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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Assessment


Thank you for your report, it was...very interesting. There were however, a few areas of concern that I'd like to address. Please report to my office by 9.30am and have my calls held until 11.00am.


Part of me was nervous about the points that he wanted to address and part of me was immediately defensive. What on earth could be his problem? Those clients wouldn't have gotten better treatment anywhere else! I'd certainly put money on the fact that they wouldn't have gotten blow jobs and the likes! I finished what I was doing and went to his office.
"You wanted to see me Sir?"
"Yes, come in. Please, close the door and draw the blinds"
I did as I was told and took a seat opposite him. He looked great in his charcoal suit

"I'm concerned that your treatment of our guests may not have been up to an acceptable standard", he walked around to the front of his desk and perched on the edge, inches away from me.
He unfastened his belt and trousers.
"Show me how you stroked Mr Venton's cock Sabrina", I stood and slipped my hand inside his boxers.
His cock was hard already, my report had obviously had quite an effect on him. His cock felt great in my hand as I stroked it in the same steady rhythm that I'd used last night. I'd not laid eyes or anything else for that matter on his cock since our last business trip. I'd not realised how much I'd missed it until now. Mr Marcs had unbuttoned my blouse completely and lifted my breasts out of the cups in my bra. He was playing with my nipples as my hand slid up and down the length of his cock.
"I realise that you had Jase cumming in his pants my dear but I have a couple of other things to clarify before we get to that.

He told me to lie across the desk on my side as I had done in the cab last night.
"I want you to suck my cock exactly like you sucked his."
I positioned myself across his lap as I'd been over Mr Childs and took his cock in my mouth. He was bigger than Mr Childs and I loved to suck his cock. I was tempted to put in a little extra, use some of my other tricks that I'd not used last night but if he realised that I was doing that I'd be in big trouble.
"Didn't you take him deep in your throat like I know you can?", his hands push my head down forcing him deeper. I shook my head under his hands to tell him that I hadn't; his cock lodged in my throat.
"Tut tut Sabrina, you were supposed to be trying to impress!"
I teased his balls with my tongue while I waited for him to release his grip.
"See dirty girl, he would have loved some of that", he groaned and lifted his hands allowing me to move on him.
A little while longer he gripped my hair and told me to stop. I sat up and he told me to go and stand against the wall with my back to him. He told me to lift my skirt up around my waist before I walked to the wall and to make sure it stayed up once I was there.

I heard him approach me slowly...he kissed my neck as Mr Venton had last night then pulled my underwear to the side before pushing his cock most of the way into my wet pussy.
"Did his cock fill you like mine does as he fucked you?", he whispered in my ear.
"No Sir", I gasp as the head of his cock hits my cervix, my pussy completely full.
"You said he thrust into you, knocked you into the door with each thrust", he was fucking me with hard determined thrusts.
"Harder, he fucked me h-harder Sir!"
It wasn't exactly truthful but I didn't care at this point. I wanted him to fuck me harder, to knock the breath out of me, to bruise me so that I'd have a reminder of this for several days to come. It worked; he pounded me roughly against the wall, hard and fast not giving me chance to catch my breath. He pinched my clit cruelly, let out a deep groan and Pinned me to the wall, my feet barely touching the floor as he came inside me. When he'd finished he slipped back out and set to straightening himself up. I pulled my skirt back down and sorted out my top half.

"I'm glad we got that cleared up Sabrina. Your conduct was more than acceptable and I'll have no hesitation in leaving future clients in your very capable hands. You may leave now", he returned to his seat behind his desk.
"Thank you Sir, I'm glad I didn't disappoint", I open the blinds and am about to open the office door.
"Sabrina", he called after me.
"Next time you entertain clients on our behalf you may want to clarify the details with me first. Though I adore the thought of my slutty little assistant giving our clients the special treatment, I'd promised them no more than a glorified tour guide. They had you good there."
I've never seen him grin so wide!

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