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Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was sulking as I tried on the final dress of the day. I'd traipsed my other half around every clothes shop in the city looking for a dress for a party that Saturday. We'd been giving each other the silent treatment for the last half an hour and nothing I'd tried on felt right. The shop was due to close in ten minutes, he was waiting outside the cubicle for me and I was sure he'd want to strangle me if I didn't leave town with something to wear. As I smoothed the dress down over my hips and looked at myself in the mirror I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally something looked great. I called for him to come take a look.

He entered the cubicle and pulled the curtain closed behind him. Looking at my reflection in the mirror then checking out my ass he smiled.
"Well about bloody time!"
Placing his hands on my hips he leaned down and kissed the side of my neck.
"I think this is cause for celebration"
Pushing me forward by my hips until my body and face were pressed against the mirror and his cock was pressing against my ass, he pulled the zip of the dress down slightly and tugged the dress down a couple of inches exposing my bare breasts to the cold glass of the mirror. The pressure eased off my ass for a moment while he unfastened his jeans and lowered his boxers. One hand went up under the front of my dress to pull my panties to one side as he used a knee to part my legs and the other hand to guide his cock up inside me. My breath misted on the mirror as he fucked me against it. We'd never fucked in front of a mirror before and I was curious to see how we looked. I told him to back up a step and I rested the palms of my hands on the mirror which was now an arms length away. I watched as his hand moved up my body and squeezed my breast, the fingers of his other hand biting into my thigh as he held my leg up and out at a right angle. I lowered my right hand and found my clit and rubbed it enthusiastically extremely turned on by the situation. I caught his eye in the mirror, he looked down at my hand buried beneath the skirt of my dress and we grinned at each other. He started fucking me faster and harder then and I was pushing back hard on his cock, time was limited we both knew that.

He let go of my leg and moved my hips right back and pushed the back of my neck until I was bent right over. I put my right hand back on the mirror, I needed two for support as he pounded away. We were noisy at this point but didn't care as we were close to cumming.
I heard footsteps and looked to him in panic, he smiled back at my reflection and made a motion with his lips for me to be quiet. He slowed his pace and played with my clit with his thumb and fore finger. I looked at him, pleading with my eyes for him to stop; he knew that that drove me wild. I bit my lip and he covered my mouth with his hand as his cock moved slowly in and out of my pussy and he pushed me over the edge as he rolled my clit between His finger and thumb.
"Five minutes until closing" the shop assistant called in our direction.
"Okay, we're almost done, just making a decision on the dress" he told her as I bucked against his cock and hand as I came. I'm almost certain the shop assistant must have heard something of my moans despite my other half's best efforts to muffle them. He carried on teasing my clit as he removed his hand from my mouth and gripped my shoulder. Thrusting hard he let out a low moan as he began to cum.

We took a moment to compose ourselves before I got dressed and we made our way to the counter. We gave each other a conspiratorial grin as the shop keeper wrapped up the dress.

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