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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good Slut

A noise downstairs woke me from my sleep. I looked at my bedside clock; it was 3.30am. My first thought was that I was never going to get back to sleep and had a long day ahead. I got out of bed and threw on one of my Dale's t-shirts - he was away overnight for work. The noise was probably just something falling over I tried to reassure myself but failed to think of what that could be. I grabbed my phone in case I needed to call the police and tip toed slowly out of the bedroom, opening the door carefully - it had squeaky hinges. As I tip toed down the stairs I peered over the bannister but could see nobody. Stood in the hallway I didn't know which room to check first, all three doors were closed, just as I'd left them when I went to bed. I walked to the kitchen door first (the furthest door away) and slowly, carefully opened the door. My heart was pounding in my chest which was silly really, I was sure it was nothing. I took a quick look and turned to check the dining room next happy that the kitchen was clear.

I am suddenly shoved from behind and pinned against the wall. The wind knocked out of me I took a moment to react. I struggled but it was a wasted effort, he had my arms pinned behind my back before I'd realised what was happening.
"Please don't hurt me just take anything you want and leave. I won't tell anyone!"
"Oh I intend to do exactly that. You see I didn't come here to rob you of your possessions, the only thing I planned to take was you", he squeezed and rubbed my breast beneath my t-shirt and I felt physically sick.
"I'm going to fuck you hard my dirty little slut", he told me, his mouth close to my ear and his hand gripping my hair.
My pussy reacted favourably to his words.

As his hands left my hair and I felt the pressure on my back ease slightly I took my opportunity, kicked my leg out and struck his shin and ran towards the stairs.
"Ah! You bitch!"
I was half way up the stairs when he got hold of my hair and grabbed me around the waist pulling me off my feet. I felt the edges of the steps digging into me as he pressed me down against them. His knee was on my lower back and a hand pressed my head down, the edge of a step was digging into my neck making it difficult for me to breathe.
"You could have had it against the wall down there but you had to be a difficult bitch didn't you? That's alright though, I love to fuck on the stairs."
I heard him undoing his trousers and felt the pressure of his knee on my back changing as he pulled them down.
"No, please don't do this!"
I wriggled beneath him but the step hurt my neck as I tried to move. He pulled my t-shirt right up so that it was bunched around my neck. Taking his knee from my back he knelt between my legs, my hair firmly held in his grasp.
"Don't try anything funny, you aren't going anywhere and you'll only pay for it"

He grabbed my breast roughly and squeezed and pulled at it.
"Ah! That hurts, please don't!"
"You have nice tits, they deserve to be handled properly. Don't pretend like you don't enjoy it, I know how much of a slut you are", he squeezed so hard then that I screamed out loud.
"Mmm, listen to that noise you're making. I bet your pussy is soaked for me already, let's see shall we..."
I screamed at him not to but he pushed on my shoulder forcing my neck into the step and cutting off my air. I stopped struggling and gulped in deep breaths as the pressure eased.
He shoved his fingers roughly into my pussy causing me to wince.
"Just as I suspected, the little slut is soaking", he took his fingers put of my pussy and rubbed them across my face and pushed them into my mouth.
"Suck them slut!"
I sucked them without hesitation. There was something comforting about the familiar taste of my own juices.

Without warning he plunged his fingers back inside me and rammed them in and out of me with such force my whole body shunted forward each time. The friction from being shoved against the stairs was beginning to hurt and I knew I'd have significant bruising from the steps later. I could hear how wet I was as his fingers violated my pussy. As he increased the pace my pussy was numb on the outside where his hand had been smashing against it but inside felt every stroke of his fingers. I tried to remain silent as I started to cum, tried to hide it from him but there was no hiding as my pussy squeezed hungrily at his fingers and a cry of sheer pleasure escaped my lips.

I heard him laughing quietly behind me.
"I think the pretty little slut is ready to be fucked now", he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ran them up to my ass. As his fingers slid back into my pussy his thumb pressed firmly at my ass hole. I bit my lip as my tight hole opened, allowing him to push his thumb inside.
"Wow, you have a tight ass slut. I hadn't planned to fuck you there but it would be a crying shame not to..."
As his hand probed both of my holes he took great pleasure in letting me know how much of a slut he thought I was, and as I listened to every word my pussy dripped on his hand.

His hand left me and was quickly replaced by his cock. He had not prepared me for it's girth and wasn't patient in entering my pussy. His hand closed over my mouth as he forced himself inside me. I could smell my sex on his fingers as they bit into my face. My screams were muffled as he withdrew his cock most of the way then slammed it back inside.
After several minutes of this it stopped being painful and my protests subsided. He removed his hand from my mouth, moistened his fingers in my pussy and started playing with my ass as he fucked me.
"Play with your pussy for me slut", he lifted my hips off the stairs enough for me to gain access to my pussy. I obediently rubbed my clit.
He pushed his probing fingers deep into my ass and fucked me harder. I whimpered as I started to cum for the second time.

"Keep playing with that pussy for me slut", he growled and in one swift motion the head of his cock was out of my pussy and pressing against my ass where his fingers had been just a second ago.
I felt his hands grip my ass cheeks tightly as he spread them wide and with short sharp movements gradually pushed his cock into my tight ass. I forgot myself for a moment as he started to fuck my ass in long slow strokes. He gave my ass a sharp slap.
"I didn't tell you to stop playing with that pussy"
I quickly returned my fingers to my clit. He started fucking me harder and faster and I whimpered and groaned as he violated me. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. I heard him groaning as I felt his cum land in my hair and across my shoulders. He wasted no time in putting his trousers back on.

He bent over me, placed my phone on the step beside my head and whispered in my ear "Good slut" before leaving. I lay on the stairs for an unknown amount of time before I could bring myself to sit up. Hands shaking I dialled Dale's number, he answered after one ring.
"Hello babe, did my dirty little slut get what she wanted?"
"Oh she most definitely did Sir", I grinned.

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