly pulled my panties down with the other.
"No wait! Daddy, I promise I'll be good!"
"Oh, it's too late for that now my little brat. I promise you you'll be good afterwards though"
I put my hand back to protect my ass from the impending spanking.
"Don't you dare", He said it in such a quiet, calm voice that I removed my hand instantly.
He pushed my head down and told me to hold the chair legs. He didn't want me to be tempted to make the mistake of putting my hand behind me again. I squeezed the chair legs tightly and tried one last futile attempt to apologise.
"Please Daddy, I know I've misbehaved lately but I really am so sorry"
"Oh, you will be baby girl", He said gently.

As the first strike hit my ass I yelped in shock. There was no easing into it like He did when we played. He gave me six hard slaps in quick succession. I could practically feel an imprint of His hand glowing on my flesh already and knew that it would just be the beginning.
"Now then, tell me how many you think a naughty little brat like you deserves? How many will bring my angel back?"
"I don't know Daddy, however many you think", I just wanted my punishment over with and knew that He already knew how many He was going to give me.
Twelve more strikes landed hard. I had begun to wriggle in His lap and was crying a little when He stopped.
"It wasn't a request. I told you to tell me how many. Your punishment won't begin until I get that number from you..."
"Twenty five Daddy?"
"Are you asking Me or are you giving Me your answer?"
"I, I'm giving You My answer Daddy"
"Wrong answer angel. I think that you are trying to take advantage of My love for you", He started spanking me again. I cried properly this time as His hand struck my tender flesh with was becoming increasingly warmer with each strike. I lost count but I think He stopped at around eighteen.
"Fifty, I think fifty would be enough to make sure that I am a good girl for You Daddy!" I blurted my answer out before He'd asked the question. Tears streaming from my eyes, my ass glowing, I just wanted to be in His good books again.
"Take a moment to calm down angel", He stroked my ass lightly with His finger tips and my crying subsided.
"Your answer was far more pleasing this time. You know the rules though, no wriggling or you get extra. With this in mind I think sixty will be a far more appropriate number. Now hold still, we don't want to be here all day"

I held on tight to the chair legs, my eyes squeezed shut I tried not to cry and instead to focus on the sensations that each strike caused. Despite the fact that He'd been angry with me I could feel that He was getting some enjoyment from punishing me. I found this fact comforting and it made me want to endure more as a way of thanking Him for putting me back in my place. Once in that frame of mind it all went by in a bit of a haze. I was aware only of the heat in my ass and His evident arousal. I still cried but that didn't register until after He'd administered the last strike.

He helped me up off His lap and walked me to the corner of the room. He squeezed my hot ass and I flinched. He told me that my ass would serve as a beautiful reminder for the next several days and went out to the kitchen. He returned moments later having made Himself a sandwich to take back to work with Him.
"You will stay there until I return home from work. I trust I have seen the last of the brat?"
"Yes Daddy", I sniffed.
"Good girl"

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Naughty Angel

Friday morning, once again I landed myself in trouble by being cheeky to my Master.  I'd had several warnings about my cheek and He finally snapped.  I got a slapped face and He said that I was not allowed to play with myself until Monday.  That may not seem like a big deal to some but I have to have at least two orgasms a day usually and often have several more.  Being deprived of that was going to be really hard for me, particularly since I found the fact that I was being punished a huge turn on.  He was going away for work that morning and would not return until Sunday night.  I had to decorate our bedroom while He was away and make sure that it was finished before Sunday.

Sunday morning I just had to finish off the skirting boards.  I'd put on one coat of paint and had to wait for it to dry before I could apply a second.  I was bored while I was waiting and extremely frustrated at not being able to have an orgasm for the past two days.  Master wasn't due back until late that night and I decided that I had earned a little play time.  He wouldn't know and I had lasted well having completed two full days so I wasn't being too bad.  I stripped off my painting clothes and lay down on the spare bed.  One of my favourite songs was playing as I closed my eyes and gave a sigh of relief as my fingers made contact with my clit finally.  I started playing with my breasts as I rubbed my clit and dipped my fingers into my wet pussy thinking about an evening spent with my Master a few days ago.

The music stopped mid-song and I opened my eyes, wondering why it had stopped.  He was stood in the doorway and looked furious.
"Please angel, don't let me interrupt your fun"
I tried to apologise and went to get up off the bed.
"Stay there...I insist! Make sure it's a good one because it's the last one you'll be having for quite some time."
He didn't move from where he was standing and stared at me, the rage evident in his gaze. I swallowed nervously and started to rub my clit again but I wasn't feeling anywhere near as horny as earlier by then and was finding it difficult to get back in the mood. I was too nervous about the consequences for not completing my punishment.
He made me look at him as I played and I wanted to cry. I hated it when He was mad at me. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.
"Don't even think about it girl, you're in enough trouble as it is!  Do you think I want to see you dwelling in self pity?! Now hurry up and cum, I don't have all day!"
"Yes Sir, I'm sorry"

As I looked at Him I tried very hard to focus but in the end it was sheer friction that brought about my orgasm.  As I lay on the bed hardly noticing the ripples of pleasure running through me, He went to my dresser and got the leather cuffs out.  He approached the bed, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me off it.  Pushing me face down onto the bed He cuffed my hands behind my back.  I could hear movement as He did something but had no idea what it was.  I found out soon enough as the first strike of His belt hit my ass.  I cried out, as much from the shock as the pain that had just been inflicted.
"Don't be so dramatic! Now, what do you say?"
"Thank you Sir"
"That's better.  It's about time you showed me due respect my girl", the belt landed with a smack on my other cheek.
Another pause...
"Thank you Sir", I winced.
He gave me six on each cheek and I thanked Him for every single one of them, the last few through tears that I didn't manage to hold back.  He put His belt back on then lifted me up off the bed, using the chain between my cuffs, so that I was stood straight.  He walked me into our bedroom and picked up the paint brush.
"Open your mouth"
I opened my mouth nervously, wondering what He was going to do with the paint brush.  He placed the handle between my teeth and told me to bite down on it. 
"Finish the room as I asked and make sure it's up to standard. You know how anything less than perfect irritates me"
"Yes Sir", I answered with the brush still held between my teeth.
"Call me when you're done, I need to decide on your punishment. Obviously I've been far too lenient with you and you have little respect for your Master"
As I began to protest that I did have a lot of respect for Him, He slapped me across the face.
"Silence! I'm not interested in what you have to say right now, I'm far too disappointed in you!"
His words cut like a knife.

My ass was glowing, the heat a reminder of my Master's anger as I did my best on my hands and knees to paint the skirting boards.  By the time I had eventually finished my knees were bruised, my back and jaw were aching and I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed.  I scanned my work and hoped that it would be good enough.  I would have been impressed if I wasn't so worried about what He was planning.  I struggled to my feet and made my way downstairs to tell Him that I'd finished - He hated it when I shouted to Him from upstairs.
"I've finished Sir"
"Perfect timing.  Get yourself up to the spare bedroom, lay in the centre of the bed on your back"
"Yes Sir", I hurried back up the stairs and lay on my back.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table.  I had been laying there for almost an hour.  My arms had gone dead where I had been laying on them and they were digging into my back.  Finally He entered the room and I was no longer worried about being punished, I was just relieved that I was most likely going to be able to move from that position.  He undressed, taking His time He neatly folded His clothes as He removed them.  Then He took some more pairs of cuffs out of the dresser.  First He took each of my ankles and cuffed them to the bed posts, leaving my legs spread wide open.  Then He pulled me up into a sitting position and unfastened one of the cuffs.  I was allowed no time to stretch and loosen up my arms, I was quickly pushed back down and my arms cuffed to the bed posts so that I was in a star shape.  Climbing onto the bed He straddled my chest and cruelly pinched my nipples and slapped my breasts.  When my breasts were glowing and red, my nipples erect and extremely sensitive He moved Himself further up my body so that His wonderfully hard cock was right in my face.  He took His cock in His hand and pointed it towards my mouth.  Without a word from Him I opened wide and caressed His cock with my tongue as it filled my mouth.  He moved it in and out twice slowly and gently before thrusting hard and forcing Himself in until His balls were resting against my chin.  He held it there for a while, my eyes streaming as His head invaded my throat.  Then, holding headboard He fucked my face furiously and unrelentlessly until He came.  He pulled His cock from my mouth and I heaved in big breaths of air.  He wiped the tears from my face and kissed me on the mouth.

He unfastened the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and told me to get in the shower.  He followed me into the bathroom seconds later and said that He couldn't trust me not to play whilst in the shower.  He took the wash cloth from my hands as I was about to clean my pussy.  I stood still as He washed my pussy for me, He took longer than He needed, rubbing the cloth back and fore and I realised that He was toying with me.  Just as I was becoming extremely aroused and most likely very wet, He stopped and passed me the shampoo.
"You'll be taking a sick day tomorrow my little fuck bunny, and the two days following that.  I will be having your orgasms plus My usual expected orgasms for the next three days.  That makes for a minimum of five a day I believe?  I've never been any good at Maths...anyway I will be achieving each one of these orgasms through fucking your mouth.  When your mouth isn't filled with My cock you will be wearing your gag.  You won't be leaving My sight, or our bed for that matter, other than to use the bathroom.  Be grateful that I am allowing you that privilege."
"Yes Sir.  Thank You, You are far more generous than I deserve."

Closing Time

As the manager of a hotel bar I rarely get to leave work at a reasonable hour. It was a Saturday night, we'd had a wedding reception so it was a particularly late one. My staff had cleared up and restocked the bar and were ready to go home. I knew I was still going to be a while cashing up so I sent them home and got on with things. It was well past 2am by the time I'd finished up in the office. As I was about to leave the room I realised I'd forgotten to turn the light off behind the bar. I couldn't be bothered to walk around so I leaned over the bar and stretched to reach the switch on the wall adjacent.

"You're here late tonight Becks"
I didn't need to turn around to know it was him, my body reacted to the sound of his voice. A huge grin spread across my face and I got goose bumps. I'd had a 'moment' with The hotel manager Peter a few months ago and we've always flirted shamelessly with each other.
"Hey Pete, I could say the same to you", his hands appeared on the bar either side of me, this made my pussy tingle.
"What have I told you about closing up on your own. You never know who could be lurking in the shadows..."
As he kissed the back of my neck I giggled and turned to face him.
"Why do you think I hang around so late? I figured one night I'd get lucky", I winked at him then kissed him softly on the mouth before playfully biting his bottom lip.
"Mmm, you are definitely going to get lucky!"

He lightly kissed and nibbled my breasts through the thin fabric of my shirt before lifting it off over my head not bothering to waste time with undoing the buttons.
"Wow, I've missed the sight of your breasts. They look even better than I remember", he bit my nipple through my bra and I reached behind me and unclasped my bra for him.
He slipped it off my shoulder and made a noise of approval as he lowered his head again and I felt the heat of his mouth on my very erect nipple. My pussy was extremely wet already, I squirmed a little as he toyed with my breasts. His hands raked down my back and over my ass. He lifted the back of my skirt and ran his hands over the smooth skin of my ass and thighs. He stood up straight and raised his eyebrows.
"A thong and stockings? For work? I'm never going to be able to see you behind this bar again without getting hard!"

He lifted me up onto the bar and parted my legs, my skirt still up around my waist. He rubbed my clit with his fingers through the material of my panties. I gasped and held his head with both hands as he teased me until I was curling my fingers in his hair and gripping it tight, practically panting and on the verge of begging.
"Wow Becks you're wet, maybe we should go and find a room to continue this?"
"No, I can't wait for a room!" I heard the desperation in my voice but was too far gone now to bother with feeling embarrassed about it.
Laughing, he started to undo his belt.
"I'm just teasing you. I have every intention of fucking you right here on the bar."
"You don't know how relieved I am to hear that", I laughed.
"Oh, I have a pretty good idea Becks", he grinned as he slipped his index finger under my panties and right into my pussy.
"Oh god!", I needed to feel him inside me so badly.
He put his soaked finger in his mouth, "mmm, love that taste".

He lifted himself onto the bar and spun me around so that I was straddling the bar. He knelt between my legs and kissed me passionately, lowering me back until I was laying down. He straightened up and pulled his trousers and boxers down to mid thigh. I stared hungrily at his cock and pushed my hips toward him, raising my ass off the bar. He moved away from me slightly and I watched as he lowered his head between my legs and sucked my clit. He was so good he had me moaning and digging my fingers into the bar in no time at all. When he lifted his head I could see my pussy juices glistening on his chin in the light from the display fridges. He told me to turnover so I adjusted my position, being careful not to roll myself right off the edge of the bar - my clumsiness knows no bounds!

He pulled at my hips and I got to my knees for him. As the head of his cock slides against my pussy I squirm against him. His cock slides inside me and I hear him groan and whisper the word 'fuck'. He starts fucking me hard and fast, giving me a playful slap on the ass every now and then. I'd forgotten that he liked to do that, it was just as much of a pleasant surprise the second time around. I heard him sneeze and he stopped dead. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw that he was staring at the corner of the room where the entrance door was. I followed his line of sight and saw someone stood in the shadows.
"I'm so sorry. I'd left my coat here and was passing on the way back from dropping Jayne home so thought I'd come and grab it coz I'm not in work again until next week"
It was Luke, one or my bar staff. He was a good looking kid, only 21 and a bit wet behind the ears but I liked him. I was surprisingly unembarrassed about being caught in the act and told him to go ahead and grab it. He reluctantly moved towards the bar. As the light from the fridges caught him I couldn't help but notice the erection pressing against the crotch of his jeans.
"Luke, how long were you stood in the corner?"
"Um, I came in when Pete took your shirt off but couldn't bring myself to interrupt. I am really sorry Becks", I noticed that his eyes kept moving to my ass, Pete's cock still buried deep in my pussy.
"You know, there's room up front if you'd care to join us...", I turned to Pete to see that he had no objections. The expression on his face was reminiscent of that of a child on Christmas morning so I figured he was fine with it.
"Really?" Luke looked at me sceptically as though he was waiting for me to laugh and tell him I was kidding.
"Sure, come on up", I smiled at him encouragingly.

As Luke lifted himself onto the bar in front of me Pete started fucking me again but slowed it down a little this time, his slaps to my ass became more frequent. Resting on my elbows I unfastened Luke's trousers. I looked up at him and he was biting his bottom lip and looked a little tense.
"Lighten up Luke, you're about to get your cock sucked", I winked at him and he lifted his ass off the bar so that I could pull down his jeans and underwear.
As I took his cock in my hand and his balls in my mouth I heard him groan.
"Fuck Becks, you're killing me! You should see the view I have right now", Pete started fucking me harder and picked up the pace and I squeezed his cock tightly with my pussy.
I teased Luke's cock with my tongue a little before taking it deep into my mouth. I started groaning, my mouth full of cock as Pete pounded away at my pussy I was on the verge of an orgasm. I could hear Luke panting then his hands were on the back of my head pressing me down further onto his cock, forcing it into the back of my throat. As I came my groans were muffled by his cock, it was difficult to breathe as he ground his cock into my mouth. Thankfully he didn't last long before I felt his cock swell and release his hot cum into my throat.

Pete reached his hand under me and started pinching and rolling my clit. My head resting on Luke's thigh, I dug my fingers into his legs as a second, far stronger orgasm gripped me. As I gasped and groaned and squeezed at Luke, Pete continued to tease my clit unrelentlessly as he came inside me.

We all kind of rested in silence without moving for a couple of minutes, taking in what had just happened I suppose.
"Right, who wants a drink? I know I need one after that!" I laughed and slipped myself down off the bar.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good Slut

A noise downstairs woke me from my sleep. I looked at my bedside clock; it was 3.30am. My first thought was that I was never going to get back to sleep and had a long day ahead. I got out of bed and threw on one of my Dale's t-shirts - he was away overnight for work. The noise was probably just something falling over I tried to reassure myself but failed to think of what that could be. I grabbed my phone in case I needed to call the police and tip toed slowly out of the bedroom, opening the door carefully - it had squeaky hinges. As I tip toed down the stairs I peered over the bannister but could see nobody. Stood in the hallway I didn't know which room to check first, all three doors were closed, just as I'd left them when I went to bed. I walked to the kitchen door first (the furthest door away) and slowly, carefully opened the door. My heart was pounding in my chest which was silly really, I was sure it was nothing. I took a quick look and turned to check the dining room next happy that the kitchen was clear.

I am suddenly shoved from behind and pinned against the wall. The wind knocked out of me I took a moment to react. I struggled but it was a wasted effort, he had my arms pinned behind my back before I'd realised what was happening.
"Please don't hurt me just take anything you want and leave. I won't tell anyone!"
"Oh I intend to do exactly that. You see I didn't come here to rob you of your possessions, the only thing I planned to take was you", he squeezed and rubbed my breast beneath my t-shirt and I felt physically sick.
"I'm going to fuck you hard my dirty little slut", he told me, his mouth close to my ear and his hand gripping my hair.
My pussy reacted favourably to his words.

As his hands left my hair and I felt the pressure on my back ease slightly I took my opportunity, kicked my leg out and struck his shin and ran towards the stairs.
"Ah! You bitch!"
I was half way up the stairs when he got hold of my hair and grabbed me around the waist pulling me off my feet. I felt the edges of the steps digging into me as he pressed me down against them. His knee was on my lower back and a hand pressed my head down, the edge of a step was digging into my neck making it difficult for me to breathe.
"You could have had it against the wall down there but you had to be a difficult bitch didn't you? That's alright though, I love to fuck on the stairs."
I heard him undoing his trousers and felt the pressure of his knee on my back changing as he pulled them down.
"No, please don't do this!"
I wriggled beneath him but the step hurt my neck as I tried to move. He pulled my t-shirt right up so that it was bunched around my neck. Taking his knee from my back he knelt between my legs, my hair firmly held in his grasp.
"Don't try anything funny, you aren't going anywhere and you'll only pay for it"

He grabbed my breast roughly and squeezed and pulled at it.
"Ah! That hurts, please don't!"
"You have nice tits, they deserve to be handled properly. Don't pretend like you don't enjoy it, I know how much of a slut you are", he squeezed so hard then that I screamed out loud.
"Mmm, listen to that noise you're making. I bet your pussy is soaked for me already, let's see shall we..."
I screamed at him not to but he pushed on my shoulder forcing my neck into the step and cutting off my air. I stopped struggling and gulped in deep breaths as the pressure eased.
He shoved his fingers roughly into my pussy causing me to wince.
"Just as I suspected, the little slut is soaking", he took his fingers put of my pussy and rubbed them across my face and pushed them into my mouth.
"Suck them slut!"
I sucked them without hesitation. There was something comforting about the familiar taste of my own juices.

Without warning he plunged his fingers back inside me and rammed them in and out of me with such force my whole body shunted forward each time. The friction from being shoved against the stairs was beginning to hurt and I knew I'd have significant bruising from the steps later. I could hear how wet I was as his fingers violated my pussy. As he increased the pace my pussy was numb on the outside where his hand had been smashing against it but inside felt every stroke of his fingers. I tried to remain silent as I started to cum, tried to hide it from him but there was no hiding as my pussy squeezed hungrily at his fingers and a cry of sheer pleasure escaped my lips.

I heard him laughing quietly behind me.
"I think the pretty little slut is ready to be fucked now", he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ran them up to my ass. As his fingers slid back into my pussy his thumb pressed firmly at my ass hole. I bit my lip as my tight hole opened, allowing him to push his thumb inside.
"Wow, you have a tight ass slut. I hadn't planned to fuck you there but it would be a crying shame not to..."
As his hand probed both of my holes he took great pleasure in letting me know how much of a slut he thought I was, and as I listened to every word my pussy dripped on his hand.

His hand left me and was quickly replaced by his cock. He had not prepared me for it's girth and wasn't patient in entering my pussy. His hand closed over my mouth as he forced himself inside me. I could smell my sex on his fingers as they bit into my face. My screams were muffled as he withdrew his cock most of the way then slammed it back inside.
After several minutes of this it stopped being painful and my protests subsided. He removed his hand from my mouth, moistened his fingers in my pussy and started playing with my ass as he fucked me.
"Play with your pussy for me slut", he lifted my hips off the stairs enough for me to gain access to my pussy. I obediently rubbed my clit.
He pushed his probing fingers deep into my ass and fucked me harder. I whimpered as I started to cum for the second time.

"Keep playing with that pussy for me slut", he growled and in one swift motion the head of his cock was out of my pussy and pressing against my ass where his fingers had been just a second ago.
I felt his hands grip my ass cheeks tightly as he spread them wide and with short sharp movements gradually pushed his cock into my tight ass. I forgot myself for a moment as he started to fuck my ass in long slow strokes. He gave my ass a sharp slap.
"I didn't tell you to stop playing with that pussy"
I quickly returned my fingers to my clit. He started fucking me harder and faster and I whimpered and groaned as he violated me. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. I heard him groaning as I felt his cum land in my hair and across my shoulders. He wasted no time in putting his trousers back on.

He bent over me, placed my phone on the step beside my head and whispered in my ear "Good slut" before leaving. I lay on the stairs for an unknown amount of time before I could bring myself to sit up. Hands shaking I dialled Dale's number, he answered after one ring.
"Hello babe, did my dirty little slut get what she wanted?"
"Oh she most definitely did Sir", I grinned.

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Dream

This is a dream that I had Saturday morning which had me very wet when I awoke.  I thought I'd share it with you...

I was away with work in Spain and I was out at a bar chatting with my colleague when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  When I turned around it was my Master and He didn't look very pleased.  I excused myself from the table and moved to the bar with Him. 
"I'm not happy with you.  You didn't tell me that you were going away."
"It's for work and to be fair, you didn't tell me that you were either."
"Angel, that's not how things work and you should know that by now.  Come on, we're leaving", He guided me through the crowded bar with His hand on my lower back allowing me to take a moment to let my colleagues know that I was leaving. 

I couldn't believe that He'd spotted me in the bar amongst the crowds.  The first time I'd met Him in person and He was mad at me.  I felt extremely nervous yet overwhelmingly happy.  We walked the short distance to His hotel in silence.  As the doors to the elevator closed He finally spoke again.
"Quickly take your panties off and put them in your bag"
 I felt my stomach flip at the words and a stirring in my pussy as I removed my panties without pause for thought or question.  I felt His hand up the back of my skirt and I gasped as He put His hand between my legs and a finger probed between the lips of my pussy.  My pussy was already wet of course, that had started the moment I turned and saw His face in the bar.  The elevator stopped and His hand left my pussy, He stepped out when the doors opened and I followed Him down the corridor to His room. 

Once inside He sat on the end of the bed and told me to undress then to come sit in His lap.  My hands were shaking as I removed my clothing, I could sense His eyes on me the whole time as I undressed.  Once naked I subtly took a deep breath and walked across to Him.  He put His hands on my ass and pulled me towards Him and I sat astride His lap.  Then He looked into my eyes before kissing me.  It was a deep, controlled kiss that eclipsed every other kiss I'd ever had, I wanted it to go on forever.  He lowered His head and kissed and bit my neck, my shoulders, my breasts.  My breath was coming in shallow shaky gasps and I felt like I was trembling all over. 
He stopped teasing my nipple with His mouth and sat up to look at me.
"Am I in trouble?" I whispered.
"Of course you are but I'll address that issue later.  For now I just want to fuck my angel..."

He lifted me and sat me beside Him on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton His short sleeved shirt and my stomach flipped again.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each passing moment.  He hung His shirt on a hanger and folded His shorts neatly on a chair.  As I watched Him I tried to absorb every detail, how He moved, what He looked like.  As my naked Master approached me, His beautiful cock on full display to me for the first time I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face and dropped my head in an attempt to hide it.  He sat beside me again and put His arm out towards me signalling for me to take my place in His lap again.

As I straddled His lap, His left arm wrapped around my ass, His mouth closed over my nipple and His fingers stroked my pussy.  I whimpered as His fingers found my clit, and again when He moved them lower and pushed them inside me.  As His fingers stroked me inside and His teeth grazed against my nipple I held onto His shoulder and couldn't believe how lucky I was.  I started squirming on His hand as I felt an intense pleasure building, His fingers working inside me, caressing just the right spot.  He lifted His head and watched my face, I felt myself blushing and turned my head.
"Look at me, I want to see your face"
I turned to look at Him and quickly forgot about being shy as I felt my orgasm wash over me.  It was still rippling through me as He removed His fingers and lowered me onto His cock.  It felt amazing as my pussy stretched to accommodate Him whilst still twitching from my orgasm.  I began to move on His cock, He held my face in His hands, ran His thumb over my lips and kissed me.  His hands moved down over my shoulders and down my back then back up as my pussy caressed the length of His cock, squeezing and stroking every inch of His length.  We fucked slowly like that for a while then He held my shoulders pulling me tightly down on His cock, groaning as it twitched inside me.  I felt really happy as He came inside me.

We remained sat on the edge of the bed, His cock still buried inside my pussy as He asked me how I would like Him to fuck me.  He told me to explain in detail and I said that I had had many fantasies centered around being fucked against a wall.  I explained that my particular favourite was in the shower but He already knew how I felt about that.  As I described in detail all of the things that I wanted Him to do to me, the things that I hoped that He would allow me to do for Him I could feel His cock growing inside me.  As I began to describe how I would suck His cock He stood and walked to the wall, pressed me against it.  I gasped as my back pressed against the cold wall.  He told me to continue telling Him what I would do to His cock with my mouth.  As I started speaking again He pulled almost all the way out of my pussy then thrust into me hard.  I groaned, He squeezed my breast hard and I tried to concentrate on what I was saying.  He started to fuck me with slow, determined thrusts.  It was really difficult to keep my train of thought and force the words from my mouth, I was so incredibly turned on by the situation.  His mouth on my ears and my neck, kissing and nibbling drove me to distraction and when I knew that I was about to cum I couldn't force the words any longer. 

He lifted me off Him as I was mid orgasm, my legs felt weak as my feet found the floor and He let go of me. 
"Bend over and hold your ankles"

I felt drained from my most recent orgasm as I took hold of my ankles.  With one hand on my ass He teased me, rubbing the head of His cock over my clit and up and down my pussy.  Every now and then He'd dip the head into my pussy and quickly remove it again.  I couldn't push myself onto Him because the hand on my ass was holding me still.
"I'll stop when I'm ready", He teased my clit further and I felt the muscles in my pussy contracting and I let out a groan as I came again.  He finally entered me and began to fuck me hard and fast.  I held my ankles tight and was so thankful that He had hold of my hips as He pushed deep inside me with every hard thrust.  As He fucked me I gripped at His cock with my pussy, listening to the sound of Him fucking me and relishing the feel of His cock filling me.  His thrusts slowed and He pushed hard against me, His cock completely buried inside me He held himself there and His cock twitched.  For the second time that night I felt my Master's cum fill my pussy.

"Okay, shower time", He slapped my ass playfully.
I grinned as I stood up straight and followed Him into the shower.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Kneeling naked with her hands bound behind her back she waits.  She listens to the sound of her own breathing, of her heart pounding in her chest.  She longs to hear His footsteps, smell His scent, hear His voice, feel His touch on her skin.  Every moment spent away from Him is a moment that she willingly waits, her mind consumed with thoughts of Him. 

He enters the room and walks around her taking in every detail of His kneeling beauty.  There are few things as pleasing to the eye as someone on their knees just for you.  He stands behind her and pauses...She feels the hairs stand up on the back of her neck and she holds her breath.  He pulls her hair yanking her head back and bends to kiss her forehead.  Her eyes close and her whole body tingles as his lips make contact.

He pushes her head until it is resting against the hardwood floor.  Taking a step back He admires her glistening pussy, satisfied that she has been craving Him as much as she should.  He runs his finger tips over the curve of her ass, then down between her legs.  The soft smooth skin of her freshly shaven pussy slick with her juices.  He runs his hands over her inner thighs, the outside of His hand teasing her pussy as it briefly brushes against it.  Reaching His hands beneath her and cupping her breasts, she shivers involuntarily and lets out a breath.  As His palms caress her breasts, His fingers teasing her nipples she lets out a soft whimper and He smiles.  As He traces his finger extremely slowly up her spine towards her neck the air in the room is thick with the urgency she feels to have Him inside her.  His hand is on the back of her neck and then in her hairline, she braces herself.

Spreading His fingers in her hair then clenching His fist He roughly lifts her head off the floor until she is kneeling upright again.  Walking around to the front of her He stands so that His crotch is inches from her face.  He brings His hand up and smoothes it over the bulge that is slowly growing beneath the expensive fabric of His trousers.  She watches His large hand moving slowly along the hidden object of her desire and fights the urge to lick her lips.  She feels a fresh surge of need in her pussy causing it to twitch.  He draws out the process of revealing His cock to her, absorbing the expressions on her face as she watches, not taking her eyes off His crotch for a second.  As He lowers His briefs her eyes light up.

He strokes His cock as He looks down at His devoted sub, her mouth open in waiting.  He rubs the head of His cock along her top lip then continues stroking it.  He notes a flash of frustration and disappointment in her eyes before quickly being replaced once again by desire.  Deciding it's time, He feeds His cock to her.  She looks up at Him as she begins sucking, His hands gently running through her hair and caressing her head as He meets her mouth with light thrusts. Then tightening His fingers in her hair He tells her to relax and begins
to fuck her face.  Slow but hard at first, He watches as she struggles to take Him all the way.  He knows that the more persistent He is quicker she will learn to relax and the easier it will get for her.  As He savours the sensation of the head of His cock probing the back of her throat He uses His thumb to wipe away the tears that are running from her eyes.  After several minutes of this slow fucking He starts thrusting quickly and without warning of the change of pace.  Her hair gripped tightly in His hand she cannot escape as He fucks her face with vigour.  As He feels His arousal building He pulls out of her mouth but remains standing in front of her momentarily, delighting in the feel of her hot breath against His balls as she gasps for breath.

He moves around to the back of her and pokes her back, motioning for her to lower her head to the floor again.  Reaching His hands beneath her and roughly grabbing the insides of her thighs He spreads her legs wide.  Positioning Himself behind her He thrusts His cock inside her pussy roughly and begins forcefully pumping at her.  His left hand between her shoulder blades pressing her firmly against the hard floor as the fingers of His right hand bite into her hip.  Her breath is being knocked out in loud gasps each time He rams His cock into her.  Her face feels hot and bruised from being pressed against the floor and she's never been happier as she squeezes the hard cock with her pussy, holding it tightly inside her.

He begins furiously fucking her and is moaning and grunting, a mix of pleasure and determination on His face.  He withdraws His cock and holds it as He shoots His cum over her, satisfied at the sight of it landing on her hands and ass. Untying her hands He tells her to clean them up and praises her as she licks her hands and sucks her fingers.

"Good girl.  Get up, get showered and dressed you're dining with your Master tonight"

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Getting Dirty

I've been with Harry for just over a year now. I'm 24 and was with my childhood sweetheart until I was 22. Harry is the second sexual partner I've ever had. He is 32 and has made no secret of the fact that he's had many sexual partners and has dabbled in many things with them. Using a pair of novelty hand cuffs was my idea of being adventurous until I met Harry. He has opened my eyes to a whole new world in the bedroom but is always pushing for more. He'd told me that he wanted to fuck me in a public place but I admitted that I didn't think I'd ever be comfortable with doing that...

He'd planned the trip to Rotorua as a surprise to congratulate me on my promotion at work. I'd mentioned this spa to him over a year ago after a friend of mine had visited and had a wonderful stay. She'd particularly enjoyed the mud bath complex which was what the spa was famous for.

The feeling is quite indescribable as we immerse ourselves into the mud bath. The density of the liquid as it engulfs our bodies, clinging to every inch is quite something. We seem to have chosen one of the busier sessions as it's pretty crowded but we manage to happen upon a bit of space of our own where we aren't practically on top of someone else.

We relax and chat for a while immersed neck deep. One thing I love about Harry is his playfulness and his ability to make me laugh. He says something that makes me burst out laughing and draws attention to us. I feel myself blushing and narrow my eyes at him before tapping his nose with my finger leaving a splodge of mud on the end. He grabs hold of my arm and we play fight a little before he has my back tightly pressed against his chest. One arm pinning my body against his, his free hand comes up and rubs my face playfully covering it in mud. I twist my head to look at him and he laughs.
"Aww baby, you still look beautiful when you're plastered in mud", he rubs the tip of my nose with his before kissing me.

I try to turn my body to face him but when I attempt to move he tightens his hold on me. As we kiss I gradually become aware of his hardening cock pressing into my lower back. I pull out of the kiss because there's no use in him getting worked up while we're in here. I smile to myself as I think about the surprise lingerie I have up in the room; I can't wait to give him a little thank you treat later. He still won't loosen his grip when I try to move again though and presses himself into me to ensure that I am definitely aware of his arousal.
"Peter, no we can't. I've told you how I feel about this subject", I whisper firmly to him.
"Nobody can see what's going on beneath the surface, the only way they are going to know anything is happening is if your face gives it away. Just concentrate on keeping a straight face okay baby?"
"No, I really don't want to do this!"
I attempt to struggle out from his grip but it's useless, he moves his hand up my body, slips it under my bikini top and pinches my nipple. I gasp at the sudden pain.
"Okay we'll come to a compromise. I won't make you fuck me now but you do have to cum before we get out."
I shake my head and ask him not to do this.
"Shhh, concentrate on the straight face remember", he whispers in my ear before slipping his other hand into my bottoms and finds my clit with his fingers.

My whole body is tense and I am mortified as his hand squeezes my breast and teases my nipple. I try to pull my legs tightly together to prevent him moving his fingers on my clit.
"Now now baby, you know what happens when you're disobedient"
I relax my legs allowing his hand to move freely again. Once when we were partaking in a spot of role play I'd been punished for disobedience. Though I wasn't in a rush to repeat the punishment the threat of it both frightened and excited me.
"Look, just take a moment to forget what's going on beneath the surface. Look around, nobody is taking any notice of what we're doing"
I glance around and feel myself relaxing a fraction as I realise that he's right. He must feel the tension leave my body a little as he relaxes his hold on me slightly. The hand on my pussy moves lower and I start to object as he finds the entrance to my pussy and slowly slides two fingers inside me.
"Nobody's watching remember. Just lean casually against me as I slowly fuck you with my fingers."
"Okay", that's all I manage to say as his thumb begins teasing my clit, his long fingers stroking just the right spot inside me.

His confident whispered assurances and dirty talk soon have me relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. Of course he tries to push me further and suggests that I'd enjoy it even more with his cock buried deep inside me. I promised him next time I'll be more likely to fuck him if this goes well. I admitted that being naughty in public certainly was a turn on once you let go. His hand left my pussy, he said that he was fine with not fucking this time, a deal was a deal but he wanted to feel his cock against the bare skin of my ass while he made me cum. This is where my naivety crops me up because I actually believe him! He rubs his cock subtly against me as his fingers caress my pussy inside and out. There are a few instances as he pinches my nipple or finds a particularly sensitive spot as he fingers me that I really struggle to keep a straight face. As my breathing shallows and I get closer to climaxing he slips his fingers out and before I realise what's happening he already has the tip of his cock inside me. There's no point in me arguing at this point, I know I won't win. As his cock moves against my g spot, his fingers rubbing my clit expertly I feel that I could cum any second.
"Ah to hell with it, like you said nobody is paying any attention anyway", I say breathlessly.
"That's right baby...except maybe that guy"
At that moment I'm past the point of being able to stop myself from cumming and I know that I fail miserable at hiding the pleasure I'm feeling as it ripples through me. The guy watches my face and grins knowingly, not averting his gaze for even a second. As my pussy contracts around the gorgeous cock it's holding tightly inside I turn to look at Harry.
"You bastard!" A half smile playing on my lips.
Tweaking my nipple he laughs and kisses my temple, "ah you loved it really - I knew you would."

We've enjoyed ourselves in several other interesting places since then...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Installation

I give myself one last check over in the full length mirror in the bedroom - I look great today I know.  Careful thought had been taken over my ensemble; I was to look classy yet 'available'.  Black, mid-thigh length silk robe - a gift from travels to Shanghai.  The robe was tied at the waist, covering the exquisite teal satin corset that embraced my torso and cradled my breasts. The lace tops of my hold ups were hidden by the robe so long as I was standing up right.  I turn my back to the mirror and bend right over - I am happy with the view, albeit upside down, of my bare ass and freshly shaven pussy peeking out from under the robe.  I stand up straight again and tidy my dark, chin length hair as I inspect my flawless make up.  I smile at my reflection satisfied that I am appropriately prepared.

I make my way downstairs at the sound of the doorbell.  Taking a deep breath beforehand I open the front door and greet my expected visitor - the television installation man; he had come to install some upgraded equipment.  I wasn't really interested in it to be honest, all I was concerned with was the task at hand.
"You'll have to excuse me, I was just in the middle of getting ready to go out", I told him whilst trying to look suitably coy.
I step aside, inviting him in.  I am grateful for the fact that he is fairly good looking; he is taller than me, I'd guess he's around 5'11" and he has a wonderfully cheeky grin.  This was going to be fun I just knew it.
"No problem love.  Where am I going then?"
"Oh, it's just through here in the living room", I lead the way after closing the front door behind him.

I ask him if he wants a cup of tea and go into kitchen to make it when he accepts the offer.  As I wait for the kettle to boil I wonder what the best way to go about things next would be.  I loosen the tie on my robe, just enough so that my walking from the kitchen to the living room will be enough movement to cause it to untie.
"Here you go", I lean over to place the tea on the coffee table and with perfect timing the tie comes undone.  I pretend not to notice it for a moment as his eyes take in the view.  I wait a few seconds then act embarrassed and cover myself back up.
"I'm so sorry!"
"I'm not", he grins then apologises for being inappropriate.
"It's okay, no offense taken", I give him a sweet smile to reassure him and sit on the arm of the settee with my legs crossed and my hands in my lap.
I watch him as he sets to work, we make the usual polite small talk; holidays, weather etc.  He mutters frustratedly to himself and then asks me where something is.  I haven't got a clue what he's talking about but see a window of opportunity.
"I'm pretty sure that everything is down behind the television there.  Let me have a look."
I lean over the television to get a good look down behind it knowing full well that from behind my ass and pussy are on full display to him.  I ask him what the thing he was looking for looked like and he doesn't reply.  When I ask again and there's no answer I look up and see him staring at me open mouthed.  I also can't help but notice the bulge in his jeans.  I allow my eyes to linger on that area for a moment, ensuring that he knows that I've noticed it.
"Wow, I am just mortified!  I seem to be flashing you a bit of everything, I truly am sorry.  I think you best look for that thing I don't know what it looks like anyway", I straighten up and sit back on the arm of the settee.
"It's fine, honestly", he gives me look that tells me what I needed to know; a lot more would be even better as far as he was concerned.  Not yet though, I have to wait until he's finished his work.

Half an hour later he's standing in front of the television, flicking through the channels and checking that all is in order.  Without turning to look at me he tells me that it's all done.  I untie my robe and slip it off my shoulders.
 "So, are there any other installations that you think might be necessary today?", okay so it was cheesy beyond belief but I couldn't resist!  Some may find the touch quite amusing.
He looks confused for a second as he turns to me but the penny drops almost instantly and the confused expression quickly changes into one of lust.
"Well, there are a number of installations that I should insist upon as it happens"
"Really?  Well, I would like you to go ahead with the additional works before you leave please", I uncross my legs and slip my arms completely out of my robe.

He wastes no time and crosses the room and kisses me.  As he kiss, our tongues exploring each other, he lifts me to my feet.  Breaking the kiss he lays kisses across the tops of my breasts before dropping to his knees.  Taking my left ankle in his hand he lifts it so that my foot rests on the seat of the sofa and my legs are now spread, giving him access to my pussy.  I set my gaze on the antique oak bookcase in the right corner of the room.  My mouth opens in a gasp of pleasure as his tongue finds my clit.  I am pleasantly surprised for the second time today as he begins to play with my pussy.  He's not the best mouth I've had on my pussy but he definitely comes a good second.  I lean my head back and curl my fingers in his hair as I cum for him.

When he stands I go for his belt and as I unfasten it I ask him if I can return the favour - obviously his answer is yes.  His cock is very handsome indeed and I feel a very lucky lady as I close my mouth over it's tip.  I give him all my best moves and I'm pleased with myself as I listen to him groan and gasp.  He makes a point of mentioning how he loves the sight of my deep red lips sliding up and down the length of his cock.  I don't think it's going to be long before he ends up shooting in my mouth and that cannot happen - I have to fuck him.  I take his cock out of my mouth and he looks frustratedly at me. 
"I need you to cum inside my tight pussy", I meet his eyes hoping the urgency that I'm feeling is clear in the look I give.

"No problem, stand up then love", he holds his hand out to me.
He grabs me by the ass and lifts me up.  I wrap my legs around his waist as he slides his thick cock inside me.  Walking to the wall behind the settee he presses me against it and starts thrusting, fucking me slowly, hard and deep.

There are specific things that I need to say as he fucks me - "Please, fuck me harder.  I'm a dirty little slut!", I feel my cheeks redden as the words leave my mouth.  His fingers dig into my shoulders as he pulls me down harder on his cock.
"Like this slut?", I feel his breath on my ear, then his teeth grazing my earlobe.
"Ah!  Yes, like that!"
He fucks me like this for a while before telling me that he wants to fuck me from behind.
"Sounds perfect", I tell him and bend myself over the back of the settee after he has slipped out of me.
He grabs my ass cheeks spreading them wide as he guides his cock back into my pussy.  I reach one hand underneath me to tease my clit as he fucks me.  I guess that he probably wasn't going to fuck me like this for long so as I feel my climax building my fingers rapidly toying with my clit I tell him, "I'm yours to play with, use me like your personal fuck toy".

"Oh god, you're a filthy bitch aren't you?", he asks through clenched teeth as he really starts to pound into me.
"Unh, yes!", I struggle to speak as my pussy contracts around his cock, intermittently hugging it even tighter as I cum.  As he stiffens and lets out a grunt, his cock swelling inside me filling my pussy with his hot cum, I look directly ahead at the bookcase and say "thank You".

Once he's left I sit and watch television for a while, it's not time for me to shower yet.  I hear keys in the front door and my pussy stirs excitedly.  I quickly drop to my knees, cross my arms behind my back and lower my head.  The front door closes, I hear footsteps then feel His fingers brush tenderly through my hair.
"Did you have fun angel?", He asks me as He crosses the room to retrieve the camcorder from it's hidden spot on the bookcase.
"I did, thank you Master", I grin sheepishly.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Must Learn to Share

I was not an only child growing up, in fact I was the middle child of three and therefore learnt to share from an early age. One thing that has never been easy for me to share though is Him. He of course has known this since the day He took ownership of me as He has always been able to read me like a book.

He explained to me this morning as we sat eating breakfast that whilst I will forever be His special girl He was never going to be a one woman man. It displeases Him to see me unhappy and He was going to have to be cruel to be kind. Today I was going to be taught to enjoy sharing Him. He said that my lessons would continue on a weekly basis until He was satisfied that I gained pleasure from sharing Him with another.

That is how I found myself knelt here this afternoon bound and gagged watching as my Master did things to her that I love and need Him to do to me. There is no greater pleasure for me than the one I get from pleasing Him or seeing Him happy but I feel a war of conflicting emotions raging on inside me as I see the lust in His eyes as He lowers the straps of her dress off her shoulders; a look that is usually reserved for me.

I watch as He rakes His hands down the sides of her slender body, pulling the dress down with them. Holding the dress on her hips He takes one of her nipples in His mouth and she gasps. I can tell by the expression on her face that He has her nipple between His teeth and is biting just that little bit too hard. I try to ignore the hurt and jealousy that I can feel bubbling inside. It is eased slightly as I imagine that His teeth are cutting into my nipple not hers. He moves His mouth to her left breast and bites the firm flesh causing her to cry out. I notice that her right nipple is erect, a sign that she is enjoying my Master's mouth and hands. I feel a sense of pride, of course she is enjoying Him He's amazing.

He grabs her ass in both hands and lifts her onto the dining table. Slowly He pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her mouth and tells her to watch Him as He eats her pussy. Getting to His knees He pushes her legs further apart and uses His thumbs to spread her lips. As His mouth makes contact with her pussy my vision blurs, tears fill my eyes. She groans as His expert tongue explores her and when she yelps I know that He has clamped her clit between His teeth. Blinking the tears from my eyes I see her biting her bottom lip sheer ecstasy is evident on her face. Though neither of us girls can see it we both know that He is flicking His tongue rapidly across her clamped clit. I hear her muffles groans as she cums on my Master's mouth moments into receiving this delightful treatment.

As He rises to His feet and removes the panties from her mouth, holds her head in His hands and kisses her passionately I feel another stab of pain. Lifting her off the table He turns her around and bends her over it. He removes His belt and uses it to bind her hands behind her. As He undresses I am aware of the tears slowly falling from my eyes. I don't want to watch Him using another. I may be torn up inside but my pussy doesn't know it, the vision of my Master in His naked splendour has me very worked up and I cannot ignore the fact that my clit is swollen and my pussy desperate to have Him. He takes His erect cock in His hand and teases her with it. I can see her trying to position her pussy so that His cock can slide into her. If looks could kill my Master would be about to have His first experience of necrophilia any moment now!

He pulls away from her and asks her if she wants His cock. I almost feel sorry for her for a moment because I know what it is like to be desperate to have His cock inside me - almost but not quite! He tells her to tell Him how much she wants it and as she relays her desire to Him I listen intently. I am impressed, Master however isn't satisfied and says that she must beg Him for it. I smile to myself as she begs Him; she doesn't even come close to as well as I can beg Him for it! He tells her that He wants to take His pleasure now so She will be used for just that. As she thanks Him He sinks His cock deep inside her. With one hand on her hip I see that He is using the other hand to play with her clit. I continue to look on as He fucks her steadily. She is quite vocal throughout and it is like an assault on my ears. When He removes His hand from her hip and grasps her hair I feel a flicker of hope that it will be over soon. He starts thrusting furiously, His fingers still working her clit as far as I can tell. The sounds of Him enjoying Himself trigger my arousal yet again. She has started begging Him to stop and I know that He has brought her to that wonderful place that He takes me when it's so good, so intense that you feel you cannot take it. I feel a warm satisfaction as I watch His body stiffen and hear Him groaning as He cums inside her.

I am in a daze as they dress and He sees her out. When He returns He looks at me for the first time since she arrived. He gently traces His fingers under my eyes and wipes the tears.
"It will get easier my pet, I promise". I believe Him, knowing that He would never lie to me.
"Now let's test you quickly"
Slipping His hand between my legs He probes my pussy and I let out a sigh of relief into my gag.
"There, you see. You enjoyed it somewhat it seems after all"
Scooping me up in His arms He takes me to bed and all is right in the world again.