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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Entertaining the Guests

Sitting under the large dining table wearing only my collar, I wait for the guests to be seated.  I won't be sitting at the table tonight, instead I am to service each of the four people seated around the table with my mouth.  I am not to touch them with my hands.  By the time dessert is served I have to have satisfied each of them.  If I fail I will be punished and am told that I will be demoted to the bathroom for the next dinner party.  I must remain on my knees throughout dinner, I am not to change position.  I have been under the table for thirty minutes and my knees are hurting already.  I have been told not to make my way around the table in any particular order but to make it random so that the guests will be unable to guess when their turn is coming.  Also, I am not to see to Sir first as I would usually because He too wants a surprise.

I hear the guests enter the room and know that they will have already been informed of their in-dinner entertainment.  This is confirmed when the first guy takes his seat and proceeds to undo his pants and take his cock out.  The rest of the male guests follow suit, the two female guests have their skirts raised around their waists, they aren't wearing panties and they spread their legs sufficiently.  I decide to start with the guy who took his seat last and shuffle silently along the tiled floor to where he's sat.  I lean forward and take his semi-hard cock into my mouth.  He jumps slightly as my mouth makes contact, obviously he was not expecting to be first.  I get to work, sucking in a steady rhythm I could feel his cock growing ever harder in my mouth.  I could take his entire length without too much difficulty, he was a good easy first choice.  I suck continuously like this for around 10 minutes just getting warmed up.  I hear that starters are being served and his voice falters as he asks the waiter for a refill of his glass.  His cock twitches in my mouth and I hold my mouth at the base of his cock for a moment before drawing it up slowly as his cum is pumped down my throat.

One of the men is a bit on the heavy side and I decide to get this one done now at the halfway point.  It's difficult for me to access much of his cock, he soon solves this problem by pushing my head down forcefully.  His cock pushes deep into the back of my throat and I gag, partly from his cock and partly because my face has been pressed against his stomach.  It's taking my best effort to remain silent as he holds my head in position and fucks my mouth.  I am very grateful that he takes no time at all before he cums and swallow every bitter drop of it.  When he releases his grip on my head I kneel as straight as the height of the table will allow and catch my breath for a moment whilst weighing up the next cock.

That's two cocks down so I decide to break it up a little and turn my attention to one of the female guests now.  She must feel my breath against her skin before I make contact with my mouth because she parts her legs wider still and shifts forward in her seat angling her pussy upwards slightly.  I explore her entire pussy with my tongue for a few minutes before focusing on her clit.  I was conscious of time and didn't want to draw things out for too long.  I sucked it and teased it with my tongue during which time the waiters came in and cleared the plates.  I take her clit gently between by teeth and flick it with my tongue just as Sir does with mine.  As I had guessed it didn't take much of this before she was pressing her pussy at my face and writhing under the table.  My mouth soaked with her juices I moved back into the centre of the table and turned to look at Sir.  I'm a little unsure as to whether I should have left Him until last but He did say that He wanted to be surprised too.

As I approach Sir I can feel excitement building inside me.   As I position myself between His legs and admire His cock for a moment His hand appears under the table and He grips a handful of my hair and uses His other hand to aim His cock at my mouth.  I lean my head closer and lick the tip to let Him know that my mouth is close.  Pushing His cock into my mouth He uses the grip on my hair to control my movement.  Slowly He pushes my head all the way down until my nose is pressed against his groin, He holds me there and my eyes stream and my saliva runs out of my mouth over the base of His cock.  He pulls my hair just as slowly to slide my mouth up His length. This continues for the entire length of the main course, a few minutes before the waiter returns His movement become much more rough and forceful and I know it won't be long.  I am aware of the wet sounds that are the result of my mouth hitting his groin area, it is covered in my saliva and the pussy juice that was around my mouth.  He slows the movement again and releases His grip on my hair.  I begin to panic as dessert will be served soon and Sir has yet to cum.  I suck eagerly at his cock and give it my best effort as though my life depended on it.  It felt that way anyway, I hear the door to the dining room open and my stomach churns.  I keep sucking but He pushes my face away from Him.  I am sure that He has held back on purpose as He has never slowed things down again after He's gotten rough.  I kneel under the table staring at His cock which remains just as hard throughout the dessert course.  I have a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach as I know I am going to be punished.

The plates are cleared and they chat for a while at the table.
"Coffees will be served in the sitting room if you'd like to make your way in I will join you shortly", He stands and waits for the guests to leave the room then calls me out from under the table.  I shuffle out still on my knees because He hasn't specifically said that I could stand yet. 
"Stand and face the table."
Trembling with fear I slowly get to my feet, it's difficult because I had been on my knees for so long.  I can't help but notice that His trousers are still open and His cock still hard.  He comes up behind me and pushes me face down onto the table.  He roughly forces His cock deep into my pussy then pulls my right arm across my back revealing my breast to Him.  Using His free hand He harshly grips my breast and squeezes it cruely as He fucks me hard.  He is pumping fast working toward attaining His pleasure and gets there quickly.  He pulls out and I feel his hot cum hit my ass.

"Be grateful that I fucked you after such a disappointing performance whore." I can hear Him putting His clothes right.
"Don't move, you can wait there for your punishment.  I have guests to tend to so I will deliver it once they have left."
"Yes Sir", my reply is barely audible.

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