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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Laid back, propped up on my elbows on a blanket in the middle of a field on the West coast I watch him as he eats a nectarine.  Sat up, he is staring off into the distance.  We’ve not know each other for long but we were comfortable in each others company immediately.  I love watching him when he’s deep in thought like this.  He licks his lips as the nectarine juice runs onto them and I get a flash back to the last time we were together.  There’s a familiar stirring in my pussy as I remember exactly what he did with his tongue. 

I reach out my hand and run my fingers slowly up and down his left forearm.  He turns to me and smiles and I grin and raise my eyebrows at him suggestively.  He leans into me and kisses me deeply; I can taste the sweetness of the nectarine on his tongue as we kiss.  I lay flat on my back and start unbuttoning my dress at the front and open it to reveal my breasts.  He pulls out of the kiss and takes in the sight of my breasts for a moment - the nicest he's ever seen he told me once and I believe him.  If you could see the desire in his eyes now that I see you would believe him too.  He still has the nectarine in his hand and touches it to one of my nipples, rubbing it in slow circular motions.  I watch it get stiffer as he teases it with the fruit.  He lowers his head and closes his mouth over my nipple and sucks it softly.  I watch him and run my fingers through his hair and down the line of his jaw and can't believe how lucky I am.  He raises his head and kisses me again briefly before returning to my breasts, the other one this time.  He takes just as much time with this one giving it the exact same attention as the other.  Without pausing he places the fruit on the grass and places his now free hand on my thigh.   

He lays beside me and kisses me slowly, his tongue deep in my mouth and his hand begins to move up my leg.  My desire for him rises significantly, he keeps control of our kiss and as his hand reaches my panties he pulls them to the side and softly rubs my lips with his fingers.  I groan and he laughs a little, pulls his face away from mine and looks into my eyes as his fingers part my lips and enter my pussy.  I close my eyes enjoying the sensation as he moves his fingers inside me.
"Open your eyes Lexie", he tells me; I never get tired of hearing his Irish accent.
I open my eyes and he chooses that moment to slide his thumb over my clit and delves his fingers deeper inside me.  My mouth opens in surprise and he kisses me again.  This time the kiss is harder, there's more urgency to it.  I move my hand to his crotch and can feel his cock through his trousers, I move my hand over it, rubbing it through the material.  I am so looking forward to having his cock inside me again, it's a week since I saw him last which feels like an eternity when he's all I could think about.  I undo his trousers and he shifts his weight to enable me to pull them and his boxers down onto his thighs.  I wrap my hand around his cock and begin to stroke it slowly.  His thumb works more quickly over my clit and our kissing is very hot and heavy now. 

As he rolls onto his back he pulls me with him so that I end up on top of him.  He holds my panties to the side as I take his cock in one hand and guide the tip to the entrance of my pussy.  He plays with my clit as I move on his cock.  He isn't watching my face this time, he is watching his cock as my pussy slides up and down it's length.  I love the expression on his face right now, kind of a mix of lust and wonderment.  He moves his eyes up my body appearing to take in every detail before meeting my eyes again.  His hands move over my body, up my sides and around my back then back around to my breasts.  He squeezes them for a moment then sits up and gives them both a playful bite, just a nip of the teeth on each nipple, his hand returning to my clit.  I am moving my hips faster and he lets out a groan, pulls me down onto him and turns us so that he is now on top of me.  He takes my legs and runs his hands down to my ankles, maneuvering them over his shoulders.  He pulls his cock most of the way out and then slides it back in painfully slowly, my clit getting it's only contact once his cock is all the way inside and he is pressed tightly against me, I move against him.  Slowly we build momentum, most of the time he is watching me but intermittently he leans in a little closer to kiss.  These kisses are brief and breathless, sometimes our lips making contact for just a second.     

Moaning quietly beneath him as I feel my climax approaching he grinds his hips against me ensuring maximum contact with my clit.  Our rhythm doesn't falter as we grind against each other, at least not until my orgasm takes hold.  I let out a cry of pleasure as I feel it ripple through my body.  I've closed my eyes and as I open them I see him watching my face, he has a look of concentration on his face and I can't help but smile.  He starts to thrust now and I know that he is not far off and I am right.  He closes his eyes and he thrusts a couple more times, determined slow thrusts before stopping and resting more of his weight on me.  I feel him cumming inside me and purposely squeeze his cock with my pussy.  He moves my legs off his shoulders and lays on top of me, his cock still inside my pussy.  I kiss him softly as we lay in the sun listening to the sound of each other breathing.

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