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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hands Free

So I decided to take a walk with my plug and love balls yesterday. I also opted for the 'tingle sensation' lubricant for my plug and inserted the toys just before I left for my walk. Almost immediately I became a little trembly and my breathing shallowed. This of course, was not a reaction to the sensation of the toys inside me, it was the anticipation and excitement for the coming walk. As I left the house I was aware of the subtle tingling in my ass from the lubricant and of the balls rattling inside me against the walls of my pussy - I squeezed them intermittently as I walked. It didn't take a lot of time at all for me to become very wet; having something occupying both holes never fails to get me going.

I wasn't especially aware of the scenery as I walked, my mind was consumed by the warm tingling and pleasant stretching in my ass; the smooth rubbing and the knocking inside my pussy as the love balls worked with each step I took. I walked for quite some time, it took a while to build up but I recognised the feeling building subtley and thought there may be a chance of an actual orgasm so I started walking faster. The faster I walked the quicker the balls rubbed at my g spot and my awareness of the plug increased. I felt flushed as my orgasm built and I had to stop as I came; my eyes closed I whimpered and did a little shiver as pleasure rippled through my body.

It took me longer than usual to get home as I walked slowly. I was still sensitive and my toys were still at work inside me.

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