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Friday, 18 November 2011

His Guilty Pleasure

Lying back on my elbows in front of the open fire, my towel still wrapped around me after my shower, I smile as he approaches with two glasses of champagne in his hands.  He’d driven here straight from the airport this evening and is still dressed for work in his shirt and tie.  He hands me a glass and sits beside me on the rug, kisses me gently on the lips and asks me how I’ve been.  As he listens attentively I tell him about the last three weeks in detail.  I want to throw myself in his arms instead and leave the talking for later but he’d never allow that.  He always makes me wait, makes me catch him up on everything and sit and enjoy a glass of something with him before he allows me anymore than a single kiss.  I watch the shadows from the flames of the fire dance across his face and acknowledge for the millionth time how lucky I am to have him in my life occasionally.  Placing his glass to one side he removes his tie and unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt.  My pussy reacts and I shift on the rug as I watch him remove his cufflinks and fold the sleeves of his shirt back. 

He takes my empty glass and goes to the kitchen to get us a refill.  When he returns and has sat back down beside me he tells me to lay my head in his lap.  I close my eyes and sigh contentedly as he runs his fingers through my hair and strokes the side of my face as we talk about nothing in particular.  His hand leaves my face and I feel my towel drop open, I lift my arm so that he can pull the towel away from my body completely.  He runs his index finger lightly up my side, starting at my hip and slowly making his way up to the side of my breast.  When he reaches my breast he pauses for a moment before retracing the path back down the curve of my body.  My nipples have stood to attention for him and there is a definite throbbing between my legs, I almost forget to breathe as my attention is entirely focused on his touch.  Quietly he begins to tell me how much he has missed the sight of my naked body and how he’d stroked his cock just last night as he thought about having me again today.  The thought of his cock excites me further, as was his intention I’m sure.  He says that I’ll have no need for clothing for the next two days, he’s going to make the most of the time we have.

He tells me to turn over onto my other side, so I turn to face his body.  I can see his erection clearly through the fabric of his trousers and feel a sudden urge to have it in my mouth.  He tilts my face so that I’m gazing up at him and he begins to trace my side with his finger again.  This time his eyes don’t leave mine as he explains what he is going to do to me.  With every detail he shares I become further aroused; he doesn’t need to touch any part of my body to know this - he can read it in my eyes.  His hand moves to my shoulder and pushes it back gently so that I’m lying on my back now.  He plays with my hair with his right hand as he uses the other to run his fingers lightly down the side of my jaw and over my throat.  His hand closes around my throat gently.
“Such a pretty throat, I remember the last time we were together very clearly.  I remember exactly how good it felt to have my cock pressing deep inside your throat.  How amazing it was to watch your teary face as I filled it when I came”, I smile at the memory and long for the second time this evening to feel his cock* in my mouth.

His hand travels down to my breasts and he brushes his palm over my erect nipples briefly before smoothing his hand down over my stomach past my navel and over my left thigh.  He rests his hand on my inner thigh.
“I wonder how wet you are between these beautiful legs…should I check?” his hand moves back up my leg ever so slightly and I part them instantly.
“I’ll take that as a yes”, his eyebrows raise in question.
The word ‘yes’ escapes my lips, my voice laced with arousal.  His palm rests at the top of my pussy as he slips a finger between the lips.  He watches my face as he pushes two fingers inside me.  My mouth opens in a silent gasp of pleasure and he slides them almost completely back out before pushing them back inside, a little further this time.  His palm is pressing against my clit and as his fingers move in and out of my pussy he is ensuring that my clit is getting plenty of attention.   
“I want you to cum for me…I want to feel your pussy squeezing my fingers tightly as I fuck you with them”, I let out a quiet groan and grip at his fingers as he continues to tell me what he wants from me.

My breathing quickens and I whimper, my back arches and I feel the muscles inside my pussy contracting around his fingers as my orgasm takes control of my body.  His hand keeps working throughout and another orgasm follows almost immediately after.  His hand rests in place as he waits for the aftershocks of my orgasms to fade.
“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look while you’re cumming?” this makes me smile.
“You may have mentioned it once or twice before”  
“Well I never tire of the sight…” he removes his hand from my pussy and places his index finger, glistening in the light of the fire with my juices, into his mouth and sucks it.
“...or the taste of you”, he feeds me the two fingers and I suck them clean as he pushes them in and out of my mouth teasingly.
“Okay, up you get.  Go and get us a refill Missy”, he gives my ass a playful slap as I get up to go to the kitchen.

When I return I see that he has undressed.  Laying on his side, propped up on his elbow facing the fire – I take a second to admire the back of him – particularly his ass and grin to myself.  As he becomes aware of my presence in the room he sits up.  I hand him his glass and he motions for me to sit on his lap.  I lower myself onto my knees, my legs either side of his.  He takes a sip of his champagne then kisses me deeply, his hand moves up my back and into my hair.  As he pulls my hair, my head tilts back and his mouth leaves mine to kiss and nibble my neck.  I’m startled as I feel something cold and wet* on my breast - champagne.  The cold is quickly replaced by the heat of his mouth as he sucks the champagne covered nipple and teases it with his tongue.  He pulls my ass in closer to his body so that I’m pressed against his hard cock and I move my hips, making it clear that I’d rather have it inside me.  He lets go of my hair and takes another drink, this time I watch as he takes my other nipple in his mouth.  I feel the cool bubbles against my sensitive nipple momentarily before he swallows and flicks at it with his tongue.  He lifts my ass with both hands and I position my pussy over the head of his cock, tilting my hips so that the head slides to the entrance.

I hear him exhale close to my ear as I slide myself down on his cock.
“That’s it my girl”, his hand returns to my hair and he kisses my neck as I begin to move on him.  I enjoy every movement we make, every sensation and emotion I feel as we demonstrate just how much we’ve missed each other’s bodies.  I play with my clit at his insistence and have two orgasms before he eventually allows himself to cum.  One of my favourite things is the feel of his cock as he cums inside me regardless of where inside me it is.  We sit for a moment, our foreheads resting together as we catch our breath, I rest a hand on his smooth chest and feel his heart pounding.  He lies back pulling me down with him and we watch the fire and talk, my head resting on his chest as he plays with my hair, his cock still nestled inside me.

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