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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

His Last Thought

Heat radiating from my ass as I remain bent over the chair in the hotel room after having received the belt. My pussy throbs awaiting the inevitable and welcome invasion of His cock. I can feel my wetness on my inner thigh; He knows all the right things to say to drive me wild as He slaps and straps my ass. My arms and legs are trembling with effort of remaining in position - on tip toes, bent over the back of the chair, hands holding the front legs just below the seat.

He instructs me to turn around and kneel down and I assume that this is in preparation to suck His cock. I get on my knees, fold my arms behind my back and look at Him on His instruction. I absorb as much as I can of Him with my eyes and a hint of a smile plays on my face. I watch as He slowly strokes His cock a couple of feet away from me. I silently urged Him to come closer, to let me take over for Him with my hand or mouth - I wasn't fussy so long as I got to touch His cock. My pussy starts throbbing as He remains in place, His eyes focused intently on my body as He pleasures Himself.

He approaches me and I feel my heart race faster. His hand in my hair holding the back of my head as I look up at Him, His cock inches from my face. A smile of pleasure on His face, our eyes lock and my stomach swirls with arousal. His hand pumps on His cock a little faster. His eyes close a second before I feel His hot and sticky cum land on my cheek. A second shot hits my lips and chin and my tongue sweeps over my lips to clean them; I never tire of that taste.

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