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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Closing Time

As the manager of a hotel bar I rarely get to leave work at a reasonable hour. It was a Saturday night, we'd had a wedding reception so it was a particularly late one. My staff had cleared up and restocked the bar and were ready to go home. I knew I was still going to be a while cashing up so I sent them home and got on with things. It was well past 2am by the time I'd finished up in the office. As I was about to leave the room I realised I'd forgotten to turn the light off behind the bar. I couldn't be bothered to walk around so I leaned over the bar and stretched to reach the switch on the wall adjacent.

"You're here late tonight Becks"
I didn't need to turn around to know it was him, my body reacted to the sound of his voice. A huge grin spread across my face and I got goose bumps. I'd had a 'moment' with The hotel manager Peter a few months ago and we've always flirted shamelessly with each other.
"Hey Pete, I could say the same to you", his hands appeared on the bar either side of me, this made my pussy tingle.
"What have I told you about closing up on your own. You never know who could be lurking in the shadows..."
As he kissed the back of my neck I giggled and turned to face him.
"Why do you think I hang around so late? I figured one night I'd get lucky", I winked at him then kissed him softly on the mouth before playfully biting his bottom lip.
"Mmm, you are definitely going to get lucky!"

He lightly kissed and nibbled my breasts through the thin fabric of my shirt before lifting it off over my head not bothering to waste time with undoing the buttons.
"Wow, I've missed the sight of your breasts. They look even better than I remember", he bit my nipple through my bra and I reached behind me and unclasped my bra for him.
He slipped it off my shoulder and made a noise of approval as he lowered his head again and I felt the heat of his mouth on my very erect nipple. My pussy was extremely wet already, I squirmed a little as he toyed with my breasts. His hands raked down my back and over my ass. He lifted the back of my skirt and ran his hands over the smooth skin of my ass and thighs. He stood up straight and raised his eyebrows.
"A thong and stockings? For work? I'm never going to be able to see you behind this bar again without getting hard!"

He lifted me up onto the bar and parted my legs, my skirt still up around my waist. He rubbed my clit with his fingers through the material of my panties. I gasped and held his head with both hands as he teased me until I was curling my fingers in his hair and gripping it tight, practically panting and on the verge of begging.
"Wow Becks you're wet, maybe we should go and find a room to continue this?"
"No, I can't wait for a room!" I heard the desperation in my voice but was too far gone now to bother with feeling embarrassed about it.
Laughing, he started to undo his belt.
"I'm just teasing you. I have every intention of fucking you right here on the bar."
"You don't know how relieved I am to hear that", I laughed.
"Oh, I have a pretty good idea Becks", he grinned as he slipped his index finger under my panties and right into my pussy.
"Oh god!", I needed to feel him inside me so badly.
He put his soaked finger in his mouth, "mmm, love that taste".

He lifted himself onto the bar and spun me around so that I was straddling the bar. He knelt between my legs and kissed me passionately, lowering me back until I was laying down. He straightened up and pulled his trousers and boxers down to mid thigh. I stared hungrily at his cock and pushed my hips toward him, raising my ass off the bar. He moved away from me slightly and I watched as he lowered his head between my legs and sucked my clit. He was so good he had me moaning and digging my fingers into the bar in no time at all. When he lifted his head I could see my pussy juices glistening on his chin in the light from the display fridges. He told me to turnover so I adjusted my position, being careful not to roll myself right off the edge of the bar - my clumsiness knows no bounds!

He pulled at my hips and I got to my knees for him. As the head of his cock slides against my pussy I squirm against him. His cock slides inside me and I hear him groan and whisper the word 'fuck'. He starts fucking me hard and fast, giving me a playful slap on the ass every now and then. I'd forgotten that he liked to do that, it was just as much of a pleasant surprise the second time around. I heard him sneeze and he stopped dead. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw that he was staring at the corner of the room where the entrance door was. I followed his line of sight and saw someone stood in the shadows.
"I'm so sorry. I'd left my coat here and was passing on the way back from dropping Jayne home so thought I'd come and grab it coz I'm not in work again until next week"
It was Luke, one or my bar staff. He was a good looking kid, only 21 and a bit wet behind the ears but I liked him. I was surprisingly unembarrassed about being caught in the act and told him to go ahead and grab it. He reluctantly moved towards the bar. As the light from the fridges caught him I couldn't help but notice the erection pressing against the crotch of his jeans.
"Luke, how long were you stood in the corner?"
"Um, I came in when Pete took your shirt off but couldn't bring myself to interrupt. I am really sorry Becks", I noticed that his eyes kept moving to my ass, Pete's cock still buried deep in my pussy.
"You know, there's room up front if you'd care to join us...", I turned to Pete to see that he had no objections. The expression on his face was reminiscent of that of a child on Christmas morning so I figured he was fine with it.
"Really?" Luke looked at me sceptically as though he was waiting for me to laugh and tell him I was kidding.
"Sure, come on up", I smiled at him encouragingly.

As Luke lifted himself onto the bar in front of me Pete started fucking me again but slowed it down a little this time, his slaps to my ass became more frequent. Resting on my elbows I unfastened Luke's trousers. I looked up at him and he was biting his bottom lip and looked a little tense.
"Lighten up Luke, you're about to get your cock sucked", I winked at him and he lifted his ass off the bar so that I could pull down his jeans and underwear.
As I took his cock in my hand and his balls in my mouth I heard him groan.
"Fuck Becks, you're killing me! You should see the view I have right now", Pete started fucking me harder and picked up the pace and I squeezed his cock tightly with my pussy.
I teased Luke's cock with my tongue a little before taking it deep into my mouth. I started groaning, my mouth full of cock as Pete pounded away at my pussy I was on the verge of an orgasm. I could hear Luke panting then his hands were on the back of my head pressing me down further onto his cock, forcing it into the back of my throat. As I came my groans were muffled by his cock, it was difficult to breathe as he ground his cock into my mouth. Thankfully he didn't last long before I felt his cock swell and release his hot cum into my throat.

Pete reached his hand under me and started pinching and rolling my clit. My head resting on Luke's thigh, I dug my fingers into his legs as a second, far stronger orgasm gripped me. As I gasped and groaned and squeezed at Luke, Pete continued to tease my clit unrelentlessly as he came inside me.

We all kind of rested in silence without moving for a couple of minutes, taking in what had just happened I suppose.
"Right, who wants a drink? I know I need one after that!" I laughed and slipped myself down off the bar.

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