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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Surprise: Final Part ~ The Location

As the taxi pulled up outside a row of non-descript buildings my pulse began to quicken.  The driver pointed to a building with a heavy brown door and told me that was the address he was told to bring me to, I thanked him and got out of the car.‬
‪ ‬
‪I let myself into the building and made my way carefully up the flight of stairs and to the second door on the right as instructed.  I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to knock or let myself in with the key.  As I raised my hand to try the key in the lock I noticed how much my hands were shaking.  I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and with some concentration managed to get the key in the lock.  I turned the key and pushed the door open. ‬
‪ ‬
‪The room was a large open space with windows lining the length on the far wall.  The space was empty aside from two tables near the door to my left and toward the other end of the room was what looked like a camera on a tripod.  It's positioning suggested that most of the room would be captured in the range of it's lens.  I noticed a red light blinking on it and realised that it was recording.  I remembered that I'd been instructed to select four items from the ones that were on display and turned my attention to the tables.‬
‪ ‬
‪Closing the door behind me I made my way over, the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor echoed loudly around me.  Laid out in a row were a pair of steel cuffs, steel clamps on a Y shaped chain, a hood, His leather belt (I'd recognise it anywhere), a very large dildo, some rope, a ball gag and a small machine with wires and pads.  My pussy was already wet thanks to the plug but I could feel it getting increasingly so as I looked at the items before me and struggled to make a decision.  I know better than to assume to know what Master has in store for me but I couldn't help wondering as I looked over the items; would He select to use the items that I picked out or use the ones that I chose to leave behind.  Of course there was always the possibility that He was getting me to choose to see out of interest what I would do and then just use whichever took his fancy regardless...I chided myself to hurry up.  I decided I would play it safe and select two that I would want and two that I'd prefer not to pick, that seemed for the best.  I picked up the cuffs and the clamps and laid them on the empty table.  Then I picked up the monstrous dildo, just looking at it almost made my eyes water!  Finally I picked up His belt and laid it with the rest of my items.  Taking one last look at them to make sure I was certain of my decision I turned and made my way to the centre of the room.  Turning to face the door I got to my knees and lowered my head to wait.  The basque felt a lot more restricting in this position.‬
‪ ‬
‪Some time later (at a guess I'd say it had been around half an hour) I heard a key in the lock.  My stomach did a flip and my pulse quickened immediately.  I heard the door open and someone stepped inside closing the door behind them.  As they approached me their footsteps were loud and echoed as mine had.  As the footsteps entered my line of sight I caught a hint of the familiar scent of Master's cologne and, as He stopped inches away from me, His presence demanded  a reaction from my body and got one.      ‬
‪"On your feet angel, let me see you"‬
‪As I stood I became aware of just how wet I had become whilst I'd been waiting.‬
‪"Mmm, you look just lovely"‬
‪Placing His hands on my shoulders He leaned down and planted a kiss on my forehead then He raised my arms and lifted the dress up over my head slowly and took a step back.‬
‪"Even more beautiful than I'd envisioned" He said quietly as though to Himself.  He traced the index finger of His right hand down over the curve of my breast along the pattern in the lace of the basque, down alongside the ribbon past my navel.  He used the same finger to probe between my lips which caused me to squirm involuntarily.  He delved two fingers inside and explored as He smoothed His other hand over my ass and the top of my stockings.  He pressed and nudged the plug‬ for a while, when my breathing because audibly heavier He stopped and walked to the tables.  I could hear Him walking along the length and imagined Him taking note of the items chosen.  I wondered what expression was on His face at that moment.  Footsteps approached me again then a blindfold was positioned over my eyes.  I felt Him fasten something to the ring on my collar.
"Follow me", I was led out of the room.

We turned right and must have walked the length of the hall because the door that I was walked through was directly ahead.  Once inside I was walked over to some sort of bench and positioned over it.  My wrists and ankles were bound to the legs so that I was like a star folded in half, my ass and pussy exposed.  I heard the door to the room open again and someone say that they had grabbed the things from the other room.  Then another voice.
"Wow she's wet, you can see it from here.  I don't think she's going to have any problem taking this" he sounded excited.
Master told him that he may be surprised and that he should find out now.  Then He told him to feel free to mess with the plug but do not remove it.
"Right, okay sure"
There was the sound of metal against wood as he put the things down and then footsteps approached me from behind.  I felt the plug move inside me and let out a small gasp of breath.  Something cool rubbed against my clit, it was wide and I knew immediately what it was.  As he moved it down over my pussy and stopped at the entrance I couldn't help but hold my breath, there was no way that it was going to fit inside me without a struggle.  To my surprise and everybody else's by the sound of it as he nudged at my opening it stretched to accommodate the tip.  It was as he pushed in further it became a bit more of a struggle.  At one point I told him that it was hurting, he shushed me and told me it would be worth it.  He held it where it was and moved the plug around for a while.  It felt amazing as he continued to move the plug whilst slowly edging the dildo in further.  Once it was in as far as it could physically go I felt that my pussy was stretched as wide as it could ever possibly be stretched.  It was left to rest for a moment before he started pulling it back out.  It pressed against every inch inside me and after a few minutes of him working it in and out I came quite noisily.  I couldn't help myself, it was one of the strongest orgasms I'd had in a while and I'd been waiting for it all day.
"Right, that's enough of that.  Remove it, she's indulged herself enough for now I want to move on"
As the dildo left my pussy completely I felt strangely empty. 

Still enjoying the ripples of pleasure from my orgasm I wasn't paying attention to what was going on in the room round me.  It therefore came as a great surprise when I felt a painful sting on my ass.  I yelped and then bit my lip as another landed on my other cheek.  Then I felt His hands rubbing my ass.  I knew it was Him despite the fact that I hadn't been told, I could tell by the way I was being touched.  His hands left my skin and seconds later the belt made contact again.  I counted eighteen in total before He finally stopped, my ass was stinging like hell.  I had managed not to make too much noise during and knew that He'd be pleased about that.  Tears had run up the side of my face though as much as I'd tried I couldn't prevent them from falling.  I felt His finger tips trace lightly over the cheeks of my ass, felt them running along the marks that were glowing there.  Then He pulled slowly at the plug and I felt the stretching as my ass adjusted to allow for the widest part to leave.  There was a feeling of pleasant relief as I felt my ass contracting as the plug was removed completely.  Holding the plug in His left hand and resting His hand on the small of my back he used His right hand to tease my pussy and ass simultaneously.  He inserted his thumb into my ass and a number of fingers in my pussy and stroked me inside.  When I started to squirm He stopped, He unfastened my wrists and ankles and told me to stand.  Using the bench for support I pushed myself upright. 

Once standing I felt a gentle tug on my collar and walked a few steps across the room, I heard the sound of metal jangling together.  My wrists were taken and the cuffs closed around them, my hands then elevated above my head the cuffs hooked to something to keep my arms raised.  My arms were not stretched up to their fullest reach, the height still allowed for a bend in my elbows.  The lace of my basque was pulled and I waited as it was untied.  I took a big deep breath as I felt the basque loosen it's hold.  He slipped it down my body and told me to lift my feet one at a time so that I could step out of it. All that remained of my outfit was my stockings and sandals.  He stood in front of me, removed my blindfold and told me to look at Him.  I met His eyes and smiled as I saw how He was looking at me, a look of pride.  He fetched the clamps and I take a sharp intake of breath as He clamps each one down onto my sensitive nipples.  The third one at the end of the chain achieves a groan as it clamps down and squeezes mercilessly on my clit.  A light pull on the chain to ensure that they were on right and then He walked over to a chair a few feet across from me and took a seat.  It was then that I felt a strange pair of hands on my hips and then a low voice in my ear from behind.
"He wants you to watch Him the whole time, do not take your eyes off Him for a second was His specific instruction"
I nodded my head to show that I understood.  I locked eyes with my Master as my hips were pulled back and my legs were parted.  My cheeks were spread and the stranger's cock nudged at my ass.  I felt the colour rise in my cheeks as his cock entered my ass, Master was the only one who had ever been there.‬  He entered quite easily since my ass had been stretched by the plug already and was plenty lubricated from my juices.  As he started to slowly fuck my ass I didn't avert my eyes from my Master's gaze.  His cock felt really good and I soon got over the fact that there was a stranger inside me.  Every now and then he would give a cruel tug on the chain that would cause me to cry out.  Master stroked Himself as He watched me get fucked.  The hunger and arousal in His eyes as He watched turned me on so much.  The stranger pumped faster at my ass, it seemed that he was determined to cum soon.  I was correct and after a couple of minutes of picking up speed and vigorously fucking me he pulled the chain out away from my body as he froze inside me.  The unrelenting pain from the clamps made me scream as his cock twitched pumping his cum into my ass.  I watched as my Master closed His eyes and took His own pleasure.  The stranger withdrew his cock almost immediately and I was left standing there as they went to get cleaned up.

Master returned alone and removed the clamps one by one.  There was immense pain followed by a sweet warm pleasure as each clamp released it's bite on my sensitive flesh.  He unfastened my cuffs, then retrieved my dress and pulled it on over my head.  Kissing my forehead he said "Come on angel, let's get you home.  You did me proud today".
‪ ‬
Later that week Master gave me my reward for being good; I sat with Him to watch the finished production of the events recorded that day.  There had been a camera in both rooms and Master told me that He couldn't have been more pleased with the results.

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