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Sunday, 20 November 2011

St. Elizabeth's School for Girls

I leapt out of bed to get the phone.  It was 8.00am on a Sunday morning, who on earth would be ringing at this time I wondered.  I answered the phone still half asleep.
"Hello Penny, it's Headmaster Nicholls", I feel the blood drain from my face.
"Oh, hello Sir.  Is everything okay?", I've no idea why he would be calling me today as Sunday is my day off.
"Nothing to be concerned about.  I would like to see you in my office at 10.00am please"
"May I ask why Sir?"
"I'll explain when I see you.  Please ensure you're not late, I have a busy schedule today"
"Yes Sir.  I'll see you then"

The phone call has me very nervous.  I have only been at St Elizabeth's for a few months and am still on my probationary period.  It had taken some adjustment to get used to life at a boarding school but other than the odd minor issue I was really enjoying my job here as a teacher.  The girls could be a bit of a handful at times but when you're dealing with girls in their late teens all living in each others pockets you have to expect that.  I hope that I'm not in trouble for anything.  I go to the bathroom to get ready for the meeting.  Though it's my day off, as I'm having a work-related meeting I dress for work in my usual black pencil skirt and white blouse, sheer black tights and heels. 

The walk to the Head Master's office seems longer than usual as I try to think of reasons that would cause him to call me there on a Sunday.  I reach his door, take a deep breath then knock twice.
"Come in"
I enter his office and see him sat behind his desk.  Though he is a handsome man you didn't often see him smile - at least not at work anyway.  Today was no different, he looks sternly at me as I enter the room.  He motions for me to take a seat opposite him and I sit with my hands clasped in my lap to stop myself from fidgeting.
"Penny, several of the faculty have advised me that you seem to have a problem with disciplining the ladies here and as a result you are getting walked over."
"I'm sorry Sir but I completely disagree.  I admit that some of the girls are a little more of a handful than others but I am getting through to them gradually."
"We have a reputation to uphold Penny and we aren't going to be able to do that if we have weak links in our chain.  You need to start disciplining the students appropriately or I'm afraid there will be no place here for you at St. Elizabeth's."
"Appropriately Sir?"
"I don't often discipline the students myself as Head Master, I expect you to do it as the need arises.  I only have the especially troublesome students at my office.  Generally I see them once and they learn their lesson, I don't see them again.  The student due at my office within the next five minutes has been an exception to the rule and this will be her third visit.  Please do not interrupt whilst I carry out her punishment, you may ask any questions you have once the student has left.  Is that clear?"
"Yes Sir, but...", there's a knock at the door.
"Ah, she's slightly early this time - a good sign.  Enter!"

I recognise Georgina Franklyn as she enters the room.  She's one of the eldest girls here and a real handful for most of the teachers as far as I'm aware.  Thankfully I don't have her in any of my classes, she'd most definitely have made a laughing stock of me.
"I'm not going to waste my breath and lecture you before hand this time Miss Franklyn, go ahead and take your position", she takes a glance in my direction momentarily and looks confused to see me here.
"Yes Sir", I watch as she walks to his desk and bends over it, resting her weight on her forearms, her palms laid flat against the shiny surface of the mahogany.
Mr Nicholls leaves his chair, walks to the cupboard in the corner of his office and retrieves a cane.  He approaches Georgina and stands to the one side of her. 
"Now Miss Franklyn, I warned you a few weeks ago that were I to see you here again you would have to receive 18 strokes.  However, it appears that the threat of this was insufficient and since I am attempting to prove several points this morning I have decided on 24 instead", Georgina gasps.
"Do you think that figure unfair Miss Franklyn?"
"N-no Sir", she stutters.
"Wise answer.  Now, let's get started shall we?" He clears his throat and she moves her hands behind her and lifts her skirt to reveal her underwear - plain white cotton briefs.
I watch as Mr Nicholls strikes her with the cane and am speechless as I hear her thank him for it.  He strikes her three more times and she thanks him for each, her voice doesn't hint that she's felt too bad a pain when she's felt his cane. 

I take a moment to focus my attention on him.  The concentration in his face, his strong hand resting on this girls shoulder, the motion of his arm as he strikes her.  I feel myself becoming aroused and my face flushes as I acknowledge the fact.  As I refocus my attention on Georgina I can hear the pain in her voice.  I'm not sure how many times she's been hit but I'm sure she must have learnt her lesson by now.  He seems oblivious to her sobs and the anguish in her voice as she continues to thank him.  I can't sit here and do nothing.
"Mr Nicholls!  Stop this at once!" I stand from my seat, fists clenched at my sides, outraged by his behaviour.
He turns to me and the look on his face silences me immediately.
"Sit down Ms Lockheart", I sit and start crying.  I'm appalled at what he's doing to this girl and angry at myself for being too weak to stand up to him for her and for myself.
Sobbing quietly I watch him and try to block out the girl's gasps and pleas for him to stop.  Despite being outraged and upset by the situation I still can't help but admire him.  I've drifted off into a daydream, Georgina straightening from the desk drags my attention back into the present.
"Well done Miss Franklyn, you accepted your punishment most gracefully.  I hope that you have finally learnt your lesson?  I'd hate to have to resort to further extremes."
"Yes Sir, thank you for sparing your time", her face is streaked with black where her mascara has run down her face.
"Go stand in the corner Miss, we aren't done yet."
I'm sure I saw a hint of a smile on her lips as she passed me.

"Right then Ms Lockheart, you can see that Miss Franklyn has survived her punishment and in fact thanked me for administering it.  Did you once see any hint of disrespect towards me?"
"Mr Nicholls!  I simply cannot bring myself to beat the girls with a cane.  It's disgusting and quite frankly Sir, I'm appalled that you seem to find it so easy!  I'd rather lose my job than partake in such a thing!"
"Calm down Ms Lockheart, Miss Franklyn has been particularly troublesome and so the punishment that you've witnessed here today was severe.  Hopefully today's visit is her last to my office.  I use the cane because as I said, I only discipline the more difficult students.  I expect you to discipline them as the need arises in class - to do this you are to use the palm of your hand."
He takes a seat behind his desk and awaits my response.
"I don't believe in striking the students Sir."
"Oh, you will Ms Lockheart.  I've kept Miss Franklyn here for a reason.  I want you to know how it feels for the students to have an audience whilst they are being taught a lesson.  Now come here please", I look at him confused.
"I won't ask again.  Either we resolve this situation here in my office today or you pack your bags and we find a replacement.  If you can't comply with my rules here then there's no place for you."
I walk over to his desk reluctantly and he motions for me to come around to his side of the desk.
"You saw the position assumed by Miss Franklyn, take that position.  I should inform you now that staff discipline has a few extra elements that would not be included when you discipline a student.  These elements will be obvious to you as they arise."
I lean over his desk as Georgina had and feel myself blushing.  My ass must be inches from his face at the moment as he's remained in his seat.  I flinch as I feel his hands on the outside of my thighs.
"I told you not to interrupt as I disciplined the student yet you ignored my instruction and interrupted the session.  This did not please me", his hands smooth up the outsides of my thighs, pulling the hem of my skirt up with them.
He lectures me about being weak witht he students but I struggle to concentrate on his words as his hands smooth over my ass and he pulls down my tights.
"I've disciplined hundreds of young ladies in my time Ms Lockheart, do you think I didn't recognise that look in your eyes as you watched me?" His hand taps my ass firmly.
I feel humiliated yet strangely aroused as he continues to lecture me.  He spanks my ass firmly in a steady rhythm, alternating between cheeks every three strikes of his hand.  The flesh of my ass has become very warm and between my legs is throbbing.
"You don't seem to be sufficiently grateful for this lesson Ms Lockheart, I've not heard you thank me once."
"Sorry Sir, I am very grateful.  Thank you", I tell him breathlessly.  I'm sure I hear him laughing quietly to himself.

He strikes me only a few more times and I make sure that I thank him for each of them.  I feel his hand rubbing at the damp crotch of my panties as he tells me he hopes he doesn't have to call me into his office again to discuss this matter - my legs go weak.  He removes his hand and I am more than a little disappointed.
"Straighten yourself up Ms Lockheart", I stand and pull up my tights up over my glowing ass and lower my skirt.  I can feel my cheeks colour again, embarassed at carrying out these actions in front of the Head Master.
"Okay ladies, you may leave now", he returns to his seat and busies himself with some paperwork.
As I walk back to my room I consider the implications of standing by my opinion and continuing not to discipline the students.  I have the feeling that Mr Nicholls would be more than happy to attempt to try and persuade me several times more before he fired me...this prospect was very appealling.

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