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Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Shower

I wrote this story for my Daddy but he loved it so much he asked me to share it.

I had the best shower ever this morning because my DADDY joined me. I was stood with the water jetting in my face thinking about the day ahead when I sensed somebody else in the room with me. I turned my head and saw DADDY stood behind me. I smiled at Him, He had a look in his eye that I'd seen before...a look that said He was going to fuck me senseless.>> He takes the soap from the dish and begins to run it across the top of my shoulders, my pussy reacts to His touch instantly. As He runs the soap down my back and around the front of me to my breasts He lowers His head and kisses the nape of my neck and nips at my skin lightly with His teeth. I gasp with pleasure as he massages my breasts with the soap. His left hand on my left hip, He moves the soap down my body with his right hand and pulls me to Him as the soap reaches my pussy. I can feel His hard cock pressing against me. My pussy is all slippery and soaped up, He slips the soap back a little further, I feel it sliding across my anus.

His body moves away from me, than I feel His lips on my ass as He kisses my ass cheek, running the soap up and down each leg as He does so. My breathing is heavy now, His touch is divine. He stands and places the soap back, wraps one arm around my waist and pushes my head down gently with the other so that I am bent over at a 90 degree angle. His hand slowly trails from my head, down my spine, to my right ass cheek. He squeezes it hard and then slaps it, I feel like I am going to cum on the spot. I am aching so badly to have Him inside me. I quietly whisper "oh please DADDY, please". I hear Him chuckle to Himself, He knows that I am always ready for Him and how much I love to be fucked by Him. "you'll get it when I am ready My pet, not a moment before". Oh god, He turns me on so much, it takes everything I have not to beg Him again. He puts two fingers in my pussy and slips His thumb in my ass, I can't control myself and I start to cum on His hand. I bite my lower lip to keep myself from calling out. He grabs my hair and yanks it "come now My pet, you know the rules when you cum". I cry out "oh yes DADDY, I'm cumming, thank You DADDY!". He releases my hair and takes His fingers out of my pussy and ass. "Oh princess DADDY is going to ruin you". He grips my hip hard and plunges his cock into my pussy roughly...He has hold of both hips now and is ramming His cock into me so hard that with each thrust He's knocking the breath out of me. I have my hands on the wall to keep my balance.

He grabs one of my arms and pulls it back behind my back forcing my upper body to twist and giving Him a view of my breast. He slows his thrusting and takes my breast in His other hand and squeezes it and rolls my nipple between his finger and thumb. The sensation of pleasure and pain is shooting straight to my pussy, I am sobbing, I can't take it...He pushes my head lower. "Between your knees My pet, I want your ass spread nice and wide for Me". I obey and get my head down as low as I can, trembling in anticipation, I know it's going to hurt. He fingers my ass stretching my tight hole for a while he tells me "DADDY's going to fuck your ass real hard Princess, You're not gonna be able to walk right afterwards". He removes his fingers and spits into my open asshole, I feel his tongue lick me there. He takes the soap and I hear him lathering his cock (thank goodness for small mercies). He puts the soap back and then searing pain as he rams Himself into my ass. I bite down on my lip and try to make as little sound as possible as I scream inside. He has me held around the waist as he abuses my ass, my feet aren't quite touching the ground. DADDY is so strong I give in to it and remind Myself of how lucky I am that He has chosen to own me. He's been fucking my ass hard like that for at least 10 mins, He begins to slow and I feel the shower tray beneath my feet again. My legs feel weak as I attempt to support my own weight again. DADDY pulls gently at my shoulder to encourage me to stand up straight again, He turns my face to Him and kisses me gently on the mouth as He moves slowly in and out of my ass now.

I feel his hand on my clit, He rubs it firmly and I groan into His mouth. He kisses me harder, more urgently, my clit is throbbing under His touch, I start to cum again. Still in a pleasure filled daze I feel DADDY slip out of my ass, "on Your knees My pet". I drop to my knees in front of Him. He rubs the tip of His cock on my face teasingly then moves it to my mouth. I don't need to be told what to do and start sucking His cock. I can taste myself on Him and know that DADDY will want to taste that later too. He takes my head in His hands and starts thrusting in my mouth, I love when DADDY fucks my mouth like this because I know He is getting it exactly how He wants it. His cock is choking me as He forces it into the back of my throat. I am dribbling and struggling to breathe "look at me as I fuck Your face Princess". I raise my eyes to look DADDY in the face "wow, you're so pretty when You're choking on My cock". He thrusts harder and faster, I'm careful not to take my eyes off him for a second. I feel moments away from passing out when I notice a change in His eyes and I know that He's about to cum.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth and His cum hits me in the face, He tilts my head slightly ensuring that he covers my face with his cum. Then He thrusts His cock back into my mouth to feed me a little.

When He is spent He lifts me up under my arms, I wrap my legs around his waist and He kisses me and whispers in my ear as he carries me out of the bathroom "good girl princess, you did DADDY proud today"

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