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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Caught Off Guard

I'd been working as a prison officer for twelve weeks, my induction was complete and I was apparently fully trained and competent.  I didn't feel confident that this was strictly true but my senior officer assured me that it was just nerves and everyone felt the same when they were new to the job.  It was the first day that I wouldn't be with my 'buddy' all day and though I was very nervous about it I kept telling myself that I would be fine.  All I had to do that morning was make sure that everyone was out of their cells and in the canteen for breakfast.  That shouldn't be too difficult as the wing was full of big burly blokes who all looked like they'd rather lose a hand than miss a meal.

I'd checked all of the lower cells and most of them on the top level; I had two left on the far end.  I walked to the cell furthest away first – this was my first mistake as I'd not cleared the one before it.  Putting my head around the door cautiously I saw George lying on his bed, he appeared to be sleeping.  I told him to get up for breakfast and he didn't stir so I banged on the door and shouted at him to get up again.  When he didn't react I entered his cell to check on him – my second mistake.  As I put my hand out to touch his shoulder I heard the door close behind me and felt the colour drain from my face.  As I turned I reached for my radio but George's hand shot up and grasped my wrist tightly.  Before I knew it the other prisoner had my other hand pinned behind my back.  It was the guy from the cell next door – the one that I was going to check next.  I forget his real name but everyone called him Bear.  He was a huge guy, around 6'7" and solid muscle, not an ounce of fat on him.  I felt slightly claustrophobic with the three of us sharing the small space.  When I felt his arm wrap around my waist from behind all the self defense training I'd had went out the window and sheer panic took over.  I tried to free my arms from their grip, I kicked my legs out frantically but Bear yanked my hair hard and told me that they didn't want to hurt me but they would if they were left no choice.  I believed them, neither one of them were locked up for petty crimes.  I tried reasoning that they were both near the end of their sentence, particularly George.  They said that I would have to be pretty stupid to let it get out that I'd let my guard down and been caught out by some prisoners – not only would I be a joke amongst my colleagues but the whole prison would know that I was easy pickings.  I started to scream but I'd hardly got a sound out before Bear's huge hand was pressed against my mouth, covering half my face in the process.

"Now listen up.  George's gonna stuff your mouth with something.  You don't have to like it; you just have to behave yourself.  Remember, we could fuck up that pretty little face of yours good if we want to.  Understand sweet cheeks?"
I nodded my head as best I could, tears streaming from my eyes as I comprehended what was about to happen.  Bear turned me around and he sat on the bed, my back still to him he pressed down on my shoulder.  I thought he was signalling for me to sit down too so I sat back but he told me to get on my knees.  I knelt down slowly between his legs and he pulled me in closer to him so that my back was leaning against his crotch.  I could feel his hard dick pressing against my spine. 
"I'm going to let go of your hands now.  When I do, put them down to the side, the palms of your hands resting on the outside of your thighs – got it?"
He'd pinned my hands behind my back with one hand when I'd been trying to reason with them.  I nodded again and did as he instructed when he released my hands.  He used his thighs to pin my arms tightly to my body then started unbuttoning my shirt from behind with his free hand, the other still on my mouth.  I mumbled my protest into his hand.
"You ain't gonna be any trouble now are you?  I'd hate to have to bruise up your face so keep the noise down.  We'll be done in a flash, I reckon we've got 15 minutes tops"

George pulled down his prison issue trousers, he had no underwear on so his hard dick was waving in my face immediately.  I thought I was going to throw up and couldn't believe it was actually happening.
"Right, Bear's gonna let go of your face in a sec.  I want that hot mouth of yours straight on this.  Pause for a second and I'll smack you right in your face.  You'd better suck it good too 'cause I've been waiting a long time to get my dick sucked, years!"
With no further warning Bear released my face and as I took in a deep breath of air George shoved his dick right into my mouth.  I did nothing at first as he invaded my mouth but then he gave me a warning look and I started sucking before I got smacked.  I wasn't giving it my all initially, then it dawned on me that the better I did it the sooner it would be over with a bit of luck.   

Bear's hands were inside my bra groping and pinching roughly at my breasts, then they moved lower and I realised that he was unfastening my belt.  My eyes widened with panic and George must have noticed.
"Oh, you didn't think that Bear was just gonna sit back and watch did you sweet cheeks?  That's funny!  No, he's gonna have the real turn this time I'm just allowed to have a quick go at your face first", he was grinning as he spoke then winked at me. 
Grabbing my head he throat hard into my mouth.  I barely registered my panties and trousers being lowered to my knees as he fucked my mouth with force and vigour.  Bear's hands had returned to my breasts, my groans of pain muffled by the dick in my throat as he pinched and pulled at them roughly. 
"Come on George you're gonna have to finish now, we ain't got much time"
"No, problem.  I've been holding it anyway.  I was gonna make her swallow it but you know what?  I can't resist the chance to see her pretty little face covered in my cum", with that he pulled my head back and as he let out a throaty groan the first of his cum landed across my face.  He wiped the end of his dick on my neck and let go of my hair. 

Bear lifted me to my feet, my trousers dropped down around my ankles as I stood, binding them together some what.  He pushed me onto the bed and pushed my ankles up towards my body causing my legs to spread apart.  Lifting my hips slightly off the bed he forced a few inches of his dick inside me.  I felt his hands pressing down on my shoulders, forcing my face into the stinking mattress.  I could barely breath, it felt like his whole body weight was pressing on my chest, then he knocked the last of the air from my lungs as he thrust hard forcing himself all the way in.  He paused for a moment, I thought I heard him whisper the words "hot pussy" but couldn't be sure.  A couple of slow strokes before he started what could only be described as hammering away at me.  I could barely breathe the whole time, I was stretched inside beyond imagination and could do nothing but wait it out and hope that he'd be finished soon.  The force of every thrust caused me to let out an involuntary groan.  His body eclipsed mine as he lowered himself over me, his elbows resting on the mattress either side of my head.  Just when I thought I would pass out he came.
"Uungh! Something for my little toy to take away with her.  I'm gonna love playing with you", I could feel his dick throbbing inside me as he spoke.  

He withdrew immediately after he'd finished filling my pussy.  They stood me up and put my uniform back straight.  George grabbed a t-shirt and used it to wipe off what was left of his cum from my face.  I expected them to take some of my kit from my belt but they left everything…I soon understood why.
"See you same time tomorrow Miss.  I think the last two months of my sentence ain't gonna be so bad.  Wha' d'ya reckon Bear?"
"Yeah, we'll switch tomorrow and I'll take the mouth.  I reckon you'll be sorry to go when the two months are up George"

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