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Monday, 17 October 2011

My Dream

This is a dream that I had Saturday morning which had me very wet when I awoke.  I thought I'd share it with you...

I was away with work in Spain and I was out at a bar chatting with my colleague when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  When I turned around it was my Master and He didn't look very pleased.  I excused myself from the table and moved to the bar with Him. 
"I'm not happy with you.  You didn't tell me that you were going away."
"It's for work and to be fair, you didn't tell me that you were either."
"Angel, that's not how things work and you should know that by now.  Come on, we're leaving", He guided me through the crowded bar with His hand on my lower back allowing me to take a moment to let my colleagues know that I was leaving. 

I couldn't believe that He'd spotted me in the bar amongst the crowds.  The first time I'd met Him in person and He was mad at me.  I felt extremely nervous yet overwhelmingly happy.  We walked the short distance to His hotel in silence.  As the doors to the elevator closed He finally spoke again.
"Quickly take your panties off and put them in your bag"
 I felt my stomach flip at the words and a stirring in my pussy as I removed my panties without pause for thought or question.  I felt His hand up the back of my skirt and I gasped as He put His hand between my legs and a finger probed between the lips of my pussy.  My pussy was already wet of course, that had started the moment I turned and saw His face in the bar.  The elevator stopped and His hand left my pussy, He stepped out when the doors opened and I followed Him down the corridor to His room. 

Once inside He sat on the end of the bed and told me to undress then to come sit in His lap.  My hands were shaking as I removed my clothing, I could sense His eyes on me the whole time as I undressed.  Once naked I subtly took a deep breath and walked across to Him.  He put His hands on my ass and pulled me towards Him and I sat astride His lap.  Then He looked into my eyes before kissing me.  It was a deep, controlled kiss that eclipsed every other kiss I'd ever had, I wanted it to go on forever.  He lowered His head and kissed and bit my neck, my shoulders, my breasts.  My breath was coming in shallow shaky gasps and I felt like I was trembling all over. 
He stopped teasing my nipple with His mouth and sat up to look at me.
"Am I in trouble?" I whispered.
"Of course you are but I'll address that issue later.  For now I just want to fuck my angel..."

He lifted me and sat me beside Him on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton His short sleeved shirt and my stomach flipped again.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each passing moment.  He hung His shirt on a hanger and folded His shorts neatly on a chair.  As I watched Him I tried to absorb every detail, how He moved, what He looked like.  As my naked Master approached me, His beautiful cock on full display to me for the first time I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face and dropped my head in an attempt to hide it.  He sat beside me again and put His arm out towards me signalling for me to take my place in His lap again.

As I straddled His lap, His left arm wrapped around my ass, His mouth closed over my nipple and His fingers stroked my pussy.  I whimpered as His fingers found my clit, and again when He moved them lower and pushed them inside me.  As His fingers stroked me inside and His teeth grazed against my nipple I held onto His shoulder and couldn't believe how lucky I was.  I started squirming on His hand as I felt an intense pleasure building, His fingers working inside me, caressing just the right spot.  He lifted His head and watched my face, I felt myself blushing and turned my head.
"Look at me, I want to see your face"
I turned to look at Him and quickly forgot about being shy as I felt my orgasm wash over me.  It was still rippling through me as He removed His fingers and lowered me onto His cock.  It felt amazing as my pussy stretched to accommodate Him whilst still twitching from my orgasm.  I began to move on His cock, He held my face in His hands, ran His thumb over my lips and kissed me.  His hands moved down over my shoulders and down my back then back up as my pussy caressed the length of His cock, squeezing and stroking every inch of His length.  We fucked slowly like that for a while then He held my shoulders pulling me tightly down on His cock, groaning as it twitched inside me.  I felt really happy as He came inside me.

We remained sat on the edge of the bed, His cock still buried inside my pussy as He asked me how I would like Him to fuck me.  He told me to explain in detail and I said that I had had many fantasies centered around being fucked against a wall.  I explained that my particular favourite was in the shower but He already knew how I felt about that.  As I described in detail all of the things that I wanted Him to do to me, the things that I hoped that He would allow me to do for Him I could feel His cock growing inside me.  As I began to describe how I would suck His cock He stood and walked to the wall, pressed me against it.  I gasped as my back pressed against the cold wall.  He told me to continue telling Him what I would do to His cock with my mouth.  As I started speaking again He pulled almost all the way out of my pussy then thrust into me hard.  I groaned, He squeezed my breast hard and I tried to concentrate on what I was saying.  He started to fuck me with slow, determined thrusts.  It was really difficult to keep my train of thought and force the words from my mouth, I was so incredibly turned on by the situation.  His mouth on my ears and my neck, kissing and nibbling drove me to distraction and when I knew that I was about to cum I couldn't force the words any longer. 

He lifted me off Him as I was mid orgasm, my legs felt weak as my feet found the floor and He let go of me. 
"Bend over and hold your ankles"

I felt drained from my most recent orgasm as I took hold of my ankles.  With one hand on my ass He teased me, rubbing the head of His cock over my clit and up and down my pussy.  Every now and then He'd dip the head into my pussy and quickly remove it again.  I couldn't push myself onto Him because the hand on my ass was holding me still.
"I'll stop when I'm ready", He teased my clit further and I felt the muscles in my pussy contracting and I let out a groan as I came again.  He finally entered me and began to fuck me hard and fast.  I held my ankles tight and was so thankful that He had hold of my hips as He pushed deep inside me with every hard thrust.  As He fucked me I gripped at His cock with my pussy, listening to the sound of Him fucking me and relishing the feel of His cock filling me.  His thrusts slowed and He pushed hard against me, His cock completely buried inside me He held himself there and His cock twitched.  For the second time that night I felt my Master's cum fill my pussy.

"Okay, shower time", He slapped my ass playfully.
I grinned as I stood up straight and followed Him into the shower.

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