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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wake Up Call For Daddy

I lift the blanket on the bed and slip in next to You. Slide up behind You and put my arm around You resting my hand on Your chest. I kiss Your ear, Your neck, Your shoulder. "Wake up Baby".

Move my hand down Your chest, Your stomach to Your cock and sigh in Your ear as I take it in my hand. I could hold Your cock forever...You groan quietly and turn Your body to face mine smiling sleepily. I smile back and kiss You gently at first, then harder as I wrap my left leg around You giving Your cock easy access to my now wet pussy. As I slide my pussy onto Your cock I bite Your lip hard and groan with pleasure as You fill me. We start moving together slowly, almost lazily looking into each others eyes as we do. I run my hands over Your body relishing the feel of Your skin, so blissfully happy that You are all mine.

You give a hard thrust with Your cock and I bite down on Your shoulder hard and dig my fingers into Your back. You groan in my ear and it sends a shiver through my whole body. You withdraw Your cock from my pussy and flip me around on to my stomach with little effort. You spread my legs and position Yourself between them. Pinning one arm behind my back You grab my breast with the other hand and squeeze until I cry out. I push my ass up in the air searching for contact with Your cock.
"You want me don't You Baby? Tell DADDY"
"Yes DADDY, I want You so much" Still pinning my arm behind me You use Your other hand to finger my pussy. You run Your thumb down my pussy then stick it in my ass. I watch You over my shoulder, I start cumming on Your hand, biting my bottom lip. You take Your hand from my pussy and replace it with Your cock. You put Your wet fingers in my mouth as You start to fuck me hard, I suck on them savouring the taste of my pussy on You. You grab my jaw roughly, Your fingers digging into my face and kiss me hard as You continue to ram into me. I start to come again, my pussy contracting, squeezing Your cock "oh DADDY" I scream in ecstasy. You push all Your weight down on my shoulders with Your hands as You lift Your weight off my body and with one hard shove You start to sum inside me. I can feel Your cum being pumped into my pussy. You pull Your cock out as You are finishing and some of Your cum lands over my ass cheeks.

You kiss my shoulders and move down my back, kissing and licking, Your mouth never breaking contact with my skin. You reach my ass and lick Your cum off biting my ass hard I yelp at the pain...that's going to leave a nasty bruise...I can't wait to see the ripe reminder of this love making session with DADDY. You lay back down next to me and pull me in so that I am laying on top of You. You pull my head in gently to Your shoulder and stroke my hair, I feel Your cock slip back into my pussy as You kiss me on the forehead and tell me You love me.

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