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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

You Must Have Fantasised About Being With A Woman At Least Once?

My Master posed the question and I grinned at Him - of course I had!

I arranged to meet with a couple - the man wanted to introduce another woman into their play dates and I was openly curious about their activities and experimenting with the fairer sex.  I arrived at the hotel that we’d arranged to meet at and went directly to the room (I’d been text the room number in advance).  I was wore a simple black dress, nude stockings and white cotton brief knickers – the underwear hadn’t been my choice, I’d been instructed very specifically that they had to be white briefs.  I knocked the door and was greeted by a friendly brunette (Victoria).  She ushered me in and planted a glass of champagne in my hand.  She seemed filled with nervous energy as she told me that Daniel would be along shortly – he wanted us to have chance to relax a little before he arrived.  I told her that I was so nervous I was trembling.  She told me not to worry, she was nervous too and had never been with another woman before but “Sir” would tell us what to do.  I wasn’t sure if that was any comfort to me.

I'd begun to relax a little as we chatted about our journeys and what lies we'd told as cover stories, when my stomach flipped as I heard the key card in the door. Daniel entered the room. He was handsome, confident and very well dressed - I felt myself blush as he lowered his head to give me a kiss on the cheek. He said it was really good to finally meet me then crossed the room to where Victoria stood, next to the bed. He kissed her full on the lips and I thought I could actually see her knees buckle she swooned so obviously. He removed his suit jacket and placed it on the back of the chair, sat on the side of the king-size bed and told Victoria to go get 'it'. She rummaged in her overnight bag and handed him a black leather tawse. He must have noticed my apprehension because he assured me not to worry - the tawse was not for me.

He undid his cuff links and handed them to Victoria who placed them on the nightstand. As
he rolled up his sleeves he told Victoria to kiss me. I was still stood in the middle of the room. She crossed the short distance and brushed my hair back off my face. I was surprised at how susceptible I was to the action. I felt my nipples stiffening beneath the fabric of my dress and my pussy began to tingle. She kissed me slowly, almost hesitantly. It was so different to kissing a man, her lips seemed to be so much softer, her tongue caressing mine...I could only describe it as beyond sensuous. I got lost in the kiss and didn't want it to end but Daniel's voice interrupted the moment.
"Miss, undress our young lady so that we can begin", he instructed.
She answered, "Yes Sir" and lowered to her knees. She removed my shoes first and then ran
her hands up each of my legs to find the tops of my hold ups. Excruciatingly slowly she rolled them down and off my legs. At this point I could feel my pussy, throbbing and hot, eager for contact of any kind. She stood to remove my dress, reaching around me from the front to undo my zipper at the back. She held my gaze the whole time as she she lowered the zipper and pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders. I heard my dress land in a heap at my feet, I stepped out of it and she picked it up and walked across the room to place it on top of Daniel's suit jacket.

She was instructed to undress herself. I watched as she lifted her dress over her head and I
admired the view. She too was wearing white cotton briefs. She wore white lace topped hold ups, which I noticed she didn't remove. She was almost thin, but not quite. She had a lovely curvy ass, a small waist and smallish, very pert breasts with the sweetest brown nipples. I had the sudden urge to kiss her breasts all over. I wanted to feel her nipples against my tongue as I licked and sucked on them - god I was wet! Daniel asked me what I thought of his Miss and I told him that I thought she was beautiful. He said that the two of us stood before him in our white knickers was one of the most beautiful things he'd seen. He told her to kiss me again but on my breasts this time. Again, her kissing was so gentle and light - but each touch of her deliciously soft lips sent electricity shooting through me. I couldn't stop the groan that escaped my lips as I felt the heat of her tongue on my nipple. I lifted my hand up into her hair and pulled her closer to me. She massaged one nipple with her mouth and sucked as she teased the other between her thumb and forefinger.
"Enough ladies", Daniel commanded. My breasts were left instantly as she turned to look at
him, awaiting her next instruction I assumed. I was certain that they must have been able to hear my heart beating as loudly as I could. 

"Young lady, come to me. Miss, you may sit in the chair for the moment"
I was next to him in two steps. Without a word he took hold of my right arm and pulled me
over his lap. I was aware of his arousal before anything else registered. He told me to look straight ahead at Miss and watch her as she watched us. I did as I was told and saw by the expression of pure lust that she was definitely as excited by this as I was, if not more so. He adjusted my position slightly and parted my legs before beginning to rub my ass over my knickers.
As I felt his hands rub and smack lightly at my ass there was no doubt in my mind that I'd made the right decision to come and meet the two of them.  I was aware of my knickers becoming increasingly wet with my pussy juice.  I whimpered and squirmed in his lap as he took a moment to pause and pull my knickers up until the gusset pushed between the lips of my pussy and pressed against my clit.  He had bared my ass cheeks without removing my knickers.
"Spread your legs for me Miss", he told Victoria.
The crotch of her knickers was so soaked it had become almost translucent.  I smiled and she grinned back at me.  He told her "over and above only" and I understood as she cupped a breast with one hand and began to massage it as her other hand trailed down over her stomach and her pussy and she started to rub at her clit through her knickers.  I heard a whisper of a gasp escape her lips and I stared at her in wonderment as she pleasured herself.

The next slap to land on my ass stung a lot more than the previous strikes had.  He'd used more force this time and his full palm had landed on my bare skin.  Quickly, slap after slap landed on my skin and I wriggled my ass trying to avoid his hand, but at the same time, I enjoyed every strike.  His other hand pulled me tighter to him in an effort to keep me still and his cock pressed harder against my waist.  I thought I would die if my pussy didn't get some attention soon.  He made me count out loud as he planted 15 more on each cheek.  My ass felt hot and painful in the most pleasant of ways.
"Miss, come here and give me a hand please", she was out of the chair quick as a shot.
"Now, I want you to kneel beside me and remove this young lady's underwear.   Tell me whether or not you think she's enjoying herself so far"
"Yes Sir", I heard her kneeling and then felt her fingers curl into the sides of my underwear.  I lifted my hips to assist her - partly to be helpful but mostly because I was really hoping that I was finally going to have my pussy played with.  She pulled my knickers down and off my legs and it felt good to finally be completely naked.  I felt her hands push lightly at my inner thighs signalling for me to part my legs again, so I did so. Barely touching, her fingernail traced down over my clit and I arched my back and bit my bottom lip.  She trailed her finger down to the entrance of my pussy and pushed inside me, I let out a soft groan.
"She's as wet as I am Sir - I'd say she's definitely enjoying herself.
"I'm not sure Miss, she's far too still and quiet for me to be 100% certain with your say so alone.  Why don't you work at demonstrating more obviously how much she's enjoying herself", I held my breath in anticipation.
"Of course Sir", her finger slipped out of my pussy and returned to my clit.  She rested her right hand on my ass and I felt the burn in my skin, as the heat from her hand seemed to intensify the lingering heat in my flesh.  Her left hand was the source of my pleasure as she rubbed at my swollen clit.  There was a pause as I felt her hair brush my thighs.  Her hand left my ass and I felt my pussy lips being parted before her mouth was on me.  I cried out as she sucked my clit and teased it with her tongue.  Those soft sensual lips that had felt nice against mine as we kissed earlier felt amazing as they pressed against my pussy.  Daniel pressed at my back to hold me in place as I wriggled around in his lap.  A cry of pleasure burst from me as I finally tipped and my orgasm came in floods of pure ecstasy.  I had needed the release so badly!  Her mouth left my pussy and I felt her tongue low on my inner thigh tracing a path back upwards.  I dropped my head, exhausted and completely focused on the warm beat of pleasure that pulsed through my pussy and seemed to course through my entire body.

I was barely aware of the two of them speaking.
"Young lady, I want you to sit on the bed next to me, as closely as possible.  Miss is going to lay across our laps with her head at your end.  I want you to play with her breasts whilst I deliver her lesson"; he helped me up out of his lap.
I sat next to him and he moved in closer so that the sides of our bodies were pressing against each other.  She positioned herself across our laps - her soft breasts brushed my thigh before she settled in and I could feel desire building inside me once again.
Each of her breasts was the perfect small hand full and felt wonderful as I massaged them.  He worked at warming up her ass - I could practically hear her purring she was so content under his hand.  It was a huge turn on to watch as his hand landed on her ass.  He'd done the same with her and eventually lifted her knickers so that they slipped between her cheeks to bare her ass.  Idly massaging her breast as I watched mesmerised as her flesh changed colour to what was fast becoming a deep pink.  He pulled her knickers down over her ass so that they were mid-thigh then asked me to pass him the tawse - I felt her stiffen slightly in my lap.  I handed him the tawse and then stroked her hair as I rolled one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger until she relaxed a little.  He was explaining to her that, as discussed, she would be receiving 20 strikes on each cheek for her misconduct during the week.  I had no idea what misconduct he was referring to but was glad that I wasn't going to be on the other end of that black leather!

Her hand gripped my lower leg slightly tighter with each strike.  The sound of leather against her flesh was delightful actually and I really enjoyed watching as it marked her ass.  She shrieked and squirmed and he asked me to help hold her still.  He warned that if she didn't settle down he'd have to punish me too.  I held onto her tightly and pinched her nipple firmly in warning and told her to hold still.  Before long he'd finished and I had to admit, her ass looked sore.  We all took a moment to rest and then Daniel and I helped Victoria up off our laps.  He stood and told me to do the same.  He then instructed Victoria to assume the position that they'd discussed.  She lay on her back on the bed and hung her head over the side.  She spread her legs wide; her arms remained down at her sides.  Daniel unfastened his belt; his erection was clearly visible as it pressed at the front of his trousers.
"Young lady, you go and clean Miss up...I'll be keeping a close eye on you so make sure you do a good job", he lowered the zipper on his trousers as he nodded in her direction.  I obediently positioned myself between her legs and gasped when I saw how wet she was.  Her pussy juice had soaked her inner thighs and pooled beneath her.  Her pussy glistened in the light - it was pretty, I thought to myself as I lowered my head between her legs.  As I began to lap at her inner thigh Daniel told me to look at him as I cleaned her.  I raised my eyes and stopped in my tracks, tongue still pressed against her warm skin.  He had his cock in his hand and was stood at Victoria's head.  He was slowly stroking himself; precum glistened at the tip of the swollen head.  It was at that point that I regretted that it had been pre agreed that there would be no sexual contact between Daniel and myself.  It was one of the terms that Victoria had set in order to agree to them meeting with another woman.  I saw then why she wanted him to herself - his cock looked amazing.  He raised an eyebrow at me and I continued to lick at Victoria's thigh - I was nervous about reaching her pussy, as I'd never performed oral sex on a woman before.  Daniel maintained eye contact with me as he plunged his cock into her mouth.  I heard her muffled groan of pleasure at having her Master's cock in her mouth and felt a stab of jealousy.  I wanted that cock inside me.

I'd reached her pussy and thought a good start would be a big stroke with my tongue to clear the way.  Her pussy was bald but it was soaked with arousal - understandably so.  Hesitantly I pressed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and then licked purposefully upward until I felt my tongue brush over her clit.  Her legs closed around me at the contact with her clit.  I remember being surprised at how pleasant she tasted.  With the initial contact made I became more relaxed about it and had fun with it.  I did to her pussy the things that I liked having done to mine and it seemed to be welcomed.  As I worked on pleasuring her as best I could I watched Daniel slowly fuck her mouth.  He'd playfully slap her breasts every now and then and seem to revel in the muffled squeals reverberating around his cock as his hand stung her flesh.  Judging by Victoria's increasing inability to keep still and the never ending lubrication of her pussy I was confident that I was doing a decent job with my mouth.  I wanted her to cum whilst my mouth was still on her.  I inserted two fingers inside her and hooked them forward when I thought I'd positioned them roughly where her g spot was.  I fucked her with my fingers in time with his thrusts, my mouth ever leaving her clit, my eyes never leaving his.

Her muffled groans started first, he increased the pace of his thrusts and I mirrored his pace with my fingers.  She writhed beneath me and sucked at her clit a little harder.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep my mouth in position as she bucked.  Victoria's wanton pussy had me very turned on I'll admit.  It was pretty and she tasted wonderful but what I really loved was how responsive it/she was.  Between that and the look in Daniel's eyes as he pumped away at her face (a raw desire to fuck me was how I read it), I just couldn't resist and slipped my left hand between my legs to touch my desperate pussy.  I suddenly felt her pussy tightening around my fingers as she came - it felt no different physically to when I'd had my own fingers inside myself as I orgasmed, but I was both pleased and relieved that she'd cum at my touch.  Moments later, whilst her pussy was still contracting around my fingers and my tongue lazily brushed inside her pussy lips, Daniel pulled his cock out of her mouth and gave a grunt as he shot his load over her chest.  I watched as it splashed over one of her stiff nipples.

I lifted my head from between her legs, my fingers still playing with our pussies.
"May I?” I asked.
"I insist", he half laughed as he put his cock away for the time being.  He took a seat and watched as I crawled up the bed, over Victoria and licked his cum off her chest leaving her little cum splashed nipple for last.  I pushed the two fingers that had been playing with my pussy into her mouth as closed my mouth over her nipple.  She sucked eagerly, cleaning my juices as I cleaned her Master's from her.

When every drop of cum had been lapped up he suggested that we give each other a kiss to say thank you - we happily obliged.  I could taste all of us as our tongues danced playfully with each other.  Our legs intertwined and we rubbed our wet pussies against the tops of one another's thighs, eager to get more pleasure.  He allowed us to kiss like that for quite a while before telling us that it was time for me to leave - he needed to tend to Victoria before they too had to leave.  I rose from the bed and he handed me my dress and told me that they'd be keeping my underwear.  As I collected my bag and put on my shoes he told me not to clean up but to keep my pussy nice and wet on the train journey home and then give myself a good fucking once I was home - he'd send some pictures of their fun for me to play along to.  He gave me a peck on the cheek and Victoria winked at me and said thanks and we'd have to arrange to meet, just us girls, really soon.  Her grin was contagious and I nodded knowingly at her before I left.

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