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Sunday, 16 October 2011


Kneeling naked with her hands bound behind her back she waits.  She listens to the sound of her own breathing, of her heart pounding in her chest.  She longs to hear His footsteps, smell His scent, hear His voice, feel His touch on her skin.  Every moment spent away from Him is a moment that she willingly waits, her mind consumed with thoughts of Him. 

He enters the room and walks around her taking in every detail of His kneeling beauty.  There are few things as pleasing to the eye as someone on their knees just for you.  He stands behind her and pauses...She feels the hairs stand up on the back of her neck and she holds her breath.  He pulls her hair yanking her head back and bends to kiss her forehead.  Her eyes close and her whole body tingles as his lips make contact.

He pushes her head until it is resting against the hardwood floor.  Taking a step back He admires her glistening pussy, satisfied that she has been craving Him as much as she should.  He runs his finger tips over the curve of her ass, then down between her legs.  The soft smooth skin of her freshly shaven pussy slick with her juices.  He runs his hands over her inner thighs, the outside of His hand teasing her pussy as it briefly brushes against it.  Reaching His hands beneath her and cupping her breasts, she shivers involuntarily and lets out a breath.  As His palms caress her breasts, His fingers teasing her nipples she lets out a soft whimper and He smiles.  As He traces his finger extremely slowly up her spine towards her neck the air in the room is thick with the urgency she feels to have Him inside her.  His hand is on the back of her neck and then in her hairline, she braces herself.

Spreading His fingers in her hair then clenching His fist He roughly lifts her head off the floor until she is kneeling upright again.  Walking around to the front of her He stands so that His crotch is inches from her face.  He brings His hand up and smoothes it over the bulge that is slowly growing beneath the expensive fabric of His trousers.  She watches His large hand moving slowly along the hidden object of her desire and fights the urge to lick her lips.  She feels a fresh surge of need in her pussy causing it to twitch.  He draws out the process of revealing His cock to her, absorbing the expressions on her face as she watches, not taking her eyes off His crotch for a second.  As He lowers His briefs her eyes light up.

He strokes His cock as He looks down at His devoted sub, her mouth open in waiting.  He rubs the head of His cock along her top lip then continues stroking it.  He notes a flash of frustration and disappointment in her eyes before quickly being replaced once again by desire.  Deciding it's time, He feeds His cock to her.  She looks up at Him as she begins sucking, His hands gently running through her hair and caressing her head as He meets her mouth with light thrusts. Then tightening His fingers in her hair He tells her to relax and begins
to fuck her face.  Slow but hard at first, He watches as she struggles to take Him all the way.  He knows that the more persistent He is quicker she will learn to relax and the easier it will get for her.  As He savours the sensation of the head of His cock probing the back of her throat He uses His thumb to wipe away the tears that are running from her eyes.  After several minutes of this slow fucking He starts thrusting quickly and without warning of the change of pace.  Her hair gripped tightly in His hand she cannot escape as He fucks her face with vigour.  As He feels His arousal building He pulls out of her mouth but remains standing in front of her momentarily, delighting in the feel of her hot breath against His balls as she gasps for breath.

He moves around to the back of her and pokes her back, motioning for her to lower her head to the floor again.  Reaching His hands beneath her and roughly grabbing the insides of her thighs He spreads her legs wide.  Positioning Himself behind her He thrusts His cock inside her pussy roughly and begins forcefully pumping at her.  His left hand between her shoulder blades pressing her firmly against the hard floor as the fingers of His right hand bite into her hip.  Her breath is being knocked out in loud gasps each time He rams His cock into her.  Her face feels hot and bruised from being pressed against the floor and she's never been happier as she squeezes the hard cock with her pussy, holding it tightly inside her.

He begins furiously fucking her and is moaning and grunting, a mix of pleasure and determination on His face.  He withdraws His cock and holds it as He shoots His cum over her, satisfied at the sight of it landing on her hands and ass. Untying her hands He tells her to clean them up and praises her as she licks her hands and sucks her fingers.

"Good girl.  Get up, get showered and dressed you're dining with your Master tonight"

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