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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Showing Off: Part One ~ My Preparation

Master had sent me out shopping for the day this Saturday.  He told me to treat myself and to get some pampering in too while I was out.  I assumed He wanted me out of the way so that He could concentrate on His work without my distracting Him.  I had a really enjoyable day and bought some great lingerie that I knew would meet Master's approval.  I stopped off and had an aromatherapy massage for an hour before returning to Him around 4pm. 

When I got back to the house He was in the kitchen making pasta (He's on an Italian food kick at the moment).  I sat at the kitchen table and told Him about my day upon His request.  When I'd finished speaking He was cleaning up after Himself and told me to take my new things up to the bedroom (He'd look at them later) and then meet Him in the conservatory.  This was a little out of character because I usually modelled any new purchases of this sort for Him straight away.  I placed my bags by the wardrobe, used the toilet then went straight to the conservatory.

The conservatory usually contained two two-seater water hyacinth sofas, an end table, coffee table and foot stool.  One sofa remained against the right hand wall and a large portion of the remaining space was taken up by some sort of bench.  I looked to Master for an explanation and He motioned with His hand for me to come to Him, so I went and stood beside Him.  I reacted warmly to His touch as soon as His fingers made contact with my chest to unbutton my summer dress.  He took His time with the buttons which ran to the waist of the dress and once He'd freed the last one He tenderly lifted my arms above my head and lifted the dress off over them.  After placing my dress over the arm of the sofa He unclasped my strapless bra from behind and removed it, placing it on the sofa also.  My nipples hardened in the cool air of the conservatory and Master rubbed them briefly with His thumbs before turning His attention to my underwear.  He placed His hands on my hips and hooked His thumbs either side of my black lace briefs ensuring that His hands didn't leave my skin as He slowly dragged them down to my ankles.  He was on His knees by this point and His hands closed around my ankles as He moved His head forward to place a kiss on my freshly shaven pussy.  Lifting my feet one at a time He freed me of my panties, stood and placed them with the rest of my clothing. 

He led me to the bench which had a square seat with a high back then two leg rests set out at an obtuse angle from the base of the seat - there were leather straps toward the ends of each leg rest.  He turned me around by the shoulders and motioned for me to sit.  From His pocket He produced my ball gag.  On seeing it I opened my mouth without prompt from Him.  Once the ball was placed in my mouth I closed it the small fraction I could to hold the gag in place as He fastened the strap at the back of my head.  Moving around to the back of the chair I jumped a little as His hands touched the sides of my waist.  Smoothing them up the side of my body I lifted my arms above my head again as He reached the sides of my breasts.  His fingers traced their way up to my wrists until He held them both in one hand.  I heard the familiar sound of chains then felt the smooth leather of my wrist cuffs close around each of my wrists in turn.  Once fastened snugly in place I felt a pull as He lifted the chain to hook it to the top of the back of the chair.  My body was, for the time being at least, comfortably stretched out. 

He left the room and returned with an object that looked not unlike a bike seat - if the back of the seat had been squashed right down.  He lifted me slightly off the seat with one arm and slotted the 'bike seat' into a hole that I'd not noticed in the chair.  When I was lowered back down my pussy was pressed tightly against the raised part of the object.  He took each of my legs one at a time by the ankles and placed them on the leg rests and strapped them in place.  As He pulled my second leg up to rest the widening of my legs spread my pussy causing the object beneath me to slip even more snugly against my clit.  Most of my body was cold but there was definitely a heat in my pussy by this point and if the room had been sweltering hot my nipples would have been no less hard.  From the sofa He retrieved a set of my nipple clamps; they were the ones linked by a slim stainless steel chain.  I groaned slightly as I felt each one bite down on my erect nipples. He was stood to the side of me and His hand reached down between my legs and I could feel His breath on my ear.  My heart was hammering in my chest, I held my breath and could feel a slickness at my pussy as I waited to feel His hand.
"Have fun angel", He flicked a switch and the object beneath me came to life.  I squealed into my gag as the vibrations hummed against my clit.  I heard a couple of beeps as He altered the setting - He chose a steady rhythm of two quick pulses followed by a third which was three times as long.  He told me He'd be back in a couple of hours, He wanted to be sure that I'd be warmed nicely before His return.

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