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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Of Service to Tall, Dark and Grumpy: Part One

"Come on lazy girl, time to get up. Get yourself showered and come join me in the sitting room."
Smiling at the sound of His voice I stretched and glanced at the alarm clock. It was 6.00am on Saturday morning. Why on earth was He up so early, it was still dark out.
"Morning Sir", I stretched my arms out and arched my back before sitting up.
He looked good enough to eat this morning; He was wearing trousers and a white shirt, sleeves folded back off His forearms and the top two buttons of His shirt were left undone. He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the forehead, His palm resting against the side of my face.
"Out you get, we have a busy morning ahead."
I got up, showered quickly then dried off, tied my hair up and threw on some panties and a summer dress.

As I entered the sitting room Sir took in my outfit with a look of disapproval.
"Wrong. Go fix it, quickly!"
I ran back upstairs and changed into a different dress. It was hard to decide on an outfit when I didn't know what I was dressing for. Confident that He'd be pleased this time I returned to the sitting room. Sir scowled at the sight of me.
"Wrong again."
"I'm sorry Sir, I'll go change", as I looked through my wardrobe I noticed my hands were shaking. I was starting to feel uneasy and a lot less confident in my ability to know what He wanted from me today.
Another twice I returned to Him in different outfits, each one was met with disapproval. The fifth time He lost His patience.
"You are frustrating Me now Eloise. I should never have to spell out what I want from you. I thought My instructions this morning were perfectly clear. My eyes welling with tears I returned to our bedroom. I sat on the bed and stared into the open wardrobe trying to remember what outfit He told me to wear this morning. It was then I realised that He'd not told me to dress, He'd told me to get showered then join Him in the sitting room. Smiling, I stripped off and took a deep breath before returning to join Sir.

"Finally she gets it. Come kneel at My feet", I noticed He was holding my hairbrush and thought it odd.
I knelt between His legs facing Him. He reached out and pulled my head down into His lap and both my mouth and my pussy moistened in a natural reaction to what I anticipated was about to happen. I was surprised when I felt His fingers in my hair, loosening the band that I had it tied back with. I was disappointed that I wasn't going to get to suck Sir's cock after all but I loved it when He brushed my hair. As He began gently brushing He explained why we were up so early.
"I've got Tall, dark and grumpy coming around for a breakfast meeting this morning. I'm looking for His approval on a project I want to get started so you'll be on your best behaviour and do exactly as I expect. Hopefully, you'll manage to get the grumpy git to smile."
"Yes Sir", from what I'd heard about him from Sir nothing short of winning the lottery and a lifetime's worth of blow jobs would get that misery guts to crack a smile. I felt failure looming in my near future.
"Since the dining room isn't finished yet and we have no table in here, you will be utilised as the table for our meeting. You are not to speak unless spoken to, you are to remain perfectly still at all times. Under no circumstances are you to deter from these two rules. Do not embarrass me", He tied my hair back and Told me to go and make myself some breakfast quickly.
I made myself toast then went to the bathroom. When I got back it was 7.50am; Tall, dark and grumpy was due at 8.00am. Sir told me to kneel on all fours in front of the settee. Obviously I was to keep my back as flat as possible with my head lowered. My ass was to be facing the door so that it was the first thing he'd notice as he entered. I did a practice pose then He told me to kneel up until we heard the door bell; it may be a long meeting.

The doorbell sounded minutes later and I assumed my position nervously as Sir went to greet His guest. I could hear mumbled voices in the hallway before the door to the sitting room opened.
"Well, that's the finest bloody table I've ever seen, I don't know what you were worried about Nathan", I could tell that He was smiling as He spoke - result! Maybe He wasn't such a grump after all.
"I'm glad you think so Mr Phillips"
Sir asked if he wanted to eat before or after business and he said he'd prefer to get the business out of the way first.

Sir sat on the left of the settee, so He was by my head. I fought the urge to gasp in shock as He placed His cold folder on my shoulders, then again as Mr Phillips placed another on my lower back. As Sir started pitching His idea to His boss I concentrated on keeping still, which wasn't too much of a chore at that point. I felt Mr Phillips's fingers brush my ass cheek as he opened his file and a shiver ran through my body. I immediately wanted his fingers to touch me again. I silently urged him to turn the page or rest his hand on me. They rambled on for forever I felt. My forearms and hands were beginning to ache and I was getting worried that I wouldn't last the meeting without movement when it happened again. His hand brushed my skin briefly as he turned the page but moments later he rested his hand on my ass. I held my breath, my pussy stirred at his touch, he started moving his fingers in slow subtle movements, stroking my ass. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch as I listened to his voice and tried to imagine what he looked like. Not that it mattered - It sounds strange but although I'd never laid eyes on him I could tell from the way he spoke and from his touch that I liked him.
"Well, bloody hell! You're right!", his hand slapped down on my ass as he excitedly agreed that Sir had a good idea.
He wasn't the only one getting excited, I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each touch of his hand. As Sir thanked Mr Phillips and continued to give him further details I could feel His boss's hand slide further down my ass.

"I must say Nathan, I'm very impressed by your innovative thinking. We're lucky to have you on board, you're a great asset to the company", his finger slid down between the lips of my then very wet pussy and a sigh escaped my lips.
There was a pause of silence and I wondered what was happening, then eventually Sir spoke.
"What's mine is yours Mr Phillips"
"That's very generous of you", his long finger slid deep inside me and I was amazed that I didn't groan out loud or tremble visibly.
"I'll go and make us some coffee and breakfast now that that's settled then", Sir left the room.

Another long finger pushed inside me, slowly, firmly stroking. I could hear the change in my breathing as he played with my pussy. His other hand reached beneath me and cradled one of my breasts. He managed to push a third finger inside me with care. Held deep inside, his fingers brushed and pressed against my G spot, I squeezed them tightly. His thumb found my clitoris and began to massage it in circular movements. I must have been visibly trembling at that point, I was fighting against an orgasm I could feel building. It would be impossible for me to remain still and silent if I were to cum at his hand. He pinched my nipple firmly and I bit my lip. As he pulled it further from my body, his other hand still expertly playing with my pussy, a groan escaped my lips. If Sir heard that from the kitchen I would be in a lot of trouble later. Mr Phillips pulled harder at my nipple and twisted it between his finger and thumb. I felt the orgasm ripple from deep inside me, pulsating through my pussy, coursing through my entire body. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck, my limbs felt like they'd collapse from under me at any second, I forgot the pain being inflicted on my nipple as a whimper of pleasure left my lips. His hands left my body as he stood, his feet came into my line of sight as bent down at my head and pushed his fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked at them, loving how I tasted on him. I needed that man as much as I'd ever felt the need for Sir - possibly more. I felt ashamed to admit this to myself but was sad that his attentions had left me.

Sir entered the room and they sat to eat. They ate their sandwiches off their laps and place their coffee cups on the floor - much to my relief. Not that Sir would ever inflict that sort of pain on me. They chatted about sports while they ate then the conversation ceased and they finished their coffee in silence. I was still revelling in the memory of my orgasm.

"I would very much like to borrow this angel for the remainder of the weekend Nathan", my eyes widened in surprise.
"As I said earlier Sir - what's mine is yours", I smiled ecstatically.
"Excellent", Tall, dark and grumpy grinned.