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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Assessment


Thank you for your report, it was...very interesting. There were however, a few areas of concern that I'd like to address. Please report to my office by 9.30am and have my calls held until 11.00am.


Part of me was nervous about the points that he wanted to address and part of me was immediately defensive. What on earth could be his problem? Those clients wouldn't have gotten better treatment anywhere else! I'd certainly put money on the fact that they wouldn't have gotten blow jobs and the likes! I finished what I was doing and went to his office.
"You wanted to see me Sir?"
"Yes, come in. Please, close the door and draw the blinds"
I did as I was told and took a seat opposite him. He looked great in his charcoal suit

"I'm concerned that your treatment of our guests may not have been up to an acceptable standard", he walked around to the front of his desk and perched on the edge, inches away from me.
He unfastened his belt and trousers.
"Show me how you stroked Mr Venton's cock Sabrina", I stood and slipped my hand inside his boxers.
His cock was hard already, my report had obviously had quite an effect on him. His cock felt great in my hand as I stroked it in the same steady rhythm that I'd used last night. I'd not laid eyes or anything else for that matter on his cock since our last business trip. I'd not realised how much I'd missed it until now. Mr Marcs had unbuttoned my blouse completely and lifted my breasts out of the cups in my bra. He was playing with my nipples as my hand slid up and down the length of his cock.
"I realise that you had Jase cumming in his pants my dear but I have a couple of other things to clarify before we get to that.

He told me to lie across the desk on my side as I had done in the cab last night.
"I want you to suck my cock exactly like you sucked his."
I positioned myself across his lap as I'd been over Mr Childs and took his cock in my mouth. He was bigger than Mr Childs and I loved to suck his cock. I was tempted to put in a little extra, use some of my other tricks that I'd not used last night but if he realised that I was doing that I'd be in big trouble.
"Didn't you take him deep in your throat like I know you can?", his hands push my head down forcing him deeper. I shook my head under his hands to tell him that I hadn't; his cock lodged in my throat.
"Tut tut Sabrina, you were supposed to be trying to impress!"
I teased his balls with my tongue while I waited for him to release his grip.
"See dirty girl, he would have loved some of that", he groaned and lifted his hands allowing me to move on him.
A little while longer he gripped my hair and told me to stop. I sat up and he told me to go and stand against the wall with my back to him. He told me to lift my skirt up around my waist before I walked to the wall and to make sure it stayed up once I was there.

I heard him approach me slowly...he kissed my neck as Mr Venton had last night then pulled my underwear to the side before pushing his cock most of the way into my wet pussy.
"Did his cock fill you like mine does as he fucked you?", he whispered in my ear.
"No Sir", I gasp as the head of his cock hits my cervix, my pussy completely full.
"You said he thrust into you, knocked you into the door with each thrust", he was fucking me with hard determined thrusts.
"Harder, he fucked me h-harder Sir!"
It wasn't exactly truthful but I didn't care at this point. I wanted him to fuck me harder, to knock the breath out of me, to bruise me so that I'd have a reminder of this for several days to come. It worked; he pounded me roughly against the wall, hard and fast not giving me chance to catch my breath. He pinched my clit cruelly, let out a deep groan and Pinned me to the wall, my feet barely touching the floor as he came inside me. When he'd finished he slipped back out and set to straightening himself up. I pulled my skirt back down and sorted out my top half.

"I'm glad we got that cleared up Sabrina. Your conduct was more than acceptable and I'll have no hesitation in leaving future clients in your very capable hands. You may leave now", he returned to his seat behind his desk.
"Thank you Sir, I'm glad I didn't disappoint", I open the blinds and am about to open the office door.
"Sabrina", he called after me.
"Next time you entertain clients on our behalf you may want to clarify the details with me first. Though I adore the thought of my slutty little assistant giving our clients the special treatment, I'd promised them no more than a glorified tour guide. They had you good there."
I've never seen him grin so wide!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Full Report

Mr Marcs called me to his office yesterday morning. He was expecting some prospective clients over from New York. Mr Phillips and his secretary were supposed to be entertaining them for the day but it didn't look like they'd make it back from Amsterdam in time. I was to entertain the gentlemen; there would be two or three of them. He expected a full report by 8.30am today - it was now 8.20am, just enough time to give my report a final once over before I sent it...

RE: Report: MTN

Harry Childs (Director) and Jase Venton (Head of Production) arrived at 16.30pm. I took them to Boardroom 3 to discuss the plan for the day. They said they'd already been to their hotel, checked in and freshened up but they hadn't eaten yet. I decided to take them to Postello's for dinner as soon as we left the office rather than have them wait any longer than they had to to eat. I suggested that we could see how they feel after the meal and decide then whether they would like to go elsewhere.

The Restaurant

At the bar Mr Venton placed his hand on my ass as he spoke to me and told me that he couldn't wait to experience my hostessing skills first hand. He told me that he'd been told by Mr Marcs that he would be well looked after - then he winked at me suggestively. I politely moved from his grasp and, smiling, I told him that I thought he may have understood. He was quick to correct me and advised me that Mr Marcs had told him in specific detail of his assistant's willingness to please. He also advised me how important it was that they felt of special value to our company. He traced his finger up my inner thigh to the top of my hold up and asked if my boss was a liar. I told him that he was a man of his word and to be trusted implicitly. He seemed satisfied with my answer and carried our drinks over to the table where Mr Childs was waiting. I was perturbed to say the least that I'd been offered out for special treatment of our guests without being informed beforehand. I took a moment to prepare myself mentally then went to join them at the table.

Mr Venton stated that it was warm in the restaurant and suggested that I unbutton a few of the buttons on my blouse. I unbuttoned two and he told me that one more should do the trick. Once I'd opened the third Mr Childs reached over and gave the side of my blouse a gentle tug causing the unbuttoned part to gape open a little wider exposing the top of my bra and the curves of my breasts. He commented on the great view and I politely thanked him. Half way through our meal Mr Venton told me that the sight of my breasts peeking out of my blouse was making his cock twitch. He said that it was such a shame that they had to be covered up at all. Again I thanked him; I told him that he was too kind. I asked them about their trip as we ate and quizzed them about New York. I suggested a few places that we could go to if they were not ready to go back to the hotel. They Said that they'd seen a comedy club on the way to the hotel and they'd like to go there. It turned out it was the one around the corner from the restaurant so we had another drink at the restaurant then walked around to the club.

The Comedy Club

In hind sight maybe the comedy club wasn't the best of ideas but it was their suggestion so I could hardly refuse. During the first performance they both appeared bored and restless so during the short interval before the next act I flirted with them a little. We were sat in a booth on the back wall, I was between the two of them so conversation was a little difficult when it came to trying to focus my attention on them equally. There was some suggestive comments flying between the three of us and they seemed a lot happier when I returned from the toilet just in time for the next act.

As the next performer started I felt Mr Child's hand on my knee, I turned to look at him and he winked at me before slowly but determinedly moving the palm of his hand to the inside of my leg. He stopped just after the top of my hold up and began softly tickling and caressing my inner thigh. Of course I didn't stop him, I was glad that he was no longer bored and a little grope in the club is harmless enough. Some way into the act I was enjoying the attention; I was uncertain but I think his hand may have crept slightly further up my leg - it hadn't seemed as close to my crotch when it had stopped originally. Mr Venton took hold of my hand and placed it on his crotch. The first thing I registered was how hard he felt. I didn't want to be presumptuous so I held my hand still. He placed his hand on mine and moved it so that I was rubbing him. After a while he removed his hand and I continued to rub his hardness as he unbuttoned his trousers. He took my hand and guided it inside his boxers; I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke it as I made an effort to look interested in the performer on stage. I laughed with the crowd as I felt Mr Child's fingers move my underwear aside with his fingers, gaining access to my pussy. I'll admit that I found it most enjoyable as I felt his fingers slide inside me; I was already wet by this point. I was also very much enjoying the feel of Mr Venton's hard cock in my hand. The performances continued on and off the stage for another ten minutes or so. I began forgetting to laugh on cue with the crowd as my attention became increasingly focused on the fingers teasing my pussy. As my climax came to a head I gripped Mr Venton's cock a little tighter as I fought to keep the tell tale signs that I was having an orgasm from the expressions on my face. Another interval; Mr Childs went to the bar to get a round of drinks. Mr Venton put his arm around me and pulled me in closer to him; his hand rested on my ass and he groped it as I stroked his cock. His fingers bit into my flesh as his cock twitched in my hand and I felt his cum run down my fingers. I removed my hand when I was sure he'd finished and he left to go clear himself up in the toilets. At least I assume that's where he went. They both returned to the booth in time for the third act. As we watched they both seemed to be more amused by that performance. When the show was over I called a cab to take us home. Their hotel is on the way to my house so I just booked the one cab - I thought you'd appreciate my saving of the company's money.

After Hours

In the cab Mr Childs commented that the only thing that could make the night better would be a blow job. I'd had a lot to drink by then and figured it was only fair that his cock got some attention too. It was difficult to manoeuvre myself into a comfortable position what with three of us sat in the back of the cab so Mr Venton lifted me onto his lap and I laid on my side across them both. He took advantage of my positioning and his fingers were probing my pussy as I sucked his colleague's cock. Mr Childs had his hand in my bra groping my breast as he gasped and groaned odd noises of approval here and there. He came in my mouth without warning and I ensured that I swallowed it all; a test in itself as there was a surprising amount of it. As I lifted my head and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand he refastened his trousers and thanked me. He said that our company gives the best hospitality he's every experienced and he'll enjoy working out the details of our two companies business. I must apologise at this point of the report as I cannot recall exactly what he said, I was overwhelmed by the orgasm Mr Venton had brought on with his expert hands.

As the taxi pulled up outside their hotel Mr Venton told Mr Childs that he'd see him in the hotel bar in a while - he wanted to make sure that I got home safely. Mr Childs gave him a knowing smile before leaving the cab. When we arrived at my house I told the driver that the fare was being put on the company account and gave him our account number. I thanked Mr Venton and said good night but he insisted on walking me to my door. The taxi left as we walked towards the house but it was fine - he'd been instructed to come back in a while to collect to go back to the hotel. We reached my door and as I rummaged around in my bag to find my keys I felt my skirt being lifted and my hair being brushed back from the side of my neck. He started kissing my neck and distracted, I dropped my bag. I went to bend down to pick it up but he told me to leave it for the moment. I rested a hand on my front door as his hand moved between my legs and pulled my underwear to the side. In seconds he thrust himself inside me; one hand grasping at my breast, the other playing with my clit as he knocked me into the door with each deep frantic thrust. He fucked me like he'd been waiting to fuck me for years - it was hot! He pulled out of me and spun me around, pushed me to my knees and quickly pushed his cock into my mouth just in time for him to cum inside it. He held my head in place, his cock deep in my mouth until his cock had finished twitching. His grip loosened and I pulled away from him.

He kindly helped me locate my keys in my bag and gave me a good night kiss before returning to the street to wait for the cab to return. I offered for him to wait inside but he declined saying that he wouldn't be waiting long.

Silent Treatment

I am being given the silent treatment - the worst kind of punishment of all in my opinion.  Not only is He not speaking to me but I've been told that I am not to make a sound for the next 24 hours.  Anyone that knows me will also know how difficult both of these things are for me to cope with.  It wouldn't be so bad if it were a work day because I don't hear from Him throughout the day anyway, but today is Saturday and we usually spend the day together.  He explained that I should do my chores and then join Him in whichever room He was in and kneel in silence.

So I find myself here, on my knees in the middle of the kitchen floor, watching Him as He potters about.  I'm sure He's given me permission to watch Him because He knows that being able to see Him properly will just make it all the more difficult for me to deal with His silence, and likewise, for me to remain silent - I like to ask Him questions as He cooks or when He's working usually. He doesn't glance in my direction or acknowledge my existence in anyway; I've been knelt here for over an hour.  He takes a beer from the fridge and I try not to sulk inside - I'd kill for a beer right now but I know the only thing I'll be drinking today will be water.  I watch Him, mesmorised by the motion of His hands and arms as He kneads at some dough.  I smile to myself as I notice He has flour on His face. 

He brings me a glass of water and watches as I drink.  As I look into my Master's intense brown eyes I feel like He can see right through me - there's no hiding any of myself from Him.  My eyes drop to His mouth for a fraction of a second and my mind is filled with images of His lips pressing against the flesh of my breast as He embraces my nipple with His mouth, using His teeth to tease it.  Despite the knowledge that He's angry with me at the moment I can't stave off the arousal that I feel buidling.  As His hand reaches out to takes the glass from me a flash of the night before runs through my mind - His hands exploring my body, squeezing my breasts, His fingers inside me bringing on the first of that night's orgasms.  That's done it; as I watch Him take the glass to the sink I feel my pussy throbbing with need.  It's going to be a very long day if I can't successfully distract my mind.  My meagre attempt at distraction is futile though, my desire too strong.  He wraps the dough and places it in the fridge then washes up after Himself.  My arousal steadily increases as my mind wanders and I find myself reliving the time He fucked me from behind over the kitchen sink one Wednesday night when He came home after having drinks with friends.

I'm yanked back to reality as He lifts me to my feet by my hair.  He walks me to the sitting room and stands me in the corner that is usually used as my naughty corner.  He walks to the cupboard in the adjacent corner and I'm wondering what He's going to pull from there.  The cupboard is neat, as is everything in the house - He'd have it no other way.  He takes out a pair of hand cuffs and a riding crop.  Placing the crop on the coffee table He cuffs my wrists then lifts me by them off my feet to hook the cuffs onto the hook in the ceiling.  The extra long chain on these cuffs means that I am stood with my toes just bearly being able to touch the floor. He leaves the room and returns with a pair of scissors and I feel the cold metal of the blade on my neck, a shiver runs through my body and my nipples stiffen as I hear the sound of the blades cutting the material of my vest.  He cuts each strap at the shoulder and pulls my vest down until it bunched at my waist revealing my black lace bra.  He slides an arm of the scissors up between my breasts and cuts my bra between the cups; it's a strapless bra so falls immediately to the floor.  I notice a flicker of desire in His eyes as He catches sight of my stiff nipples.  I feel His breath on my left nipple as He holds His mouth just millimetres away from it as He unfastens my jeans.  Remaining silent at this moment is torturous and He's not even got started yet.  I can hear how turned on I am in my breathing.  I want to beg Him for it or lean forward so that my nipple brushes against His lips but I remain silent and still.  He pulls my jeans down and I lift my legs one at a time so that He can remove them completely.  He takes the scissors and cuts my underwear from my body, one snip to each side of the waist. He scrunches them up in His fist before stuffing them in my mouth. They'd become quite damp over the last half hour and I can taste myself on the lace. He leaves the room and I'm left to the sound of my shaky breathing and the throbbing in my pussy as I try to anticipate what's coming next.

I'm disappointed to hear the vacuum cleaner switch on upstairs - this signals at least an hour wait for me as I know He'll clean the bathroom straight afterwards too.  I glance at the riding crop; the last time I'd laid eyes on that was months ago - Master had me pinned against the wall and had tanned my ass good with it.  I'd screamed and cried at the time but afterwards He fucked; it was slow and sensual...I didn't want it to end.  I wish my mind hadn't wandered there.  If He decides to test my pussy He's going to mistake my wetness as excitement for the crop.

Finally He comes back downstairs.  He sits on the settee and looks at me. His eyes scan my whole body from the tips of my toes to my hands clasping onto the chain of the hand cuffs for support. He slowly rubs His crotch as His eyes roam over me and after a short while I can see the outline of His cock pressing at the front of His trousers. I silently plead with Him to let me see it and hope more than anything that I'll get to have it inside me at some point. It doesn't happen often but occasionally Master will decide not to use me at all during a punishment - I really hope this isn't one of those times because my pussy's not ached with need this badly for a long time. 

He stands and picks up the crop, my eyes are focused downwards on His erection.  I swallow uncomfortably, my mouth feels a bit dry after having held my panties for so long. He taps at my inner thighs with the crop signalling for me to spread my legs and I part my feet as wide as the restriction of my hands being suspended above me will allow.  I lift my head as the crop presses under my chin and shiver as it traces a line down over my throat and breasts.  I give a muffled gasp as the end of the crop strikes me directly on the nipple; He gives me a warning glance.  He pauses for a moment before striking the other breast and catches my nipple perfectly again.  He strikes each breast alternately, taking His time, avoiding my nipples for the next few and then catching them again when I'm not expecting it.  Rapidly flicking His wrists I grit my teeth to prevent any sound leaving my mouth.  My breasts are on fire, my nipples can't take another strike but He keeps them coming.  My eyes, filled with tears, beg Him to stop but He doesn't notice because His eyes are completely focused on my breasts. 

He slips the crop between my legs and I feel it sliding between my lips and pressing against my swollen clit.  It amazes me that my pussy is soaking wet despite the fact that my breasts have just taken a beating.  I grit my teeth as He flicks His wrist and the first strike of the crop on my clit is made.  I squeeze my eyes shut tight and take a deep breath.  I quickly realise that what I'd just felt on my breasts was nothing compared to what I was about to get if He attacks my clit in the same way He did them - I'm correct of course.  It's not too bad at first as He follows each flick of the crop with a long, slow stroke of the length against my clit; I welcome the much needed attention.  Soon though the gentle strokes are forgotten and my clit is on fire and numb.  He eventually looks at my face and I can only assume that my expression shows a satisfactory level of remorse because He stops His assault.

He taps the side of my face with the crop and I open my mouth for Him.  He takes out my panties and leaves the room with them and the crop in hand.  Just one touch of His hand, a brush of His lips, a flick of His tongue, I would have been grateful for one of those things - needed them all.  I feel my wetness on my inner thigh as I stand in silence longing for a word from Him; desperate for my Master's cock.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In My Dreams

As I drift to sleep I hope that He visits me tonight; my tall, dark stranger/mentor/lover/boss...the list goes on, that's the great thing about dreams. When He appears I don't always know Him at first but my body does. Regardless of the situation I want Him without question, He is my Master. Last night He was my teacher and He claimed me on His desk after class.

As my dream unfolds and He has me pinned to the desk the first reaction from pussy ensues; my body is trained to know that His presence is something to be excited about. My body doesn't feel His fingers as they rake down my throat and over my breasts yet my nipples stiffen in response. As His teeth bite my breasts through the thin fabric of my shirt my my nipples grow harder still. As His hands smooth over my thighs and spread my legs I cannot feel the smooth skin of His palms on my skin but I stir in my bed. As He tears at my shirt and pulls at my underwear I forget that I'm already naked. As His mouth closes over my clit I whimper, my fingers grasp my pillow tightly. When His cock pushes inside me a sigh of relief and a whimper of need escape my lips. I pull at my pillow and my back arches as He knocks the breath out of me with each deep thrust. To someone watching I would appear to be having a restless night but I am having one of the sweetest dreams of all.

As I wake I become aware of the moisture between my legs and the sleepy smile on my face and it all comes flooding back to me. I try to force myself back to sleep to relive the visit but it's never the same - I have to wait until the next time...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Of Service to Tall, Dark and Grumpy: Part Two

The journey in the car was a little awkward initially as he made polite conversation but at some point, I’m not sure when, I became extremely relaxed and at ease alone in his company.  By the time he pulled up outside his house I was still extremely nervous of course but no longer afraid.  There was something about this man that made me trust him.  He pressed a button on his key and the door to the garage at the side of the house opened.  Once inside he closed the door behind us, got out of the car and walked around to open the passenger door for me.  As I stood he held my face in his hands and kissed me gently.
“You can undress here and fold your clothes on the car seat, you won’t be needing them until I drop you home tomorrow evening”
“Yes, Mr Phillips”
“Please, call me Sir”
“Okay…Sir”, it should have felt like a betrayal to my Sir addressing this man in the same way, but it didn’t, it felt right.
Without hesitation I removed my coat and folded it before placing it on the seat.  As I pulled my top off over my head I felt shy suddenly and thought how silly that was considering the events of that morning.  He watched in silence as I took each item of clothing and folded it neatly on the seat.  When I’d removed the last item – my underwear, he closed the car door and told me to follow him. 

He led me through the kitchen and up the stairs into his home office.
“I have some work to finish off, you can kneel beside me whilst I do that”, I knelt on the carpet beside his chair, facing him.
He made several phone calls as he worked and listening to him assert his authority and use technical terms increased my desire for him.  Every now and then his left hand would reach out and stroke my hair or caress my breasts.  During one particularly long phone call he amused himself by pinching and pulling at my nipples.  They responded enthusiastically to this treatment, his touch was firm and confident and made me melt inside. 
“Come and sit on my lap a moment”, I got to my feet and he pulled me onto his lap.
I gasped as he dipped his head and took my nipple into his mouth*.  He sucked it gently at first before taking it between his teeth and rolling it between them.  He pinched and pulled the other nipple as his teeth grazed and bit down on the one in his mouth.  I whimpered and wriggled in his lap, my fingers digging into his shoulder in response to the sweet pain he inflicted.  As much as I enjoyed it I wondered at one point if he would ever get bored of playing with my brreasts, I also worried about the state of his trousers since I was very much aware of how wet I was from all the attention – Sir never concentrated this much time purely on my breasts, it was strange and I liked it.  He lifted his head and gently kissed my neck before whispering to me.
“Your nipples drove me to distraction terribly whilst I was trying to work, I should have completed those tasks in half the time”
“I’m sorry Sir”, I meant it.
“Oh, don’t apologise.  It’s not every day I have such a wonderful toy to hand.”
He checked his watch for the time and said that it was past time we should have some lunch.  Giving my thigh a playful slap he told me to get up and come downstairs with him.

He led me into the dining room and said for me to knees beside his chair while he made us some soup.  He returned around 20 minutes later and said that it would be a few more minutes until it was ready.  He laid a place mat on the table for himself and placed one on the floor in front of me.  He took my hands gently and held them behind my back, I felt him tie them together with some fabric – I was completely at ease with this.  He pulled my head back by my hair and planted a kiss on my lips before leaving for the kitchen. 
“Let this cool for a while before you eat it; it’s still piping hot”, he placed a small bowl of soup on the mat in front of me.  I waited in silence as he began to eat his food, it had occurred to me that as I lower my head to lap at the soup my hair would probably fall into the bowl and make a complete mess of his cream carpet.  He had almost finished his food when he placed a hand on my shoulder and told me that it was probably cool enough for me to start eating by now.  I explained that I was reluctant to eat because I didn’t want my hair to get soup over his carpet.
“I see”, his hand left my shoulder and he continued to finish his soup in silence.
I was surprised when I felt his fingers in my hair, he pulled my hair back off my face and told me to eat.  He held my hair for me as I lapped at the soup he’d made.  I was conscious that I didn’t want to keep him waiting whilst I ate so I tried to finish as quickly as I could whilst remaining as dignified as one can when lapping soup from a bowl on the floor.  When I’d finished I knelt up straight, he released my hair and stroked my head briefly.  He told me to turn my head to face him so that he could get a proper look at me.  As he studied my face he could see that something was on my mind.
“What’s wrong pet?  Is there something you’d like to say?”
“Well Sir, sorry if I am asking this out of turn but I feel as though I should thank you properly for my meal…may I?”
“You don’t need to apologise for wanting to show good manners pet.  Certainly you may”, he unfastened his trousers and pulled his cock out through the hole in his underwear to give me access.
He has a beautiful cock, as soon as I saw it I wanted desperately to have it in every way possible.  I watched as he stroked it in front of me before holding it out towards me, signalling for me to go ahead.  Initially I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it like a child would suck a lolly pop.  As I felt his fingers weave through my hair, his hands resting on the back of my head I slid my mouth further down his length.  I would have liked to have kissed and licked him all over but for now he had only given me access to this one wonderful part of him.  I made sure that I was extremely attentive, I needed him to know how grateful I was to spend time in his company and how desperately I wanted him to take me and use me until I had nothing left to give.  His hands tightened in my hair and he held me down on him, his cock completely buried in my mouth, the head held cosily in the back of my throat.  He was slightly longer than Sir but through vigorous training I had become quite an expert at deep throating so accommodating his cock was no issue for me.  As he held my head there he spoke to me.
“You are excellent with your mouth pet however, you’ll receive no reward from me yet; I’ll decide when I am ready to allow you that.  You may remain on my cock while I think through our activities for this evening”, my eyes closed I made the most of the opportunity to caress his cock with my tongue as best I could, I wanted to memorise every detail.  For the first time that day it dawned on me that I was already sad that I’d have to leave Sunday night.  I’m not sure how long it was before I felt him tug lightly on my hair, pulling my mouth away from his cock.  Without a word he stood and refastened his trousers before getting up to leave the table.  He took the dishes out to the kitchen and then called me to him.  I thought to myself that I'd seen no evidence of him being a grumpy git at all so far; he must be misunderstood.

“I have some things to prepare so you can do the dishes whilst I am sorting that out”
“Yes Sir”, he untied my hands and I gave my arms a stretch before running the hot water.  Before I knew it I had washed all of the dishes with no recollection of carrying out the task, my mind had been consumed with thoughts of him.  I was startled when I felt his presence in the room with me once again and wondered how long he’d been stood there watching me.  He told me follow him upstairs – on my knees.  I crawled behind him, keeping up with his pace as he led the way to the bathroom.  He had run a bath, there were candles lit and I could just about make out the sound of a violin playing – I noticed an iPod on the bathroom windowsill as I straightened up at his instruction.  He told me to watch as he undressed and to know that I am to be of service to every part of him at any time.  I was to understand that I was his this weekend and he would treasure me as anyone would their most prized possession but he expected me to respect him and to do as he told me unquestioningly.  I had no problem with any part of what he expected of me, I gave myself gladly.  I watched him undressing and longed for the moment that he would take me as he had explained moments ago.  My pussy was truly aching for him impatiently.  He sat in the bath and handed me the wash cloth and told me to start with his back.  I dipped the cloth in the water and began to bathe him, enjoying every minute I got to run the wash cloth over his skin.  He instructed me throughout the whole process until I had bathed every inch of him.  I handed him his towel as he got out of the bath.  He told me to wash quickly in the bath water and join him in the bedroom when I was done.  He had placed a towel on the rack for me, I was to wrap it around myself and go to his bedroom.  I washed quickly but thoroughly, pulled the towel around me and rushed to the bedroom, I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

He had dressed in trousers and a polo shirt and was sat at the end of the bed.
“Come to me”, I walked over to him and felt a shiver course through me as he pulled me in closer to him.  I was stood between his legs, facing him as he started rubbing the towel against my skin to dry me off.  When he pressed the towel between my legs and rubbed there I groaned softly out loud before I could catch myself.  He paid no attention to this and seemed absorbed in getting me dried.  When he was done he placed the towel on the floor beside his feet and seemed to be studying my body.  I felt so exposed at that moment and panicked that he would notice all of the flaws that I could see in myself.
“It pleases me that you are obviously prepared for me pet.  You have done well so far and have a long night ahead of you so I will award you with one orgasm now which you must give to yourself.  I will allow you this as this is the only time I am going to give you permission to cum today.  Go ahead, begin.”
I hesitantly moved my hand to my pussy and let my fingers slip between my lips and find my clit.  I could feel my cheeks redden as he sat before me and watched me play with myself.  My wetness was obvious to us both as the sound of my fingers rubbing my clit seemed to be the only sound in the room.  As my breathing changed as my arousal increased he turned me around and pulled me down to sit on his left knee.  He pushed my legs further apart and watched my fingers moving against my clit as he trailed his fingers lightly up and down my inner thigh.  Moments later he was holding me as I writhed with pleasure in his lap.  He lifted me off his lap and carried me around to the side of the bed.
“Get some rest, I’ll wake you later”, he switched the light off and left the room.

I was disorientated when I woke some time later.  I’d no idea how long I’d been sleeping for but I quickly became aware of a few things – I was face down, my hands and feet had been bound to the bed, my ass felt full and there were definitely fingers playing with my pussy at that moment. 
“Good evening.  You are a heavy sleeper, I was beginning to wonder whether you were going to sleep through the whole thing”, I could tell by his voice that he found this amusing and I felt relieved that I hadn’t annoyed him.  I was wide awake before long, listening to his soothing voice as he probed my pussy with his fingers and told me how he’d looked at it closely as I slept, inhaled the scent of it and loved how it felt to his fingers.  He said that he couldn’t wait to know how it would feel to have it wrapped around his cock.  He informed me that what I could feel in my ass was a six inch plug, he had been liberal with the lubricant but I would probably still be sore there tomorrow once we were done.  I started wriggling on the bed as an orgasm built, his fingers slowed their movement but didn’t stop completely.
“This will be the only reminder you’re given tonight; you do not have my permission”, I panicked at the words.
I had forgotten myself and got carried away, I felt for sure that it was out of my control, that I’d gone too far to reverse things now and that it was only a matter of time before my body betrayed me and I disobeyed him.  He showed me no mercy and his fingers resumed their pace as he stimulated my clit and probed inside of me.  I begged him to stop but he just told me to be strong.  Just as I’d started to cry in despair he finally removed his hand.
“Good girl.  See you can do it if you try”
I felt the bed move beneath me and see his hand beside my head moments before his cock pressed at my pussy.  As he pushed further inside, his cock stretching me wider I can’t find the words to explain how I felt so I will go with satisfied for the purpose of telling the story.  With him pressed against me, the weight pushed against the plug too, driving it slightly further into my ass.  As his cock caressed every inch inside my pussy I listened to his breathing.  I found myself fighting off another orgasm before long.  I held my breath and concentrated really hard on holding back as he moved in and out steadily with purpose, intent on acheiving the very thing that he had denied me.  He bit down on my shoulder hard and squeezed one of my breasts cruelly as he came inside me forcing me to cry out.  He let his full weight rest on me as he recovered, I lay beneath him comforted by his weight and his cock which was still held inside me.  He lifted himself off me, untied my hands and feet and told me to roll over onto my back.  He kissed my neck and ears, my shoulders,  my breasts.  He planted little butterfly kisses down the inside of my arms and on the palms of my hands.  My inner thighs were treated to sensual kisses and caresses of his tongue.  He had my body tingling with delight all over and had he have touched my pussy, even with the very lightest of touches I knew I would not have been able to have stopped myself from cumming.

He left the bedroom to get a drink of water, he brought one back for me and I drank it quickly; I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was.  I handed him the glass when I’d finished and he placed it on the bedside table.  I was still propped up in a half sitting position against the pillow after my drink when he climbed back onto the bed.  He straddled me so that his cock was inches from my face then took hold of my jaw and squeezed tightly forcing my mouth to open in shock.  I would have willingly opened it for him.  He fed his cock into my mouth in one swift motion.  His pubic hair tickled my noise as his body pressed against my face.  As my head was tilted forward slightly I found it a lot more difficult to comfortably take his cock in my throat.  Each time he thrust into my face I thought I would choke or possibly throw up if he did it again.  The times where he held my head tightly against him and pumped rapidly I thought that I may suffocate and die.  He fucked my face for a long time, the pillow was damp beneath my head from where my eyes had streamed and I'd unavoidably dribbled whilst I’d fought not to gag on his cock.  He never came the whole time, I was in awe of his control, though it also scared me slightly to know how long he could play with me if he wanted without letting up.

“Though I want you to have a restful sleep you must be aware that you’re to be ready for me with no notice at all.  If I wake you in the middle of the night you’re to comply without complaint, is that clear?”
“Yes Sir”, the thought of him waking me was exciting as far as I was concerned.
He woke me up three times during the night and each time he was gentle and loving, bringing me right to the edge until I begged him to stop, rewarding my self control each time with his own orgasm.  The third time, it must have been around 5am as it was starting to get light, he gave me permission to cum.  He held his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries as I bucked beneath him trying to cope with one of the more powerful orgasms I’d ever experienced.  He waited for me to come back down to earth before pulling away.  He lay deside me and pulled me tight to him and I could feel his cock, sticky against my ass.  I quietly thanked him.
“You’re very welcome angel.  Now go to sleep”, he kissed the back of my head.  

A hard slap on my bare ass woke me with a start.
“On the floor now, quickly!”
I leapt out of bed and got to my knees as quickly as I could.  He pushed my head to the floor from behind and entered me roughly.  He gripped my hair tightly in his fist and used me as a means to an end, not giving me a moments thought it seemed.  He groaned quite loudly as he came inside me then gave my ass another slap as he withdrew his cock.
“Jump in the shower, I’ll join you in a second”, I made my way to the bathroom.  My pussy was bruised and sore (in a good way) from his attentions.  I turned on the hot water and enjoyed the feel of it as it jetted against my skin.  Sir joined me shortly after.  He kissed me passionately before taking the shampoo and washing my hair.  His fingers felt amazing as he massaged the shampoo into my scalp.  Once he’d rinsed my hair he took the wash cloth and set to washing my body.  He was appropriately gentle as he washed between my legs, taking care not to hurt me.  Once he was satisfied that we were both clean he wrapped me in a towel and we went back into the bedroom to get dried off.  I was told to sit on the chair in the room and wait until he had dried and dressed.  He then dried me off and told me to sit between his legs; he brushed my hair for a long while until it had almost dried completely.

I was slightly confused as to why he’d not desired or required more of me that day.  I had eaten breakfast at the table with him and then knelt at his side whilst he checked his emails and dealt with a few work matters.  I was extremely disappointed when he told me that he would be dropping me off before lunchtime.  He explained as he drove me home that he intended to borrow me on the weekends for the foreseeable future and he intended to be properly prepared next week.  He warned me that this weekend passed was a mild dress rehearsal for what would be expected of me next week.  I was surprised when he asked me if I was happy for him to request the use of me in future.  I told him that so long as it pleases him I am very happy.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

St. Elizabeth's School for Girls

I leapt out of bed to get the phone.  It was 8.00am on a Sunday morning, who on earth would be ringing at this time I wondered.  I answered the phone still half asleep.
"Hello Penny, it's Headmaster Nicholls", I feel the blood drain from my face.
"Oh, hello Sir.  Is everything okay?", I've no idea why he would be calling me today as Sunday is my day off.
"Nothing to be concerned about.  I would like to see you in my office at 10.00am please"
"May I ask why Sir?"
"I'll explain when I see you.  Please ensure you're not late, I have a busy schedule today"
"Yes Sir.  I'll see you then"

The phone call has me very nervous.  I have only been at St Elizabeth's for a few months and am still on my probationary period.  It had taken some adjustment to get used to life at a boarding school but other than the odd minor issue I was really enjoying my job here as a teacher.  The girls could be a bit of a handful at times but when you're dealing with girls in their late teens all living in each others pockets you have to expect that.  I hope that I'm not in trouble for anything.  I go to the bathroom to get ready for the meeting.  Though it's my day off, as I'm having a work-related meeting I dress for work in my usual black pencil skirt and white blouse, sheer black tights and heels. 

The walk to the Head Master's office seems longer than usual as I try to think of reasons that would cause him to call me there on a Sunday.  I reach his door, take a deep breath then knock twice.
"Come in"
I enter his office and see him sat behind his desk.  Though he is a handsome man you didn't often see him smile - at least not at work anyway.  Today was no different, he looks sternly at me as I enter the room.  He motions for me to take a seat opposite him and I sit with my hands clasped in my lap to stop myself from fidgeting.
"Penny, several of the faculty have advised me that you seem to have a problem with disciplining the ladies here and as a result you are getting walked over."
"I'm sorry Sir but I completely disagree.  I admit that some of the girls are a little more of a handful than others but I am getting through to them gradually."
"We have a reputation to uphold Penny and we aren't going to be able to do that if we have weak links in our chain.  You need to start disciplining the students appropriately or I'm afraid there will be no place here for you at St. Elizabeth's."
"Appropriately Sir?"
"I don't often discipline the students myself as Head Master, I expect you to do it as the need arises.  I only have the especially troublesome students at my office.  Generally I see them once and they learn their lesson, I don't see them again.  The student due at my office within the next five minutes has been an exception to the rule and this will be her third visit.  Please do not interrupt whilst I carry out her punishment, you may ask any questions you have once the student has left.  Is that clear?"
"Yes Sir, but...", there's a knock at the door.
"Ah, she's slightly early this time - a good sign.  Enter!"

I recognise Georgina Franklyn as she enters the room.  She's one of the eldest girls here and a real handful for most of the teachers as far as I'm aware.  Thankfully I don't have her in any of my classes, she'd most definitely have made a laughing stock of me.
"I'm not going to waste my breath and lecture you before hand this time Miss Franklyn, go ahead and take your position", she takes a glance in my direction momentarily and looks confused to see me here.
"Yes Sir", I watch as she walks to his desk and bends over it, resting her weight on her forearms, her palms laid flat against the shiny surface of the mahogany.
Mr Nicholls leaves his chair, walks to the cupboard in the corner of his office and retrieves a cane.  He approaches Georgina and stands to the one side of her. 
"Now Miss Franklyn, I warned you a few weeks ago that were I to see you here again you would have to receive 18 strokes.  However, it appears that the threat of this was insufficient and since I am attempting to prove several points this morning I have decided on 24 instead", Georgina gasps.
"Do you think that figure unfair Miss Franklyn?"
"N-no Sir", she stutters.
"Wise answer.  Now, let's get started shall we?" He clears his throat and she moves her hands behind her and lifts her skirt to reveal her underwear - plain white cotton briefs.
I watch as Mr Nicholls strikes her with the cane and am speechless as I hear her thank him for it.  He strikes her three more times and she thanks him for each, her voice doesn't hint that she's felt too bad a pain when she's felt his cane. 

I take a moment to focus my attention on him.  The concentration in his face, his strong hand resting on this girls shoulder, the motion of his arm as he strikes her.  I feel myself becoming aroused and my face flushes as I acknowledge the fact.  As I refocus my attention on Georgina I can hear the pain in her voice.  I'm not sure how many times she's been hit but I'm sure she must have learnt her lesson by now.  He seems oblivious to her sobs and the anguish in her voice as she continues to thank him.  I can't sit here and do nothing.
"Mr Nicholls!  Stop this at once!" I stand from my seat, fists clenched at my sides, outraged by his behaviour.
He turns to me and the look on his face silences me immediately.
"Sit down Ms Lockheart", I sit and start crying.  I'm appalled at what he's doing to this girl and angry at myself for being too weak to stand up to him for her and for myself.
Sobbing quietly I watch him and try to block out the girl's gasps and pleas for him to stop.  Despite being outraged and upset by the situation I still can't help but admire him.  I've drifted off into a daydream, Georgina straightening from the desk drags my attention back into the present.
"Well done Miss Franklyn, you accepted your punishment most gracefully.  I hope that you have finally learnt your lesson?  I'd hate to have to resort to further extremes."
"Yes Sir, thank you for sparing your time", her face is streaked with black where her mascara has run down her face.
"Go stand in the corner Miss, we aren't done yet."
I'm sure I saw a hint of a smile on her lips as she passed me.

"Right then Ms Lockheart, you can see that Miss Franklyn has survived her punishment and in fact thanked me for administering it.  Did you once see any hint of disrespect towards me?"
"Mr Nicholls!  I simply cannot bring myself to beat the girls with a cane.  It's disgusting and quite frankly Sir, I'm appalled that you seem to find it so easy!  I'd rather lose my job than partake in such a thing!"
"Calm down Ms Lockheart, Miss Franklyn has been particularly troublesome and so the punishment that you've witnessed here today was severe.  Hopefully today's visit is her last to my office.  I use the cane because as I said, I only discipline the more difficult students.  I expect you to discipline them as the need arises in class - to do this you are to use the palm of your hand."
He takes a seat behind his desk and awaits my response.
"I don't believe in striking the students Sir."
"Oh, you will Ms Lockheart.  I've kept Miss Franklyn here for a reason.  I want you to know how it feels for the students to have an audience whilst they are being taught a lesson.  Now come here please", I look at him confused.
"I won't ask again.  Either we resolve this situation here in my office today or you pack your bags and we find a replacement.  If you can't comply with my rules here then there's no place for you."
I walk over to his desk reluctantly and he motions for me to come around to his side of the desk.
"You saw the position assumed by Miss Franklyn, take that position.  I should inform you now that staff discipline has a few extra elements that would not be included when you discipline a student.  These elements will be obvious to you as they arise."
I lean over his desk as Georgina had and feel myself blushing.  My ass must be inches from his face at the moment as he's remained in his seat.  I flinch as I feel his hands on the outside of my thighs.
"I told you not to interrupt as I disciplined the student yet you ignored my instruction and interrupted the session.  This did not please me", his hands smooth up the outsides of my thighs, pulling the hem of my skirt up with them.
He lectures me about being weak witht he students but I struggle to concentrate on his words as his hands smooth over my ass and he pulls down my tights.
"I've disciplined hundreds of young ladies in my time Ms Lockheart, do you think I didn't recognise that look in your eyes as you watched me?" His hand taps my ass firmly.
I feel humiliated yet strangely aroused as he continues to lecture me.  He spanks my ass firmly in a steady rhythm, alternating between cheeks every three strikes of his hand.  The flesh of my ass has become very warm and between my legs is throbbing.
"You don't seem to be sufficiently grateful for this lesson Ms Lockheart, I've not heard you thank me once."
"Sorry Sir, I am very grateful.  Thank you", I tell him breathlessly.  I'm sure I hear him laughing quietly to himself.

He strikes me only a few more times and I make sure that I thank him for each of them.  I feel his hand rubbing at the damp crotch of my panties as he tells me he hopes he doesn't have to call me into his office again to discuss this matter - my legs go weak.  He removes his hand and I am more than a little disappointed.
"Straighten yourself up Ms Lockheart", I stand and pull up my tights up over my glowing ass and lower my skirt.  I can feel my cheeks colour again, embarassed at carrying out these actions in front of the Head Master.
"Okay ladies, you may leave now", he returns to his seat and busies himself with some paperwork.
As I walk back to my room I consider the implications of standing by my opinion and continuing not to discipline the students.  I have the feeling that Mr Nicholls would be more than happy to attempt to try and persuade me several times more before he fired me...this prospect was very appealling.

Friday, 18 November 2011

His Guilty Pleasure

Lying back on my elbows in front of the open fire, my towel still wrapped around me after my shower, I smile as he approaches with two glasses of champagne in his hands.  He’d driven here straight from the airport this evening and is still dressed for work in his shirt and tie.  He hands me a glass and sits beside me on the rug, kisses me gently on the lips and asks me how I’ve been.  As he listens attentively I tell him about the last three weeks in detail.  I want to throw myself in his arms instead and leave the talking for later but he’d never allow that.  He always makes me wait, makes me catch him up on everything and sit and enjoy a glass of something with him before he allows me anymore than a single kiss.  I watch the shadows from the flames of the fire dance across his face and acknowledge for the millionth time how lucky I am to have him in my life occasionally.  Placing his glass to one side he removes his tie and unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt.  My pussy reacts and I shift on the rug as I watch him remove his cufflinks and fold the sleeves of his shirt back. 

He takes my empty glass and goes to the kitchen to get us a refill.  When he returns and has sat back down beside me he tells me to lay my head in his lap.  I close my eyes and sigh contentedly as he runs his fingers through my hair and strokes the side of my face as we talk about nothing in particular.  His hand leaves my face and I feel my towel drop open, I lift my arm so that he can pull the towel away from my body completely.  He runs his index finger lightly up my side, starting at my hip and slowly making his way up to the side of my breast.  When he reaches my breast he pauses for a moment before retracing the path back down the curve of my body.  My nipples have stood to attention for him and there is a definite throbbing between my legs, I almost forget to breathe as my attention is entirely focused on his touch.  Quietly he begins to tell me how much he has missed the sight of my naked body and how he’d stroked his cock just last night as he thought about having me again today.  The thought of his cock excites me further, as was his intention I’m sure.  He says that I’ll have no need for clothing for the next two days, he’s going to make the most of the time we have.

He tells me to turn over onto my other side, so I turn to face his body.  I can see his erection clearly through the fabric of his trousers and feel a sudden urge to have it in my mouth.  He tilts my face so that I’m gazing up at him and he begins to trace my side with his finger again.  This time his eyes don’t leave mine as he explains what he is going to do to me.  With every detail he shares I become further aroused; he doesn’t need to touch any part of my body to know this - he can read it in my eyes.  His hand moves to my shoulder and pushes it back gently so that I’m lying on my back now.  He plays with my hair with his right hand as he uses the other to run his fingers lightly down the side of my jaw and over my throat.  His hand closes around my throat gently.
“Such a pretty throat, I remember the last time we were together very clearly.  I remember exactly how good it felt to have my cock pressing deep inside your throat.  How amazing it was to watch your teary face as I filled it when I came”, I smile at the memory and long for the second time this evening to feel his cock* in my mouth.

His hand travels down to my breasts and he brushes his palm over my erect nipples briefly before smoothing his hand down over my stomach past my navel and over my left thigh.  He rests his hand on my inner thigh.
“I wonder how wet you are between these beautiful legs…should I check?” his hand moves back up my leg ever so slightly and I part them instantly.
“I’ll take that as a yes”, his eyebrows raise in question.
The word ‘yes’ escapes my lips, my voice laced with arousal.  His palm rests at the top of my pussy as he slips a finger between the lips.  He watches my face as he pushes two fingers inside me.  My mouth opens in a silent gasp of pleasure and he slides them almost completely back out before pushing them back inside, a little further this time.  His palm is pressing against my clit and as his fingers move in and out of my pussy he is ensuring that my clit is getting plenty of attention.   
“I want you to cum for me…I want to feel your pussy squeezing my fingers tightly as I fuck you with them”, I let out a quiet groan and grip at his fingers as he continues to tell me what he wants from me.

My breathing quickens and I whimper, my back arches and I feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting around his fingers as my orgasm takes control of my body.  His hand keeps working throughout and another orgasm follows almost immediately after.  His hand rests in place as he waits for the aftershocks of my orgasms to fade.
“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look while you’re cumming?” this makes me smile.
“You may have mentioned it once or twice before”  
“Well I never tire of the sight…” he removes his hand from my pussy and places his index finger, glistening in the light of the fire with my juices, into his mouth and sucks it.
“...or the taste of you”, he feeds me the two fingers and I suck them clean as he pushes them in and out of my mouth teasingly.
“Okay, up you get.  Go and get us a refill Missy”, he gives my ass a playful slap as I get up to go to the kitchen.

When I return I see that he has undressed.  Laying on his side, propped up on his elbow facing the fire – I take a second to admire the back of him – particularly his ass and grin to myself.  As he becomes aware of my presence in the room he sits up.  I hand him his glass and he motions for me to sit on his lap.  I lower myself onto my knees, my legs either side of his.  He takes a sip of his champagne then kisses me deeply, his hand moves up my back and into my hair.  As he pulls my hair, my head tilts back and his mouth leaves mine to kiss and nibble my neck.  I’m startled as I feel something cold and wet* on my breast - champagne.  The cold is quickly replaced by the heat of his mouth as he sucks the champagne covered nipple and teases it with his tongue.  He pulls my ass in closer to his body so that I’m pressed against his hard cock and I move my hips, making it clear that I’d rather have it inside me.  He lets go of my hair and takes another drink, this time I watch as he takes my other nipple in his mouth.  I feel the cool bubbles against my sensitive nipple momentarily before he swallows and flicks at it with his tongue.  He lifts my ass with both hands and I position my pussy over the head of his cock, tilting my hips so that the head slides to the entrance.

I hear him exhale close to my ear as I slide myself down on his cock.
“That’s it my girl”, his hand returns to my hair and he kisses my neck as I begin to move on him.  I enjoy every movement we make, every sensation and emotion I feel as we demonstrate just how much we’ve missed each other’s bodies.  I play with my clit at his insistence and have two orgasms before he eventually allows himself to cum.  One of my favourite things is the feel of his cock as he cums inside me regardless of where inside me it is.  We sit for a moment, our foreheads resting together as we catch our breath, I rest a hand on his smooth chest and feel his heart pounding.  He lies back pulling me down with him and we watch the fire and talk, my head resting on his chest as he plays with my hair, his cock still nestled inside me.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Of Service to Tall, Dark and Grumpy: Part One

"Come on lazy girl, time to get up. Get yourself showered and come join me in the sitting room."
Smiling at the sound of His voice I stretched and glanced at the alarm clock. It was 6.00am on Saturday morning. Why on earth was He up so early, it was still dark out.
"Morning Sir", I stretched my arms out and arched my back before sitting up.
He looked good enough to eat this morning; He was wearing trousers and a white shirt, sleeves folded back off His forearms and the top two buttons of His shirt were left undone. He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the forehead, His palm resting against the side of my face.
"Out you get, we have a busy morning ahead."
I got up, showered quickly then dried off, tied my hair up and threw on some panties and a summer dress.

As I entered the sitting room Sir took in my outfit with a look of disapproval.
"Wrong. Go fix it, quickly!"
I ran back upstairs and changed into a different dress. It was hard to decide on an outfit when I didn't know what I was dressing for. Confident that He'd be pleased this time I returned to the sitting room. Sir scowled at the sight of me.
"Wrong again."
"I'm sorry Sir, I'll go change", as I looked through my wardrobe I noticed my hands were shaking. I was starting to feel uneasy and a lot less confident in my ability to know what He wanted from me today.
Another twice I returned to Him in different outfits, each one was met with disapproval. The fifth time He lost His patience.
"You are frustrating Me now Eloise. I should never have to spell out what I want from you. I thought My instructions this morning were perfectly clear. My eyes welling with tears I returned to our bedroom. I sat on the bed and stared into the open wardrobe trying to remember what outfit He told me to wear this morning. It was then I realised that He'd not told me to dress, He'd told me to get showered then join Him in the sitting room. Smiling, I stripped off and took a deep breath before returning to join Sir.

"Finally she gets it. Come kneel at My feet", I noticed He was holding my hairbrush and thought it odd.
I knelt between His legs facing Him. He reached out and pulled my head down into His lap and both my mouth and my pussy moistened in a natural reaction to what I anticipated was about to happen. I was surprised when I felt His fingers in my hair, loosening the band that I had it tied back with. I was disappointed that I wasn't going to get to suck Sir's cock after all but I loved it when He brushed my hair. As He began gently brushing He explained why we were up so early.
"I've got Tall, dark and grumpy coming around for a breakfast meeting this morning. I'm looking for His approval on a project I want to get started so you'll be on your best behaviour and do exactly as I expect. Hopefully, you'll manage to get the grumpy git to smile."
"Yes Sir", from what I'd heard about him from Sir nothing short of winning the lottery and a lifetime's worth of blow jobs would get that misery guts to crack a smile. I felt failure looming in my near future.
"Since the dining room isn't finished yet and we have no table in here, you will be utilised as the table for our meeting. You are not to speak unless spoken to, you are to remain perfectly still at all times. Under no circumstances are you to deter from these two rules. Do not embarrass me", He tied my hair back and Told me to go and make myself some breakfast quickly.
I made myself toast then went to the bathroom. When I got back it was 7.50am; Tall, dark and grumpy was due at 8.00am. Sir told me to kneel on all fours in front of the settee. Obviously I was to keep my back as flat as possible with my head lowered. My ass was to be facing the door so that it was the first thing he'd notice as he entered. I did a practice pose then He told me to kneel up until we heard the door bell; it may be a long meeting.

The doorbell sounded minutes later and I assumed my position nervously as Sir went to greet His guest. I could hear mumbled voices in the hallway before the door to the sitting room opened.
"Well, that's the finest bloody table I've ever seen, I don't know what you were worried about Nathan", I could tell that He was smiling as He spoke - result! Maybe He wasn't such a grump after all.
"I'm glad you think so Mr Phillips"
Sir asked if he wanted to eat before or after business and he said he'd prefer to get the business out of the way first.

Sir sat on the left of the settee, so He was by my head. I fought the urge to gasp in shock as He placed His cold folder on my shoulders, then again as Mr Phillips placed another on my lower back. As Sir started pitching His idea to His boss I concentrated on keeping still, which wasn't too much of a chore at that point. I felt Mr Phillips's fingers brush my ass cheek as he opened his file and a shiver ran through my body. I immediately wanted his fingers to touch me again. I silently urged him to turn the page or rest his hand on me. They rambled on for forever I felt. My forearms and hands were beginning to ache and I was getting worried that I wouldn't last the meeting without movement when it happened again. His hand brushed my skin briefly as he turned the page but moments later he rested his hand on my ass. I held my breath, my pussy stirred at his touch, he started moving his fingers in slow subtle movements, stroking my ass. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch as I listened to his voice and tried to imagine what he looked like. Not that it mattered - It sounds strange but although I'd never laid eyes on him I could tell from the way he spoke and from his touch that I liked him.
"Well, bloody hell! You're right!", his hand slapped down on my ass as he excitedly agreed that Sir had a good idea.
He wasn't the only one getting excited, I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each touch of his hand. As Sir thanked Mr Phillips and continued to give him further details I could feel His boss's hand slide further down my ass.

"I must say Nathan, I'm very impressed by your innovative thinking. We're lucky to have you on board, you're a great asset to the company", his finger slid down between the lips of my then very wet pussy and a sigh escaped my lips.
There was a pause of silence and I wondered what was happening, then eventually Sir spoke.
"What's mine is yours Mr Phillips"
"That's very generous of you", his long finger slid deep inside me and I was amazed that I didn't groan out loud or tremble visibly.
"I'll go and make us some coffee and breakfast now that that's settled then", Sir left the room.

Another long finger pushed inside me, slowly, firmly stroking. I could hear the change in my breathing as he played with my pussy. His other hand reached beneath me and cradled one of my breasts. He managed to push a third finger inside me with care. Held deep inside, his fingers brushed and pressed against my G spot, I squeezed them tightly. His thumb found my clitoris and began to massage it in circular movements. I must have been visibly trembling at that point, I was fighting against an orgasm I could feel building. It would be impossible for me to remain still and silent if I were to cum at his hand. He pinched my nipple firmly and I bit my lip. As he pulled it further from my body, his other hand still expertly playing with my pussy, a groan escaped my lips. If Sir heard that from the kitchen I would be in a lot of trouble later. Mr Phillips pulled harder at my nipple and twisted it between his finger and thumb. I felt the orgasm ripple from deep inside me, pulsating through my pussy, coursing through my entire body. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck, my limbs felt like they'd collapse from under me at any second, I forgot the pain being inflicted on my nipple as a whimper of pleasure left my lips. His hands left my body as he stood, his feet came into my line of sight as bent down at my head and pushed his fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked at them, loving how I tasted on him. I needed that man as much as I'd ever felt the need for Sir - possibly more. I felt ashamed to admit this to myself but was sad that his attentions had left me.

Sir entered the room and they sat to eat. They ate their sandwiches off their laps and place their coffee cups on the floor - much to my relief. Not that Sir would ever inflict that sort of pain on me. They chatted about sports while they ate then the conversation ceased and they finished their coffee in silence. I was still revelling in the memory of my orgasm.

"I would very much like to borrow this angel for the remainder of the weekend Nathan", my eyes widened in surprise.
"As I said earlier Sir - what's mine is yours", I smiled ecstatically.
"Excellent", Tall, dark and grumpy grinned.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Master's Home


I will arrive home this evening. It's been a long few weeks, I can't wait to catch up with you in person. Prepare yourself in the usual manner and wait for me on the dining table.


My heart was hammering in my chest and my pussy was wet, finally Master was coming home. He'd been away on business for just over three weeks and though I could speak to Him online and over the telephone I yearned for His touch so badly.

I tidied the house a little then prepared a casserole to cook on low in the slow cooker. I wasn't sure of the exact time He'd be home, the evening could be anytime from 5pm onwards. I could have checked His flight time but if He'd wanted me to know that He would have told me Himself. I took a bath and shaved, spending extra time on my pussy making certain that it was completely smooth for Him. After my bath I took my time moisturising my entire body. I dried my hair and pinned it back off my face. I applied tinted moisturiser to my face and a lick of lipstick. It took me far too long to decided on whether or not I should wear stockings or not - I decided to go for sheer black lace-top Hold ups. I took my fine leather collar from the dresser and fastened it around my neck and instantly felt comforted. As I fastened my matching cuffs to my wrists and ankles I felt my arousal begin to build. Taking the optional chains to link the cuffs I stood and closed the drawer, satisfied that I was ready. I looked at myself in the floor length mirror and smiled nervously - I hoped that Master would be pleased.

I glanced at the clock in the hall as I made my way to the dining room - it was five o'clock. Talk about cutting it fine! I placed the chains for my cuffs on the side board just inside the dining room door and climbed onto the table. I knelt with my legs parted slightly, my arms between them, my face resting against the table looking away from the door...I waited. As time passed I realised that the stockings were probably not the best idea - they were making my legs slide on the smooth wood of the oak table and it was a constant struggle to maintain my position. I thought I would probably have time to remove them and resume my position on the table but it wasn't worth the risk. There was no clock in the dining room and I had no idea how long I'd been there already. It probably wasn't half as long as the time it felt like. Just as I thought my legs were going to give way from underneath me I heard His key in the door. A rush of adrenaline gave me new strength and I immediately forgot the aching in my inner thighs as the newly strengthened aching in my pussy took over.

I could hear Him moving around the house, putting a load of washing on and taking His toiletries to the bathroom. I didn't have to see what He was doing to know - it was His usual home coming ritual. I silently begged Him to stop being anal just this once and come and give me what I am screaming out for - a simple touch of His hand, His lips. I wanted, no needed His cock inside me caressing or violating my insides. I didn't care which so long as I had it. I wanted to get off the table and run to Him and wrap myself around Him. I'd get no thanks for displaying such lack of control though I just had to be patient.

There was silence, I trembled with anticipation as I sensed Him in the room.
"Hello My angel, you are a sight for sore eyes. You have done very well. Have you been a good girl whilst I've been away?"
"Yes Master", my words came out a little choked. I wanted to tell Him how much I had missed Him, that I didn't want Him to go away on business ever again.
He moved around the table as He spoke to me, asking me about my day. I answered Him with difficulty, it was hard to remember my day when my body and mind were solely focused on Him. As He stood directly in front of my face I felt relief as I noticed His excitement to see me was clearly evident by the bulge in His trousers. As His fingers gently brushed the side of my face I let out a quiet whimper. His thumb traced over my cheek bone and down over my lips then His hand was gone again. He walked slowly back around to the foot of the table, His eyes never leaving my body. I felt His hands on my ankles and hands, I fought the urge to take His hands in mine. I let out a shaky breath as His lips touched the back of my thigh where my stocking ended. He kissed my other leg and I thought my legs were going to collapse from under me. I was beginning to tremble with the strain when He supported my body as He slowly pulled my knees from under me so that I was laying flat on my stomach, my arms still beneath me.
"Put your arms above your head"
My shoulders were stiff as I raised my arms above my head, I relaxed a little in my new position.

Time seemed to stand still as He caressed my legs first, making His way up my body with His hands, He seemed to touch every inch of the back of me - except my pussy. I could feel my wetness begin to pool on the table beneath me.
"I never tire of seeing you in your cuffs, so beautiful. Turn over, I want to see the rest of you"
Once on my back He pulled me down the table so that my head was hanging over the edge. My excitement began to build again at the close proximity of my face to His cock. He moved away though, returning to my feet He started the painfully slow process all over again; gently tracing His fingers over my skin, lightly rubbing and gently squeezing everywhere except for my pussy and breasts this time. He finished stood at the head of the table once again, His cock hidden behind the fabric of His trousers just inches from my face.

I watched, never blinking as His strong hands unfastened His belt. He removed it completely from His trousers and laid it on the table beside me. As I waited desperately, He unbuttoned His trousers, lowered the zip and pulled them down to reveal His hard cock. I bit my lip and swallowed as my mouth watered, longing to be full of Him. He moved a little closer and my mouth opened for Him.
"Not yet, don't touch - I'll decide when", His hands made contact with my breasts and I let out a gasp against the base of His cock. It was so close I could touch it if I poked my tongue out - I didn't of course. He firmly squeezed my breasts, pinched my nipples sharply and pulled at them. I arched my back as I came as He took my left nipple between His teeth. I should make it clear that this is not an easy feat, Master had me train for months to be able to achieve orgasm without my pussy being touched. He alternated His attentions between my breasts, torturing and caressing them with His mouth. His hands replaced His mouth as He straightened up.
"Okay, you may suck my cock now", my mouth was on His balls immediately.
I kissed them, licked them, took them in my mouth and massaged them until He pulled away from my mouth. Holding His cock in one hand, His other on the side of my neck, He guided it into my mouth. I tasted the precum as the head glided against my tongue on entry. Master let a breath of satisfaction as the warmth of my mouth engulfed His cock. He held my face in His hands as He moved His cock very slowly back and fore in my mouth. I sucked Him greedily as I stroked His smooth cock with my tongue. I groaned as He struck my face with His hand.
"Legs! You know I like to see your pussy when I fuck your face angel", I quickly drew my feet up closer to my body, parting my legs wide for Him.
"Oh, much better", His hands moved to my throat and tightened around it slightly as He started to thrust His cock harder in my mouth, His movement still slow but picking up pace a little. Breathing was difficult to say the least, I felt my saliva on my face as I struggled. I gripped His thighs with my hands as I fought not to gag. His hold on my throat loosened and He started to fuck my face hard and fast, His balls hitting my face as He pounded away. The head of His cock pressed firmly down my throat, He let out a deep groan and squeezed my breasts so hard tears came to my eyes. His cock twitching and swelling in my mouth as He came in my throat. He withdrew His cock from my mouth moments later and stroked my face with His hands, wiping away my tears.

He helped my up into a sitting position and pulled me to the edge of the table so that my legs were hanging off the edge. He stood between my legs and lifted my chin so that I was looking Him in the face. He leaned in to kiss me, my whole body felt a whole new sense of desire for Him as His tongue probed my mouth. His hand in my hair tightened and pulled my head back as we kissed passionately. I longed to wrap my arms around Him but kept them at my sides, He hadn't given me permission yet. When He broke the kiss He told me to lean back on my elbows.
"You will not cum this time until I tell you to. You will not ask to cum until I tell you to", He got to His knees and I whimpered as His tongue brushed lightly against my clit. I knew immediately that every second, every touch was going to be sweet agony. He sucked my clit and it took all I had to stave off my orgasm. He was relentless, sucking and flicking it. My pussy was aching to feel Him inside me, tears streamed down my face as I writhed on the table. I tried to pull away from His mouth but He had my thighs held and squeezed them cruelly to stop me. I could take it no longer and cried out to Him to please let me cum.
He stopped immediately; my relief lasted fractions of a second before I realised my mistake.
"You'll pay for that one", He looked up at me from between my legs.

He stood and walked over to the sideboard where I had left the chains for my cuffs.
"Down off the table. Assume the position over it now"
I slid off the edge of the table, trembling as I turned around and bent over it. My thighs pressed against the edge as I lowered myself over the table. I placed my hands together behind my back, my legs parted slightly further than shoulder width apart. He bound my wrist cuffs together with one of the chains, then I saw the belt being lifted from the table and closed my eyes. I already regretted my lack of control and the disappointment it would have caused Him. There was no warning as I received the first kiss of His belt on my ass. I bit my lip and prayed that I would remain silent. He gave me five more before speaking.
"I'm very disappointed in you. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"Please Master, I'm so very sorry. I deserve to be punished."
"Of course you do my girl, and you will be. Now keep still", He continued with my punishment.
I concentrated hard on keeping still as His belt taught me a valuable lesson. When He had finished I was grateful that He didn't ask me how many I'd received on this occasion because I wouldn't have been able to tell Him.

He placed the belt back down on the table beside me. As the head of His cock pressed at the entrance to my pussy He leaned forward and whispered to me.
"You will not cum until I tell you will not dare to ask me you understand this time?", I nodded my understanding and He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back roughly.
"I want to hear you say it", He whispered calmly.
"I understand Master. I won't cum without Your permission and I won't ask Your permission"
"Good girl", He pushed His cock all the way inside me as He whispered the words and it was a miracle I didn't cum on the spot right then.
Master began to fuck me furiously against the table, my hair still in His hand my head was yanked back each time He thrust into me. His fingers bit into the flesh of my breast as He roughly groped at it. I blushed as He called me His dirty little fuck toy. After a while He pressed my body to the table again with one hand, pinning me there as His other hand found my clit. He toyed with it mercilessly, pinching and rubbing it as He continued to fuck me.
"Please! Please stop!", I cried out. I couldn't stand another second of it, I was going to cum soon and there was nothing I could do about it - I was almost out of self control.
"You want me to stop? Okay", He withdrew His cock from my pussy but continued to play with my clit.
My pussy pushed back towards Him searching for His cock. I heard Him chuckling.
"I thought you wanted me to stop?", the head of His cock barely touched my pussy, rubbed along the length of it. I whimpered.
"Ask nicely and you can have it again", He pressed the head against my clit.
"Please Master, please give me Your cock"
"Okay, I think my angel has waited long enough", He slipped back instead me and started fucking me hard again. I was on the verge of disappointing Him again when He pulled my hair, lifting my body up off the table until He had His arm pinning me tightly against Him, my head resting against His chest.
"Go ahead my angel", He said quietly.
I finally gave in and my orgasm was overwhelming. I writhed and bucked against Him, gripping His cock tightly as I came. I felt weak and trembled as the pleasure kept coming, a continuous wave of it that I hoped would never end.

As it subsided I rested against Him, weak yet blissfully content. Slipping out of me He lifted me in His arms, kissed me on the head and took me to shower.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Doctor/Patient Confidentiality

I had an over night stay in hospital as I'd been due to have surgery on my knee that afternoon but it had been put back until the next morning.  I was on a full ward of six and wasn't in the mood for socialising with spluttering old people so kept the curtains around my bed drawn.  It was around 11pm a young doctor came around to give me an injection, he said it was in preparation for the surgery the next day.  I thought it strange but obviously didn't question it because he was the doctor.  Shortly afterwards I felt drowsy and drifted off to sleep.

I don't know how long I had been sleeping but I started to wake when I felt something tickling my face.  I tried to swipe at whatever it was but could barely move my arm, it felt really heavy.  The tickling stopped and I started to drift back off but then I heard whispering in the distance. 
"You think I didn't notice the way you looked at me while I was tending to my patients today?  Lucky for you I feel the same way.  You're so damn sexy, I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll see stars"
I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids were too heavy.  I wondered who they were whispering to or if I was imagining it.  I murmured as I tried to speak.
"Shhh baby, just relax and enjoy.  I'm going to take my time and give you exactly what you want" 

I'm aware of a draft, my legs feel cold, I want to pull the blanket over them.  There's a pleasant sensation between my legs, the whispering begins again.
"You like that don't you?  You like the feel of my fingers caressing the walls of your sweet pussy...You're so tight, I could keep my fingers buried inside you all night but that wouldn't be fair to you"
I drift away again as I register the stranger's warm breath on my ear.

..."Oh, you're so wet* now.  I didn't realise just how badly you wanted it but your wet pussy makes it more than clear to me.  You need my mouth on you don't you?"  Was someone kissing me?  I opened my mouth, welcoming their tongue, drifitng off again...

...I heard myself whimpering first, then felt the heat between my legs.  I could feel an intense pleasure buidling inside me.  I wanted to squirm, to move myself away from whatever was causing the sensation.  I felt sharp pain on my clit then a strong, wonderful feeling.  I felt myself floating away as a warm pulsing coursed through my entire body...

The stranger's whispering voice has returned, "You tasted better than I ever could have imagined.  Feeling your pussy contract around my tongue when I pushed it inside you as you came made me even more eager to give you my cock.  I can tell you're desperate to feel something inside you.  Well don't worry baby"...

I am aware of a weight on me, movement.  My pussy feels full and I squeeze at whatever it is inside me. 
"Oh!  Your pussy feels so damn good wrapped around my cock", I giggle to myself as I feel nibbling at my ear and let out a gasp as my muscles grip tightly around the source of pleasure inside me.  I want this dream to last forever.

I have an overwhelming sense of joy, can feel waves of pleasure rippling from my pussy...I can hear a woman groaning, feel a hand cover my mouth. 
"Shhh, you'll wake everyone", hushed laughter in my ear...

...My pussy feels empty now, I'm disappointed about that but content at the same time.  My face is being touched, lips are on mine, kissing me softly..."Don't worry, this will be our little secret", smiling I drift back off with a great sense of satisfaction.

I can hear chatting and open my eyes slowly.  It's daylight and breakfast is being delivered.  I hear a male voice, one of the doctors talking to the lady in the bed across from me.  His voice sounds oddly familiar to me...he is getting up and crossing the room.  As I shift position in bed I'm aware that my pussy is very wet.
"Good morning Becca, I trust you slept well following your treatment last night?", he winks at me and there's a twinkle in his eye as he checks my chart.