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Monday, 16 May 2011

Princess's Need To Please

My Master is sad, it hurts me to see Him like this.  I kneel before him, naked, head bowed.  “Master, I beg of You to tell me what I can do to please You”. 
“You’re sweet My pet, but there’s nothing that I ask of you for now”.  It hurts me that he is so dejected.  He is sat in the chair, head resting in his left hand, his eyes closed.  I reach out my hand and hope that I am not punished for my actions.  I slide my hand up his thigh, he does not object.  I kiss His knee, and dare to glance up at his face praying that his expression would not be angry.  He is watching me, a quizzical expression on his face.  I lower my eyes quickly and hesitantly place another kiss further up his leg.  He parts his legs for me and I continue to kiss him, heading towards his zipper.  I pause there for a moment testing the waters; He places a hand on the back of my head and pushes gently.  I know that my Master approves of my actions now.  I take his zipper between my teeth and pull it down; he doesn’t wear underwear so his cock is set free.  I rub my face on it, relishing the privilege of being able to serve my Master.  I lick the length of Masters perfect cock; my pussy is dripping with longing for him as always.  As I take his cock in my mouth he grabs a handful of my hair and grips it tight.  I feel pain shooting through my scalp as he holds it so tight.  He uses the other hand to squeeze and pinch my right breast.  The pain in my breast is quite intense but each time He releases his grip a rush of pleasure flows straight to my pussy.  I wish to please my Master further still and stop sucking his cock.  Eyes cast down “Master please use me for Your pleasure”.  I turn on my knees away from him and stretch forward with my face on the floor so that my ass and pussy are pointing straight at him.  I hear him stand but he walks away, a few moments he returns to stand behind me.
“Princess, I appreciate that you wanted to please Me, however you must know your place and you have defied me, therefore you must be punished”
“I’m so sorry Master”, I feel the paddle hit my ass, it’s harder than he usually spanks me.  I sob silently, hurt that my Master is angry with me.  He continues to strike me with the paddle, I have lost count how many times I have received it now but my ass is almost numb and past pain.  My pussy is aching for my Master though and I so want to be close to Him.  He puts the paddle down and starts to massage my ass cheeks, they are so sore but I relish His touch all the same.  I feel him pull them apart roughly and then his cock plunges into my pussy.  He roughly fucks my pussy hard and fast, I am relieved that He still wants me.  Shortly after he has started fucking me he cums inside me.  He sits back in his chair “Come My pet, come lay at my feet”.

Thank You Master

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