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Monday, 21 November 2011

Of Service to Tall, Dark and Grumpy: Part Two

The journey in the car was a little awkward initially as he made polite conversation but at some point, I’m not sure when, I became extremely relaxed and at ease alone in his company.  By the time he pulled up outside his house I was still extremely nervous of course but no longer afraid.  There was something about this man that made me trust him.  He pressed a button on his key and the door to the garage at the side of the house opened.  Once inside he closed the door behind us, got out of the car and walked around to open the passenger door for me.  As I stood he held my face in his hands and kissed me gently.
“You can undress here and fold your clothes on the car seat, you won’t be needing them until I drop you home tomorrow evening”
“Yes, Mr Phillips”
“Please, call me Sir”
“Okay…Sir”, it should have felt like a betrayal to my Sir addressing this man in the same way, but it didn’t, it felt right.
Without hesitation I removed my coat and folded it before placing it on the seat.  As I pulled my top off over my head I felt shy suddenly and thought how silly that was considering the events of that morning.  He watched in silence as I took each item of clothing and folded it neatly on the seat.  When I’d removed the last item – my underwear, he closed the car door and told me to follow him. 

He led me through the kitchen and up the stairs into his home office.
“I have some work to finish off, you can kneel beside me whilst I do that”, I knelt on the carpet beside his chair, facing him.
He made several phone calls as he worked and listening to him assert his authority and use technical terms increased my desire for him.  Every now and then his left hand would reach out and stroke my hair or caress my breasts.  During one particularly long phone call he amused himself by pinching and pulling at my nipples.  They responded enthusiastically to this treatment, his touch was firm and confident and made me melt inside. 
“Come and sit on my lap a moment”, I got to my feet and he pulled me onto his lap.
I gasped as he dipped his head and took my nipple into his mouth*.  He sucked it gently at first before taking it between his teeth and rolling it between them.  He pinched and pulled the other nipple as his teeth grazed and bit down on the one in his mouth.  I whimpered and wriggled in his lap, my fingers digging into his shoulder in response to the sweet pain he inflicted.  As much as I enjoyed it I wondered at one point if he would ever get bored of playing with my brreasts, I also worried about the state of his trousers since I was very much aware of how wet I was from all the attention – Sir never concentrated this much time purely on my breasts, it was strange and I liked it.  He lifted his head and gently kissed my neck before whispering to me.
“Your nipples drove me to distraction terribly whilst I was trying to work, I should have completed those tasks in half the time”
“I’m sorry Sir”, I meant it.
“Oh, don’t apologise.  It’s not every day I have such a wonderful toy to hand.”
He checked his watch for the time and said that it was past time we should have some lunch.  Giving my thigh a playful slap he told me to get up and come downstairs with him.

He led me into the dining room and said for me to knees beside his chair while he made us some soup.  He returned around 20 minutes later and said that it would be a few more minutes until it was ready.  He laid a place mat on the table for himself and placed one on the floor in front of me.  He took my hands gently and held them behind my back, I felt him tie them together with some fabric – I was completely at ease with this.  He pulled my head back by my hair and planted a kiss on my lips before leaving for the kitchen. 
“Let this cool for a while before you eat it; it’s still piping hot”, he placed a small bowl of soup on the mat in front of me.  I waited in silence as he began to eat his food, it had occurred to me that as I lower my head to lap at the soup my hair would probably fall into the bowl and make a complete mess of his cream carpet.  He had almost finished his food when he placed a hand on my shoulder and told me that it was probably cool enough for me to start eating by now.  I explained that I was reluctant to eat because I didn’t want my hair to get soup over his carpet.
“I see”, his hand left my shoulder and he continued to finish his soup in silence.
I was surprised when I felt his fingers in my hair, he pulled my hair back off my face and told me to eat.  He held my hair for me as I lapped at the soup he’d made.  I was conscious that I didn’t want to keep him waiting whilst I ate so I tried to finish as quickly as I could whilst remaining as dignified as one can when lapping soup from a bowl on the floor.  When I’d finished I knelt up straight, he released my hair and stroked my head briefly.  He told me to turn my head to face him so that he could get a proper look at me.  As he studied my face he could see that something was on my mind.
“What’s wrong pet?  Is there something you’d like to say?”
“Well Sir, sorry if I am asking this out of turn but I feel as though I should thank you properly for my meal…may I?”
“You don’t need to apologise for wanting to show good manners pet.  Certainly you may”, he unfastened his trousers and pulled his cock out through the hole in his underwear to give me access.
He has a beautiful cock, as soon as I saw it I wanted desperately to have it in every way possible.  I watched as he stroked it in front of me before holding it out towards me, signalling for me to go ahead.  Initially I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it like a child would suck a lolly pop.  As I felt his fingers weave through my hair, his hands resting on the back of my head I slid my mouth further down his length.  I would have liked to have kissed and licked him all over but for now he had only given me access to this one wonderful part of him.  I made sure that I was extremely attentive, I needed him to know how grateful I was to spend time in his company and how desperately I wanted him to take me and use me until I had nothing left to give.  His hands tightened in my hair and he held me down on him, his cock completely buried in my mouth, the head held cosily in the back of my throat.  He was slightly longer than Sir but through vigorous training I had become quite an expert at deep throating so accommodating his cock was no issue for me.  As he held my head there he spoke to me.
“You are excellent with your mouth pet however, you’ll receive no reward from me yet; I’ll decide when I am ready to allow you that.  You may remain on my cock while I think through our activities for this evening”, my eyes closed I made the most of the opportunity to caress his cock with my tongue as best I could, I wanted to memorise every detail.  For the first time that day it dawned on me that I was already sad that I’d have to leave Sunday night.  I’m not sure how long it was before I felt him tug lightly on my hair, pulling my mouth away from his cock.  Without a word he stood and refastened his trousers before getting up to leave the table.  He took the dishes out to the kitchen and then called me to him.  I thought to myself that I'd seen no evidence of him being a grumpy git at all so far; he must be misunderstood.

“I have some things to prepare so you can do the dishes whilst I am sorting that out”
“Yes Sir”, he untied my hands and I gave my arms a stretch before running the hot water.  Before I knew it I had washed all of the dishes with no recollection of carrying out the task, my mind had been consumed with thoughts of him.  I was startled when I felt his presence in the room with me once again and wondered how long he’d been stood there watching me.  He told me follow him upstairs – on my knees.  I crawled behind him, keeping up with his pace as he led the way to the bathroom.  He had run a bath, there were candles lit and I could just about make out the sound of a violin playing – I noticed an iPod on the bathroom windowsill as I straightened up at his instruction.  He told me to watch as he undressed and to know that I am to be of service to every part of him at any time.  I was to understand that I was his this weekend and he would treasure me as anyone would their most prized possession but he expected me to respect him and to do as he told me unquestioningly.  I had no problem with any part of what he expected of me, I gave myself gladly.  I watched him undressing and longed for the moment that he would take me as he had explained moments ago.  My pussy was truly aching for him impatiently.  He sat in the bath and handed me the wash cloth and told me to start with his back.  I dipped the cloth in the water and began to bathe him, enjoying every minute I got to run the wash cloth over his skin.  He instructed me throughout the whole process until I had bathed every inch of him.  I handed him his towel as he got out of the bath.  He told me to wash quickly in the bath water and join him in the bedroom when I was done.  He had placed a towel on the rack for me, I was to wrap it around myself and go to his bedroom.  I washed quickly but thoroughly, pulled the towel around me and rushed to the bedroom, I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

He had dressed in trousers and a polo shirt and was sat at the end of the bed.
“Come to me”, I walked over to him and felt a shiver course through me as he pulled me in closer to him.  I was stood between his legs, facing him as he started rubbing the towel against my skin to dry me off.  When he pressed the towel between my legs and rubbed there I groaned softly out loud before I could catch myself.  He paid no attention to this and seemed absorbed in getting me dried.  When he was done he placed the towel on the floor beside his feet and seemed to be studying my body.  I felt so exposed at that moment and panicked that he would notice all of the flaws that I could see in myself.
“It pleases me that you are obviously prepared for me pet.  You have done well so far and have a long night ahead of you so I will award you with one orgasm now which you must give to yourself.  I will allow you this as this is the only time I am going to give you permission to cum today.  Go ahead, begin.”
I hesitantly moved my hand to my pussy and let my fingers slip between my lips and find my clit.  I could feel my cheeks redden as he sat before me and watched me play with myself.  My wetness was obvious to us both as the sound of my fingers rubbing my clit seemed to be the only sound in the room.  As my breathing changed as my arousal increased he turned me around and pulled me down to sit on his left knee.  He pushed my legs further apart and watched my fingers moving against my clit as he trailed his fingers lightly up and down my inner thigh.  Moments later he was holding me as I writhed with pleasure in his lap.  He lifted me off his lap and carried me around to the side of the bed.
“Get some rest, I’ll wake you later”, he switched the light off and left the room.

I was disorientated when I woke some time later.  I’d no idea how long I’d been sleeping for but I quickly became aware of a few things – I was face down, my hands and feet had been bound to the bed, my ass felt full and there were definitely fingers playing with my pussy at that moment. 
“Good evening.  You are a heavy sleeper, I was beginning to wonder whether you were going to sleep through the whole thing”, I could tell by his voice that he found this amusing and I felt relieved that I hadn’t annoyed him.  I was wide awake before long, listening to his soothing voice as he probed my pussy with his fingers and told me how he’d looked at it closely as I slept, inhaled the scent of it and loved how it felt to his fingers.  He said that he couldn’t wait to know how it would feel to have it wrapped around his cock.  He informed me that what I could feel in my ass was a six inch plug, he had been liberal with the lubricant but I would probably still be sore there tomorrow once we were done.  I started wriggling on the bed as an orgasm built, his fingers slowed their movement but didn’t stop completely.
“This will be the only reminder you’re given tonight; you do not have my permission”, I panicked at the words.
I had forgotten myself and got carried away, I felt for sure that it was out of my control, that I’d gone too far to reverse things now and that it was only a matter of time before my body betrayed me and I disobeyed him.  He showed me no mercy and his fingers resumed their pace as he stimulated my clit and probed inside of me.  I begged him to stop but he just told me to be strong.  Just as I’d started to cry in despair he finally removed his hand.
“Good girl.  See you can do it if you try”
I felt the bed move beneath me and see his hand beside my head moments before his cock pressed at my pussy.  As he pushed further inside, his cock stretching me wider I can’t find the words to explain how I felt so I will go with satisfied for the purpose of telling the story.  With him pressed against me, the weight pushed against the plug too, driving it slightly further into my ass.  As his cock caressed every inch inside my pussy I listened to his breathing.  I found myself fighting off another orgasm before long.  I held my breath and concentrated really hard on holding back as he moved in and out steadily with purpose, intent on acheiving the very thing that he had denied me.  He bit down on my shoulder hard and squeezed one of my breasts cruelly as he came inside me forcing me to cry out.  He let his full weight rest on me as he recovered, I lay beneath him comforted by his weight and his cock which was still held inside me.  He lifted himself off me, untied my hands and feet and told me to roll over onto my back.  He kissed my neck and ears, my shoulders,  my breasts.  He planted little butterfly kisses down the inside of my arms and on the palms of my hands.  My inner thighs were treated to sensual kisses and caresses of his tongue.  He had my body tingling with delight all over and had he have touched my pussy, even with the very lightest of touches I knew I would not have been able to have stopped myself from cumming.

He left the bedroom to get a drink of water, he brought one back for me and I drank it quickly; I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was.  I handed him the glass when I’d finished and he placed it on the bedside table.  I was still propped up in a half sitting position against the pillow after my drink when he climbed back onto the bed.  He straddled me so that his cock was inches from my face then took hold of my jaw and squeezed tightly forcing my mouth to open in shock.  I would have willingly opened it for him.  He fed his cock into my mouth in one swift motion.  His pubic hair tickled my noise as his body pressed against my face.  As my head was tilted forward slightly I found it a lot more difficult to comfortably take his cock in my throat.  Each time he thrust into my face I thought I would choke or possibly throw up if he did it again.  The times where he held my head tightly against him and pumped rapidly I thought that I may suffocate and die.  He fucked my face for a long time, the pillow was damp beneath my head from where my eyes had streamed and I'd unavoidably dribbled whilst I’d fought not to gag on his cock.  He never came the whole time, I was in awe of his control, though it also scared me slightly to know how long he could play with me if he wanted without letting up.

“Though I want you to have a restful sleep you must be aware that you’re to be ready for me with no notice at all.  If I wake you in the middle of the night you’re to comply without complaint, is that clear?”
“Yes Sir”, the thought of him waking me was exciting as far as I was concerned.
He woke me up three times during the night and each time he was gentle and loving, bringing me right to the edge until I begged him to stop, rewarding my self control each time with his own orgasm.  The third time, it must have been around 5am as it was starting to get light, he gave me permission to cum.  He held his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries as I bucked beneath him trying to cope with one of the more powerful orgasms I’d ever experienced.  He waited for me to come back down to earth before pulling away.  He lay deside me and pulled me tight to him and I could feel his cock, sticky against my ass.  I quietly thanked him.
“You’re very welcome angel.  Now go to sleep”, he kissed the back of my head.  

A hard slap on my bare ass woke me with a start.
“On the floor now, quickly!”
I leapt out of bed and got to my knees as quickly as I could.  He pushed my head to the floor from behind and entered me roughly.  He gripped my hair tightly in his fist and used me as a means to an end, not giving me a moments thought it seemed.  He groaned quite loudly as he came inside me then gave my ass another slap as he withdrew his cock.
“Jump in the shower, I’ll join you in a second”, I made my way to the bathroom.  My pussy was bruised and sore (in a good way) from his attentions.  I turned on the hot water and enjoyed the feel of it as it jetted against my skin.  Sir joined me shortly after.  He kissed me passionately before taking the shampoo and washing my hair.  His fingers felt amazing as he massaged the shampoo into my scalp.  Once he’d rinsed my hair he took the wash cloth and set to washing my body.  He was appropriately gentle as he washed between my legs, taking care not to hurt me.  Once he was satisfied that we were both clean he wrapped me in a towel and we went back into the bedroom to get dried off.  I was told to sit on the chair in the room and wait until he had dried and dressed.  He then dried me off and told me to sit between his legs; he brushed my hair for a long while until it had almost dried completely.

I was slightly confused as to why he’d not desired or required more of me that day.  I had eaten breakfast at the table with him and then knelt at his side whilst he checked his emails and dealt with a few work matters.  I was extremely disappointed when he told me that he would be dropping me off before lunchtime.  He explained as he drove me home that he intended to borrow me on the weekends for the foreseeable future and he intended to be properly prepared next week.  He warned me that this weekend passed was a mild dress rehearsal for what would be expected of me next week.  I was surprised when he asked me if I was happy for him to request the use of me in future.  I told him that so long as it pleases him I am very happy.

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