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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Must Learn to Share

I was not an only child growing up, in fact I was the middle child of three and therefore learnt to share from an early age. One thing that has never been easy for me to share though is Him. He of course has known this since the day He took ownership of me as He has always been able to read me like a book.

He explained to me this morning as we sat eating breakfast that whilst I will forever be His special girl He was never going to be a one woman man. It displeases Him to see me unhappy and He was going to have to be cruel to be kind. Today I was going to be taught to enjoy sharing Him. He said that my lessons would continue on a weekly basis until He was satisfied that I gained pleasure from sharing Him with another.

That is how I found myself knelt here this afternoon bound and gagged watching as my Master did things to her that I love and need Him to do to me. There is no greater pleasure for me than the one I get from pleasing Him or seeing Him happy but I feel a war of conflicting emotions raging on inside me as I see the lust in His eyes as He lowers the straps of her dress off her shoulders; a look that is usually reserved for me.

I watch as He rakes His hands down the sides of her slender body, pulling the dress down with them. Holding the dress on her hips He takes one of her nipples in His mouth and she gasps. I can tell by the expression on her face that He has her nipple between His teeth and is biting just that little bit too hard. I try to ignore the hurt and jealousy that I can feel bubbling inside. It is eased slightly as I imagine that His teeth are cutting into my nipple not hers. He moves His mouth to her left breast and bites the firm flesh causing her to cry out. I notice that her right nipple is erect, a sign that she is enjoying my Master's mouth and hands. I feel a sense of pride, of course she is enjoying Him He's amazing.

He grabs her ass in both hands and lifts her onto the dining table. Slowly He pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her mouth and tells her to watch Him as He eats her pussy. Getting to His knees He pushes her legs further apart and uses His thumbs to spread her lips. As His mouth makes contact with her pussy my vision blurs, tears fill my eyes. She groans as His expert tongue explores her and when she yelps I know that He has clamped her clit between His teeth. Blinking the tears from my eyes I see her biting her bottom lip sheer ecstasy is evident on her face. Though neither of us girls can see it we both know that He is flicking His tongue rapidly across her clamped clit. I hear her muffles groans as she cums on my Master's mouth moments into receiving this delightful treatment.

As He rises to His feet and removes the panties from her mouth, holds her head in His hands and kisses her passionately I feel another stab of pain. Lifting her off the table He turns her around and bends her over it. He removes His belt and uses it to bind her hands behind her. As He undresses I am aware of the tears slowly falling from my eyes. I don't want to watch Him using another. I may be torn up inside but my pussy doesn't know it, the vision of my Master in His naked splendour has me very worked up and I cannot ignore the fact that my clit is swollen and my pussy desperate to have Him. He takes His erect cock in His hand and teases her with it. I can see her trying to position her pussy so that His cock can slide into her. If looks could kill my Master would be about to have His first experience of necrophilia any moment now!

He pulls away from her and asks her if she wants His cock. I almost feel sorry for her for a moment because I know what it is like to be desperate to have His cock inside me - almost but not quite! He tells her to tell Him how much she wants it and as she relays her desire to Him I listen intently. I am impressed, Master however isn't satisfied and says that she must beg Him for it. I smile to myself as she begs Him; she doesn't even come close to as well as I can beg Him for it! He tells her that He wants to take His pleasure now so She will be used for just that. As she thanks Him He sinks His cock deep inside her. With one hand on her hip I see that He is using the other hand to play with her clit. I continue to look on as He fucks her steadily. She is quite vocal throughout and it is like an assault on my ears. When He removes His hand from her hip and grasps her hair I feel a flicker of hope that it will be over soon. He starts thrusting furiously, His fingers still working her clit as far as I can tell. The sounds of Him enjoying Himself trigger my arousal yet again. She has started begging Him to stop and I know that He has brought her to that wonderful place that He takes me when it's so good, so intense that you feel you cannot take it. I feel a warm satisfaction as I watch His body stiffen and hear Him groaning as He cums inside her.

I am in a daze as they dress and He sees her out. When He returns He looks at me for the first time since she arrived. He gently traces His fingers under my eyes and wipes the tears.
"It will get easier my pet, I promise". I believe Him, knowing that He would never lie to me.
"Now let's test you quickly"
Slipping His hand between my legs He probes my pussy and I let out a sigh of relief into my gag.
"There, you see. You enjoyed it somewhat it seems after all"
Scooping me up in His arms He takes me to bed and all is right in the world again.

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