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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Master's Home


I will arrive home this evening. It's been a long few weeks, I can't wait to catch up with you in person. Prepare yourself in the usual manner and wait for me on the dining table.


My heart was hammering in my chest and my pussy was wet, finally Master was coming home. He'd been away on business for just over three weeks and though I could speak to Him online and over the telephone I yearned for His touch so badly.

I tidied the house a little then prepared a casserole to cook on low in the slow cooker. I wasn't sure of the exact time He'd be home, the evening could be anytime from 5pm onwards. I could have checked His flight time but if He'd wanted me to know that He would have told me Himself. I took a bath and shaved, spending extra time on my pussy making certain that it was completely smooth for Him. After my bath I took my time moisturising my entire body. I dried my hair and pinned it back off my face. I applied tinted moisturiser to my face and a lick of lipstick. It took me far too long to decided on whether or not I should wear stockings or not - I decided to go for sheer black lace-top Hold ups. I took my fine leather collar from the dresser and fastened it around my neck and instantly felt comforted. As I fastened my matching cuffs to my wrists and ankles I felt my arousal begin to build. Taking the optional chains to link the cuffs I stood and closed the drawer, satisfied that I was ready. I looked at myself in the floor length mirror and smiled nervously - I hoped that Master would be pleased.

I glanced at the clock in the hall as I made my way to the dining room - it was five o'clock. Talk about cutting it fine! I placed the chains for my cuffs on the side board just inside the dining room door and climbed onto the table. I knelt with my legs parted slightly, my arms between them, my face resting against the table looking away from the door...I waited. As time passed I realised that the stockings were probably not the best idea - they were making my legs slide on the smooth wood of the oak table and it was a constant struggle to maintain my position. I thought I would probably have time to remove them and resume my position on the table but it wasn't worth the risk. There was no clock in the dining room and I had no idea how long I'd been there already. It probably wasn't half as long as the time it felt like. Just as I thought my legs were going to give way from underneath me I heard His key in the door. A rush of adrenaline gave me new strength and I immediately forgot the aching in my inner thighs as the newly strengthened aching in my pussy took over.

I could hear Him moving around the house, putting a load of washing on and taking His toiletries to the bathroom. I didn't have to see what He was doing to know - it was His usual home coming ritual. I silently begged Him to stop being anal just this once and come and give me what I am screaming out for - a simple touch of His hand, His lips. I wanted, no needed His cock inside me caressing or violating my insides. I didn't care which so long as I had it. I wanted to get off the table and run to Him and wrap myself around Him. I'd get no thanks for displaying such lack of control though I just had to be patient.

There was silence, I trembled with anticipation as I sensed Him in the room.
"Hello My angel, you are a sight for sore eyes. You have done very well. Have you been a good girl whilst I've been away?"
"Yes Master", my words came out a little choked. I wanted to tell Him how much I had missed Him, that I didn't want Him to go away on business ever again.
He moved around the table as He spoke to me, asking me about my day. I answered Him with difficulty, it was hard to remember my day when my body and mind were solely focused on Him. As He stood directly in front of my face I felt relief as I noticed His excitement to see me was clearly evident by the bulge in His trousers. As His fingers gently brushed the side of my face I let out a quiet whimper. His thumb traced over my cheek bone and down over my lips then His hand was gone again. He walked slowly back around to the foot of the table, His eyes never leaving my body. I felt His hands on my ankles and hands, I fought the urge to take His hands in mine. I let out a shaky breath as His lips touched the back of my thigh where my stocking ended. He kissed my other leg and I thought my legs were going to collapse from under me. I was beginning to tremble with the strain when He supported my body as He slowly pulled my knees from under me so that I was laying flat on my stomach, my arms still beneath me.
"Put your arms above your head"
My shoulders were stiff as I raised my arms above my head, I relaxed a little in my new position.

Time seemed to stand still as He caressed my legs first, making His way up my body with His hands, He seemed to touch every inch of the back of me - except my pussy. I could feel my wetness begin to pool on the table beneath me.
"I never tire of seeing you in your cuffs, so beautiful. Turn over, I want to see the rest of you"
Once on my back He pulled me down the table so that my head was hanging over the edge. My excitement began to build again at the close proximity of my face to His cock. He moved away though, returning to my feet He started the painfully slow process all over again; gently tracing His fingers over my skin, lightly rubbing and gently squeezing everywhere except for my pussy and breasts this time. He finished stood at the head of the table once again, His cock hidden behind the fabric of His trousers just inches from my face.

I watched, never blinking as His strong hands unfastened His belt. He removed it completely from His trousers and laid it on the table beside me. As I waited desperately, He unbuttoned His trousers, lowered the zip and pulled them down to reveal His hard cock. I bit my lip and swallowed as my mouth watered, longing to be full of Him. He moved a little closer and my mouth opened for Him.
"Not yet, don't touch - I'll decide when", His hands made contact with my breasts and I let out a gasp against the base of His cock. It was so close I could touch it if I poked my tongue out - I didn't of course. He firmly squeezed my breasts, pinched my nipples sharply and pulled at them. I arched my back as I came as He took my left nipple between His teeth. I should make it clear that this is not an easy feat, Master had me train for months to be able to achieve orgasm without my pussy being touched. He alternated His attentions between my breasts, torturing and caressing them with His mouth. His hands replaced His mouth as He straightened up.
"Okay, you may suck my cock now", my mouth was on His balls immediately.
I kissed them, licked them, took them in my mouth and massaged them until He pulled away from my mouth. Holding His cock in one hand, His other on the side of my neck, He guided it into my mouth. I tasted the precum as the head glided against my tongue on entry. Master let a breath of satisfaction as the warmth of my mouth engulfed His cock. He held my face in His hands as He moved His cock very slowly back and fore in my mouth. I sucked Him greedily as I stroked His smooth cock with my tongue. I groaned as He struck my face with His hand.
"Legs! You know I like to see your pussy when I fuck your face angel", I quickly drew my feet up closer to my body, parting my legs wide for Him.
"Oh, much better", His hands moved to my throat and tightened around it slightly as He started to thrust His cock harder in my mouth, His movement still slow but picking up pace a little. Breathing was difficult to say the least, I felt my saliva on my face as I struggled. I gripped His thighs with my hands as I fought not to gag. His hold on my throat loosened and He started to fuck my face hard and fast, His balls hitting my face as He pounded away. The head of His cock pressed firmly down my throat, He let out a deep groan and squeezed my breasts so hard tears came to my eyes. His cock twitching and swelling in my mouth as He came in my throat. He withdrew His cock from my mouth moments later and stroked my face with His hands, wiping away my tears.

He helped my up into a sitting position and pulled me to the edge of the table so that my legs were hanging off the edge. He stood between my legs and lifted my chin so that I was looking Him in the face. He leaned in to kiss me, my whole body felt a whole new sense of desire for Him as His tongue probed my mouth. His hand in my hair tightened and pulled my head back as we kissed passionately. I longed to wrap my arms around Him but kept them at my sides, He hadn't given me permission yet. When He broke the kiss He told me to lean back on my elbows.
"You will not cum this time until I tell you to. You will not ask to cum until I tell you to", He got to His knees and I whimpered as His tongue brushed lightly against my clit. I knew immediately that every second, every touch was going to be sweet agony. He sucked my clit and it took all I had to stave off my orgasm. He was relentless, sucking and flicking it. My pussy was aching to feel Him inside me, tears streamed down my face as I writhed on the table. I tried to pull away from His mouth but He had my thighs held and squeezed them cruelly to stop me. I could take it no longer and cried out to Him to please let me cum.
He stopped immediately; my relief lasted fractions of a second before I realised my mistake.
"You'll pay for that one", He looked up at me from between my legs.

He stood and walked over to the sideboard where I had left the chains for my cuffs.
"Down off the table. Assume the position over it now"
I slid off the edge of the table, trembling as I turned around and bent over it. My thighs pressed against the edge as I lowered myself over the table. I placed my hands together behind my back, my legs parted slightly further than shoulder width apart. He bound my wrist cuffs together with one of the chains, then I saw the belt being lifted from the table and closed my eyes. I already regretted my lack of control and the disappointment it would have caused Him. There was no warning as I received the first kiss of His belt on my ass. I bit my lip and prayed that I would remain silent. He gave me five more before speaking.
"I'm very disappointed in you. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"Please Master, I'm so very sorry. I deserve to be punished."
"Of course you do my girl, and you will be. Now keep still", He continued with my punishment.
I concentrated hard on keeping still as His belt taught me a valuable lesson. When He had finished I was grateful that He didn't ask me how many I'd received on this occasion because I wouldn't have been able to tell Him.

He placed the belt back down on the table beside me. As the head of His cock pressed at the entrance to my pussy He leaned forward and whispered to me.
"You will not cum until I tell you will not dare to ask me you understand this time?", I nodded my understanding and He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back roughly.
"I want to hear you say it", He whispered calmly.
"I understand Master. I won't cum without Your permission and I won't ask Your permission"
"Good girl", He pushed His cock all the way inside me as He whispered the words and it was a miracle I didn't cum on the spot right then.
Master began to fuck me furiously against the table, my hair still in His hand my head was yanked back each time He thrust into me. His fingers bit into the flesh of my breast as He roughly groped at it. I blushed as He called me His dirty little fuck toy. After a while He pressed my body to the table again with one hand, pinning me there as His other hand found my clit. He toyed with it mercilessly, pinching and rubbing it as He continued to fuck me.
"Please! Please stop!", I cried out. I couldn't stand another second of it, I was going to cum soon and there was nothing I could do about it - I was almost out of self control.
"You want me to stop? Okay", He withdrew His cock from my pussy but continued to play with my clit.
My pussy pushed back towards Him searching for His cock. I heard Him chuckling.
"I thought you wanted me to stop?", the head of His cock barely touched my pussy, rubbed along the length of it. I whimpered.
"Ask nicely and you can have it again", He pressed the head against my clit.
"Please Master, please give me Your cock"
"Okay, I think my angel has waited long enough", He slipped back instead me and started fucking me hard again. I was on the verge of disappointing Him again when He pulled my hair, lifting my body up off the table until He had His arm pinning me tightly against Him, my head resting against His chest.
"Go ahead my angel", He said quietly.
I finally gave in and my orgasm was overwhelming. I writhed and bucked against Him, gripping His cock tightly as I came. I felt weak and trembled as the pleasure kept coming, a continuous wave of it that I hoped would never end.

As it subsided I rested against Him, weak yet blissfully content. Slipping out of me He lifted me in His arms, kissed me on the head and took me to shower.

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