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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Showing Off: Part Two ~ My Display

The unrelenting vibrations against my clit were sweet pleasure at first and as I had my first orgasm of many to come I groaned into my gag, my eyes closed, head resting against the back of the chair as my back arched away from it pressing my clit closer against the device - if that was possible. As that orgasm began to subside briefly another came rolling in. My wrists pulled against my restraints and I closed my eyes tight and pressed my chin into my chest as I whimpered and bit down on the ball in my mouth. There was no escape, no recovery time. The time between orgasms varied but I lost count of the number of times I came before He returned home.

My hands were freezing where they'd been suspended above my head for so long.  My clit felt both numb and extremely sensitive at the same time.  I had dribbled because of the gag and was sweating and shivering. My legs ached from being spread apart and held in place for so long. The seat beneath me was saturated with my juices. My relief at the sound of the front door opening was out shone by another approaching climax. Too exhausted to cope with any more I sobbed into my gag and wailed as I came again. My head dropped forward, I didn't notice that Master had entered the room until I heard clapping.

I lifted my head and blinked a couple of times to clear the tears from my eyes. There were two men stood either side of Master and one of them was the source of the clapping. Master approached me and held my head in His hands, wiping the tears from my face with His thumbs.
"You see gentlemen; I told you my beautiful fucktoy puts on a good show", He lowered His hands and removed the clamps from my nipples.
I let out a low groan at the sweet painful relief and then a squeal as He clamped His thumbs and forefingers over the sensitive tips and tugged hard.
"I think her nipples have been deprived of attention in comparison to her pussy. Please, help yourselves", He moved toward the sofa and left me at the mercy of the two strangers.
One either side of me they took a breast each. The guy on my left was short, plump and balding and looked to be nearing sixty. He looked at me with a meanness in His eyes as He got to His knees before cruelly twisting my nipple. My scream was in vain as the gag did its job. A jolt of pleasure shot straight from my right nipple to my pussy as the second stranger grazed it playfully with his teeth. I turned my head to look at him; He was far nicer to look at and appeared to be in his late forties. His eyes focused on mine as His teeth clamped tightly down and I let out another scream. I looked at him through tears, begging him to stop. All the while the vibrations of the device beneath me could be felt through my whole body.

I heard my Master's voice in my ear as the two men continue their torture on my breasts (the older one had started to slap my nipple hard whilst my other breast was having the life squeezed out of it), He'd come to stand behind the chair, His voice was low as He spoke.
"you are going to cum again for our guests at least once more. They are going to amuse themselves with your tits. When they are done and I am satisfied, you are going to welcome their loads and you'll hold your mouth open to them My dirty little fucktoy"
I moaned into my gag and clenched my fists as I started to cum again; His words gave me a new lease of energy (though not a huge amount). He pulled my hair down behind me so that my face was tilted up towards Him. I saw His face briefly before my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I was in agonising ecstasy.

As I came down I heard the old guy talking.
"Got yourself a good little slut here mate. I can't wait to see how she looks with my cum dripping off her face", I heard him grunting and noticed him pumping his hand on his cock enthusiastically. I was surprised to see that he had a rather handsome cock; I would focus my gaze on that rather than the rest of him when it was time for me to take his load, I decided. The guy on my right had really gone to town on my breast and as I looked down I could see the a bruise had already formed just left of my nipple and there were several red marks where he'd bitten me. He also had his cock out and was stroking it slowly as he sucked with force at my nipple.
"Mate, you're going to have to move your head, I'm about ready to go", old guy had released my breast and moved around to stand in front of me.
I felt Master release the strap on my gag and He removed it from my mouth. I opened and closed my mouth a few times extremely grateful to be able to move my stiff jaw again. The other man stood and moved around to the front of me too and his hand started to move a lot faster on his cock. As suspected the old guy was first to cum.
"Especially for you dirty girl", he grunted and I held out my tongue in time to catch the first hot splash.
"Fuck, I look good on you", he smirked after he'd finished and was tucking his cock back into his trousers.
"Look at me now and open your mouth wide", I turned my gaze to the other one.
Another, milder orgasm washed over me as I held his gaze. I let out a gentle moan, his cum hit my chin a fraction of a second later. I didn't feel any land on my chest but he said "your tit looks really pretty all coloured up and dressed with my cum".

Master thanked them and saw them out. He came straight back to me and switched off the device and I thought I'd be happy if I never got to cum again in my entire life time. He unfastened the restraints around my ankles then gently lowered my feet to the floor. Then He got some cushions and placed them on the floor; we were not finished yet. He released my wrists from their restraints and held me under the arms to help me onto the cushions. On my knees He lowered the rest of my body onto the cushions so that I was laying with my ass pointed in the air. I felt the head of His cock slide over my slippery wet ass and press against my ass hole.
"It's Daddy's turn", He pushed inside me in one hard movement and I squealed as my ass was taken. He gripped my hips hard as He fucked my ass hard and fast until He came inside me. He pulled His cock slowly from my sore ass and gently pulled my knees out from under me so that I was laying on my stomach. I felt a blanket being draped over me and my Master's fingers in my hair, stroking my head.
"Sleep My angel, You did well today", I smile sleepily and drift off.

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