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Monday, 30 May 2011

Mistress Morganna: My pet's Punishment

I had owned My pet for several months, I had trained him well and he knew what I expected of him and what he would receive in return from Me for his loyalty love and obedience. I was very proud of him and loved him dearly but he had sorely disappointed me this week by disobeying a direct order. I found out by chance, not from him and he had no idea that he was in trouble. He was not going to know what hit him.

A knock on My door alerts Me to his presence. I call out for him to enter My room. he has clothes on as he has come in from being outside. With one look from Me he begins to undress, he knows that clothing is not permitted in My presence. his collar is revealed as he undoes the top button of his shirt, I feel My anger rising is not as though he could possibly forget who he belongs to.

Once undressed he drops to his knees and boughs his head and says the customary "Mistress I am Yours". That sentence still has an effect on My pussy several months into My ownership of him. I walk to him and stroke the back of his head as you might stroke a dog. "Tell Me My pet, do you have anything that you would like to share with your Mistress?"
"Only my love and loyalty for You Mistress"
"Really slut...nothing that you wish to tell Me?" his spine visibly stiffened, I could tell that My tone had registered with him finally. I laugh to Myself inside, silly unsuspecting slut, when will he learn that he cannot hide things from Me!

"All fours slut"
"Yes Mistress", he positions himself on his hands and knees, his face facing the floor.
"Elbows slut"
"Yes Mistress", he lowers himself to rest on his elbows, forehead on the floor, ass in the air. It's such a beautiful sight I almost think twice about punishing him...almost but not quite. It was established early on that he is never to cum without My permission...
"I don't want to hear a peep out of you do you understand slut?"
"Yes Mistress"
I walk around to his rear and nudge the inside of his knees with My foot. he understands my command and spreads his knees a lot wider.

I take My thin plastic paddle from the wall...I like this one, it's light and I know it stings good. "Now whore, Mistress is beginning to lose patience with you...I'll ask you once more only. Is there anything that you wish to tell Me?"
"Please Mistress, there truly isn't"
"Very well, we are going to do this then", I lift his head up off the floor by his hair and stroke his face with the paddle so that he can see and feel the source of his impending punishment.
"You are nothing to Me do you understand whore?"
"Yes Mistress"
"You are useless, and a waste of My time. You are apparently incapable of following simple orders. I will attempt to rectify that tonight but I don't hold out much hope for someone as hopeless as you whore"
"Thank You Mistress"

I move back around to his rear and flick the paddle at his balls. His body flinches at the contact of the paddle but he doesn't make a sound. I repeat the action, several times, each time I use a word to voice my displeasure with him.
"Useless, whore, pathetic, disappointment, incompetent...", each time he flinches silently. I reach between his legs from behind and grab his cock.
"Well at least there's one part of you that isn't useless". I stroke his cock, it feels so hard in My hand.
I go and get My favourite butt plug from My cabinet; it is six inches long, black and has little bumps all over it. I also take my eight inch rubber dildo out.

I put the butt plug by his mouth and he sucks it without asking, dirty little slut, he'll literally take anything in his mouth. I take the butt plug out and put the dildo by his mouth.
"Suck it slut, suck it hard and don't stop until I tell you to", he holds the base of the dildo in his right hand and starts to suck feverishly.
"My filthy little whore does love to suck cock don't you?", I laugh and slap his ass. I lean over his ass and use both hands to spread his ass cheeks wider still. I spit above his ass hole and watch as my spit dribbles down over his hole. Taking the butt plug I press it deliberately into his ass. As the plug gets past the 3/4 way in he let's out a groan as his ass is resisting the width of the plug. I reach beneath his chest grab a nipple and pinch and twist it real hard.
"I said not a sound from you miserable excuse of a whore, can you not even get punished correctly?"
I shove at the plug in his ass and relish the sight of his body tensing and the satisfaction I feel as his hole closes over the widest part of the plug and shrinks to fit the narrower section at the base of the plug.

There's a knock at the door, it's my good friend Chase, I forgot that he was due over today. I invite him in, he looks at my slut who is still sucking enthusiastically on my dildo.
"Please don't bother to give him the time of day, he doesn't deserve anyone's attention. He is being punished". Then, an idea occurred to me.
"Actually whore, you will crawl to My friend here and ask him if he will please allow you to suck his cock. Tell him how dirty and worthless you are and how much you love cock. If he is charitable enough to allow someone as undeserving as you to suck his glorious cock you will do so only to prepare him to fuck your Mistress's pussy. You may stop sucking to answer me slut".
"Yes Mistress"
My filthy little cock whore crawls over to Chase and does a fine job of asking for his cock.
"Please Sir may I have the honour of sucking Your superior cock? I have disappointed my Mistress, I am useless and worthless to Her and want to make it up to Her. I love to suck big hard cocks and would be honoured if someone as great as You would use my mouth for pleasure", he said the whole thing on all fours staring at Chase's feet.

Chase looks at Me and smiles "you certainly have him well trained don't you?"
"I thought so, until this week"
"Very well, you may suck my cock you filth but do not touch me with your filthy hands do you understand?"
"Yes Sir, thank You Sir"
Chase unfastens his trousers and releases his semi-hard cock.
"You may kneel up to suck his cock whore" I tell him. He straightens and kneels up. Chase rubs the head of his cock on My whore's lips then probes into his mouth.

Watching my slut suck another guys cock and knowing that he is hating every minute of it is such a turn on to me. I knew that he was not remotely bicurious, so his display of obedience and desire to please Me has Me quietly impressed. Chase is bisexual I know, so I now intend to let him rape my sluts ass before he fucks me. I kick at the butt plug in his ass firmly. He manages to keep quiet.

Chase has grabbed my whore by the sides of his head now and is pumping into his mouth in a steady rhythm. I hear him quietly talking to my whore as he fucks his mouth.
"That's it you filthy little cock whore, you love my cock don't you? Can't get enough of it, dirty prick. You can beg me for my cum later whore, mmm fuck yes"

I get undressed and pick up the dildo that My whore had left on the floor. It is closer to the size of Chase's 9 inch cock than the plug. I remove the butt plug from My whores ass and spit on him there again. I run my two fingers through the spit and dip them quickly into his ass. his body stiffens as I begin to enter his ass with the dildo. I push and pull at the dildo, pushing it a little further into his ass each time. I squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple as I fuck his ass with the dildo. Chase is watching me the whole time and it really turns me on.

"Do you want a real cock in your ass My whore? Ask Chase to fuck your ass". Chase releases his head and takes his cock out of his mouth.
"Please Sir, would You please fuck my ass. I have been dying to feel a real cock in my ass".
"Very well whore, I will fuck your worthless ass". I take the dildo out.
"Whilst Chase is fucking your ass you will please me with your mouth whore. you will ensure that I cum before Chase does, do you understand?"
"Yes Mistress"

I walk over to the arm chair in the corner of my room, sit on the edge, lean back and spread my legs. My pet crawls over to me and waits.
"Wow! I had forgotten just how pretty your pussy was Morganna" Chase stared in awe. He was such a vision of masculinity, his toned tan body, chiselled jawline and that impressive cock. I couldn't wait to have him again.
"Okay whore, I don't see why My friend should put himself out for you so you will stand while you pleasure me for his ease of access. you may start", My whore gets to his feet then bends at the waist to start working My pussy with his mouth. Chase positions himself behind My pet and mercilessly shoves his cock into his ass. My whore cries out in pain into My pussy. I grab his hair roughly and pull his head up from My pussy.
"I said not a sound from you! you really are completely useless!" I spit in his face and give him a hard slap across his left cheek then shove his face back down to my crotch. Chase is moving slowly in and out of My whore's ass, the scene is making my pussy juices flow. I look down at My pet licking my clit and see tears rolling down his cheeks. Good, maybe he'll learn his lesson today.

In fairness to him My pet was incredibly skilled at giving oral pleasure, my clit is swollen in his mouth as he expertly sucks on it. I groan with pleasure and close my eyes, massaging my breasts as I enjoy the moment. Chase has picked up speed with his thrusts and is thrusting hard, I can feel My pet being shoved into Me as he gets his ass raped. I start to cum and dig My finger nails into My pets shoulders hard. I am vocal when I cum and cry out "oh god yes whore, that's right you make Mistress cum hard My filthy little slut mmmm".

Chase is ramming My pets ass harder and faster now as he witnesses My orgasm. One last thrust and he let's out a low groan as he shoots his load, pumping My pets ass full of cum.
"Very good My whore, now clean my friends cock so that he may fuck your Mistress"
"Yes Mistress". I smile to myself, his face is shining in the light, wet with my juices all over his mouth and surrounding area. he turns to take Chase's cock in his mouth again. I bend down and take hold of My pet's hard cock and begin to jerk him off. he attempts to pull away from My grasp so I slap his ass hard.
"Keep still slut and don't even think about cumming, there will be hell to pay if you do".

After cleaning Chase's cock to my satisfaction instruct My pet.
" Move over to my dresser and lay down on your back in front of it with your head nearest"
"Yes Mistress", he crawls over and does as instructed. I walk over to him and stand over him, legs spread with one foot either side of his head. I lean over and place my hands on my dresser.
"you will watch now as your Mistress gets her pussy fucked by a real man My pet". Chase moves behind me and taking hold of My hips he enters My pussy. His cock stretches and fills Me perfectly. He leans forward and bites and sucks at my neck and shoulders as he fucks me hard and slow.
"See his cock move in and out of Me, you wish that it was your cock in My pussy don't you whore?"
"God yes Mistress"
"How much do you want to fuck me whore"
"More than anything Mistress, more than words can describe"
"you don't deserve to fuck Me whore", I spit on his cock.
"I understand Mistress, I'm sorry"
"you most certainly are, sorry and pathetic"
"Yes Mistress"
Usually when I have fucked Chase in the past it has been like a live display of the Kama Sutra. It's a shame to miss out on that today but I intend to fuck over his head until we cum. I know that the sight will be driving him wild and it must be a real struggle for him not to relieve himself.

Chase massages My clit as he fucks Me and it's not too long before I am cumming on his cock.
"This is how to please your Mistress whore, don't take your eyes off My pussy watch it as I am cumming on this cock"
"Yes mistress"
Chase starts fucking me faster, he grabs one of My tits and squeezes and pinches it hard then grabs the other so that he is using both hands and pulling on them as he rams My pussy. He squeezes them cruelly as he freezes and cums. I cry out at the pain and he bites me hard at the back of my neck. I groan in ecstasy and cum again as the mixture of the pain he's inflicting and the pleasure of his fingers massaging My clit tip Me over again.

Chase pulls out of My pussy and gives My ass a slap. I ask him to take a seat while I get cleaned up. Some of his cum has left my pussy and dripped onto My pets face. I smile to Myself.
"Okay whore, You will clean your Mistress's pussy now"
"Yes Mistress, of course"
I drop to My knees and lower My pussy so that I'm sat on his face. This gives me the best access to tease his cock as he cleans Me. I stroke and tease his cock, spit on it and take him in my mouth. He is wriggling beneath Me, I know it is torturing him. When I feel that I've pushed him about as far as I can before he'll break I stop sucking his cock and get to My feet.

I go to my cupboard and pull out a pink and black ball gag, nipple clamps and hood. I tell My pet to walk over to the end of the bed and bend over facing the bed. I handcuff his hands to the foot of the bed, reaching under him I put the nipple clamps on. I then put the ball gag in place, fasten it and put the hood over his head.
"You are to remain in this position until I release you and the punishment is over, nod if you understand", My pet nods vigorously.
"Oh, I almost forgot", I retrieve the butt plug, spit on it and insert it into his ass, he flinches at first contact.
"There My pet you're all ready", I slap his ass and turn to Chase.
"Shall we shower and go to dinner?"
"Sounds good" he smiles.
I left My pet in that position while I went out and through the night as I slept.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wake Up Call For Daddy

I lift the blanket on the bed and slip in next to You. Slide up behind You and put my arm around You resting my hand on Your chest. I kiss Your ear, Your neck, Your shoulder. "Wake up Baby".

Move my hand down Your chest, Your stomach to Your cock and sigh in Your ear as I take it in my hand. I could hold Your cock forever...You groan quietly and turn Your body to face mine smiling sleepily. I smile back and kiss You gently at first, then harder as I wrap my left leg around You giving Your cock easy access to my now wet pussy. As I slide my pussy onto Your cock I bite Your lip hard and groan with pleasure as You fill me. We start moving together slowly, almost lazily looking into each others eyes as we do. I run my hands over Your body relishing the feel of Your skin, so blissfully happy that You are all mine.

You give a hard thrust with Your cock and I bite down on Your shoulder hard and dig my fingers into Your back. You groan in my ear and it sends a shiver through my whole body. You withdraw Your cock from my pussy and flip me around on to my stomach with little effort. You spread my legs and position Yourself between them. Pinning one arm behind my back You grab my breast with the other hand and squeeze until I cry out. I push my ass up in the air searching for contact with Your cock.
"You want me don't You Baby? Tell DADDY"
"Yes DADDY, I want You so much" Still pinning my arm behind me You use Your other hand to finger my pussy. You run Your thumb down my pussy then stick it in my ass. I watch You over my shoulder, I start cumming on Your hand, biting my bottom lip. You take Your hand from my pussy and replace it with Your cock. You put Your wet fingers in my mouth as You start to fuck me hard, I suck on them savouring the taste of my pussy on You. You grab my jaw roughly, Your fingers digging into my face and kiss me hard as You continue to ram into me. I start to come again, my pussy contracting, squeezing Your cock "oh DADDY" I scream in ecstasy. You push all Your weight down on my shoulders with Your hands as You lift Your weight off my body and with one hard shove You start to sum inside me. I can feel Your cum being pumped into my pussy. You pull Your cock out as You are finishing and some of Your cum lands over my ass cheeks.

You kiss my shoulders and move down my back, kissing and licking, Your mouth never breaking contact with my skin. You reach my ass and lick Your cum off biting my ass hard I yelp at the pain...that's going to leave a nasty bruise...I can't wait to see the ripe reminder of this love making session with DADDY. You lay back down next to me and pull me in so that I am laying on top of You. You pull my head in gently to Your shoulder and stroke my hair, I feel Your cock slip back into my pussy as You kiss me on the forehead and tell me You love me.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Daddy's Email

I was away on an overnight trip as some of you may know and couldn't speak to my Daddy anywhere near as much as I'd like. I missed Him like crazy! Anyway, this morning I received this email from Him. It's short and sweet but had my pussy wet a couple of lines in so I just had to share it with you:

Daddy Loves His Princess and misses Her so much.

Big kisses as I run my hands all over your body and wrap my hands around your throat and spit in your mouth and kiss you  deep. So yummy my slut is as I force your legs open and ram my cock into your wet pussy I kiss you hard as I lift you off the ground by your throat as I pound you to an orgasm.  I pull my cock out and let you drop to the floor in  front of me shooting my load all over your face, you open your mouth and take my cock down your throat ...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Shower

I wrote this story for my Daddy but he loved it so much he asked me to share it.

I had the best shower ever this morning because my DADDY joined me. I was stood with the water jetting in my face thinking about the day ahead when I sensed somebody else in the room with me. I turned my head and saw DADDY stood behind me. I smiled at Him, He had a look in his eye that I'd seen before...a look that said He was going to fuck me senseless.>> He takes the soap from the dish and begins to run it across the top of my shoulders, my pussy reacts to His touch instantly. As He runs the soap down my back and around the front of me to my breasts He lowers His head and kisses the nape of my neck and nips at my skin lightly with His teeth. I gasp with pleasure as he massages my breasts with the soap. His left hand on my left hip, He moves the soap down my body with his right hand and pulls me to Him as the soap reaches my pussy. I can feel His hard cock pressing against me. My pussy is all slippery and soaped up, He slips the soap back a little further, I feel it sliding across my anus.

His body moves away from me, than I feel His lips on my ass as He kisses my ass cheek, running the soap up and down each leg as He does so. My breathing is heavy now, His touch is divine. He stands and places the soap back, wraps one arm around my waist and pushes my head down gently with the other so that I am bent over at a 90 degree angle. His hand slowly trails from my head, down my spine, to my right ass cheek. He squeezes it hard and then slaps it, I feel like I am going to cum on the spot. I am aching so badly to have Him inside me. I quietly whisper "oh please DADDY, please". I hear Him chuckle to Himself, He knows that I am always ready for Him and how much I love to be fucked by Him. "you'll get it when I am ready My pet, not a moment before". Oh god, He turns me on so much, it takes everything I have not to beg Him again. He puts two fingers in my pussy and slips His thumb in my ass, I can't control myself and I start to cum on His hand. I bite my lower lip to keep myself from calling out. He grabs my hair and yanks it "come now My pet, you know the rules when you cum". I cry out "oh yes DADDY, I'm cumming, thank You DADDY!". He releases my hair and takes His fingers out of my pussy and ass. "Oh princess DADDY is going to ruin you". He grips my hip hard and plunges his cock into my pussy roughly...He has hold of both hips now and is ramming His cock into me so hard that with each thrust He's knocking the breath out of me. I have my hands on the wall to keep my balance.

He grabs one of my arms and pulls it back behind my back forcing my upper body to twist and giving Him a view of my breast. He slows his thrusting and takes my breast in His other hand and squeezes it and rolls my nipple between his finger and thumb. The sensation of pleasure and pain is shooting straight to my pussy, I am sobbing, I can't take it...He pushes my head lower. "Between your knees My pet, I want your ass spread nice and wide for Me". I obey and get my head down as low as I can, trembling in anticipation, I know it's going to hurt. He fingers my ass stretching my tight hole for a while he tells me "DADDY's going to fuck your ass real hard Princess, You're not gonna be able to walk right afterwards". He removes his fingers and spits into my open asshole, I feel his tongue lick me there. He takes the soap and I hear him lathering his cock (thank goodness for small mercies). He puts the soap back and then searing pain as he rams Himself into my ass. I bite down on my lip and try to make as little sound as possible as I scream inside. He has me held around the waist as he abuses my ass, my feet aren't quite touching the ground. DADDY is so strong I give in to it and remind Myself of how lucky I am that He has chosen to own me. He's been fucking my ass hard like that for at least 10 mins, He begins to slow and I feel the shower tray beneath my feet again. My legs feel weak as I attempt to support my own weight again. DADDY pulls gently at my shoulder to encourage me to stand up straight again, He turns my face to Him and kisses me gently on the mouth as He moves slowly in and out of my ass now.

I feel his hand on my clit, He rubs it firmly and I groan into His mouth. He kisses me harder, more urgently, my clit is throbbing under His touch, I start to cum again. Still in a pleasure filled daze I feel DADDY slip out of my ass, "on Your knees My pet". I drop to my knees in front of Him. He rubs the tip of His cock on my face teasingly then moves it to my mouth. I don't need to be told what to do and start sucking His cock. I can taste myself on Him and know that DADDY will want to taste that later too. He takes my head in His hands and starts thrusting in my mouth, I love when DADDY fucks my mouth like this because I know He is getting it exactly how He wants it. His cock is choking me as He forces it into the back of my throat. I am dribbling and struggling to breathe "look at me as I fuck Your face Princess". I raise my eyes to look DADDY in the face "wow, you're so pretty when You're choking on My cock". He thrusts harder and faster, I'm careful not to take my eyes off him for a second. I feel moments away from passing out when I notice a change in His eyes and I know that He's about to cum.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth and His cum hits me in the face, He tilts my head slightly ensuring that he covers my face with his cum. Then He thrusts His cock back into my mouth to feed me a little.

When He is spent He lifts me up under my arms, I wrap my legs around his waist and He kisses me and whispers in my ear as he carries me out of the bathroom "good girl princess, you did DADDY proud today"

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Riding the Bus

I was sat in the back seat of the bus with Him.  There were around twenty other passengers on the bus. I have never been able to keep my hands off Him for long and we'd missed our usual morning session that day because we were running late.  I placed my hand on His knee and slowly but deliberately began running my hand back and fore on His leg.  With each stroke from His knee I edge a little further up His leg.  I turned to look at Him and he was smiling at me.  I grinned at Him and then turned to look straight ahead down the bus.  By the time my hand had made it's way to His zipper there was a nice hard cock underneath it just bursting to get out.  I undo the button and zipper on His jeans and take a look to see if anyone is looking toward the back of the bus; they aren't. 

I slide off my seat onto the floor and position myself between His legs.  I free His cock and pull His jeans down His thighs a little.  I kiss and nip at the tops of His inner thighs then kiss his balls.  I take His cock in my hand and lick the drop of precum that's glimmering on the tip, look up at Him and smile.  He puts His hands on my head and pulls my face back in towards His cock.  I take His cock in my mouth and start sucking, every now and then I stop to lick it and tease it wth the tip of my tongue.

Just when He can't take anymore of my mouth and is on the verge of cumming I get up and sit in His lap.  I have a summer dress on and I'm not wearing panties because He doesn't like me in panties.  He holds His cock as I position myself over it and slide myself onto Him.  I am facing the front of the bus, a young  woman of around 20 is looking in our direction.  I catch her eye as I start to move on His cock, grinding my hips on Him slowly.  It makes me wetter to know that she's watching us fuck and probably doesn't even know it...or maybe she does...His hand moves under my dress to find my clit and He massages it while we fuck.  Our breathing is getting heavier now as we both work towards our climax, He is pulling me in closer and harder against Him as He works His hips now to fuck me harder and faster.  We are less subtle about it now to say the least but noone has spotted us yet I don't think. 

I start to cum and He freezes behind me and bites down on my shoulder as He empties his load into my pussy.  His cock feels so good twitching inside me I could sit on Him like that for ages but our stop is coming up.  I stand up and He pulls His jeans back up and fastens them.  We make our way down to the front of the bus and as the doors open and as I step into the fresh air I feel the cool breeze between my legs as His cum drips down my inner thigh.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Sasha's Spanking

I work as a PA to the head sales representative in a Midlands distribution company.  I was in trouble today because I had forgotten to confirm an important appointment for my boss and he’d traveled for 3hrs round trip for nothing; he was furious.  He’d called me and told me to be in his office at the end of the day…and I was running late!

I ran through the front doors all in a fluster and scuttled down the hall towards his office.  The door was closed…that was a bad sign.  He only ever closed the door for meetings or if he was in a vile mood.  I knew for certain he didn’t have a meeting this evening.

My stomach did a flip, he was a stern man with an air of power about him and I found him intimidating at the best of times.  Most people had left for the day now but there was one or two stragglers at the far end of the office.  I approached his office door and knocked gently. 
Oh boy!  I pushed the door open and entered the room meekly. 
“You wanted to see me Sir?”
He was stood in the opposite corner of the room; shirt sleeves rolled up, arms folded across his chest tapping his foot impatiently, face like thunder.
“Oh good, you managed to make time to fit ME in to YOUR busy schedule then Sasha?”
“I’m really sorry Sir I…”
He interrupts in a low, calm voice “Enough. I’m tired of your excuses to be frank.  You made a complete fool of me today with your absent mindedness.”
I said nothing.  He was staring me in the eyes and I found it difficult to hold his gaze but at the same time I dare not look away.  I was aware of heat rising in my cheeks as I being to blush with shame.
“Come stand in front of the desk please.”
I move to the front of the desk, there’s no chair this side.  He moves beside me and takes my hands and places them at the centre of the desk in front of me.
“Sir? What?”
“Just stay like that please”

He walks around to his side of the desk where, in the corner there is a tall plant pot with decorative tall dry plants and bamboo canes.  He slowly draws one of the bamboo canes out of the pot and looks at it, admiring the length.  He begins to walk slowly back around to the other side of the desk running his hand leisurely up and down the cane.  I am both confused and anxious now, what was going on? 
“It occurred to me that in order for you to avoid making the same mistake again that you should maybe be taught a little lesson Sasha”
I should just dart for the door now and get the hell out of there but I am fixed to the spot, my legs won’t work.  I somehow find him both intimidating and mesmerising at once.
He is stood behind me, I feel my skirt lift at the back and then the smoothness of the cane between my legs stroking my sex through my panties; I shiver involuntarily. 

The cane is removed and he continues his circle around the desk this time tapping the cane against his hand, not taking his eyes off me the whole time.  There’s something about the way he’s looking at me while tapping the cane that fills me with desire.  I want him to touch me with the cane again.  He stops behind me…
“Lift your skirt at the back please and then pull down your panties to your mid thigh”
I should tell him to go to hell, why wasn’t I telling him that?  Instead I obediently do as I’m told and blush further still as I realise how wet I am.  I place my hands back on the desk without instruction from him.  He doesn’t make to move but continues to stand behind me tapping the cane in his hand for what feels like a lifetime.  My senses are heightened as I stand there waiting for any form of contact from him; I know it’s coming I just don’t know when.

I feel the cool smoothness of the cane slide along the warm wetness between my legs.  I gasp with pleasure.  He slides the length of the cane between my legs once and removes it.  I feel the cane tracing a line, slowly, lightly up my leg from the back of my right knee up to my ass, tracing across my ass and back down my left leg.  I have goose bumps all over.  I am aching for him now, my pleasure is heightening with each passing minute, each teasing touch of the cane.

I stand before him, my breathing heavier with my arousal; I am on the verge of begging him to touch me again when I feel a sharp sting across my ass as he strikes me with the cane.  Again on the other cheek sharp pain, he strikes me repeatedly on alternate cheeks leaving a slight pause between each strike.  The pleasure builds with each sweet kiss of the cane; the sharp sting subsides and is replaced with a sweet relief and the warming of my reddening flesh.  I feel that I am on the verge of orgasm and a few more strokes will tip me over the edge.

“There now, that is a sublime sight Sasha, you’re glowing”, he slaps me on the ass almost playfully. 
“You may go now”.  I can’t believe my ears, I am on the verge of what feels like is going to be the best orgasm I’ve had in forever and he’s called time on the whole thing.  I begin to blush again, embarrassed by my desire for him.  I pull up my panties and smooth down my skirt.
“See you Monday Sasha, have a good weekend”
“Yes Sir” I reply.  As I close the door behind me my brain is working overtime to find the next opportunity for me to land myself in trouble…

Princess's Need To Please

My Master is sad, it hurts me to see Him like this.  I kneel before him, naked, head bowed.  “Master, I beg of You to tell me what I can do to please You”. 
“You’re sweet My pet, but there’s nothing that I ask of you for now”.  It hurts me that he is so dejected.  He is sat in the chair, head resting in his left hand, his eyes closed.  I reach out my hand and hope that I am not punished for my actions.  I slide my hand up his thigh, he does not object.  I kiss His knee, and dare to glance up at his face praying that his expression would not be angry.  He is watching me, a quizzical expression on his face.  I lower my eyes quickly and hesitantly place another kiss further up his leg.  He parts his legs for me and I continue to kiss him, heading towards his zipper.  I pause there for a moment testing the waters; He places a hand on the back of my head and pushes gently.  I know that my Master approves of my actions now.  I take his zipper between my teeth and pull it down; he doesn’t wear underwear so his cock is set free.  I rub my face on it, relishing the privilege of being able to serve my Master.  I lick the length of Masters perfect cock; my pussy is dripping with longing for him as always.  As I take his cock in my mouth he grabs a handful of my hair and grips it tight.  I feel pain shooting through my scalp as he holds it so tight.  He uses the other hand to squeeze and pinch my right breast.  The pain in my breast is quite intense but each time He releases his grip a rush of pleasure flows straight to my pussy.  I wish to please my Master further still and stop sucking his cock.  Eyes cast down “Master please use me for Your pleasure”.  I turn on my knees away from him and stretch forward with my face on the floor so that my ass and pussy are pointing straight at him.  I hear him stand but he walks away, a few moments he returns to stand behind me.
“Princess, I appreciate that you wanted to please Me, however you must know your place and you have defied me, therefore you must be punished”
“I’m so sorry Master”, I feel the paddle hit my ass, it’s harder than he usually spanks me.  I sob silently, hurt that my Master is angry with me.  He continues to strike me with the paddle, I have lost count how many times I have received it now but my ass is almost numb and past pain.  My pussy is aching for my Master though and I so want to be close to Him.  He puts the paddle down and starts to massage my ass cheeks, they are so sore but I relish His touch all the same.  I feel him pull them apart roughly and then his cock plunges into my pussy.  He roughly fucks my pussy hard and fast, I am relieved that He still wants me.  Shortly after he has started fucking me he cums inside me.  He sits back in his chair “Come My pet, come lay at my feet”.

Thank You Master

Surprise Visitor

My husband had mentioned on several occasions that he would like to watch me being fucked by another man.  I had no interest in ever fulfilling that fantasy for him and made that very clear.  We had dabbled in blindfolds and hand cuffs quite a few times so when he called me from work one afternoon and told me to be blindfolded, naked and cuffed to the bed post only wearing my black stilettos I didn't think much of it. 

He usually got home around 6pm so I got showered and pampered myself and put the blindfold on and the cuffs at five to six.  I heard the front door open not long after and heard shuffling about as he put his coat and briefcase away.  He enters the bedroom “Wow, now there’s a sight for sore eyes!”
I hear him remove his clothing and approach me.  His hands are on my ass cheeks massaging, squeezing and stretching them.  They move to my breasts and they get the same treatment.  He puts his hands on my shoulders and presses on them, pushing me down until my head is down by my knees.  Momentarily I feel his mouth close over my clit and he sucks it.  It is heavenly as he explores my pussy with his mouth.  He is never usually this attentive when it comes to oral sex.  He licks my pussy from clit to my asshole and then stays at my asshole…Hello? He’s never done this before; in fact he is completely anti-ass play usually.  His tongue probes at my tiny hole and I gasp with pleasure as the tip enters me.  He inserts his fingers into my pussy and strokes in and out.  Then, lubricated with my pussy juices he inserts first one, then two fingers into my ass and starts to move them in and out slowly.  I feel his cock nudging at the opening of my pussy…he feels bigger than usual.  I am dripping and his cock should slide into me easily but he has to nudge it in inch by inch instead.  Something seems off…

As he starts moving in a steady rhythm I feel my orgasm building and a shiver ripples through my body.  Just as I start to cum the blindfold is taken off my eyes and I see, standing there before me  a naked man…my husband?!  I look back at the man fucking me in the ass and pussy simultaneously; it’s Craig, my husband’s business partner.  I turn back to my husband “You utter bastard!”
“Oh come on Baby, I told you you’d love it if you gave it a try and you’ve already cum once for Craig”, I would have punched him in the face right there if he hadn’t have been so right, the smug shit.
“See Craig, I told you my wife was a filthy bitch deep down”, he looked back at me.
“Now how about you take care of Daddy’s hard cock too Baby”, he aimed his cock at my mouth and I opened up wide for him.  He placed his two hands on my head to control my movement as I sucked his cock.. 

Craig had brought his right hand around the front of me to play with my clit as he continued to pound away at my both holes.  I could feel another orgasm building; recognising the signs my husband said “That’s right, you cum for Daddy and Craig my beautiful whore of a wife”.  He starts thrusting at my face hard, force feeding his cock to my throat.  Craig is pumping a lot faster now, I start to cum, moaning on the cock in my mouth.  Craig’s fingers slip out of my ass and his cock leaves my pussy.  My ass is filled again, more so this time; his cock is inside there.  Both men thrust almost violently at me.  “I’m gonna cum” Craig warns.
“Ok, go for it” my husband gives his partner the nod.  They both remove their cocks from inside me.  I feel warmth on my back first as Craig starts to cum over me, then on my cheek as my husband’s hits me in the face.  Once they’ve finished cumming we all move to the bathroom to get cleaned up…but that’s another story ;)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Silver Service

It was her first job as a silver service waitress & it was for a dinner for some fat cat businessman in his big house in the hills...Her agency said the pay was great & uniform provided but the client was adamant that his instructions be followed to the letter, sounds easy. 
When she put the maids outfit on before she left for the house that night she was perturbed about the length, just two inches below her ass. Note to self - do not bend over whilst working tonight! Arriving at the house she met two waiters and the butler; her colleagues for the evening.  The butler advises her "Master is very particular about the way things are done, do as you're instructed and it will go splendidly". 
It was time for the starters to go out; there were three platter dishes to be taken out, each one had to be held with both hands. I was told that I would take mine in last. On return of the two waiters I headed for the dining room down the hall with my hands full.  I walked in & saw ten suited men sat around an enormous rectangular dining table.
"Place the platter dead centre in the table miss"..Shit!! How was I going to do this? The table was really wide and I was going to have to bend and reach right out to get it in place. I edge in between two of the guests and tried to reach across to place the platter without flashing my ass, unsuccessfully. My eyes widened and I shot upright as I felt a hand between my legs.
"Get back down miss". I don't understand, what's happening? I look to the Master at the far end of the table. "I'm just getting my money's worth, play along & you'll leave here a very happy girl" He nods at the man that has his hand on my crotch who gets up and stands behind me.  He takes off my little apron, grabs the front of my shirt from behind and tears it open sending buttons flying everywhere.  I can sense ten pairs of hungry eyes on me, I'm mortified!  My hands shoot up to cover my breasts but are taken & held by the man the other side of me. My bra is snapped open The guy behind me takes both of my breasts in his hands lifting them & squeezes the hell out of them. I yelp in pain, then letting go, he grabs the back of my neck & pushes my head down until my face is flat on the table.  I can feel his hardness on my ass.  He hikes my skirt up over my thighs and roughly yanks my panties down my ass exposing my ass and pussy.  Master says across the table "spread your legs".  I sob to myself and spread them.  I feel a nudging at my pussy. He's got his cock out already & is trying to enter me.
"Stop!" Oh thank god, the Master has come to his senses!
"Nobody takes her ass do you hear me? That's all mine. Take your time gentlemen, you'll all get a turn...we have all night..."

Average Joe

I had been ordered by my Daddy to get an average Joe into some kink.  It was going to be difficult but an order was an order.  I had hidden the cuffs, blindfold and whip under the pillows earlier that day.  We were undressed & making out on the bed, I took my opportunity when he was laying on his back & I was straddling him. As he groped & sucked on my tits I lifted his arms above his head and cuffed his wrists together on the bars of my head rest.
"What are u doing? Undo the cuffs!" he shouted. 
"Sorry Joe, this is for my Daddy. He ordered me to get my kink on with you & that's what I am going to do for his pleasure".
"What the fuck?!"
"Shush Joe, trust me you are gonna love it!" I take the blindfold out & cover his eyes. 
"Seriously Sash, I'm not messing around fucking let me go"
I giggle. Daddy is gonna love this! I get up off the bed and put my spike heels back on. Take the whip out & flick it at his chest.
"Ah! What the fuck?! Are u fucking crazy?!"
"No honey, I'm just enjoying myself for once" I flick it again & again several more times His chest is getting pretty red but interestingly his cock is standing to attention, it was as hard as I'd ever seen it.
"Ok Joe, ur going to make me come now, I'm going to sit on ur face". I get on the bed and back myself up to his face.
"Now lick my pussy bitch", I trace my finger nails up & down his inner thighs as I know drives him crazy but I dig harder today. He is moaning into my pussy I press back onto his face harder knowing I'm making it difficult for him to breath. God this feels amazingly liberating! I tickle his balls & lightly run my finger tips up & down his shaft teasing...pull myself away from his face & ask him if he's enjoying.  He's quiet...
"Answer me bitch & you will address me as Mistress!"
"Sash, what the fuck? Seriously you're going too far!"
"Ok, I'll get the whip..."
"No not again please"
"Not again what?"
"Not again Mistress"
"Good bitch now lick my ass hole".  I back my ass onto his face before he can argue.  He doesn't do anything so I flick the head of his dick hard with my finger.
"I said lick my ass bitch!"
I feel the tip of his tongue on my ass & push myself closer to his face.
"Good bitch, you'll be rewarded now", I take his cock in my mouth, as I suck it he starts rimming my ass with more enthusiasm. He's moaning into my ass & his hot breath feels good. I feel his cock twitching in my mouth, I pull it out just in time as his load shoots all over my face. I put my hand to my face & put my cum covered finger in my mouth. Yummy! I get off his face & rub my cheek on his then lick his cheek. I kiss him on the mouth, I can taste myself on him.
"Clean my face with your tongue bitch"
"No fucking way!" I get up & grab the whip & start flicking it quickly at his chest at first slowly edging lower down his body he understood the implication..."Ok!"
"Beg me for it now bitch & remember I am your mistress!"
"Please let me lick your face mistress!" He lapped at my face, when it's clean I kiss him again & nip his lips with my teeth. I take off the blindfold, he looks confused, I unlock the cuffs.
"Well how do u feel?"
Average Joe looks torn..."Is it fucked up that I actually enjoyed that shit?"
"That was just the beginning my pet..."

Masked Men

My car was parked on the far side of the lot, it was dark and there were only two vehicles left.  I felt on edge as I walked quickly to my car, there was a van parked a couple of spaces down from my car.  I fumbled with my keys at the lock and dropped them "shit!".  I bend down to pick them up and think I hear something behind me.  I stand up and turn to look but before I turn a hand closes over my mouth from behind. "Don't make a sound & I won't hurt you", my cries are muffled, he holds his hand tighter over m ymouth "shut up and walk".  He leads me towards the van, the doors at the back open, there are two more men inside, they have ski masks on so I can't see their faces.  There appears to be a blanket on the floor of the van.  The man with his hand over my mouth takes something from one of the masked men, a cloth? He removes his hand & stuffs the cloth in my mouth.  As he holds me around my waist and chest, he holds the gag in place & walks me until my knees hit the edge of the back of the van One of the masked men tie another piece of cloth around my mouth, tied at the back of my head to hold the gag in place.  My attacker turns me around and shoves me so that I lose my balance & fall back onto the blanket. He holds my hips down while another pulls my top up over my head. My bra is cut at the front between my tits which spring loose. The two men in the van pin an arm each, my attacker grabs my jeans at the waist & without bothering to undo them yanks them down off my hips to my knees. He slips his finger between my legs "don't worry boys, the dirty slut is soaking, she loves it".  I don't understand it but he's right! He pulls my jeans all the way off, grabs my legs under the knees and pushes them until they're up under my chin, then spreads them wide I can feel the cold night air on my wet pussy and it is amazing. He ducks his head down between my legs and laps at my pussy. The other two have taken a breast each & are pulling and pinching my nipples. It's all too much for me & I start to cum...Taking this as encouragement they release my arms for a moment, but only so that they can access their cocks. They both have nice sized cocks. They place my hands on their cocks & start rocking back & fore so that I am pulling them off. I look to the back of the van & see that that one also has his cock out...that one is considerably larger! He rubs it up & down my slit from my clit right down to my asshole & back again. He pokes my pussy opening with the head then slips past it to my ass, I look at his eyes through the ski mask, they seem to be laughing at me. He puts pressure on my anus with his cock. I look pleading at him; please not there, you're too big...he rubs a bit more juice around with the head then eases into my ass. Fuck it hurts!! He maintains eye contact the whole time as he's stretching my tiny ass further. I am screaming into my gag & trying to wriggle away but he has my thighs in a vice like gripsing patience he rams himself hard into my ass "shut up bitch!" I'm silenced.  He starts to move in me & the pain is excruciating but I can't make a sound I have to continue pleasing the two cocks in my hands.  He is beginning to get a rhythm going now & I pump the two cocks in that same rhythm. The pain is easing as I feel a familiar stirring...oh my! I am going to cum! How much of a slut must I be?! My ass is being fucked harder & faster so I match the pace with my hand jobs.  The guy fucking my ass goes rigid and groans deeply as I feel him unload in my ass. I work my hands faster & feel the two cocks swell.  Hot cum spurts out all over my tits and belly, there's loads of it. Once they are spent my ass fucker gives me a slap on the ass.  He throws my jeans and top on the parking lot floor and pulls me by the hands until I'm upright outside the van, very weak in the knees.  He pushes me back another step or two then get's in the back of the van. "Thanks slut", he winks at me & shuts the van doors.  Seconds later the van speeds off & I'm left standing there naked covered in cum with my clothes in a heap at my feet & I smile to myself.

Carl The Decorator

Jayne was feeling so horny, the guy decorating downstairs wasn't helping.  He looked so hot in his whites she couldn't concentrate on her work all she could think about was his obviously muscular body and how she'd love to have it.  She took off her shorts so that she just had on a little t-shirt and panties and went down to get a drink from the kitchen.  She walked past the room he was working in slowly hoping to catch his worked, she grinned to herself and continued to the kitchen.  Jayne called to him from the kitchen asking his name - Carl he replied. "Carl, would you like a drink?" He wanted a drink, excellent things were going as planned so far. She took the drinks into the dining room and passed one to Carl.  He couldn't seem to stop glancing at her crotch area, admittedly her panties were pretty small!  She lifted herself up on the dining table, crossed her legs and laid back resting on her elbows casually knowing that the sight must be driving him wild.  She was making idle chat with him, he seemed to be a bit uncomfortable... She glanced down at his trousers and saw his erection straining at his trousers. She made no point of hiding the fact that she was looking. "So, Carl do you need a hand with anything?", he was 90% sure that she was referring to his dick but that 10% of doubt made him hesitate for a second. She shrugged her shoulders "okay", and made to get off the table and leave.  Carl put his hand out to stop her leaving, "Yes actually, I would like a hand".  She grinned at him, "with pleasure". She slipped off the table and pulled Carl over to the table so that he was leaning against the edge.  Jayne knelt down before him and stroked his cock through his trousers, it twitched at her touch. She started undoing his trousers, pulls them and his boxers down over his hips uncovering a fabulous dick. "Mmm, very nice" she takes his cock in her hand and playfully licks it from base to tip. She flicks at the sensitive bit under the head with her tongue.  He gasps with pleasure as Jayne circles the tip with her tongue then closes her mouth over his cock and starts sucking him off.  Carl groans "yes" then grabs her head in his hands and starts to thrust his hips forcing his cock further into the back of her throat.  She moans on his cock, he's big and she's finding it difficult to breath but he is really going at her mouth now.  She grabs his hips to steady herself and continues sucking on his cock greedily - she loves sucking cock.  Carl stops thrusting and she feels his cock swell in her mouth and her mouth is filled with cum, dripping down her throat. She swallows every drop of it then gets on to her feet and grins at Carl "Thanks babe, that was fun...see you tomorrow" and leaves Carl smiling and spent.

Her College Room Mate

His girlfriend's college room mate was so hot he'd been fantasising about taking her for months now. Now was his chance, his girlfriend left him her key so that he could collect some of his stuff from the room while she was away. It was 2am as he silently turned the key, he paused a moment waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dark, he could hear her gently breathing. He started to undress quietly. It was a warm night and she was led on her back above the covers. He stood at the foot of the bed and leaned forward.  He carefully rested on his elbows between her spread legs, his cock aching at the excitement of being so close to her pussy.  He cautiously pushed his face closer and ran his tongue up the slit of her pussy. God she tasted better than he had imagined!  He slowly massaged her clit with his tongue careful not to move the rest of his body and disturb her...her legs were slowly parting further...he smiled to himself and ran his tongue back down to her hole. Good she was getting nice and wet. He tongued her clit some more flicking at it faster now, she groans with pleasure. Her body stiffens as she realises something isn't right, he pauses then she screams.  Like lightning his hand is up on her mouth and his weight pressing against her struggling body. "Shush baby, you're enjoying this, trust me", one hand still on her mouth he uses the other to guide his cock into her. God she's so tight it takes a couple of thrusts before he's in fully.  She's screaming under his hand but he ignores her, biting her neck and shoulders as he begins to fuck her. He is in awe at how good her pussy feels, he starts squeezing her left tit roughly as he pumps faster. She has stopped screaming now "Yes, you like it don't you bitch? You wouldn't be this wet if you didn't". He stops moving and she wriggles on his cock impatiently "Ask me to fuck you, tell me you like it".  She whispers the word please. "Not good enough, I want to hear the words"..."Please fuck me, I want you to...", she whispers.  With that he starts slamming into her mercilessly, gripping her shoulders, he is close to cumming, he pulls out almost all the way and rams back into her pussy, he does this three times. On the third his body stiffens, he pulls his head back and groans in ecstasy as he releases his load into her. He collapses on top of her panting and tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear and whispers "This is our little secret, do you understand?" She nods silently.

Friends To Dinner

We'd had friends over for dinner that evening and I'd been flirting outrageously with the husband, but that's me I flirt with everyone.

We'd had coffees and I went out the kitchen to wash up before we continued with drinks in the sitting room. I didn't hear him come into the kitchen, I only knew he was there when I felt his breath on my ear and his cock against my ass. My friend's husband - Matthew. "Can I offer u some assistance", I giggled and wiggled my ass a little against him. "Your so bad! They're only in the Next room!" He reached around the front of me grabbing my breasts through my dress and massaging them, pressing into me sandwiching me between his hardness and the sink. I gasped with delight as he kissed the side of my neck. He ran a hand down the front of my dress and put it under the hem, he pushed my panties aside with his fingers and explored my wetness. "Oh yes", he lifts my right leg out to the side my knee propped up on the counter opening me up wide for him. I hear his belt being unbuckled and his pants being undone, he pulls my panties aside and I gasp as he plunges his cock up inside me. He's bigger than I'd anticipated and I struggle to keep quiet as he starts moving in and out of my pussy. He places his left hand over my mouth and pulls my head back so that it's resting on his shoulder, his other hand is playing with my clit. He is fucking me with firm steady thrusts and I can feel the warm pleasure rising inside me. He begins to thrust faster, we both know that time is limited. I am starting to cum, it is pretty intense and I can't help but moan, he presses his hand harder over my mouth and whispers "shut the fuck up Sash you're going to get us caught". He's ramming into me harder and faster now to bring on his orgasm.  His breathing is hot and heavy in my ear, my hips are taking a hammering against the work top. One last hard thrust and he pulls me closer to him still "fuck yeah" he whispers. I've been wanting to do that for years. He slips out of my pussy and I lower my leg.  My friend walks into the kitchen, Matthew makes his excuses and heads into the sitting room leaving me to finish the dishes with his wife...his cum leaking from my pussy as we chat.

Master Spanker

That hot rep was due in for a meeting this afternoon so I had made an extra effort this morning…extra tight skirt, extra tight shirt and sheer lace top hold ups.
He called at 4pm to say that he was running late and wouldn’t arrive until 4.45pm. I was happy to wait, I told him.

He was just as hot as I remembered from last year; I found it hard to concentrate during our meeting. It was a warm day so he had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to the elbow revealing the nicest pair of forearms I had ever seen! Strong, tan and masculine with hands to match.  He looked like he would be a master spanker and it was all I could think about!

Was I imagining the sexual tension in the air between us? It was 5.45pm by the time our meeting was done, the office was deserted.  I bent over to pick up the bag for my lap top  and felt a sharp sting on my ass.  “Sorry, I couldn’t resist!” he said grinning.  I laughed and told him I liked it.  “There’s more where that came from if you want it”.  Wow, I couldn’t believe my luck! Was I going to get a pasting from him?  I hoped so! I smiled suggestively at him.

He stood in front of me put his hand on either side of my skirt while looking me in the eyes and slowly lifted his hands bringing my skirt up with them. “Bend over the desk so that I can see that sweet ass of yours” I obliged immediately, my pussy getting excited at the prospect.  “Hmm, very nice ass you have there but it’s looking a little pale.  Let’s see if we can’t get some colour into those pretty cheeks shall we?” His hand makes contact with my ass and feels amazing, I watch over my shoulder as he swipes at my ass.  My pussy is aching and crying out to be touched.

He moves around to the other side of the desk, his crotch in front of me now and starts to spank my ass again.  “Oh yes, you do turn a lovely shade of crimson with a good spanking don’t you? Very nice”.  I notice that master spanker has an impressive erection hidden away in his pants. I reach with my right hand and tug at his belt.  Pulling down his pants I’m not disappointed, this man was not just blessed in the upper body.  I’ve always enjoyed sucking cock and I wasn’t about to miss out on getting my lips around this one.  I guided his cock into my mouth as he continued to spank me.  As his cock sank deeply into my mouth his hand came down particularly hard and I moaned in surprise.  The sensation of his hands striking my skin and his gorgeous cock in my mouth are all getting too much for me and I can feel myself begin to cum.  I suck greedily on his cock, taking it all in my mouth until I am on the verge of gagging. As I begin to cum I grip his left ass cheek with my hand and spank his right with my other hand. I figured he might like to receive.  I was right, he gasped when my hand made contact with his ass. I rubbed his ass cheek then spanked it again a little harder.  He pulls his cock out of my mouth, moves to the other side of the desk and cums all over my ass cheeks and rubs it in like lotion.

Yummy, thank you Master Spanker.

The Darkness

I hated the old archive room it was cramped & creepy, 4 rows of tightly packed floor to ceiling shelves with no way out other than the way you came in at each aisle.  I was looking for a file at the far end of one of the middle aisles when the lights go out. “Fuck! Fuck!” I feel my way halfway down the aisle when I think I hear movement.  I stop moving and hold my breath listening to the darkness…I hear it again, it sounds like someone brushing against the files slightly.  My heart starts racing as I begin to panic…”Hello, is there someone there?”…no answer, no sound.  I stand, afraid to move, afraid to breathe…the only sound is my heart beat racing, pounding in my ears.  I hear the noise again it seems to be getting closer…there’s nowhere for me to run or hide.  I start backing up, trying to put some space between me and the sound…my back eventually hits the wall…I’m trapped.  I slide my back down the wall and curl myself into the corner and pray that this person won’t find me.

The shuffling gets closer and stops…I can sense someone near but can’t see them it’s too dark, I can’t even make out shapes.  I hold my breath again and shut my eyes trying to wish myself away.  Pain shoots through my head as I’m yanked up by my hair.  “There you are doll, why are u hiding down there?”  Please, please don’t hurt me!  “Quiet now you’re voice is so annoying.  You aren’t going to make another sound is that clear?”  I start crying, I’m petrified.  “Not another sound, I won’t tell you again…you don’t want to find out what happens if I have to ask twice”.  I stop crying, but I'm shaking with fear. 

I feel his hand on my throat and flinch at his touch, he tightens his hand restricting my breathing slightly.  A hand on my thigh, squeezing to the point of pain, I try so hard not to make a sound.  His hand leaves my thigh…my top and bra are pushed up around my neck and there’s warmth and pain at my left nipple as he bites it.  I really struggle to stay silent.  I can hear his belt being undone and his pants falling to the ground.  Oh please no, please no I think to myself, inside I am screaming.  His hand leaves my throat and I make the most of the air sucking in deep breaths.  My skirt is yanked up and my panties torn off.  I squeeze my legs tightly together…he grabs the flesh on each thigh and pinches so hard that I release my thighs and open them.  He says nothing…hands are on my ass as he lifts me up to him and impales me on his cock.  It hurts real bad, he is really big and I wasn’t ready for him.  Pain at my neck as he bites forcefully down on my flesh and does not release as my back hits the wall & he starts pumping into me.  The darkness has heightened my senses and every stab of his cock is agony, his teeth like razors on my neck…relief as his teeth leave my flesh, quickly replaced by panic as his hand presses around my throat again.  “Good whore, not a sound just as I asked.  You’re gonna get it real good now as a reward”.  The hand holding me up moves to the centre of my ass, shooting pain as his dry finger violates my ass hole.  His cock is sliding in me easier now, I don’t know if I’m bleeding or actually wet?! 

I’m lifted off him, without a word he turns me around and pushes my head down until I am on my knees, keeps pushing my head until my face hits the floor. His hands have left my body now…I hear a swish, it barely registers when I feel agonising pain on my ass cheek, again on the other…his belt.  He drapes it across my back as he forces himself into my ass…picks up the belt, lifts my head by my hair off the floor and wraps his belt around my neck.  He yanks at the belt to the rhythm of his fucking my ass.  It doesn’t last long until he pulls particularly hard on the belt and I feel like I’m gonna pass out as he cums in my ass.  He leaves me, I hear him putting his clothes on.  “Stay there whore don’t move”.  Shuffling getting further away, click, blinding light…I don’t know how long I stayed there on the floor, stock still in awe of my abuser…