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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Getting Cheeky

Every day that week I had managed to get myself in trouble by one way or another (mainly by being a smart ass I’ll be honest) so I’d been told that I was going to pay for it at the end of the week.  I would have detention at some point but would not be told when until the time came.  The time came sooner than I expected on Friday as it was later that day (after work hours); I received the following email:

“Go to my office now and wait.  You are to be naked and kneeling in your corner, your eyes are not to leave the floor.”

I left for His office immediately and undressed as quickly as possible.  I had been caught out in the past when He’d asked me to wait for Him and then He’d arrived shortly after, I endured extra punishment for not being prepared and for making Him wait.  Positioning myself to face the corner I settled in for a long wait.  I had spent so much time in this corner over the past year that I knew every detail, every crack in the paint.  I was to use this time to think about how I’d behaved this week and how I had disappointed Him.  I didn’t know how long I had been there this time but He told me afterwards as I was curled in His lap that it was 2 hours; no more than I deserved I admitted to Him. 

I heard the handle on the office door move and my pulse began to quicken.  As the door opened then closed and I listened to His footsteps approaching I could feel the moisture between my legs build. 
“Stand my angel and place your hands on your head”
I stand and place my hands on my head, moments later I feel His hand on my ass lightly rubbing at first and then firmer before squeezing at my cheeks.  I am nervous for my punishment but can’t help but enjoy this part despite my nerves.
“Over the chair, hold the front of the seat with both hands.  Feet together.”
I nervously positioned myself as instructed.  His voice was quiet and matter of fact as it usually was for punishment and it intensified the anticipation ten fold.  The back of the chair was a little high so I had to tiptoe slightly to position myself over it.  This would make it harder for me to keep perfectly still.  If  I didn’t stay still while I was receiving my punishment it would earn me extra ; I’d learned that lesson a long time ago the hard way.  I fixed my gaze on my hands and focused on listening to what He was doing.  I knew that my punishment was to be delivered to my ass on this occasion but what He would select to use was a mystery.  I just prayed that it wasn’t the cane.

He started walking slowly around the room and told me that I was to receive a stroke for each of the incidents that I was being punished for.  As I had racked up five and a half punishable incidents it would be rounded up to six strokes.  As I had been warned about my cheek several times during the course of the week there would be no leniency. 
“After each stroke you are to tell me immediately which incident the stroke has been awarded for.  It should not be too difficult if you start from Monday and work your way through the week.  I warn you that if you get any wrong or pause before answering you will be awarded an extra stroke”, He continued to circle me slowly as He explained the rules.   I frantically tried to get each incident straight in my head because I knew that I’d struggle to remember soon.  I heard Him walk over to the cupboard to take out His tool of choice today.  He took his time deciding, mentioning each of the different items.  I could sense Him watching me carefully as He mentioned each one looking out for the slightest reaction.
“Hmm, I haven’t used the paddle for quite some time…but no, we’ll save that for our next play time I think”, a long pause would follow in which time I would repeat the list of six things that I was being punished for in my head.
“Ah yes, this is perfect!  I hope that you are ready angel, you know the rules.”
The cupboard is closed and it’s then I hear it “Swish”.  Just as I’d feared He’d selected the cane. 
“Yes Master I am ready”, I so wasn’t ready!  I wanted to beg Him to choose something else, anything else.

He walked around the room giving the cane a flick through the air every now and then so that I could hear it.  He asked me questions as He paced and flicked, questions that were distracting me.  I needed to remember the list of things, I had to focus on keeping still and not flinching every time I heard the swish of the cane. 
“I wonder if you will learn your lesson this time angel.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told you about your cheekiness”, there was no pause between the end of His sentence and the swish through the air I heard before I felt the hot pain on my ass.  Thankfully, although I wasn’t allowed to move I was permitted to make sound.  It took everything I had not to bolt upright and shield my ass with my hands.  I cried out but remembered that I had to tell Him why I’d been awarded the stroke.
“Monday I was being lippy and pushing my luck!” I half yelped.
“Good angel.  Keep it up and we’ll be done in no time at all.”

I felt Him place the cane across my ass as though to line up the next stroke.  It left my skin and I heard it move through the air but nothing came. 
“Good, perfectly still as I expect”, He walked around to the front of the chair and stood there for a few moments toying with me.  He returned behind me and I felt the cane placed across my ass again.  This time I heard it cut through the air and it felt like it cut through my skin.  I screamed and started to sob as I told him “Tuesday I thought it amusing to tease you Master”.
“Yes, I feel that you are regretting that decision now as I’d warned you you would at the time.”

There was no drawing out the next couple.  The third came straight away and felt as though the cane had landed in exactly the same place as the last stroke although I knew that in actual fact it would be almost precisely half an inch lower than the last.  I told Him that I’d earned that one for failing to do what he’d asked of me on Wednesday.  Thursday’s stroke was almost a relief because I knew that I only had two more to go at that point as long as I did nothing to earn any extras.  Through my tears and the pain I managed to tell Him that Thursday I had been cheeky again.
“Yes you had.  Very disappointing since you’d been told about it earlier in the very same week”, He tutted afterwards.   I hate when He tuts at me, it makes me feel guilty.

He placed the cane across the backs of my thighs and I almost look up in surprise but catch myself before I do.  I was just surprised because he doesn’t usually go for my thighs.  He tapped my thighs a couple of times before moving it back up to my ass.  One tap and then a second later my ass feels like it is literally on fire.
“No, please stop!”
“You have earned another for that, now tell me what I want to hear.”
Between sobs I tell Him that that one was for telling Him that I was going to say something naughty but decided against it; this was the half that I’d earned.

“Okay you have two left, you were doing well up until that last one try to control yourself.”
I was crying silently, my hands were a blur as I couldn’t see through my tears.  I just wanted it to be over with.
“Swish!” I really didn’t think I could take one more after that one.  I needed to come down off my tiptoes and curl up, my ass was in so much pain.
“That was for arguing with You this morning!” I said it so quickly I wondered if it was even comprehensible but apparently it was.
“Last one, this one is going to be the hardest because it is an extra one and the last one, I want you to remember this one…are you ready?”
I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath “I’m ready”.
It felt as though He’d struck every nerve on my ass with the final stroke.  I cried out and pleaded with Him for no more which was pointless because my punishment was over. 

He stood behind me and placed His hands over mine, lifted them gently and told me to stand up straight.  He led me around to the front of the chair where He sat and pulled me gently over His lap.  I felt Him lean to pick something up off the floor then hear Him opening what I realise is the lotion.  He began smoothing it onto my very sore ass gently, telling me how well I did during my punishment.  My tears gradually began to subside and I lay exhausted in His lap enjoying the cooling sensation from the lotion.  When we got home later that night He undressed me in front of the mirror and showed me the stripes that He’d given me; six perfectly spaced stripes with another crossing them all diagonally – the final stroke.  Running his fingers lightly over my striped ass He told me it looked beautiful.

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