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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Naughty Angel

Friday morning, once again I landed myself in trouble by being cheeky to my Master.  I'd had several warnings about my cheek and He finally snapped.  I got a slapped face and He said that I was not allowed to play with myself until Monday.  That may not seem like a big deal to some but I have to have at least two orgasms a day usually and often have several more.  Being deprived of that was going to be really hard for me, particularly since I found the fact that I was being punished a huge turn on.  He was going away for work that morning and would not return until Sunday night.  I had to decorate our bedroom while He was away and make sure that it was finished before Sunday.

Sunday morning I just had to finish off the skirting boards.  I'd put on one coat of paint and had to wait for it to dry before I could apply a second.  I was bored while I was waiting and extremely frustrated at not being able to have an orgasm for the past two days.  Master wasn't due back until late that night and I decided that I had earned a little play time.  He wouldn't know and I had lasted well having completed two full days so I wasn't being too bad.  I stripped off my painting clothes and lay down on the spare bed.  One of my favourite songs was playing as I closed my eyes and gave a sigh of relief as my fingers made contact with my clit finally.  I started playing with my breasts as I rubbed my clit and dipped my fingers into my wet pussy thinking about an evening spent with my Master a few days ago.

The music stopped mid-song and I opened my eyes, wondering why it had stopped.  He was stood in the doorway and looked furious.
"Please angel, don't let me interrupt your fun"
I tried to apologise and went to get up off the bed.
"Stay there...I insist! Make sure it's a good one because it's the last one you'll be having for quite some time."
He didn't move from where he was standing and stared at me, the rage evident in his gaze. I swallowed nervously and started to rub my clit again but I wasn't feeling anywhere near as horny as earlier by then and was finding it difficult to get back in the mood. I was too nervous about the consequences for not completing my punishment.
He made me look at him as I played and I wanted to cry. I hated it when He was mad at me. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.
"Don't even think about it girl, you're in enough trouble as it is!  Do you think I want to see you dwelling in self pity?! Now hurry up and cum, I don't have all day!"
"Yes Sir, I'm sorry"

As I looked at Him I tried very hard to focus but in the end it was sheer friction that brought about my orgasm.  As I lay on the bed hardly noticing the ripples of pleasure running through me, He went to my dresser and got the leather cuffs out.  He approached the bed, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me off it.  Pushing me face down onto the bed He cuffed my hands behind my back.  I could hear movement as He did something but had no idea what it was.  I found out soon enough as the first strike of His belt hit my ass.  I cried out, as much from the shock as the pain that had just been inflicted.
"Don't be so dramatic! Now, what do you say?"
"Thank you Sir"
"That's better.  It's about time you showed me due respect my girl", the belt landed with a smack on my other cheek.
Another pause...
"Thank you Sir", I winced.
He gave me six on each cheek and I thanked Him for every single one of them, the last few through tears that I didn't manage to hold back.  He put His belt back on then lifted me up off the bed, using the chain between my cuffs, so that I was stood straight.  He walked me into our bedroom and picked up the paint brush.
"Open your mouth"
I opened my mouth nervously, wondering what He was going to do with the paint brush.  He placed the handle between my teeth and told me to bite down on it. 
"Finish the room as I asked and make sure it's up to standard. You know how anything less than perfect irritates me"
"Yes Sir", I answered with the brush still held between my teeth.
"Call me when you're done, I need to decide on your punishment. Obviously I've been far too lenient with you and you have little respect for your Master"
As I began to protest that I did have a lot of respect for Him, He slapped me across the face.
"Silence! I'm not interested in what you have to say right now, I'm far too disappointed in you!"
His words cut like a knife.

My ass was glowing, the heat a reminder of my Master's anger as I did my best on my hands and knees to paint the skirting boards.  By the time I had eventually finished my knees were bruised, my back and jaw were aching and I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed.  I scanned my work and hoped that it would be good enough.  I would have been impressed if I wasn't so worried about what He was planning.  I struggled to my feet and made my way downstairs to tell Him that I'd finished - He hated it when I shouted to Him from upstairs.
"I've finished Sir"
"Perfect timing.  Get yourself up to the spare bedroom, lay in the centre of the bed on your back"
"Yes Sir", I hurried back up the stairs and lay on my back.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table.  I had been laying there for almost an hour.  My arms had gone dead where I had been laying on them and they were digging into my back.  Finally He entered the room and I was no longer worried about being punished, I was just relieved that I was most likely going to be able to move from that position.  He undressed, taking His time He neatly folded His clothes as He removed them.  Then He took some more pairs of cuffs out of the dresser.  First He took each of my ankles and cuffed them to the bed posts, leaving my legs spread wide open.  Then He pulled me up into a sitting position and unfastened one of the cuffs.  I was allowed no time to stretch and loosen up my arms, I was quickly pushed back down and my arms cuffed to the bed posts so that I was in a star shape.  Climbing onto the bed He straddled my chest and cruelly pinched my nipples and slapped my breasts.  When my breasts were glowing and red, my nipples erect and extremely sensitive He moved Himself further up my body so that His wonderfully hard cock was right in my face.  He took His cock in His hand and pointed it towards my mouth.  Without a word from Him I opened wide and caressed His cock with my tongue as it filled my mouth.  He moved it in and out twice slowly and gently before thrusting hard and forcing Himself in until His balls were resting against my chin.  He held it there for a while, my eyes streaming as His head invaded my throat.  Then, holding headboard He fucked my face furiously and unrelentlessly until He came.  He pulled His cock from my mouth and I heaved in big breaths of air.  He wiped the tears from my face and kissed me on the mouth.

He unfastened the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and told me to get in the shower.  He followed me into the bathroom seconds later and said that He couldn't trust me not to play whilst in the shower.  He took the wash cloth from my hands as I was about to clean my pussy.  I stood still as He washed my pussy for me, He took longer than He needed, rubbing the cloth back and fore and I realised that He was toying with me.  Just as I was becoming extremely aroused and most likely very wet, He stopped and passed me the shampoo.
"You'll be taking a sick day tomorrow my little fuck bunny, and the two days following that.  I will be having your orgasms plus My usual expected orgasms for the next three days.  That makes for a minimum of five a day I believe?  I've never been any good at Maths...anyway I will be achieving each one of these orgasms through fucking your mouth.  When your mouth isn't filled with My cock you will be wearing your gag.  You won't be leaving My sight, or our bed for that matter, other than to use the bathroom.  Be grateful that I am allowing you that privilege."
"Yes Sir.  Thank You, You are far more generous than I deserve."

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