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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Awoken By Angel

Laying beside you I gently trace the tips of my fingers up your inner thigh I reach your groin and lightly rub your balls with the palm of my hand smiling as I see your cock begin to twitch moments later. I lay a kiss on your jaw as I run my hand over your cock then take it in my grasp and slowly begin to stroke it. I love how I can feel it growing harder in my hand with every stroke.

I hear you let out a breath and know that you've woken properly. I can see the desire in your eyes when I turn my face towards yours. A gentle kiss on my forehead before grabbing a fistful of my hair and kissing me roughly on the mouth, my pussy responding instantly. As you move my hand from your cock I realise that I am no longer directing this morning's play time. I close my eyes as you squeeze my breasts hard and cruelly pinch my nipples, I love when you do that. Moments later you grant my silent wish and close your mouth over my nipple and play with it between your teeth. My arm pinned to my side I moan and gasp as you take your time to enjoy my breasts. It feels as though every nerve in my body tingles when you raise your head and your lips brush against my ear as you whisper "go fetch your cuffs angel".

As I make my way over to the dresser I become aware of just how wet my pussy has become; you seem to produce this reaction from me with little effort. I fumble in the drawer for my cuffs as I wonder to myself how you are going to use them today. As I turn with one pair in my hand and you tell me to get the second pair too my excitement increases. I can't help but admire you as you get out of bed and take the cuffs from me. As you describe how you want me to position myself for you my desire increases ten fold and I eagerly climb onto the bed. On my knees, legs parted, my head resting on the bed and my hands between my legs next to my ankles I know you will be pleased to see how wet my pussy is.

As you fasten my wrists to my ankles with the cuffs I resist the urge to ask you to hurry. I am relieved when I finally feel your hands rubbing my ass and am delighted as you begin to slap playfully. Feeling the bed compress as you position yourself behind me makes me whimper with anticipation and I angle my hips to point my pussy at you. It feels fantastic as you grip my hip tightly with one hand and push your cock all the way inside me with one swift movement. As you hold your cock deep inside me and begin to spank my ass again I long to touch my clit.

When the spanking stops and both of your hands move to my hips, your fingers gripping a little tighter than necessary I release a shaky sigh of relief as I feel your cock move inside me. As you begin fucking me steadily I feel every part inside my pussy being stroked by the smooth skin of your cock. I feel you leaning over me as you continue to fuck me then feel your breath on my ear as you ask me if I want it harder. I answer yes and am confused for a moment when I hear you softly laughing. Then I remember myself and answer you properly before the offer is taken off the table.
"Yes, please Master I want you to fuck me harder"
I am grateful that you have hold of my hips when you start thrusting hard as I doubt that I'd remain in position for long without your support.

I feel my orgasm building and tell you that I am going to cum soon. Awaiting your permission I pray that you don't feel like toying with me today; I am in great need of this release. Told to hold it until you tell me otherwise I hope that I can successfully do as I'm told. Each thrust is now a tease and with each additional one it becomes increasingly challenging for me to hold off.

As your left hand leaves my hip and presses down hard on my left shoulder and your thrusting increases in force and pace I hear "okay angel", and I let myself go. I hear my loud moans muffled by the pillow as the pressure of your hand on my shoulder forces my face further into it. Before my orgasm begins to subside I feel your cock twitch inside my pussy as you hold it there deep while you cum. I smile with contentment as you brush my hair from my face and kiss me gently on the cheek before sliding out of me.

As you get off the bed and take a step back and tell me how beautiful I look in this position I think for a moment that you are going to leave me here for a while. However, I am corrected as I feel your hands on my cuffs and you take my hand and lead me to the shower.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was sulking as I tried on the final dress of the day. I'd traipsed my other half around every clothes shop in the city looking for a dress for a party that Saturday. We'd been giving each other the silent treatment for the last half an hour and nothing I'd tried on felt right. The shop was due to close in ten minutes, he was waiting outside the cubicle for me and I was sure he'd want to strangle me if I didn't leave town with something to wear. As I smoothed the dress down over my hips and looked at myself in the mirror I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally something looked great. I called for him to come take a look.

He entered the cubicle and pulled the curtain closed behind him. Looking at my reflection in the mirror then checking out my ass he smiled.
"Well about bloody time!"
Placing his hands on my hips he leaned down and kissed the side of my neck.
"I think this is cause for celebration"
Pushing me forward by my hips until my body and face were pressed against the mirror and his cock was pressing against my ass, he pulled the zip of the dress down slightly and tugged the dress down a couple of inches exposing my bare breasts to the cold glass of the mirror. The pressure eased off my ass for a moment while he unfastened his jeans and lowered his boxers. One hand went up under the front of my dress to pull my panties to one side as he used a knee to part my legs and the other hand to guide his cock up inside me. My breath misted on the mirror as he fucked me against it. We'd never fucked in front of a mirror before and I was curious to see how we looked. I told him to back up a step and I rested the palms of my hands on the mirror which was now an arms length away. I watched as his hand moved up my body and squeezed my breast, the fingers of his other hand biting into my thigh as he held my leg up and out at a right angle. I lowered my right hand and found my clit and rubbed it enthusiastically extremely turned on by the situation. I caught his eye in the mirror, he looked down at my hand buried beneath the skirt of my dress and we grinned at each other. He started fucking me faster and harder then and I was pushing back hard on his cock, time was limited we both knew that.

He let go of my leg and moved my hips right back and pushed the back of my neck until I was bent right over. I put my right hand back on the mirror, I needed two for support as he pounded away. We were noisy at this point but didn't care as we were close to cumming.
I heard footsteps and looked to him in panic, he smiled back at my reflection and made a motion with his lips for me to be quiet. He slowed his pace and played with my clit with his thumb and fore finger. I looked at him, pleading with my eyes for him to stop; he knew that that drove me wild. I bit my lip and he covered my mouth with his hand as his cock moved slowly in and out of my pussy and he pushed me over the edge as he rolled my clit between His finger and thumb.
"Five minutes until closing" the shop assistant called in our direction.
"Okay, we're almost done, just making a decision on the dress" he told her as I bucked against his cock and hand as I came. I'm almost certain the shop assistant must have heard something of my moans despite my other half's best efforts to muffle them. He carried on teasing my clit as he removed his hand from my mouth and gripped my shoulder. Thrusting hard he let out a low moan as he began to cum.

We took a moment to compose ourselves before I got dressed and we made our way to the counter. We gave each other a conspiratorial grin as the shop keeper wrapped up the dress.

The Surprise: Final Part ~ The Location

As the taxi pulled up outside a row of non-descript buildings my pulse began to quicken.  The driver pointed to a building with a heavy brown door and told me that was the address he was told to bring me to, I thanked him and got out of the car.‬
‪ ‬
‪I let myself into the building and made my way carefully up the flight of stairs and to the second door on the right as instructed.  I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to knock or let myself in with the key.  As I raised my hand to try the key in the lock I noticed how much my hands were shaking.  I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and with some concentration managed to get the key in the lock.  I turned the key and pushed the door open. ‬
‪ ‬
‪The room was a large open space with windows lining the length on the far wall.  The space was empty aside from two tables near the door to my left and toward the other end of the room was what looked like a camera on a tripod.  It's positioning suggested that most of the room would be captured in the range of it's lens.  I noticed a red light blinking on it and realised that it was recording.  I remembered that I'd been instructed to select four items from the ones that were on display and turned my attention to the tables.‬
‪ ‬
‪Closing the door behind me I made my way over, the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor echoed loudly around me.  Laid out in a row were a pair of steel cuffs, steel clamps on a Y shaped chain, a hood, His leather belt (I'd recognise it anywhere), a very large dildo, some rope, a ball gag and a small machine with wires and pads.  My pussy was already wet thanks to the plug but I could feel it getting increasingly so as I looked at the items before me and struggled to make a decision.  I know better than to assume to know what Master has in store for me but I couldn't help wondering as I looked over the items; would He select to use the items that I picked out or use the ones that I chose to leave behind.  Of course there was always the possibility that He was getting me to choose to see out of interest what I would do and then just use whichever took his fancy regardless...I chided myself to hurry up.  I decided I would play it safe and select two that I would want and two that I'd prefer not to pick, that seemed for the best.  I picked up the cuffs and the clamps and laid them on the empty table.  Then I picked up the monstrous dildo, just looking at it almost made my eyes water!  Finally I picked up His belt and laid it with the rest of my items.  Taking one last look at them to make sure I was certain of my decision I turned and made my way to the centre of the room.  Turning to face the door I got to my knees and lowered my head to wait.  The basque felt a lot more restricting in this position.‬
‪ ‬
‪Some time later (at a guess I'd say it had been around half an hour) I heard a key in the lock.  My stomach did a flip and my pulse quickened immediately.  I heard the door open and someone stepped inside closing the door behind them.  As they approached me their footsteps were loud and echoed as mine had.  As the footsteps entered my line of sight I caught a hint of the familiar scent of Master's cologne and, as He stopped inches away from me, His presence demanded  a reaction from my body and got one.      ‬
‪"On your feet angel, let me see you"‬
‪As I stood I became aware of just how wet I had become whilst I'd been waiting.‬
‪"Mmm, you look just lovely"‬
‪Placing His hands on my shoulders He leaned down and planted a kiss on my forehead then He raised my arms and lifted the dress up over my head slowly and took a step back.‬
‪"Even more beautiful than I'd envisioned" He said quietly as though to Himself.  He traced the index finger of His right hand down over the curve of my breast along the pattern in the lace of the basque, down alongside the ribbon past my navel.  He used the same finger to probe between my lips which caused me to squirm involuntarily.  He delved two fingers inside and explored as He smoothed His other hand over my ass and the top of my stockings.  He pressed and nudged the plug‬ for a while, when my breathing because audibly heavier He stopped and walked to the tables.  I could hear Him walking along the length and imagined Him taking note of the items chosen.  I wondered what expression was on His face at that moment.  Footsteps approached me again then a blindfold was positioned over my eyes.  I felt Him fasten something to the ring on my collar.
"Follow me", I was led out of the room.

We turned right and must have walked the length of the hall because the door that I was walked through was directly ahead.  Once inside I was walked over to some sort of bench and positioned over it.  My wrists and ankles were bound to the legs so that I was like a star folded in half, my ass and pussy exposed.  I heard the door to the room open again and someone say that they had grabbed the things from the other room.  Then another voice.
"Wow she's wet, you can see it from here.  I don't think she's going to have any problem taking this" he sounded excited.
Master told him that he may be surprised and that he should find out now.  Then He told him to feel free to mess with the plug but do not remove it.
"Right, okay sure"
There was the sound of metal against wood as he put the things down and then footsteps approached me from behind.  I felt the plug move inside me and let out a small gasp of breath.  Something cool rubbed against my clit, it was wide and I knew immediately what it was.  As he moved it down over my pussy and stopped at the entrance I couldn't help but hold my breath, there was no way that it was going to fit inside me without a struggle.  To my surprise and everybody else's by the sound of it as he nudged at my opening it stretched to accommodate the tip.  It was as he pushed in further it became a bit more of a struggle.  At one point I told him that it was hurting, he shushed me and told me it would be worth it.  He held it where it was and moved the plug around for a while.  It felt amazing as he continued to move the plug whilst slowly edging the dildo in further.  Once it was in as far as it could physically go I felt that my pussy was stretched as wide as it could ever possibly be stretched.  It was left to rest for a moment before he started pulling it back out.  It pressed against every inch inside me and after a few minutes of him working it in and out I came quite noisily.  I couldn't help myself, it was one of the strongest orgasms I'd had in a while and I'd been waiting for it all day.
"Right, that's enough of that.  Remove it, she's indulged herself enough for now I want to move on"
As the dildo left my pussy completely I felt strangely empty. 

Still enjoying the ripples of pleasure from my orgasm I wasn't paying attention to what was going on in the room round me.  It therefore came as a great surprise when I felt a painful sting on my ass.  I yelped and then bit my lip as another landed on my other cheek.  Then I felt His hands rubbing my ass.  I knew it was Him despite the fact that I hadn't been told, I could tell by the way I was being touched.  His hands left my skin and seconds later the belt made contact again.  I counted eighteen in total before He finally stopped, my ass was stinging like hell.  I had managed not to make too much noise during and knew that He'd be pleased about that.  Tears had run up the side of my face though as much as I'd tried I couldn't prevent them from falling.  I felt His finger tips trace lightly over the cheeks of my ass, felt them running along the marks that were glowing there.  Then He pulled slowly at the plug and I felt the stretching as my ass adjusted to allow for the widest part to leave.  There was a feeling of pleasant relief as I felt my ass contracting as the plug was removed completely.  Holding the plug in His left hand and resting His hand on the small of my back he used His right hand to tease my pussy and ass simultaneously.  He inserted his thumb into my ass and a number of fingers in my pussy and stroked me inside.  When I started to squirm He stopped, He unfastened my wrists and ankles and told me to stand.  Using the bench for support I pushed myself upright. 

Once standing I felt a gentle tug on my collar and walked a few steps across the room, I heard the sound of metal jangling together.  My wrists were taken and the cuffs closed around them, my hands then elevated above my head the cuffs hooked to something to keep my arms raised.  My arms were not stretched up to their fullest reach, the height still allowed for a bend in my elbows.  The lace of my basque was pulled and I waited as it was untied.  I took a big deep breath as I felt the basque loosen it's hold.  He slipped it down my body and told me to lift my feet one at a time so that I could step out of it. All that remained of my outfit was my stockings and sandals.  He stood in front of me, removed my blindfold and told me to look at Him.  I met His eyes and smiled as I saw how He was looking at me, a look of pride.  He fetched the clamps and I take a sharp intake of breath as He clamps each one down onto my sensitive nipples.  The third one at the end of the chain achieves a groan as it clamps down and squeezes mercilessly on my clit.  A light pull on the chain to ensure that they were on right and then He walked over to a chair a few feet across from me and took a seat.  It was then that I felt a strange pair of hands on my hips and then a low voice in my ear from behind.
"He wants you to watch Him the whole time, do not take your eyes off Him for a second was His specific instruction"
I nodded my head to show that I understood.  I locked eyes with my Master as my hips were pulled back and my legs were parted.  My cheeks were spread and the stranger's cock nudged at my ass.  I felt the colour rise in my cheeks as his cock entered my ass, Master was the only one who had ever been there.‬  He entered quite easily since my ass had been stretched by the plug already and was plenty lubricated from my juices.  As he started to slowly fuck my ass I didn't avert my eyes from my Master's gaze.  His cock felt really good and I soon got over the fact that there was a stranger inside me.  Every now and then he would give a cruel tug on the chain that would cause me to cry out.  Master stroked Himself as He watched me get fucked.  The hunger and arousal in His eyes as He watched turned me on so much.  The stranger pumped faster at my ass, it seemed that he was determined to cum soon.  I was correct and after a couple of minutes of picking up speed and vigorously fucking me he pulled the chain out away from my body as he froze inside me.  The unrelenting pain from the clamps made me scream as his cock twitched pumping his cum into my ass.  I watched as my Master closed His eyes and took His own pleasure.  The stranger withdrew his cock almost immediately and I was left standing there as they went to get cleaned up.

Master returned alone and removed the clamps one by one.  There was immense pain followed by a sweet warm pleasure as each clamp released it's bite on my sensitive flesh.  He unfastened my cuffs, then retrieved my dress and pulled it on over my head.  Kissing my forehead he said "Come on angel, let's get you home.  You did me proud today".
‪ ‬
Later that week Master gave me my reward for being good; I sat with Him to watch the finished production of the events recorded that day.  There had been a camera in both rooms and Master told me that He couldn't have been more pleased with the results.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Surprise: Part Two ~ The Package

I answered the door to the courier and signed for the package.  It was about twice the size of a shoe box, wrapped in deep red paper and tied in a thick white ribbon.  I took it up to the bedroom placed it on my lap and opened it carefully.
On top of the tissue paper inside were two blue boxes. I opened the first one and smiled as I traced my fingers along the thin leather collar that sat in the box.  It had a small silver ring at the front of it which I imagined would be put to good use in the future.  I placed it to one side for the time being and opened the other box.  As I lifted the lid I saw a clear glass plug modestly sized at around six inches.  The round external end was embedded with crystals of different sizes in purple, red and turquoise; I took it out of the box and held it up to the light, it was mesmerising.  I made myself put it away and opened up the tissue paper revealing a beautiful white lace basque and sheer white stockings that had lace at the tops to match the pattern on the basque.  I lifted them in the paper and set them on the bed.  Also in the box was a short strapless white and pink floral summer dress, white strappy sandals with a high stiletto heel and a hair clip with a white flower on it.  I laid them all out on the bed and went to shower.
As the hot water beat down on me I imagined the many different scenarios that could be waiting for me when I arrive at the destination.  What would He have in store for me this time?  I took my time preparing myself, ensuring that everything was perfect for Him as He expected and deserved.  After checking myself over twice I dried off.  Then clean, smooth and moisturised with a seductive scent I was ready to dress.
The first item to be put on and the one that I was most excited about was my new collar.  I beamed as I fastened it around my neck and admired how it looked on me in the full length mirror.  Next I prepared myself to take the plug and slowly inserted it; it surprised me how deep it actually felt once it was all the way in.  I enjoyed the stirrings it caused as I continued to dress, particularly as I sat to put on the stockings.  The basque followed the stockings; it was front fastening with ribbon so I had to loosen the ribbon to get it on and then made sure that I pulled it nice and tight so that it was slightly restricting just as He would if He were tying it for me.  I pinned my hair up in the clip that He'd provided and slipped the heels on.  I checked the result in the mirror before putting on the dress and grinned at the vision before me.  I knew that Master would be delighted when He saw me.  I pulled the dress on over my head and as I smoothed it down over my body I heard a car beep outside - the taxi had arrived.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach as I entered the back of the taxi.  As I closed the door the driver greeted me and told me that the key was in an envelope on the back seat.  I opened the envelope and inside was a regular silver key.  I thanked the driver and turned the key over in my hand nervously as he began to drive. 
After approximately 20 minutes of silence the driver spoke "We're almost there, it's just around this corner..." 

The Surprise: Part One ~ The Letter

As I collected the post this morning a deep red envelope caught my eye.  I was quite excited as I opened it, I wasn't expecting any invitations.  It turned out that it wasn't quite the sort of invitation that I had assumed it would be.  In fact it was a letter that read as follows:
I trust you are well.  Enclosed are a set of instructions which I want you to follow implicitly.  Should you carry out my instructions satisfactorily you will be rewarded for your diligence later.
  • Take a shower and prepare yourself to my liking
  • Pin your hair up
  • If it hasn't arrived already, you will receive a package sometime this morning.  You are to dress in the items enclosed.
  • At 1pm a taxi will pick you up and take you to the intended destination.  The driver will hand you a key so that you can let yourself in.
  • Once there, take the stairs to the first floor and enter the second room on the right.
  • You will see 8 items laid out on the table; select four of the items and set them to one side.
  • Take your position in the centre of the room and wait.
My hands were trembling as I finished reading and my heart was pounding, my whole body excited with the anticipation of what was in store for me. 
Moments later the door bell rang...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Afternoon

He walks into the living room and tells me to stand still for a moment.  I stop what I am doing as he approaches me.  Standing behind me he runs his fingers through my hair and brushes it back to one side exposing the nape of my neck.  Gently tilting my head back and slightly to the left he bends his head down and softly kisses my ear and slowly makes his way down the side of my neck.  I let out a shaky breath as he reaches halfway down, it's the most sensitive part of my neck.

He lifts my arms above my head and pulls my top off over my head, running his hands up the side of my body and my arms as he does so. He places my top on the coffee table then unclasps my bra at the back and removes it, placing it with my top.  Kissing my shoulders, his arms move around to the front of me and he begins unbuttoning my jeans.  He kisses a trail down the middle of my back whilst pulling my jeans down for me to step out of them.  Kissing my lower back he pulls at the waist of my panties.  As he pulls them down over my ass I feel his warm mouth on the cheeks of my ass, kissing and softly biting.  I step out of my panties as they reach my ankles. 

He takes me by the hand and leads me to sofa then sits down and pulls me onto his lap.  I'm positioned quite far back on his lap, facing him with my legs wrapped loosely around his waist exposing my wet pussy.  His hands either side of my face he places a singe kiss on my forehead before kissing me on the lips.  My lips part and as we kiss slowly I can feel the charge of sexual energy between us building.  The kiss gets more heated, his hands trail down my neck past my shoulders and rest in the middle of my back.  I feel him start to lean into me and encouraging me to lean back.  His lips leave mine and I'm disappointed for a moment until I feel them on the curve of my breast.  I lean against his strong arms and arch my back as he kisses, sucks and licks every part of my breasts except for my nipples. 

He leaves my breasts for a moment to kiss me again, he pulls me back in closer to him and uses one hand to caress my breasts.  He rubs his palm over my nipples and though I didn't think it possible they stiffen further.  Holding my left breast in his right hand he dips his head and takes my nipple in his mouth.  He starts sucking it and brushing it with his soft lips, flicking it with his tongue.  I tremble in his lap and groan, he lifts his eyes to watch my face as he takes my nipple between his teeth and softly rolls it.  I feel his leg is wet beneath me now.  His hands move to my hips and he lifts me off his lap and sets me down on the sofa for a moment.

He stands and we watch each other as he undresses.  He holds out his hand to me as he returns to the sofa and I take it and stand.  Sitting back down he pulls me onto his lap again, leans back and taking his hard cock in his hand, moves me a little closer so that he can rub the tip against my clit.  As his cock slides over my swollen clit I press my pussy against it revelling in the contact.  He strokes his cock as he moves it over my clit and after a short while I tip my head back as I start to cum.  Immediately he moves me closer and slides his cock inside me.  Pulling me tightly against him he fucks me slowly as I cum.  He waits until my orgasm has subsided before allowing himself his own. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Getting Cheeky

Every day that week I had managed to get myself in trouble by one way or another (mainly by being a smart ass I’ll be honest) so I’d been told that I was going to pay for it at the end of the week.  I would have detention at some point but would not be told when until the time came.  The time came sooner than I expected on Friday as it was later that day (after work hours); I received the following email:

“Go to my office now and wait.  You are to be naked and kneeling in your corner, your eyes are not to leave the floor.”

I left for His office immediately and undressed as quickly as possible.  I had been caught out in the past when He’d asked me to wait for Him and then He’d arrived shortly after, I endured extra punishment for not being prepared and for making Him wait.  Positioning myself to face the corner I settled in for a long wait.  I had spent so much time in this corner over the past year that I knew every detail, every crack in the paint.  I was to use this time to think about how I’d behaved this week and how I had disappointed Him.  I didn’t know how long I had been there this time but He told me afterwards as I was curled in His lap that it was 2 hours; no more than I deserved I admitted to Him. 

I heard the handle on the office door move and my pulse began to quicken.  As the door opened then closed and I listened to His footsteps approaching I could feel the moisture between my legs build. 
“Stand my angel and place your hands on your head”
I stand and place my hands on my head, moments later I feel His hand on my ass lightly rubbing at first and then firmer before squeezing at my cheeks.  I am nervous for my punishment but can’t help but enjoy this part despite my nerves.
“Over the chair, hold the front of the seat with both hands.  Feet together.”
I nervously positioned myself as instructed.  His voice was quiet and matter of fact as it usually was for punishment and it intensified the anticipation ten fold.  The back of the chair was a little high so I had to tiptoe slightly to position myself over it.  This would make it harder for me to keep perfectly still.  If  I didn’t stay still while I was receiving my punishment it would earn me extra ; I’d learned that lesson a long time ago the hard way.  I fixed my gaze on my hands and focused on listening to what He was doing.  I knew that my punishment was to be delivered to my ass on this occasion but what He would select to use was a mystery.  I just prayed that it wasn’t the cane.

He started walking slowly around the room and told me that I was to receive a stroke for each of the incidents that I was being punished for.  As I had racked up five and a half punishable incidents it would be rounded up to six strokes.  As I had been warned about my cheek several times during the course of the week there would be no leniency. 
“After each stroke you are to tell me immediately which incident the stroke has been awarded for.  It should not be too difficult if you start from Monday and work your way through the week.  I warn you that if you get any wrong or pause before answering you will be awarded an extra stroke”, He continued to circle me slowly as He explained the rules.   I frantically tried to get each incident straight in my head because I knew that I’d struggle to remember soon.  I heard Him walk over to the cupboard to take out His tool of choice today.  He took his time deciding, mentioning each of the different items.  I could sense Him watching me carefully as He mentioned each one looking out for the slightest reaction.
“Hmm, I haven’t used the paddle for quite some time…but no, we’ll save that for our next play time I think”, a long pause would follow in which time I would repeat the list of six things that I was being punished for in my head.
“Ah yes, this is perfect!  I hope that you are ready angel, you know the rules.”
The cupboard is closed and it’s then I hear it “Swish”.  Just as I’d feared He’d selected the cane. 
“Yes Master I am ready”, I so wasn’t ready!  I wanted to beg Him to choose something else, anything else.

He walked around the room giving the cane a flick through the air every now and then so that I could hear it.  He asked me questions as He paced and flicked, questions that were distracting me.  I needed to remember the list of things, I had to focus on keeping still and not flinching every time I heard the swish of the cane. 
“I wonder if you will learn your lesson this time angel.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told you about your cheekiness”, there was no pause between the end of His sentence and the swish through the air I heard before I felt the hot pain on my ass.  Thankfully, although I wasn’t allowed to move I was permitted to make sound.  It took everything I had not to bolt upright and shield my ass with my hands.  I cried out but remembered that I had to tell Him why I’d been awarded the stroke.
“Monday I was being lippy and pushing my luck!” I half yelped.
“Good angel.  Keep it up and we’ll be done in no time at all.”

I felt Him place the cane across my ass as though to line up the next stroke.  It left my skin and I heard it move through the air but nothing came. 
“Good, perfectly still as I expect”, He walked around to the front of the chair and stood there for a few moments toying with me.  He returned behind me and I felt the cane placed across my ass again.  This time I heard it cut through the air and it felt like it cut through my skin.  I screamed and started to sob as I told him “Tuesday I thought it amusing to tease you Master”.
“Yes, I feel that you are regretting that decision now as I’d warned you you would at the time.”

There was no drawing out the next couple.  The third came straight away and felt as though the cane had landed in exactly the same place as the last stroke although I knew that in actual fact it would be almost precisely half an inch lower than the last.  I told Him that I’d earned that one for failing to do what he’d asked of me on Wednesday.  Thursday’s stroke was almost a relief because I knew that I only had two more to go at that point as long as I did nothing to earn any extras.  Through my tears and the pain I managed to tell Him that Thursday I had been cheeky again.
“Yes you had.  Very disappointing since you’d been told about it earlier in the very same week”, He tutted afterwards.   I hate when He tuts at me, it makes me feel guilty.

He placed the cane across the backs of my thighs and I almost look up in surprise but catch myself before I do.  I was just surprised because he doesn’t usually go for my thighs.  He tapped my thighs a couple of times before moving it back up to my ass.  One tap and then a second later my ass feels like it is literally on fire.
“No, please stop!”
“You have earned another for that, now tell me what I want to hear.”
Between sobs I tell Him that that one was for telling Him that I was going to say something naughty but decided against it; this was the half that I’d earned.

“Okay you have two left, you were doing well up until that last one try to control yourself.”
I was crying silently, my hands were a blur as I couldn’t see through my tears.  I just wanted it to be over with.
“Swish!” I really didn’t think I could take one more after that one.  I needed to come down off my tiptoes and curl up, my ass was in so much pain.
“That was for arguing with You this morning!” I said it so quickly I wondered if it was even comprehensible but apparently it was.
“Last one, this one is going to be the hardest because it is an extra one and the last one, I want you to remember this one…are you ready?”
I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath “I’m ready”.
It felt as though He’d struck every nerve on my ass with the final stroke.  I cried out and pleaded with Him for no more which was pointless because my punishment was over. 

He stood behind me and placed His hands over mine, lifted them gently and told me to stand up straight.  He led me around to the front of the chair where He sat and pulled me gently over His lap.  I felt Him lean to pick something up off the floor then hear Him opening what I realise is the lotion.  He began smoothing it onto my very sore ass gently, telling me how well I did during my punishment.  My tears gradually began to subside and I lay exhausted in His lap enjoying the cooling sensation from the lotion.  When we got home later that night He undressed me in front of the mirror and showed me the stripes that He’d given me; six perfectly spaced stripes with another crossing them all diagonally – the final stroke.  Running his fingers lightly over my striped ass He told me it looked beautiful.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Entertaining the Guests

Sitting under the large dining table wearing only my collar, I wait for the guests to be seated.  I won't be sitting at the table tonight, instead I am to service each of the four people seated around the table with my mouth.  I am not to touch them with my hands.  By the time dessert is served I have to have satisfied each of them.  If I fail I will be punished and am told that I will be demoted to the bathroom for the next dinner party.  I must remain on my knees throughout dinner, I am not to change position.  I have been under the table for thirty minutes and my knees are hurting already.  I have been told not to make my way around the table in any particular order but to make it random so that the guests will be unable to guess when their turn is coming.  Also, I am not to see to Sir first as I would usually because He too wants a surprise.

I hear the guests enter the room and know that they will have already been informed of their in-dinner entertainment.  This is confirmed when the first guy takes his seat and proceeds to undo his pants and take his cock out.  The rest of the male guests follow suit, the two female guests have their skirts raised around their waists, they aren't wearing panties and they spread their legs sufficiently.  I decide to start with the guy who took his seat last and shuffle silently along the tiled floor to where he's sat.  I lean forward and take his semi-hard cock into my mouth.  He jumps slightly as my mouth makes contact, obviously he was not expecting to be first.  I get to work, sucking in a steady rhythm I could feel his cock growing ever harder in my mouth.  I could take his entire length without too much difficulty, he was a good easy first choice.  I suck continuously like this for around 10 minutes just getting warmed up.  I hear that starters are being served and his voice falters as he asks the waiter for a refill of his glass.  His cock twitches in my mouth and I hold my mouth at the base of his cock for a moment before drawing it up slowly as his cum is pumped down my throat.

One of the men is a bit on the heavy side and I decide to get this one done now at the halfway point.  It's difficult for me to access much of his cock, he soon solves this problem by pushing my head down forcefully.  His cock pushes deep into the back of my throat and I gag, partly from his cock and partly because my face has been pressed against his stomach.  It's taking my best effort to remain silent as he holds my head in position and fucks my mouth.  I am very grateful that he takes no time at all before he cums and swallow every bitter drop of it.  When he releases his grip on my head I kneel as straight as the height of the table will allow and catch my breath for a moment whilst weighing up the next cock.

That's two cocks down so I decide to break it up a little and turn my attention to one of the female guests now.  She must feel my breath against her skin before I make contact with my mouth because she parts her legs wider still and shifts forward in her seat angling her pussy upwards slightly.  I explore her entire pussy with my tongue for a few minutes before focusing on her clit.  I was conscious of time and didn't want to draw things out for too long.  I sucked it and teased it with my tongue during which time the waiters came in and cleared the plates.  I take her clit gently between by teeth and flick it with my tongue just as Sir does with mine.  As I had guessed it didn't take much of this before she was pressing her pussy at my face and writhing under the table.  My mouth soaked with her juices I moved back into the centre of the table and turned to look at Sir.  I'm a little unsure as to whether I should have left Him until last but He did say that He wanted to be surprised too.

As I approach Sir I can feel excitement building inside me.   As I position myself between His legs and admire His cock for a moment His hand appears under the table and He grips a handful of my hair and uses His other hand to aim His cock at my mouth.  I lean my head closer and lick the tip to let Him know that my mouth is close.  Pushing His cock into my mouth He uses the grip on my hair to control my movement.  Slowly He pushes my head all the way down until my nose is pressed against his groin, He holds me there and my eyes stream and my saliva runs out of my mouth over the base of His cock.  He pulls my hair just as slowly to slide my mouth up His length. This continues for the entire length of the main course, a few minutes before the waiter returns His movement become much more rough and forceful and I know it won't be long.  I am aware of the wet sounds that are the result of my mouth hitting his groin area, it is covered in my saliva and the pussy juice that was around my mouth.  He slows the movement again and releases His grip on my hair.  I begin to panic as dessert will be served soon and Sir has yet to cum.  I suck eagerly at his cock and give it my best effort as though my life depended on it.  It felt that way anyway, I hear the door to the dining room open and my stomach churns.  I keep sucking but He pushes my face away from Him.  I am sure that He has held back on purpose as He has never slowed things down again after He's gotten rough.  I kneel under the table staring at His cock which remains just as hard throughout the dessert course.  I have a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach as I know I am going to be punished.

The plates are cleared and they chat for a while at the table.
"Coffees will be served in the sitting room if you'd like to make your way in I will join you shortly", He stands and waits for the guests to leave the room then calls me out from under the table.  I shuffle out still on my knees because He hasn't specifically said that I could stand yet. 
"Stand and face the table."
Trembling with fear I slowly get to my feet, it's difficult because I had been on my knees for so long.  I can't help but notice that His trousers are still open and His cock still hard.  He comes up behind me and pushes me face down onto the table.  He roughly forces His cock deep into my pussy then pulls my right arm across my back revealing my breast to Him.  Using His free hand He harshly grips my breast and squeezes it cruely as He fucks me hard.  He is pumping fast working toward attaining His pleasure and gets there quickly.  He pulls out and I feel his hot cum hit my ass.

"Be grateful that I fucked you after such a disappointing performance whore." I can hear Him putting His clothes right.
"Don't move, you can wait there for your punishment.  I have guests to tend to so I will deliver it once they have left."
"Yes Sir", my reply is barely audible.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Laid back, propped up on my elbows on a blanket in the middle of a field on the West coast I watch him as he eats a nectarine.  Sat up, he is staring off into the distance.  We’ve not know each other for long but we were comfortable in each others company immediately.  I love watching him when he’s deep in thought like this.  He licks his lips as the nectarine juice runs onto them and I get a flash back to the last time we were together.  There’s a familiar stirring in my pussy as I remember exactly what he did with his tongue. 

I reach out my hand and run my fingers slowly up and down his left forearm.  He turns to me and smiles and I grin and raise my eyebrows at him suggestively.  He leans into me and kisses me deeply; I can taste the sweetness of the nectarine on his tongue as we kiss.  I lay flat on my back and start unbuttoning my dress at the front and open it to reveal my breasts.  He pulls out of the kiss and takes in the sight of my breasts for a moment - the nicest he's ever seen he told me once and I believe him.  If you could see the desire in his eyes now that I see you would believe him too.  He still has the nectarine in his hand and touches it to one of my nipples, rubbing it in slow circular motions.  I watch it get stiffer as he teases it with the fruit.  He lowers his head and closes his mouth over my nipple and sucks it softly.  I watch him and run my fingers through his hair and down the line of his jaw and can't believe how lucky I am.  He raises his head and kisses me again briefly before returning to my breasts, the other one this time.  He takes just as much time with this one giving it the exact same attention as the other.  Without pausing he places the fruit on the grass and places his now free hand on my thigh.   

He lays beside me and kisses me slowly, his tongue deep in my mouth and his hand begins to move up my leg.  My desire for him rises significantly, he keeps control of our kiss and as his hand reaches my panties he pulls them to the side and softly rubs my lips with his fingers.  I groan and he laughs a little, pulls his face away from mine and looks into my eyes as his fingers part my lips and enter my pussy.  I close my eyes enjoying the sensation as he moves his fingers inside me.
"Open your eyes Lexie", he tells me; I never get tired of hearing his Irish accent.
I open my eyes and he chooses that moment to slide his thumb over my clit and delves his fingers deeper inside me.  My mouth opens in surprise and he kisses me again.  This time the kiss is harder, there's more urgency to it.  I move my hand to his crotch and can feel his cock through his trousers, I move my hand over it, rubbing it through the material.  I am so looking forward to having his cock inside me again, it's a week since I saw him last which feels like an eternity when he's all I could think about.  I undo his trousers and he shifts his weight to enable me to pull them and his boxers down onto his thighs.  I wrap my hand around his cock and begin to stroke it slowly.  His thumb works more quickly over my clit and our kissing is very hot and heavy now. 

As he rolls onto his back he pulls me with him so that I end up on top of him.  He holds my panties to the side as I take his cock in one hand and guide the tip to the entrance of my pussy.  He plays with my clit as I move on his cock.  He isn't watching my face this time, he is watching his cock as my pussy slides up and down it's length.  I love the expression on his face right now, kind of a mix of lust and wonderment.  He moves his eyes up my body appearing to take in every detail before meeting my eyes again.  His hands move over my body, up my sides and around my back then back around to my breasts.  He squeezes them for a moment then sits up and gives them both a playful bite, just a nip of the teeth on each nipple, his hand returning to my clit.  I am moving my hips faster and he lets out a groan, pulls me down onto him and turns us so that he is now on top of me.  He takes my legs and runs his hands down to my ankles, maneuvering them over his shoulders.  He pulls his cock most of the way out and then slides it back in painfully slowly, my clit getting it's only contact once his cock is all the way inside and he is pressed tightly against me, I move against him.  Slowly we build momentum, most of the time he is watching me but intermittently he leans in a little closer to kiss.  These kisses are brief and breathless, sometimes our lips making contact for just a second.     

Moaning quietly beneath him as I feel my climax approaching he grinds his hips against me ensuring maximum contact with my clit.  Our rhythm doesn't falter as we grind against each other, at least not until my orgasm takes hold.  I let out a cry of pleasure as I feel it ripple through my body.  I've closed my eyes and as I open them I see him watching my face, he has a look of concentration on his face and I can't help but smile.  He starts to thrust now and I know that he is not far off and I am right.  He closes his eyes and he thrusts a couple more times, determined slow thrusts before stopping and resting more of his weight on me.  I feel him cumming inside me and purposely squeeze his cock with my pussy.  He moves my legs off his shoulders and lays on top of me, his cock still inside my pussy.  I kiss him softly as we lay in the sun listening to the sound of each other breathing.